The Stith Family June 1911
The only time the 11 children of Thomas and Hannah Stith were ever together. 

tjs.gif (54202 bytes)
Thomas Jefferson Stith
hcws.gif (54351 bytes)
Hannah Chase Williams
1irene.gif (50672 bytes)
Irene Buckner
2sam.gif (54349 bytes)
Sam Henry
3william.gif (54205 bytes)
William Allen
4james.gif (54514 bytes)
James Strother
5kevin.gif (55159 bytes)
Kavanaugh Arvin
6mable.gif (52029 bytes)
Mabel Clare
7leonard.gif (52848 bytes)
Leonard Thompson
8rachel.gif (50122 bytes)
Mary Rachel
9thomas.gif (55728 bytes)
Thomas Enfield
10hannah.gif (48523 bytes)
Hannah Wivie
11fred.gif (53720 bytes)
Fred Paul