Big Spring Methodist Church
Record Book  1848 - 1897

- Front Cover (p1), Inside Front Cover (p2), First Page (p3)  

- Roll List of Members for the year 1848, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 11
        -- Some notes on who's who on the 1848 list.
        -- Notes on Stith Valley contingent
        -- Note that the "Page number" refers to a high resolution color photocopy of the page.
   - Roll List of Members from 1852-1853 (starts on Page 11 at the bottom), Page 12, Page 13, Page 14, Page 15
   - Roll List of Members from 1853-1854   Page 16, Page 17, Page 18, Page 19, Page 20, Page 21
   - Roll List of Members from 1854-1855   Page 22, Page 23, Page 24, Page 25, Page 26, Page 27, Page 28, Page 29
                                                                  Page 30,
   - Roll List of Members from 1856-1857  (starts on Page 30, bottom), Page 31, Page32, Page 33, Page 34, Page 35
                                                                  Page 36, Page 37
   - Roll List of Members circa 1860 Page 38, Page 39, Page 40, Page 41, Page 42,
   - Roll List of Members from 1865-1866, Page 42, Page 43, Page 44, Page 45, Page 46, Page 47,
   - Roll List of Members from 1867-1878
   - Roll List of Members circa 1871 Page 48, Page 49, Page 50, Page 51,
   - Roll List of Members circa 1873, Page 52, Page 53, Page 54, Page 55, Page 56,
   - Roll List of Members from 1874, Page 57, Page 58
   - Roll List of Members from 1875, Page 59, Page 60
   - Roll List of Members from 1875-1876, Page 61, Page 62, Page 63, Page 64, Page 65,
   - Roll List of Members from 1880, Page 65, Page 66, Page 67, Page 68
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on Jan. 8th, 1870, Page 69
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on Mar. 12th, 1870, Page 70, Page 71
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on May 9th, 1896, Page 72
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on Sept. 12th, 1896, Page 73
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on Jan. 9th, 1897, Page 74, Page 75, Page 76
         Note from Sept 9, 1899, Page 77
         Accounting sheet regarding the building of a new church building, Page 78, Page 79,
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on Oct. 18th, 1877, Page 80,
   - Infant Baptisms from 1872, Page 81,
   - "Colored Members" from a class in 1871   , Page 82
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on April 13th, 1878, Page 83,
   - Minutes from Church Meeting on June 11th, 1870   , Page 84, Page 85

   - Financial Report from 1869, Page 86,
   - Financial Pledges for 1868-1869    , Page 87
     "Last Quarters" list of names and dollar amounts, Page 88
   - Partial Roll List on Back Page of Book , Page 89
     Scribbling on inside back cover, Page 90
     Page from a catalog advertising rugs and a radio, Page 91
     Tag from Sugar Creek Creamery Co. belonging to Frank Hodges, Big Spring, Ky. , Page 92
     These items were book marks in the record book.

Key: Blue Quill Pen
        Blue Ballpoint Pen
        Brown Quill Pen

Notes at bottom of inside cover:
11th day of July 1839.  Thomas Robinson & Lucy Robinson, his wife, of Hardin Co. deeded to the Trustees and their successors in office for the uses and benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the Big Spring a certain tract of land lying in Meade Co. giving the boundary said tract containing 1 acre more or less. 
Names of trustees follows - Richard Z. Stith, Wm. B. Jones, Stith Sonders, Thomas H. Stith, Gideon W. Gray, Richard M. Stith, & Ezra Stith. 

The last report made in this book was Jan 8 1897 by Dr. W. H. Strother.  John Carter (an active member) was appointed as committee "to hire the Sexton".  

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Big Spring Church Book
for the year 1848

Methodist E. Church "South" Louisville Conference -
[Penciled in underneath the "South" is the word "Hurrah!!"]

Remember the Friday before each quarterly meeting as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer for the prosperity of Zion, pray also for us your servants.
                                                                               Geo. W. Taylor, P.E.
                                                                                Jos. D. Barnett, in charge
                                                                                Thos. J. Crandle,  assist

The conference at Hardinsburg Oct 13th 1848-9
                                                                                 G. W. Taylor, P.E.
                                                                                  J. D. Barnett, in charge
                                                                                  R. G. Thomas, aprin

No. State of Life Names State in God Remarks
1 W Jas. S Kasey B
2 S A M Kasey B
3 S Florentine Kasey B
4 S Pleasant Kasey B
5 W Abraham Quick B Joned the Law as C-1848
6 M Pleasant Alverson B Died in April 1851
7 M Catharine Alverson B
8 S Joel Alverson S
9 S James Alverson S
10 M William Stith Sr. B
11 M Nancy Stith B Died in piece
12 M William Stith Jr. B
13 M Elizabeth A. Stith B
14 M Edmond Stith B Joined the Duncanites
15 M Mary Stith B Transfd to Stith Valley
16 M Thos H. Stith B Do          Do    "
17 M Lucy Stith B Do          Do    "
18 S Thos J. Stith B. Do          Do    "
19 S Robert Stith (Marked out) B Dropped
20 S Jesse H. Stith Jr. B Dead(?)
21 M Malipa W. Dowell B Died in August 1851
22 M Jn C. Stith B Removed by letter
23 M Mahala Stith B Do            Do "
24 M Henry Stith B Tranfd to Stith Valley
25 M Mary Ann Stith B Do              Do  "
26 M Jesse M J Stith B
27 M Lucinda Stith B
28 M Wm G. Moore B Removed 1848
29 M Catharine Moore B Removed 1848
30 M Simeon Shrewsbury B
31 M Catharine Shrewsbury B
32 W Mary Board B
33 S Mary E. Board B
34 M Buckner Board B
35 M Mary J. Board B
36 W Susan Stith B
37 M Catharine Harned B

[On following page, written in blue ballpoint pen - What society is the Duncanites?]

No. State of Life Names State in God Remarks
38 S Lucy Robinson B Died in peace Oct. 15 1848
39 S Thomas Robinson B
40 M Melvina DowelMile B Transfd to Stith Valley
41 M Gideon W. Gray B
42 M Judith A. Gray B
43 S Mary Jane Gray B
44 S Lucy Gray B
45 M Peter B. Penick B Gone with Duncan
46 M Louisa Penick B "
47 M Martha Trent B
48 M Phebe Wiseheart B
49 M William Dowell B
50 M Nancy Dowell B
51 W Polly Dowell B
52 S Rachel Dowell Medow B
53 S Susan Dowell B
54 S Martha Hall B
55 W Rebecca Penick B
56 S Rebecca Penick S
57 W Elizabeth Rawlings B
58 M James Stith B Removed by Letter
59 M Nancy Stith (Crossed out and penciled in: Eliza Stith) B Died in peace Sept. 1848
60 M Samuel Hall S
61 M Sarah Dowell B Transfd to Stith Valley
62 S Nancy M. Cans B
63 M John Penick B
64 M Susan Penick B
65 W Achilles M. Clarkson B
66 M Madeline Gates B Dropped
67 M Thos. S. Moreman B Gone to Mo.
68 M Catharine S. Moreman B Gone to Mo.
69 M Mary Clarkson B
70 S Nancy Stith (Penciled in an X) B
71 S Eliza Penick B
72 M Allen Lawson B Removed by L. Jan. 1849
73 M Mary A. Lawson B "              "
74 M William McMurtry B Removed to California

Written in ballpoint pen: They deeded the 1 acre to the Big Spring Trustees on which to build the church in 1839.
  (Referring to Lucy and Thomas Robinson)

No. State of Life Names State in God Remarks
75 X Sarah McMurtry B Remarried
75 M Greberry Walker B Transfd to Flint Valley (This is penciled out and written in Stith Valley)
76 M Susan Walker B Died Oct 3rd in peace 1848
77 M William W. Board E.A. Board added in pencil. B
78 W Thos L. Aubury B (Penciled in Remove)
79 M C. Calvert (Marked out) B
80 M William W. Morris B
81 M Eliza J. Morris B
82 M Oney Stith B Tranfd to Stith Valley
83 S Jane Smith B
84 M Lewis Dewall B
85 M Mary Duvall B
86 M John R. Moorman S
87 M Charlotte Moorman B
88 S Thos J. Moorman B
89 M Martha A. Barnette B Removed
90 M Nancy Meador B Dropt
91 M Cinderilla Leslie B
92 M Elizabeth Clarkson B
93 M Daniel Wiseheart B Died
94 S George Atkinson (Marked Out) B Dropped
95 S Margaret Atkinson B
96 S Nancy M. Carrs B
97 S Joseph F. Redford B By Letter 1848
98 M Moren Duncan B Removed
99 M Elizabeth Board B
100 W Nancy Menner B Gone to Duncan (crossed out)
101 M Rosina Woolfolk B Died in peace Apr 29th 1852
102 M Willis Woolfolk B Joined 1st August 1849, Died
103 M Jesse M Robinson B
104 M Eliza Robinson B
105 M Robert Read B Transfd to Stith Valley
106 M Polly Read B "
107 W Eliza Brown B "
108 S George W. Dowell B Formed at August 26, 1849
109 S Robert B. Stith B Transf'd to Stith Valley
110 S Lucy Wright B Transf'd to Stith Valley
110 S Richard Dowell B "
111 S Louis Merchant B Joined by letter, removed by letter
112 M           Payne B Removed without letter
113 M John Swallow B
114 M C Swallow B
115 S Ben Alverson Joined August 25th
116 S          Alverson B
117 S Junius B. Stith
118 S Julia A Stith Transfd to Stith Valley
119 S Julius Gidson Dropped
120 S William MCans B Removed
121 M Rebecca Minter B
122 S Sarah A. Stith B
123 S Sarah Atkinson
124 S John Eidson
125 S Jos Stith
126 S Martha Trent
127 S Mary Kenner Gone to Duncan (crossed out)
128 M Jacob Mulvana B
129 M Mary E. Mulvana B
130 M W H K Pile B Duncanited
131 M Nancy Pile B Do
132 M Elizabeth Woodruff Removed without letter
133 S Anselm Moorman Re?
134 S Achilles Moorman
135 S William Kenner Duncanited
136 S Jno W. Walker
137 M Wm A Stith Transfd to Stith Valley
138 S Sarah M. Kenner Duncanited
139 S Frances Duvall
140 S Abraham Quick Jr.
141 S Robert Brown B Transfd to Stith Valley
142 S James T. Gray
143 S Gideon Barns
144 S J. S. Gray
145 S Henry C. Rawlings
146 S Marinda Trent
147 S George Huston
148 S Thos G. Brown Transfd to Stith Valley
149 S Louisa Z. Stith Transfd to Stith Valley
150 S Hiland M. Dowell
151 S James Howell Removed
152 S Barbara C. Barns
153 S Rachel Barns
154 S Willis Walker
155 S Jasper Hall
156 M A D Read Transfd to Stith Valley
157 M Jane Hall
158 S Eliza J. McCans
159 S Virginia Shrewsbury
160 S Jas. M. Shrewsbury
161 S Sanford Malin ar. of it without a letter
162 S John Hampton Absconded
163 S George Atkinson
164 M Sophia Read Transfd to Stith Valley
165 S Judith Jared  Dowell
166 M Wm P. Carter
167 M Martha Carter
168 S James Carter
169 S Ellen J. Carter
170 W William Eidson, Jr.
171 S Elizabeth Sipes
172 M James Meador Removed
173 S Louisa Brown Transfd to Stith Valley
174 M Richd T. Kasey B
175 M Mary Kasey B
176 S Alexd O Kasey B
177 S Sarah A. Kasey Carter B
178 S Singleton Kasey Jr
179 S Lucy A. Kasey
180 S Robert Kasey
181 S Creed Kasey
182 M Peyton Trent Duncanited
183 M Thos J. Clarkson
184 M Margaret Clarkson
185 S John Clarkson
186 S Dewitt Clarkson
187 S Elizabeth D. Clarkson
188 M Anselm Clarkson Transfd to Stith Valley
189 M              Clarkson Do     Do     "
190 S Richard Hall
191 M John C. Gaston L. E. B Removed
192 M Mary Gaston B
193 S Sparrel W Kasey B
194 S John Board B
195 S Joel Board
196 S Thos F. Board
197 M William Brown B Probationer}
198 M Maranda Brown Probationer}   >Mays Grove
199 S Mary J. Brown Probationer}
200 S Ketunia Wright Hagan Transfd to Stith Valley
201 M William D. Carter
202 M                  Carter
203 S Emerce Carter
204 M S. E. McGuffin
J. R. Malin
W J Swallow Sr Removed by letter
S Sarah Swallow     Do              Do

Renewed for the year 1852 & 53.
    Remember the Friday preceding each Quarterly meeting is our regular Quarterly fast.  (See Discipline)
    Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy (Bible)

            Zach M. Taylor P. E.
            W. H. Morrison P. C.

    Joshua Soule
    Jas O. Andrew
    Wm Capers
    Robt Paine            Bishops of the M. E. Church South

Number State in Life State in Church Members Names
1 W B Jas S. Kasey Ehr.
2 S B A. M. Kasey
3 S B Florentine Kasey Brown
4 S B P. R. Kasey
5 S B S. W. Kasey        Removed by letter (crossed out)
6 M B J. M. Robinson
7 M B Eliza Robinson
8 W B Catherine Alverson
9 S Joel Alverson       Dead
10 S Far Alverson
11 M B Simeon Shrewsbury  R. S.
12 M B Cathrine Shrewsbury
13 W B Mary Board
14 M B Mary E. Kasey
15 M B B. Board
17 M B Cathrine Harned
18 M B T. G. Robinson
19 W B Judith A. Gray
20 S B Mary J. Gray
21 S B Lucy Gray
22 M B Martha Trent      died in peace
23 M B Phebe Wisehart
24 M B Wm H. Dowell
25 M B Nancy Dowell
26 W B Polly Dowell       withdrawn without a letter. (crossed out)
27 M B Rachel Meador
28 S B Shoan Dowell    left
29 S B Martha Hall
30 W B Rebecca Penick
31 S B Rebecca Penick
32 W B Elizabeth Rawlings
33 M B Saml. Hall
34 S B Nancy McCans
35 M B John Penick
36 M B Susan Penick
37 M B Thos. S. Moreman
38 M B Cathrine Shoreman   Removed
39 M B Mary Clarkson
40 S B Eliza Penick
41 M B Dr W. W. Board   withdrawn without a letter (crossed out)
42 M B Elizabeth A. Board
43 M B W. W. Morris       Dead
44 M B Eliza J. Morris       Removed
45 S B Josephene Bruce    Dead
46 S B Jane Smith
47 M B Lewis Duvall
48 M B Mary Duvall
49 M S J. R. Moreman
50 M B Charlotte Moreman
51 S B T. J. Moreman
52 M B Cinderella Leslie
53 M B Elizabeth Clarkson
54 S B Margaret Atkinson
55 S B Geo. W. Dowell  (Withdrawn) without a letter
56 S B Richard Dowell
57 M B John Swallow
58 M B C  Swallow
59 S B Ben Alverson
60 S B Alverson
61 M B Rebecca Ginter
62 S B Sarah Atkinson
63 S B Joh Eidson
64 S B Martha Trent (crossed out) Atkinson
65 M B J Mulvania
66 M B Mary E. Mulvania
67 S B Anslem Moreman
68 S B Achilles Moreman (withdrawn without a letter)
69 S B J. W. Walker
70 S B Frances Duvall
71 S B Abraham Quick Jr  Removed
72 S B Jos. T. Gray
73 S B Gideon Davis
74 S B J. S. Gray
75 S B Marina Trent
76 S B Geo. Thurston
78 S B Harland M. Dowell
79 S B Jas Howell   Removed to Elizabethtown
80 S B Barbara G. Barris
81 M B Rachel Saunders
82 S B Willis Walkup
83 M B Jasper Hall
84 S B Eliza J. McCans
85 S B Virginia Shrewsbury
86 S B W. M. Shrewsbury
87 S B Geo. Atkinson
88 M B Judith Dowell
89 M B Wm. P. Carter
90 M B Martha Carter
91 S B James Carter
92 S B Ellen G. Carter
93 W B Wm Eidson Jr.
94 S B Elizabeth Sipes
95 M B R. T. Kasey
96 M B Mary Kasey
97 S B Alex O. Kasey
98 M B Sarah A. Kasey
99 S B Singleton Kasey Jr.
100 S B Creed Kasey
101 S B Lucy A. Kasey
102 S B Robert Kasey
103 M B Thos. J. Clarkson
104 M B Margaret Clarkson
105 S B John Clarkson
106 S B Dewitt Clarkson
107 S B Elizabeth D Clarkson
108 S B Richd. Hall
109 S B John Board
110 S B Joel Board
111 S B T. J. Board
112 M B Wm. D. Carter
113 M B Mrs. Carter
114 S B Emercee Carter  Removed by letter
115 M B S. E. McGuffin
116 M B J. R. Malin
117 M B Miss Malin
118 M B P. C. Moreman
119 M B Mrs. S. Moreman
120 S B Elizabeth Morman Harris
121 S B Nancy Mccalins     Dead
122 M B J. J. Stith
123 M B Lucinda Stith
124 W B Nancy Keenes
125 S B Mary Keenes
126 S B Sarah M. Keenes
127 M B Wm Eskridge.
128 M B G. B. Walker (all crossed out)
W. Duncan

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