June 17, 1988

A Salute to Summer


 By Eleanor S. Martin


Through the early morning mists, here in Kentucky we see patches of blue skies.

Its summertime! A time to take stock if I got all my spring work done.

Did I pick the blackberries by the side of the road and bake a blackberry cobbler, did I divide the tulip bulbs, did I plant the sunflower seeds to feed the birds, did I weed the asparagus bed, and did I get all the windows washed?

The changing season is upon us, the hazy lazy days of summer are here.

It seemed the candidates noticed little change of the season or the weather. You found them out there, come rain or come shine.

They walked, they smiled, shook hands, and kissed babies, trying hard to be what the polls wanted them to be, reminiscent of days gone by and learning some of the lessons of past history, in their race for office. The primaries are over, come November may the best man win.

Today we are going to take a drive, leaving behind the Expressway, the toll roads and take some of the backroads, which hold much of the living. states history and country living.

Here is a little known story taken from the Kentucky Explorer published in October 1986. Does Kentucky boast of the smallest church in the world?

That is what the record books say. Monte Casino Chapel in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky has been listed in Ripley's Believe It Or Not column as the smallest church in the world.

The tiny church, built in 1879 by the Benedictine Monks, can accommodate only one person at a time. It is now located on the beautiful and spacious Thomas More Campus. You may not find the church open, but you can always say a prayer for the little church, the state and its people.


 Mary Eleanor in front of the new Big Spring Methodist Church.