Stith Valley Church

There appears to have started a Stith Valley contingent of the Big Spring Methodist Chruch in 1848-1849.  In that year the record book with the membership list shows a number of transfers to "Stith Valley".  These include:

15. Mary Stith  M.B.
16. Thos. H. Stith  M.B.
17. Lucy Stith  M.B.
18. Thos. J. Stith  S.B.
24. Henry Stith  M.B.
25. Mary Ann Stith  M.B.
40. Malvina Dowell  (Dowell marked out and Mile written in.)  M.B.
Sarah Dowell
Oney Stith
Robert Read M. B.
Polly Read   M.B.
Elira Brown  W.B.
Robert B. Stith  S.B.
Luch Wright  S.B.
Robert Dowell  S.B.
Julia A. Stith S.
Wm. A. Stith S.
Robert Brown. S. B.
Thos. J. Brown S.
Louisa Y. Stith S.
A. D. Read M.
Sophia Read M.
Louisa Brown M.
188. Anselm Clarkson M.
189.             Clarkson M.
200. Kitura Wright Hagan S.
There were 204 numbered entries with 4 names added after the numbering stopped. 

Apparently the Stith Valley Group combined back with the Big Spring Church in 1865-6

On the 22nd page (left side of book as it is open):

Rev'd J. R. Dempsey P.E.      1865-6
"        J. D. Barnett    P. in Charge " "

The next page, 23rd, on the right side in the same pen and hand writing starts a list of members and goes 1 through 77.  The names are in the subject pen but the designations for state in life and state in grace are in pencil.  The next page, 24th, continues the list 78 through 131 and then has the entry "Stith Valley" for 132.  Then there follows:

133 James L. Hardaway   M.B.
134 Margaret Hardaway  M.B.
135 Thos. H. Stith            M.B.
136 Lucy Stith                   M.B.
137 Thos. J. Stith               S.B.
138 Lon Y. Stith                W.B.
139 Henry Stith                  M.B.
140 Mary A. Stith              M.B.
141 Thos. J. Stith (son Henry) S.B. ("Jr." is written in pencil but this has to be in error.  The S. is marked over in darker pencil to read M.   Note: this Thos. J. Stith m. Hannah Williams 12 Dec. 1866. JBS 2000)
142 Mearanda J. Stith    ("who is she" is written in pencil)
143 Nancy Meiles              W. B. Rock Hvn
144 Columbia Easton         W.B.
145 Nancy E. Wright          M.B.
146 Fedora F. Stith        ("her name No. 83" in pencil)
the following two entries in pencil:
147 Henrietta V. Mulin
148 Mary J. Atkinson