Major Robert Wynne
John Stith 3rd
(Son of John Jr. who was son of John)

Major Robert Wynne did not marry Ann Bolling. He married Martha Jefferson, dau. of Thomas and Mary Branch Jefferson. Also there were no children by the second wife. Your page also has grandchildren listed as children. The correct genealogy is on Carol Middletons web-page and is accepted as correct by all the major researchers for the Wynne family and Jamestowne Society, FFV, etc., etc. The correct data can be found at

John G. R. Rountree

The correct information for Martha Wynne and Benjamin Bell can be found at

Hope this is of help.

John Rountree

John Stith 3rd


Thanks for your comment on the web site. I took a look at the section you mention. I suspect the birthdate of John Stith 3rd (stated as 1670) is in error. Notice that his marriage date is 1715 to Elizabeth Anderson. Notice also the birthdates of siblings at 1707 and 1711. My guess is that the entry is probably a typographical error and should have been 1690?

I think generally the data is right since the marriage to Elizabeth Anderson, for example, is confirmed by Wanda Stith Hagen in "The Stith Family, Part I, Virginia" 1994 by Access Laserpreess, Phoenix, Arizona.

This file that you were studying was compiled by Kenneth Stith.

Wanda Stith Hagen also claims that Drury Stith #6 has a son John also which is not in the Kenneth Stith compilation. She also mentions that this often leads to confusion by Stith researchers.


At 10:21 PM 8/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
Looking at the John Stith descendants, if your dates are correct then it is impossible for #9, John Stith 3rd (born 1670??), to be the son of #2, John Stith, Jr., who didn't get married until 1685 and was only 12 years old in 1670.
Stuart Anderson