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John Cain (click photo to enlarge)
b. October 2, 1797 ; d. December 3, 1869
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Olive Dismore m. John Cain
b. June 6, 1800; d. July 21,1884

These two photos are marked "Grandpa Cain" and "Grandma Cain" in an old photo album.  I believe this album belonged to Margaret Cain Hardaway. (jbs, Nov. 2002)

Margaret J. Cain 
b. June 22, 1832
d. Nov 24, 1913  (dates from grave stone in Hardaway cemetery Nov. 1998) 
    also death certificate

(Mrs. Margaret J. Hardaway) 

Married James L. Hardaway on  Aug 11, 1858
     (b. Feb 12, 1819; d. Sept 24, 1869)  (dates from grave stone on Scott Hill Farm)
Mother of Louisa Adalisa Hardaway (Scott)
referred to in Walter Charles Scott's book as Grandma Margaret Hardaway

Obituary of Margaret Cain Hardaway mjchy.gif (54235 bytes)


Lucinda Cain 
b. April 10, 1824 m. Jesse J. Stith   d. March 30, 1909 
      grave at Big Spring United Methodist Church 
      Jesse J. Stith b. Mar 14 1818 d. July 21 1895 
      grave at Big Spring United Methodist Church 

"Aunt Lucinda Stith" see reference in Walter Charles Scott's book

Mrs. Lucinda Stith 

resided on Jesse Stith Farm in Stith Valley Kentucky 

Aunt Lucinda Stith's photo album. lucinday.gif (56694 bytes)


From an old newspaper clipping.  Hand written date "1910" .  "Interesting Meade County Family Group."

"From Left to Right. - Mrs. Mary Coleman, age 68 years, of Guston; Mrs. Olive Alverson, age 71 years; Mrs. Margaret J. Hardaway, 78 years, Big Spring.
Below. - Mrs. Louisa Gallagher, 84 years of age, Leavenworth, Kan. (deceased); Mrs. Lucinda Stith, ..., Guston; Mrs. Sarah C. Childs, age 78 years, Guston.
....Ky., Aug. 22. - (Special.) - One rarely finds a more interesting collection of sisters than the the above group.  All are living except Mrs. Gallagher, and they are the daughters of ..... who reside near Guston, Ky.  All were born and reared in Meade county.  The five sisters ... children, not a brother nor a brother-in-law living, but Mrs. Stith has reared three orphan.........d women.

(..... missing words from the clipping)

Picture below is the same one in the clipping but was taken from "The Doe Run Settlements" by Alice Bondurant Scott, 1976, Stonemark Collections, Vine Grove Kentucky, p. 18.  to take advantage of the higher quality photograph.

               Top Row: Mary Coleman, Olive Alverson, Margaret Hardaway
                Bottom Row: Louisa Gallagher, Lucinda Stith, Katherine Childs

The above caption is corrected from a typewritten notecard taped to the back of a framed original of this photograph from Margaret Alma Witt on 1 September 2000.  The framed photograph has been in the possion of Margaret Eleanor Scott Witt and then Margaret Alma Witt. This correction in the identification of Katherine Childs and Louisa Gallagher agrees with the above newspaper article.    Also an old photograph album belonging to Margaret Hardaway has photos identified which would match with Lousisa Gallagher on the bottom left and Katherine Childs on the bottom right.  (jbs, Jan 2012)

*** Note regarding newspaper article below.  Henry Cain was married to Lucy Catherine Stith per 1880 census.  See details below newspaper article.   Elizabeth Coleman was married to John D. Cain per other information below.  An old photo shows Elizabeth Coleman with J. Andrew Cain suggesting that she was probably his mother and that part of the newspaper was right.

Newspaper Article from August 1953:

J. Andrew Cain
Celebrates 93rd Anniversary Here
More on J. Andrew CainHope Mills.

     Mr. J. Andrew Cain of Owingsville, Ky., celebrated his 93rd birthday with a dinner for friends and relatives at Doe Run Springs Hotel last Friday.  Mr. Cain was born near Doe Run on August 21, 1860.  His father, the late Henry Cain ***  was miller at the mill which now houses the hotel.  His mother was Elizabeth Coleman Cain.  At 93 Mr. Cain is filled with, vim vigor and vitality, and appeared to be much younger than his 93 years, and he and Mrs. Laddie Scott enjoyed a long conversation while seated at the table.
     Mr. Cain's twin sons Luther Mack and Ben were both present for this happy occasion.  Mr. Cain's son Luther Mack, with whom he now lives, was master of ceremonies and called on several of the guests for remarks.  His grandson, Luther Mack Cain, Jr., who is preparing to become a minister, sang several songs, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. C. C. Hardaway.  A quartet composed of Mr. C . C. Hardaway, Mrs. B. O. Wilson, Miss Mary David Hardaway, and Luther M. Cain sang.   A nephew, Frankfort police judge Walter Jeffers played several piano selections, as did Miss Mary David Hardaway.
   Mr. Cain who was born near Doe Run in 1860, moved with his family to Grahamton, and later to Frankfort.   In 1890 he moved to Versailles where he operated a flour mill until 1919, and from 1919 to 1926 he operated a flour mill at Lawrenceburg, Ky., at which time he retired and moved to Louisville until in 1951 he moved to Owingsville, where he now lives with son, Mack.
     Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jeffers and children, Linda, Don, Larry and Jo Ann of Frankfort; Mr. and Mrs. Luther M. Cain and Luther, Jr., of Owingsville; Mrs. S. H. Stith, Louisville; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jeffers, Frankfort; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cain and children, Anna Catherine, John Arthur of Louisville; Mrs. Juanita Rose and son Eddie of Louisville; Eddie Brashere, "Buddy" Reffit, Louisville; Mr. Lon P. Coleman; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hardaway and Mary David, Mrs. Ben Wilson and Dianna, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Willis, Mrs. Henry Allen, Mrs. Lucy Smith, Mrs. Laddie Scott and Mrs. Maggie Witt, all of Meade County.

Notes:  Mrs. Laddie Scott is Louisa Adalissa Hardaway (Scott), Mother of Walter Lee Scott
            C. C. Hardaway is Charley Carroll Hardaway; Mary David is his daughter
            Mrs. Maggie Witt is Margaret Scott Witt, daughter of Laddie Hardaway Scott
            Dianna (Deanie) Wilson is Mrs. Donald Skeeters
            Mary David Hardaway was Mrs. Ed Foote
            Mrs. Ben Wilson was Louise Hardaway

Here are some more notes on the Cain family from "The Doe Run Settlements" by Alice Bondurant Scott, 1976, Stonemark Collections, Vine Grove Kentucky.

P. 43  "Prior to 1820, John Johnson built a textile mill about a half mile below the Seven Springs.  It was five stories high with massive walls of hewn stone.  Textile weavers came from England, Ireland, and Scotland to supervise the work in this mill.  Michael Cain, said to have been from Ireland, developed the process and wove the first seamless woven sack at this mill.

P.123  "One of the oldest stories was that of Michael Cain (from Ireland) a drum major in the American Army at the Battle of New Orleans.  Tradition indicated that during the battle he said, "Men are not killed with drums", and with that, he took a gun, fought, and was wounded in the head.  He was carried off the field by General Jackson on the General's horse.  He was to be known later as a weaver of fine linen and other fabrics in the Doe Run Mills.  His son, John Cain, was a Fife Major in the Mexican War.

Cain family genealogy

Dates mostly from Mildred Griffee August 1998.  Note that the family of John D. Cain is attributed to Henry W. Cain in the newspaper article above.   Data from Kenneth Stith confirms Mildred Griffee that Henry W. Cain married Lucy Catherine Stith.
Michael Cain b. 1750 Ireland   d. 1845?  m. Elizabeth ?   More on Michael Cain family.
    Was weaver at Johnson Factory
    He wove the first seamless sack made in Kentucky.
    He was a drum major in the American Army at the battle of New Orleans.
    His son was:

John Cain
  b. October 2, 1797 ; d. December 3, 1869*
      Rejected as recruit in War of 1812 on account of being crippled
      Was fife major for recruits in the Mexican war
      1828 Nelson County Ky., 1850 Meade County Ky
  m. Olive Dismore on November 30, 1820* (b. June 6, 1800; d. July 21,1884)*
  9. children:

1. Louisa Cain       b. 1822    m. John M. Gallagher  minister: L. L. Helm;
      lived near Leavenworth Kansas; 1 daughter and 2 sons
      1. James M. Gallagher
      2  Richard Gallagher
      3. Ellen "Nellie" Gallagher m. Charles Dougherty
            four children
             1. Louise Dougherty b. 1872
             2. John Aloysius Dougherty b. 1873
             3. Anna Dougherty   b. 1879
             4. Lillian Dougherty b. 1882 
louisa.jpg (87631 bytes)


  2. Henry W. Cain   b.  Feb. 3, 1823  d. October 27, 1897  m. December 16, 1847
      m. Lucy Catherine Stith (b. June 1, 1830 d March 5, 1892)
      1880 census shows children:
      1. Olive C. 19;  (b 1861)
      2. Louisa H. 13; (b 1867)
      3. Betty E. 11;    (b 1869)
      4. Henrietta 8      (b 1872)
       Lucy Catherine Stith was 1st child of Buckner Jones Stith and Cinderella Mooreman
       Buckner Jones Stith was the 3rd child of Richard Stith Jr. and Elizabeth Jones
       (See data from Kenneth Stith)
henryw.gif (45205 bytes)

  3. Lucinda Cain     b. April 10 1824     m. Jesse J. Stith on October 6, 1842*  d. March 30, 1909
      grave at Big Spring United Methodist Church
  4. James H. Cain b. 1826 m. 1. Elizabeth Brown (b. Nov. 6, 1822; d. Aug. 21, 1884)
                                                  Her grave on old Cain farm near Ekron on Alexander place.
       10 children                             Cemetery in cattle pasture.  Still had stone in May 1977.

      1. John Henry Cain b. July 15, 1849 d. March 9, 1904 Fowler Kansas
          m. Sarah Catherine (Kate) Miller (1844-1921) m. March 2, 1871
          Went to Kansas in Aug 1879 and homesteaded.  Was farmer lived in sod
          house.  Lived in Ford Co. Kansas ~ 10 mi. south of Dodge City.
          Kate buried at Beepre, Kansas.  1887 family photo available.  Children:
              1. Samuel Franklin Cain
              2. Oscar Lawrence Cain (O.L.)  lived in Oklahoma  children:
                    1. Mabel  d. Oct 8, 1993 age 97
                    2. Thelma   m. Compton  lived in Lake City, Ks
                    3. Daughter Frances
              3. Irene Maria Cain (May)  m. James Vanzant Cooper
                       1. Danny Cooper
                      2. Jesse Floyd Cooper
              4. Aldrich Walter Cain (Walter)
              5. David Austin Cain (Austin)
                   daughter Hazel
              6. William Warren Cain (Will) b. Feb 18, 1879 Meade Co. Ky.
                   m. Grace Laurrel Snyder on Sept 13, 1911
                         b.   Feb 27, 1889 in Ford Co. Kansas
                     1. Eleanor Cain Canning
                     2. Dr. Ivan Cain
                     3. Dr. Alvin Cain
                     4. Charlotte  m. Baird
               7.   Aldes
      2.  Robert R. Cain b. Mar. 25, 1852 d. Jan ? 1875
           buried in cemetery at Brandenburg, Ky.
      3.  Jesse J. Cain b. Dec. 21, 1853 d. April 9, 1933 buried Meade Co. Ky
           m. November 14, 1871 to Lydia Evelin Nall
                     b. Aug 2, 1858, d. Jan 6, 1922  12 children:
                      names available
      4.  Richard W. Cain b. Sept 1, 1855 d. July 10, 1856 (whooping cough)
      5.  Susan b. April 4, 1859 d. April 4, 1859
           Richard and Susan buried on old Cain farm with mother
      6.  Bruce Cain b.   died age 18 of meningitis
      7.  Mary Cain b. 1857  d. ?
           m. Mack Nall
      8. George C. Cain (b. Oct. 7, 1861)  m. Mary Bonnieville
                Left Meade County, Went to Arkansas, then Oklahoma.                     
                Shows up in 1910 census in Oklahoma
                1. Stanley Cain m. Jennie Fowler
                    1. Mildred Cain Griffee
      9.  Olive Cain b. 1863 d. ?
           m. Bob (Robert?) Scott   lived in Meade Co. Ky.  3 children:
                1. Lerah
                2. Arthur
                3. Joe
      10.  Lucinda D. Cain  b. 1865 d. ?
           m. Sam H. Clements  b. ?    d. Sept. 3, 1958
           Lived early years near Ekron, Ky.  Moved to Louisville for years.
           Buried in Louisville.    6 Children

      James H. Cain    m. 2. Alice Squire, no children 
Meade County
1880 census shows:
Cain, Harrison 53 farmer
        Elizabeth, 54 wife
        George    19 son
        Olivia       17 dau
        Lucy         15 dau


5. John D. Cain  b. 1828  d. March 5, 1908  m. Elizabeth Coleman on October 15, 1851  John was miller at Grahampton
       1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cain b. 1855
           (see note below from photo album *3)
           m. John (Luther?) Prentice (Printess, Prentiss),
                a preacher. children:  
            1.  George Prentice, a preacher
            2.  Luther Prentice
            3.  Althia Prentice
       2. Lilly (Lillian?)  m. John Daugherty?? *5
              1. John Daugherty, Jr.
              2. Louise Daugherty
       3. Minnie  m Tom Todd, lived at Versailles, Ky.
              1. Lillian Todd ???  *7
       4.  Josephine (Josie) Cain b.? m. Benoni "None" B. Jeffers
                  None Jeffers - brother of Albert Jeffers
              1. Harry Jeffers m. Blanche  ??
                  1. Josephine Jeffers b. about 1905
       4. Olive Ann Cain b.1859 m. Albert Guino (Gano) Jeffers
          Albert Jeffers was sheriff of Franklin County in 1902
           1. John Walter Jeffers (Frankfort police judge)
               1. Harold Jeffers
                   1. Linda
                   2. Don
                   3. Larry
                   4. Jo Ann
            2. Howard Benoni Jeffers m.
        5. J. Andrew Cain b. August 21, 1860
                a Miller at Versailles, Ky.
           1. William Cain  *6
           2. Luther Mack Cain, twin of Ben Cain
              1. Luther Mack Cain, Jr.
           3. Ben Cain
              1. Anna Catherine Cain
              2. John Arthur Cain

jncainjr.jpg (4526 bytes)
"Uncle John Cain"
(back of photo)

lizziey.jpg (4854 bytes)
"Aunt Lizzie Cain"
(back of photo)
click image for older Lizzie

  6. Sarah Catherine Cain   b. August 2, 1830, d. March 1, 1913,  
      m. first Joel Alverson on Feb. 6, 1854
      m. second Jim Childs on July 17, 1862  b. May 22, 1822, d. Nov. 23, 1897, buried in Hayside
      Lived in Kansas close to Levenworth, moved back to Guston, Ky.
  7. Margaret J. Cain b. 1832   m. James L. Hardaway on Aug 11, 1858   (This was the 3rd marriage for James.)
       James Hardaway is buried on the hill on the old Jesse Stith farm.
      1. Jesse Hardaway
      2. Margaret Hardaway  m. a cousin Hardaway
           children included Charles Carroll Hardaway
      3. Adalissa Louisa Hardaway b Sept 21, 1865   m.  Charles Lee Scott
           1. Walter Lee Scott
                 1. Walter Charles Scott
  8. Olive J. Cain        b. 1836 d. 1907   m. Benjamine Alverson b. ? , d. 1907
            lived on Old Ekron Road, Meade Co. Ky.
       1.  Lucinda Catherine Alverson  b. 17 Aug 1861.  m. George Washington Coleman on Nov. 20, 1878
            five children
       2. Margarett L. Alverson  b. 1863.
       3. Luther Otto Alverson  b. 1 Oct 1865.
       4. Willam L. Alverson (Willie) b. 1868. Died young of typhoid fever
       5. Benjamin Emmet Alverson  b. 1 Apr 1870.
       6. Mary Ellen (Maggie) Alverson  b. 1875.
  9. Mary E. Cain       b. 1840, d. June 1919  
        m. first Henry Adkisson, b. 1832
        m. second Washington Lindsey Coleman on May 19, 1878. (Mary was second wife)  3 children:
       1. Henry Adkisson
       2. Olive Adkisson  (album: "Olive Adkisson, Aunt Mary's daughter". )

hadk.jpg (6460 bytes)
Henry Adkisson
from album of
Margaret Cain Hardaway
oliveadk.jpg (6957 bytes)
Olive Adkisson
from album of
Adalisa Hardaway Scott
lulu.jpg (6702 bytes)
Lucinda Catherine Alverson (Lulu) m. 20 Nov 1878, in Brandenburg, KY, George Washington Coleman (p073jack)
wash.jpg (6282 bytes)
George Washington Coleman
b. 20 Jan 1857, Brandenburg, KY
(p073 jack)
maudead.jpg (8087 bytes)
Maude Adkisson
granddaughter of Henry Cain

    " Mrs. Lucinda Stith is the third of a family of children born to John and Olive (Dismore) Cain: Louisa Galagher, Henry W., James H., John, Sarah C. Childs, Margaret Hardaway, Olive J., Alverson and Mary E.  Coleman.  The former was born October 2, 1797.  When the war of 1812 broke out he learned to play the fife for the purpose of joining the army as fife major, but on account of being crippled he was rejected at the recruiting station. He was fife major for battalion muster during his existence; also for recruits in the Mexican war.  He was a son of Michael Cain, who was a native of Ireland, and a drum major in the American Army at the battle of New Orleans.  There is a tradition in the family that during that battle, the fight having waxed hot, he said, "men are not killed with drums," and taking a gun was soon actively engaged in the battle, during the progress of which e was wounded in the head, and carried by Gen. Jackson from the field on his (Jackson's) horse.  He was carefully attended and lived to the ripe age of ninety-five years. His occupation was weaver of fine linens, marseilles, dimity and all kinds of figured goods; he wove the first seamless sack made in Kentucky. "  quotation from: Kentucky A History of the State embracing "A concise account of the origins and development of the Virginia colony; its expansion westward, and the settlement of the frontier beyond the Alleghanies; the erection of Kentucky as an independent state, and its subsequent development." W. M. Perrin U.A. Battle G. C. Kniffin, F. A. Battey Publishing Company, Louisville, Kentucky, 1886 (Refernece cited courtesy of Harriet Fast Scott 1998)

* Date of birth and death of Olive Dismore and date of death of John C. Cain are from Stith Bible as reported by Frances S. Fast. Date of birth of John C. Cain from Stith Bible consistent with data from Mildred Cain Griffee.  Also marriage dates of John C. Cain and Olive Dismore and Lucinda Cain and Jesse J. Stith from Stith Bible. -from files of Walter C. Scott- This data also reported in William and Mary Quarterly April 1926.

*3  The following is from a note on a piece of paper in Aunt Lucinda Stith's photo Album.   The note accompanied a photo of "Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, Grandma Hardaway, Aunt Lizzie Cain."   ---  Lizzie Cain (Mrs. John Cain). John Cain was Andrew's father.  Andrew was only son. John had 4 daughters: Olive Jeffers, Minnie Todd, Lillie Cain (Versailles), Lizzie (Versailes).  The 6 Cain sisters had 3 brothers: Henry (Guston farm), Harrison, John (in milling, Frankfort and Versailles).   Andrew became a miller at Versailles.

*4  The statemement that Lizzie Cain m. Luther Printice and had 2 sons George and Luther came from Mildred Griffee.  There is a photo of a child, "Luther Printess" and a child, "Althia Prentic" in Margaret Cain Hardaway's photo album.  This would indicate that Lizzie had a daughter, Althia and a son Luther.

*5 Photos in Margaret Cain Hardaway's photo album include John Daugherty, Jr. and Louise Daugherty in the same section as photos of Walter Jeffers and Althia Prentic.   Also a photo of Lillian Cain.

*6  Photo shows "Andrew Cain & wife & Son" .  Another old photo shows "Cousin Lizzie Cain, William Cain, Lillian Todd, Luther Mack and Ben Cain, twins".  Elizabeth Coleman Cain was Andrew Cain's mohter and Andrew had no brothers.  This evidence points to Andrew having a son, William.  Luther Mack and Ben are identified in the newspaper article above.

*7   See *6 above.  Photo shows Lizzie Cain with Lillian Todd.   This girl "Lillian Todd" looks very much like another photo of a girl identified as Louise Dougherty.   Louise Dougherty's mother was probably Lillian Cain Daugherty so there is room for confusion. 

More Cain family genealogy

9  More on Dismore family genealogy