November 23, 1988



Family Draws Closer for Special Days of the Season

Mary Eleanor, Damond and Camille Martin





We are well into the gray month of November. What can I say to enhance it? After the colorful leaves in October have fallen and left the limbs bare, I think how pretty they were.

The trees are standing like sentinels guarding the landscape. Did it snow last night, or could it be a heavy frost on the tree branches? The night sounds have died away, and it's too early for the early morning traffic. Looking back, I would notice one of my family grabbing a cup of coffee for breakfast, putting on their jacket as they go out the door, of f to business or school. I would feel guilty, but not today.

I promised my visiting family that on Saturday we are going to have a down home breakfast and take time to enjoy each otherís company.

The aroma of coffee is drifting through the house, better than a breakfast bell.

I push the Halloween pumpkin aside, to set the table, waiting for the others members of the family to join us.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage and gravy. I put out a pitcher of sorghum and a pint jar of maple syrup from New Hampshire. Oh so good!

After breakfast, we plan to take a trip through the countryside. How fortunate I am to have my family with me to see the last color of leaves and once again see the beauty of Autumn.


Jean Martin Wallace and her twin June Martin Smith.


Mary Eleanor, Stephen Wallace and Damond Martin.