DECEMBER 16,1987
Wishes for Happiness as the Year Winds Down


 Mary Eleanor and June Smith 1978.

A wishing well stood in a yard where children romped and played.

Alone this morning and feeling like a child, I remember how they wrote their wishes on a scrap of paper, raced by the well and tossed them in. Maybe wishing a handsome prince would come riding by on a white charger.

The years have passed. The children are grown now, coming back for special occasions- Thanksgiving, Christmas and sometimes birthdays.

JANUARY - We are well into the month of December. Soon the year of 1987 will be history. Now we are looking forward to the year 1988 with courage. A few months ago we celebrated our constitution's 200th birthday 1787. Fifty-three men put it together to guide us through the future.


FEBRUARY - Two of our great presidents were born in February. Washington, who was the father of our country. To mention Lincoln is to remember the Gettysburg Address. And there are others, just to mention a few - Roosevelt - "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Truman "The buck stops here." Kennedy -"Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."


MARCH - Sometimes March comes in like a lion and goes out

like a lamb, with just a touch of spring creeping in. We wish all the warring nations problems would be solved, would hear no more of wars and rumors Of war, bring our troops out of the danger zone and the hostages home safely.

APRIL - We wish all of you filing taxes this month will get a refund and can buy something you have always wanted, and thought you couldn't afford. Buy it and enjoy!


MAY - We wish now that the magic of spring is here and the wintery chill reluctantly changes the whole countryside, you will see flowers blooming where thorns, weeds, thistles have been.


JUNE - This must be the favorite month, as there is more written about it, than any other month - Well maybe December. We wish all the newlyweds in the years to come the memories you'll be sharing, joy and laughter, lots of love and deep down caring. When I say we, meaning one of my family with whom I live.


JULY - We wish if trouble comes to you, know you never walk alone. There is a silver lining up there somewhere.


AUGUST With travel folders before us trying to decide the right spot for our vacation - which shall it be north, south, east or west? My thoughts turn to the Caribbean, so much beauty and history surrounds you there.


SEPTEMBER - We wish children going back to school would have prayer brought back and may the wisdom of God instruct them.


OCTOBER- Can I think of anything that would enhance the month's image?

"A cool morning, a warm noonday, a golden sunset,
a gentle twilight, a starlit night"- Robert Schuller


NOVEMBER - Marking the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas is like building a bridge. So much to do, and so little time to do it.


DECEMBER - We wish peace on earth, good will to men of all nations. Our holiday memories will stay with us until next year.