September 30, 1987


The Rose, a Celebrated Symbol of Love





What more can I say about the rose that hasn't already been said? The roses blooming this year have the distinction of being the national flower. Maybe you missed it, as I did when President Regan proclaimed the rose the national flower Oct. 7, 1986.

The Saturday Evening Post tells us Mrs. Woodrow Wilson started the rose garden at the White House in 1913, and look what it is today - world famous. It's just a short step from the Oval Office. We read often where they entertain dignitaries and also a place of many ceremonial functions.

I think it is interesting to know the wives of the presidents have a special plot for their roses.

I don't think Dolly Madison was known for growing roses, but for making and serving ice cream for the first time.

In the fall the roses wane, somewhat and the fall flowers are about to take over.

My sister passed away in March 1987. When it came time to select a flower to be engraved on the head stone each flower mentioned had a symbol. I do not remember all of them, but the rose is a celebrated symbol of love, beauty and youth without hesitation we selected the rose.

Some years ago I spent the spring and summer in Casper, Wyo., with a woman who had a rose garden, the only one in the city of Casper with the sprinkler running day and night. I shudder to think what her water bill was.

One morning as I awoke there was an Indian looking over the garden wall at the roses. I waved and he waved back. It w as probably the only roses he had ever seen.

I'm told I must go up on Casper Mountain to see the beauty there. The Indians drive up and down at breakneck speed. Little did I realize the road was so steep and narrow when I promised to go. I begged, pleaded and almost cried to turn back. The driver said he couldn't turn around and we would soon reach the summit. There were no guard rails- nothing! It seemed as If we were suspended in mid air.

At last we made it to the top.

Such a magnificent view. The sky was so blue but was populated by a few white clouds that looked like puffs of cotton.

This is sheep country, as you may know, they do not count them one, two, three but they put a black sheep in for every one hundred sheep.

The shepherd with his dog is a perfect example of man's best friend. A little shack built by the side of a pyramid of rocks is sighted. No one knew why the rocks were there. I think it was built for an altar to God or to make the shepherd not to feel alone.

I asked the driver how we were going to get down, he said on the other side of the mountain with a gradual slope and along the North Platte River. -

Do you remember Arthur Godfry, the red head that use to entertain us on TV strumming his ukerlele and singing Hawaiian songs? He said the North Platte River was one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

Before our vacation is over we will visit Yellowstone National Park, going in by the south entrance (not so scary) even then you are 53 miles from Old Faithful. But that is another story.

The day is drawing to a close. Twilight comes early here. It's still summer but as we pull into the driveway there is just a hint of Autumn creeping in with a cool fragrance in the air and now the curtain has gone up on our new national flower, the rose.