Newspaper Clipping from 1905 from
The Mirror of Hardin County Kentucky

May's Grove.

May's Grove. Feb. 1, '05

    Wm. S. Scott was born near Hardin Springs, Ky., Aug. 9, 1832; departed this life Jan. 25, 1905, was72 years 5 months and 16 days of age.  Married to Miss Sarah J. Ament, Aug. 17, 1854. He had never been a church member, but was always ready to lend a helping hand to every institution that would better the condition of sinful humanity.  He was a Mason for over 50 years; six children, five of whom with his devoted wife still survive and trust that their loss is his gain.  Albert M. Scott of Longmont, Cal.; John H. Scott, of St. Louis Mo.; Jas. A. Scott, of Boulder City, Cal.; Dr. C. W. Scott, of St. Louis, Mo., and Mrs. Mary B. Slaughter, of Vertrees.

   Mr. J. H. Scott has returned to his home in St. Louis after spending three weeks with his father during his last illness.

   The Mission Board Meeting of the Salem association closed a pleasant and profitable there days session last Sunday at Blue Ball Church.  These meetings are always looked forward to with great interest and attract wide recognition  throughout the bounds of the association, thus assuring good crowds and great interest.   Notwithstanding very inclement weather prevailed during the entire sessions several pastors and delegates have been present as follows: Revs. Shacklette and Buckhanan, Mr. Ruben Jones of Hill Grove; Eschol Buckhanan, of Otter Creek; R. L. Tabor, of New Union; James Bramlett, of Big Spring; Jack Williams, of Buck Grove, and others whose names we failed to get. $178.30 was presented to the board by the several churches of the association of Home Missions.

Blue Ball,

Blue Ball, Jan. 30, '05

    It has been sometime since we attempted news writing, having been absent from Hardin county for a period of 18 years, but if the readers of the interesting, paper, The Mirror., will bear with us we will try and give a few items of interest.

     On our return we found the same good hospitable people as we left but the grim reaper of death has visited the community and taken away many of our dear friends and relatives.  It is therefore with sadness we chronicle the death of Mr. Wm. Scott who died Jan. 25 at his home two miles south-west of Blue Ball church, at the age of 72 years 5 months and 16 days.  He had been ailing for sometime but did not take to his bed until four weeks ago.  During the biggest part of the time he was in bed he was unable to recognize his many friends who called to see him, only at times when his disease permitted his mind to be clear.  Mr. Scott was one among the oldest citizens of the county and while he did not possess a great amount of this world's goods he always led an honorable life; was good and kind and placed honor above everything.   He was respected by all and is mourned by relatives and friends who will miss the familiar sight of "Uncle Bill" by which name he was often called.  He was not a member of any church but "was truly a converted man" and as such he lived .    Early in his life he joined the Masonic order and was an honored member of that fraternity.  "In life there is death and such is the will of God.   It is our lot and while we go through life in its many pleasures and disappointments we should so live in this life that we may be numbered among the multitude which no man can number, of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues; stand before the land clothed with white robes and palms in our hands."  He leaves a widow and five children who have the sympathy of the entire community.  He was comforted in his dying moments by his beloved wife, two sons, Dr. Cletus W. Scott and John H. Scott, of St. Louis, Mo., and two grand children, Mr. Jesse Scott, of St. Louis , and Miss Nettie Conaway, of Louisville.  The Funeral was held in Blue Ball church, conducted by the Rev. C. M. Buchanan after which the body was interred in the Blue Ball cemetery with Masonic rites.

  Mr. Jesse Scott, one of our old citizens, is quite ill at this writing.

   Miss Annie Kerfoot is spending a few weeks visiting the family of Mr. Sill Holbert.

   Mr. Charles Scott, of Big Spring paid the bereaved family of Wm. Scott a visit last Saturday.

    Mr. J. H. Scott. of St. Louis, Mo., returned to his home Monday having been at the bedside of his father for three weeks prior to his death.

     The Ministers' Meeting which was to be held at Blue Ball Friday, Saturday and Sunday was postponed on account of the funeral of Mr. Scott Friday but took up their services Saturday and Sunday.

    Mr. Chas. Sullivan and sister, Lena, of Cecilian, attended the funeral of Mr. Scott at Blue Ball Friday.

    The farmers are expecting much difficulty attending their stock owing to the heavy fall of snow Sunday.