February 21, 1 990
Savor the 20th Centuryís Final Decade


  Where are all the calendars for 1990? Last year I had several to come across my desk, to help me keep track of all the holidays coming up. There are so many and last year we added another one, Martin Luther King's birthday.

Do I dare to put my eraser away? I found myself writing the day after New Year 1989 as usual. Now we are in the last decade of the 20th century. Right?

It is hard to envision the changes this new decade will bring: more exploration into space, more research and break throughs in the medical field, better handling of garbage and who knows maybe we will build a better mousetrap. Another stretch of time to be filed away in our memory of last year to be brought out when some special occasion reminds us.

You are another year older. The Courier Journal pointed us to some prominent people on their thoughts of growing old. The one I liked the best is:

The Chinese sage Confucius said, "At 20 you are hardly on your feet, at 40 you know what you're doing, at 60 you're mentally mature, at 80 youíre a perfect man or woman".

Author Mangham had another slant; "Age is the time when you undertake tasks that youth shirked because it would take too long."

We are winding down the second month of 1990. Did the groundhog see his shadow Feb. 2nd? I do not know, but I do know we are not through winter and we have a long stretch to go before we see butterflies and wild flowers blooming.
Mary Eleanorís sister Maude Scott Floyd beside her Model T Ford.

Two presidents' birthdays are observed in February, Washington and Lincoln. I call to my daughter June, "What president promised this country a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage?" "Herbert Hoover", she said, but I think it was two chickens in every pot. Today it's chicken every day if you like. Nearly all magazines are filled with chicken recipes. He lived to see what he predicted. It was slow to come as we went through a depression.

If there is a car buff in the family, a Model T is being lovingly polished and you often hear them say "They just donít make them like that any more.