November 18, 1987  
Family Holds Traditions


November came in with some surprises with the first snowfall, and some rain that helped to put out the forest fires in Kentucky. It's so hard to hold on to summer, especially as you grow older and are enjoying all the things your garden has to offer. We try to combat nature somewhat by covering over some of the special plants to shelter them from the frost. We call them nature's perfume garden.

What does November hold for you? Election Day, Veteran's Day, National Bible Month, I'll bet you didn't know that. -from Guidepost, and then Thanksgiving. When you get into the spirit, it feels about the same as it did when I was a child.

Our family holds on to a lot of traditions and customs. We can't help but think of the pilgrims, thanking God for survival of a long hard winter in the New World. There were no motels to provide them with room and a bath, only impenetrable forest. They were so thankful for so little; shouldn't that be a lesson for us?

There is an old hymn that says: "Count your many blessings one by one." I might suggest that you get out another piece of paper, the list might be longer than you think.

It's over the hills and into the woods to Grandmother's house we go. Wait a minute! She may not be living on the farm now, but in a condo. There will still be the same warm welcome that always awaits us.

The pumpkin pies are baked and set out to cool. When they are served its yum, yum, yum, more!

Grandmother ties an apron around each child as they come into her kitchen and gives them a job to do. It makes them feel special.

"You peel the potatoes, you string the beans, you wash the lettuce for the salad." Turning to me she said, "You set the table." There I met my waterloo. I could not remember if the fork goes on the right side of the plate or the left.

Even those people who do not like to cook put forth a special effort this time of year and come up with some wonderful recipes all their own.

Have you been putting away some projects you wanted to do but couldn't find the time? Now is a good time to get them out to work on when some of the gray days of November come.

The bountiful table is set and the children are feeling so proud they had a part. We sit down holding hands asking God's blessing on each of us and on those who are absent.

"Without thy love we'd not be fed: We thank Thee for our daily bread." - Anonymous.

November is drawing to a close. I hope it will be a happy ending for you and you and you.
Left to right: John Smiley, Al Gering, Chris Allen, Marcia Martin Gering, John Allen, Cheryl Martin Allen, Damond Martin, Mary Eleanor Martin, Camille Martin and Anita Martin Smiley.