Scott Family in 1920

Photograph from late summer 1920.  Walter Charles is in the left foreground at 11 years. Ma (Ruth F. Scott) holds Bill (William F. Scott), 10 months, to the right of Walter C. Scott.  Walter Lee Scott stands behind Ruth to the right.  Granny Scott (Louise Adalisa Hardaway Scott) stands to the right with Mary Fontaine Scott at 3 years.  To the right of Walter Lee Scott stands Aunt Wivie Ship.  Uncle Winfield stands on the left next to Aunt Carra Dee***. Then Aunt Mag Hardaway. In the back behind Aunt Wivie stands John Williams** and then Aunt Mago (Margaret Scott Witt). Aunt Mago holds Mary Ladd behind John Scott Witt.  Picture was taken at Granny Scott's house.

** This is John Williams (not John Witt) per Margaret Witt, July 4, 1998
    John Williams owned the farm directly north of the Granny Scott farm.
*** Spelling per Margaret Witt, July 4, 1998 (A number of spellings are seen in the records.)

Probably taken same time and place as above photo.  Both are the same size and have the number 48 written on the back.
Rena Lou at 9 1/2 years is to the right.  Jessie at 6 1/2 years is to the left.  Uncle Jess Hardaway wears a bow tie.  Others are unknown.  These two pictures along with the picture of Walter Lee Scott and the pigeon were in an envelope in a basket with Aunt Jessie's letters between her and Frank in 1934 and 1935.