This Baby Book was kept by Ruth Fontaine Scott on her seven children.

Front Cover
Inside cover:  To Rena Lou Scott from Cousin Nel Fontaine
This is a record of the child-life of 
Irene Louise Scott 
and her brother 
Walter Charles Scott 
Jessie Virginia Scott 
Mary Fontaine Scott 
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The Elizabethtown (News?)  1908 (date in pencil)
Young Couple Will Make Their Home in Stith’s Valley
   Big Spring Jan. 29, --(Special to News.)-- The beautiful nuptials of Miss Ruth Fontaine to Mr. Walter Scott were celebrated January 22 at four p.m. at the bride’s home in this place in the presence of many relatives and friends of the contracting parties.  The ceremony which made them husband and wife was performed by Rev. R.T. McConnell in a very impressive manner.  The Fontaine home was tastefully decorated in flowers and potted plants and the parlor where the wedding took place was a bower of beauty and loveliness.  Miss Fannie Hardaway played Mendleshon’s wedding march and during the ceremony rendered “Call Me Thine Own.”  The bride wore a dainty dress of white and carried a shower boquet of ferns and geraniums.  The attendants, Miss Fannie Williams and Miss Mable Scott wore becoming dresses of blue and white.  After the ceremony the happy couple left for their home in Stith’s Valley where they will reside on the groom’s farm.  They were the recipients of a number of useful and handsome presents.
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Mrs. Walter Scott presented her husband on Easter with a fine boy, Charles Walter.

Mrs. Irene Fontaine is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Walter Scott, near Big Spring, at whose home a little son has arrived.

Miss Diva Fontaine arrived last week for a visit to her mother, Mrs. Irene Fontaine.  Mr. and Mrs. Scott, of Big Spring, spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Irene Fontaine.

A little girl, Mary Fontaine, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Scott July 14th. (1917 in pencil)

A little son, William Henry, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Scott, October 15.  (1919 in pencil)

A little son arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott, July 27.  (1922 in pencil)

Next page with writing:
Be it known to all by these presents that on this Friday the 3rd day of February in the year 1911 Irene Louise was born at Stith Valley unto Mr. and Mrs.  Walter Lee Scott at 5:30 A.M. o’clock
Signed: Ruth Fontaine, mother, Walter Scott, father, C.B. Witt, M.D., physician, Grandma Scott and Grandma Fontaine, nurse.

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Walter Charles, 1st child, son of Ruth and Walter Scott was born April the 11th 1909 at home Stith Valley, Meade Co. Kentucky.  This happened on a beautiful Easter Sunday.  Dr. Stith and Grandmas Fontaine and Scott (were present)

Jessie Virginia, 3rd child of Ruth an Walter Scott was born December the 4th, Thursday 5:30 a.m. 1913 at home Cross Lanes, Cranford Co. Arkansas Dr. Criegler and nurses Mrs. Allen, Mrs. King, Mrs. Smith

Mary Fontaine, 3rd daughter and 4th child was born at home Stith Valley, Meade Co. Kentucky.  July 14, 1917 Saturday 10:30 p.m.  Dr. Stith Aunt Lena Lillie Wright

William Henry 2nd son and 5th child was born at home Stith Valley Meade Co. Ky. Oct. 15, 1919  a cold rainy Wednesday night 4:30 a.m. Dr. Stith, Aunt Lena, Alma Scott, Harold and Fletcher

Jack Jeffers Scott was born in Meade Co. Ky., at 7 o’clock on a lovely July morning, July 27, 1922, Thursday, Dr. Stith, Aunt Lena, Carra D., Maggie

James Fontaine Scott, born in Stith Valley, Meade Co. Ky., About 7 o’clock of a beautiful August morning, Friday august 8th 1924. Dr. Stith, Aunt Mago, Lizzie Willis.  Weighed 8 1/2 pounds, put him on bottle at 6 mos. weighed 20 pounds,  at 11 mos. 25 pounds, at 12 mos. 25..

Baby’s Weight
W.C. at birth 9lbs, 4th week 12, 6th month 18, 1st year 24
I.L. at birth 6 1/2 lbs, 4th week 9, 6th month 16, 1st year 20
J.V. at birth 11 1/2, 4th week 13, 2nd month 15 1/2, 1st year 24
M.F. at birth 8 1/2, 2nd month 14, 6th month 16 1/2, 1st year 19,  18 mos. 24
William weighed 9 lbs, 6 wks 9, 6 mos 18 lbs, 1yr 24 lbs
Jack weighed 8 lbs, 2 mos. 12 lbs, 5 mos. 17 lbs, 6 mos sick - lost weight, 8 mos 19 lbs

Baby’s Presents:
W. C. received a ring, gold from Cousin Nel, dress pins from Edith G., five dollars from Grandpa F., one dollar from Cousin Nel, one dollar from Grandma M., and other nice things.

I.L. received her brother’s ring and pins, long dress from Grandma L., two short dresses from Aunt L., two short dresses from Cousin Nel., embroidery dress from Grandpa S., nice rattle from Aunt M. and other things.

J.V. received four baby blankets - 2 from Grandma F., 1 from Grandma S., 1 from Miss N., mitts from Aunt Toka.

Mary Fontaine received pretty dresses from Mrs. Jones and Aunt Diva, bath towel from Blanch Drury, pillow cover and towel from Mrs. Tucker, pink comb and brush and toilet articles from Will Reves, dress from Mrs. Hook, had pretty clothes of John Scott

William Henry received a silk “baby bunting” from Mrs. Potter, “boggan” from Uncle Will H. Scott, dresses from Aunt Diva

Jack Jeffers received toilet articles from Uncle Will Reves

James Fontaine received $5 uncle James Fontaine, dresses from Cousin Echel, Cousin Fanny and Aunt Diva, booties from Miss Amea Sadler, dress and cap from Aunt Cara and Miss Deela, white shoes and silk stockings from Uncle Stith

The First Photograph:
This is the first good photograph taken of the children.  Taken in Louisville Ky Oct. 26, 1912,  Walter Charles Scott age 3 years 6 mo.  Rena Lou Scott age 1 yr. 8 mo.

Be it known to all people that on this second day of September in the year 1911 the name of Irene Louise Scott was bestowed on our Darling Baby by Rev. Ed King.

On the 2nd Sunday in September 1909 the name of Walter Charles Scott was bestowed upon our first child by Reverend Hoskinson, both at the M.E. Church at Big Spring Ky.

Jessie Virginia Scott was christened at the Kibler Methodist Church, Kibler Ark. on the 3rd Sunday in May 1914 by Rev. Sturdy.

Mary Fontaine Scott was christened at Big Spring Methodist Church 2nd Sunday in June 1917 by Rev. Deacon.

William Henry Scott was christened February 1920 at Quar Meeting by Rev. Jarbow

Jack Jeffers Scott was christened 5th Sat. in October 1922 at Quar Meet by Presiding Elder Rev. J.H. Nicholson. Prettiest ceremony of all.

James Fontaine Scott was christened Easter Sunday April 12, 1925 at Big Spring Methodist Church by Rev. Henry Jarbow

Our babies’ first outing was taken on this 3rd day of October 1911 in company with Father, Mother and Uncle Stith for a visit to Grandpa and friends in Arkansas.  This was their first trip on the train.  They were both taken to Grandma’s F and S as soon as they were five weeks old.

J. Virginia’s first trip of importance was to see Cousin Nel F. at Clarksville Ark. Easter after J. B. was 4 months old.

Mary F. went to Arkansas to see Grandpa Fontaine and Uncle David when not quite 3 mos. in company with Jessie V. and Mama.

William F.’s first trip was to Louisville to see Cousin Mabal Miller at the age of 5 mos.

Jack Jeffers went to association at Hill Grove at 4 weeks old to B-burg at 5 weeks (not very pretty)

James F. went to school rally at 2 mos, just displayed back of his head (prettiest there) quite proud of his looks by 6 mos.

Mary and William took a trip to see Grandpa Fontaine with Mama, March 1921.  Mary was 3 1/2 and William was 17 mos. with pretty curly hair.  We tried to keep him out of the front yard for fear he would go into the street, but he would slip out and knew enough to sit on the steps and watch the traffic.  Mary had so many pretty white dresses and white shoes and spent Easter in Alma away from Mama with the Bradley girls.

In March 1924 Daddy, Mama, William aged 4 1/2 and Jack aged 18 mos went to Arkansas to Grandpa’s funeral.  William was old enough to know about rivers and to see interesting things, but he was sick most of the time while gone.  Jack was pretty good to be wagged about so much.

Baby’s first Short Clothes:
W.C. wore his first short clothes in august 1909 on a visit to Cousin Fanny B. at Vine Grove.  I.L. wore her first short clothes in August 1911 on a visit to Aunt Louise F. at Brandenburg.  J.V. wore her first short clothes Easter 1914 on a visit to Cousin Nel at Clarksville.  Mary wore first short clothes Easter 1917 at home.  William wore first short clothes to Ekron in March (5 mos) at Grandma Stith’s.  Jack’s and James’ dresses were never very long.  The both made first appearances in short clothes in Easter - almost 8 mos. old.

Our Baby’s Shoes:
Dear little Rena Lou’s shoes were just like these (drawing in baby book), were gotten in August at 7 mos. of age size 0
J. Virginia first shoes, worn at 4 1/2 mos. size 2.
Wm’s first shoes, size 2.
Little Sonny’s first shoes were like this one worn at five months and size 2 1/2. (drawing in baby book)
William and Jack wore first shoes, all white, on Easter Sunday, were 6 and 8 mos. old.
James had pretty white kid booties, given by Miss Anna Sadler, wore these in January at Mrs. Bunger’s.

Baby’s First Tooth
Please take notice that on this the 28 day of September 1911 I cut my first tooth, much to the joy of my father and mother.  Remarks by Mother: The boy cut his first tooth at six months of age and the little girl was eight months old.  J.V. was 6 months when her first tooth came.  Mary liked 12 days of being 1 yr., then cut 6 teeth in 6 weeks..  Wm was 6 mos when his first tooth came.  Jack has beaten them all, two teeth at five months, 7 teeth at 7 months.  James had first tooth 6 mos., 7 teeth at 12 mos.

Walter C. was bald headed, red hair appeared at 7 mos and remained. Rena Lou had a small amount of black hair, brown hair at 1 yr.
Jessie Virginia black hair, light brown at 1 yr.
Mary F. had abundance of dark brown hair.
Billy and Jack were bald headed babies
Bill’s came in curly
Jack’s came in red, turned white, still white on 3rd birthday
Jimmy had black hair, turned to a pretty soft brown.

This is the day when our Baby learned to creep Date last of September 1911.  Remarks: Rena Lou began to creep a few days before we went on our visit to Arkansas and as a result was very hard on all of her new white dresses.  Sonny never crawled very much as he was penned in his bed during the winter.  J.V. began crawling at 8 mo.  Mary began crawling at 9 mo.  Wm began crawling at (9 mos.?).  Jack and Jimmy began crawling about 9 mos.

Baby’s First Steps  Our Baby took her steps without any assistance on the night of the 3rd of March at 13 months of age.  Remarks:  Sonny got up and began walking the day after he was one year old on April 12, 1910.  Jessie Virginia took her first steps at Mrs. . Payne’s house at nearly 13 mos.  Mary took her first steps at Mrs. Hook’s at Bburg the 25th of Sept. after 1yr old in July.  Wm began walking in Jan about 15th after a yr. old in October.  Jack began walking at 14 months.  Jimmy began walking

Baby’s Height
Sonny and Jessie V. were long thin babies.  Jack J. was a long poor baby.  Rena Lou and Mary were short and plump.  Wm was plump and broad.  So was James.

Baby’s Playmates
Annie Lee Payne was born August 1910
I.Rena Louise Scott was born February 3rd 1911
Lucy Mae Miller was born March 1911
Cladestine Hermana Osborne was born June 25, 1911
Sarah Margaret Brammer was born September 2, 1911
Cynthia Louise Lupper was born November 17, 1911
All of these little girls are daughters of dear friends of Rena Lou’s mother and she hopes Rena Lou may always know them.
W. Fontaine Reves, Rena Lou’s cousin was born Sept. 23, 1911.
Ruth Coleman Stith was born March 31, 1909.
She is a cousin and is one week older tan Walter Charles.
Later Helen Margaret Reves, Fontaine Reve’s sister, was born Apr. 10, 1913.

Red Letter Days
Walter Charles Scott was badly hurt by hogs, May 21, 1914.  W.C. had whooping cough at 18 mos. of age.  J.V. had whooping cough summer of 1914 and was sick all that summer.  Rena Lou had whooping cough at same time and I took them to see Grandma Fontaine at Norita Okla.
Jessie Virginia Scott took sick with pneumonia Apr. 19 1917 and did not walk until July 1st 1917, was in bed nine weeks.  Mary fell out of the loft on her new doll April 1924 and hurt her face badly.  William had pneumonia Feb. 1926, age 6 yrs.  Walter C. was very sick July 20th (26?), very nearly lost him.

Newspaper clipping attached to page:
Little Walter Scott Badly Hurt and Has Narrow Escape From Death
   Thursday evening of last week Walter, the five-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Scott of Cross Lanes, passed through an experience he will probably remember all his life.
   In some manner a small pig became fastened in the fence around the hog lot and told of its trouble in loud squeals.  The little boy thought the pig should be helped and went to the rescue.  When he took hold of the pig he was set upon by five large hogs, thrown down and bitten and torn in a number of places on the legs and back.  His screams reached Mrs. Scott’s ears and she ran from the house to learn the cause of the outcries of the boy and the terrible noises made by the hogs,  but before she could reach place of the struggle the little fellow had gotten away from the enraged animals.
   He was taken to the house and his wounds looked after the best possible until Dr. Reves, who was at once called, could reach him.  In dressing the torn places the doctor found the calf of the left leg had been so badly torn that it was necessary to hold the shreds of flesh in place with a number of  stitches.
  Walter is brave, all right, and is recovering nicely from his many hurts,  but there is no doubt he will let the next pig that gets caught in the fence stay until he can get help to make the rescue.

Note on last sheet of the baby book in Anna Ruth Scott’s hand writing:
July 12, 1970
   While visiting Ma Scott with my 3 week old daughter Rebecca, she began telling of the happenings of the summer of 1896 -- happenings which should be written for future enlightenment.  Jess Turner Fontaine was born August 4, 1896 in Van Buren, Arkansas beginning a chain of unrelated events for this Fontaine family.  When the baby was four days old, Ma -- then age 9 yrs. -- came to Louisville, Kentucky in the company of Dr. Stith to St. Joseph Hospital to undergo corrective surgery for her “hare lip”.  At that time Dr. Sam Henry Stith was attending medical school at Vanderbilt University and was returning to the school after a year of working in a drug store in Van Buren.  (It took him eight years to complete medical school by alternating a year of study with a year of work).  This surgery had been performed originally when Ma was three months old.  The repair of the “hare lip” was performed by Dr. Dugan surgeon and Dr. Birck anesthesiologist in Brandenburg--the first surgery of this type ever to be performed.  At age 3 months Ma was allowed to nurse and pulled the stitches loose; so at age nine years she was having the final corrective surgery.  She remained in Kentucky for three months this summer.
   When baby Jess Turner was six days old his sister Diva -- age six -- was getting a bucket of water from the family cistern when she fell in.

At the bottom of the page written later:  Aunt Diva lived to be 43 years old and died of cancer.  Signed: Ann Scott Doman