Walter Lee Scott's Seven Children, October 1924

Jesse Stith farm October 1924, residence at that time of Walter Lee Scott family.

Caption on picture below:  "Sonny (Walter C. Scott), Rena Lou, Jessie V, Uncle Jess (Hardaway), Baby Jim, Mary F (Mary Fontaine Scott), Mary L (Mary Ladd Witt), Wm. H (William Henry Scott), Jackie (Jack Jeffers Scott), & old shep - at Walters Oct -1924 - Ky.

This may well have been the first picture of the seven children of Walter Lee and Ruth Fontaine Scott.

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wcs24.gif (23672 bytes)
Walter Charles Scott
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Rena Lou Scott

jvs24.gif (34283 bytes)
Jessie Virginia Scott

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Mary Fontaine Scott

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William Henry Scott

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Jack Jeffers Scott

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Mary Ladd Witt

jess24.gif (25784 bytes)
Uncle Jess Hardaway
Granny Scott's brother
Jesse Stith Hardaway


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Writing perhaps that of Aunt Mago (Margaret Scott Witt)?