December 30, 1987




Nature Enhances the Knobs




I'm your Kentucky neighbor looking across the Ohio River at the knobs in Indiana. It's beautiful in the spring with the redbuds and dogwoods making a display. And when autumn takes over, it's red, yellow and gold. It's really spectacular.

The trees are late shedding their leaves if the weather stays good, and sometimes we see brown earth ready for spring planting. In the spring you have to have faith in God that you will reap a harvest.

There are certain peaks in the knobs where you can see the city of Louisville lit up like a Christmas tree.

In November the Canadian geese start flying over, squawking a muffled sound, wings flapping, looking for a place to land. They see the Wallace pond, the sky was darkened with wild geese, there were so many.

The sun looked like an orange ball waiting the coming of dusk. The Basset Hound and Big Boy went wild when they heard all the honking. They raced down the hill to check it out. The geese flapped their wings and moved safely to the other side of the pond. The next morning geese were still flying over, they must have been late starters.

In the spring the geese will be going back to their real home in Canada. No one knows for sure where they went but maybe it was Oklahoma.

How often have you heard the robin is a harbinger of spring? I saw the robins in Kentucky tip-toeing in our first snowfall in early November, drinking out of puddles, and a fluttering of wings as if taking a shower.


The north wind dotb blow, then we shall have snow,

And what will the poor Robin do then?

My mother said -He will sit in the barn,

And keep himself warm, poor thing!


Author unknown


My mother said that to me long ago.

There are rumors that the robins are waiting around for the other birds to return from the South, and start building their nests. If they find a nest they like they would claim it for their own and set up housekeeping. Not so! Last spring we had a nest of robins in a lilac bush outside my window. Who built that nest, the robins of course.

Winter gives you an opportunity to attract birds to your garden. I do not see the Kentucky Cardinals. I guess they have flown.

We have a large oak tree in our yard, loaded with acorns. Itís a good thing they arenít coconuts or you would have to take cover. The robins along with the squirrels eat the nuts.

My three grandchildren will be home sometime the first of the year filled with happy New Year wishes. Isn't that about the oldest and best wish of all?

But once the year is past you can never recall it. Try to make the year of 1988 the best.

We leave the Christmas and the other decorations up until after they leave. We add a few ornaments each year to add to the old. I have always loved the red satin balls. They never crush.

My grandson brought me a Christmas tree ornament last summer from Switzerland. You would never guess - a cuckoo clock. It has been quite a conversation piece.

It's morning now, and are a lot of activities down by the Wallace pond. The geese are taking off flying in formation on their long journey south with a steady beat of their wings.

Bye now! I must get ready for my company.