Walter Charles Scott Reference Material

Brief chronology from 1909 to 1938.
More chronological stuff 1909 to 1945.
 Notes made by Jack J. Scott in conversation with Walter C. Scott about summer 1993?
Bernie Tate "Judge"
Big Man - not heavy
Big talker
Good fellow
Walter knew him
had a wife?

Dr. Witt - Big Spring
nice fellow med size
no family but wife
horse and buggy doctor

Walter - 2yr h.s. Big Spring
only one teacher
Prof. Yates - 50
15 plus or minus students
spelling  - rode horse took lunch
last 2yrs B burg

Just spring of last year on River farm.

Delivered papers in Lex
Richmond Road area
Good Bacterology teacher
Lived and ate dinner boarding house (sometimes)
Breakfast out in hole-in-wall cafeteria sometimes (noon)
Rode bike on paper route
Good H.S. basketball player - jumped center
grade school at Hall
Born 1909
Always took paper
4 yrs old went ot Arkansas
Back in 1914
Rode to B.S. through Hollow by Buzzard Cave and over hill.
(Circus?) in or near Guston
Our family to Guston often.
Took livestock, cream etc to Guston to ship to Louisville
Big Spring some
Most purchases made in Flaherty
Groceries and clothing
not many groceries bought
Burnetts store came later
was there when Walter went to H.S.
Burnett bought some things from Ft. Knox after war.
Uncle Fletcher would take us to State Fair
Walter trapped and hunted
Went to B'burg fairly often
To B'burg wagon usually.  Also had carriage.
big garden
Dad did most
He was good with hoe
Dad not a talker to Walter. but would talk all day to Cousin Gill.
Dad and (Mama?) talked all time on everything.
were good friends

Had a lot of company
most every Sunday some family came or we went somewhere
Walter fished with Stith boys.
 Notes from Jack and Alice Scott, December 1, 2010:

Walter lived at 3rd and Hill in Louisville in the cleanup from the 37 flood.
Sue Foote and Scott Parks were both born while their families lived at the home farm.
Walter lived in Brandenburg in the late 30s.  Walter's dog, Nuisance, went with Jack on his paper route.
Walter and Amanda were in the process of divorce when Jack and Alice married.
Walter gave Jack and Alice a nice matching couch and chair with a gray fabric covering.

The Brown family were renting the farm house in 1941 when the house burned.  Mrs. Brown was from the Shake family.  Irene lined a box with her blue velvet dress for a coffin for the Brown boy who died in the fire.  Walter and Irene were living in the tenant house at that time. 

Irene was a widow from Danville.  Irene's nieces, Bobby Jean and Sandra, lived with them.  Walter and Irene lived in an apartment at Ma's house and Bobby Jean went to school in Brandenburg.

When Irene and Walter divorced, Irene went back to Danville and then out to California.   Irene and Elizabeth Hagen were good friends and went to California together.