14 March 1999


Pat and I have been going through some notes that our girls worked on when they were in high school and found some information that may be helpful--accuracy is undetermined. It appears that it was a research project at that time. I found a note (source unknown) that traces Sam Brown's mother back to Breckington County, Somerset England. Note reads:

"Anthony Thrasher and Mary Sturgess Thrasher was borne in Breckington County, Somerset England about 1731. Their son Robert Thrasher borne July 6 1751. Robert's wife was Ann

Dunning, Robert died 1810. He also was borne in Breckington County Somerset England. Isaac Thrasher was a son of Robert and Ann Dunning Thrasher. Isaac was borne 1785. He was

borne in England. His wife was Jane Cline Thrasher.Luvena Thrasher was a daughter of Isaac and Jane Thrasher. Luvena married James E. Brown". James E. Brown and Luvena Thrasher (Brown) was Sam Brown's parents. The note as I quoted above had the name Isaac spelled

two ways, Isaac & Isaca. I am assuming Isaac is correct?

The only notes I could find on Sam's grandparents were the names Andy Brown and a woman with last name of Felty.

The only thing I have so far on Sheffield is a note that reads: "Laura Sheffield Brown was borne July 15, 1888. Died Sept 8, 1928. Ellen Sheffield Borne 1889. Died July 30, 1942".

I noticed that on the web page that Otis (Delean's brother) wife and kids were not listed. Otis married Josephine Minton and they had two daughters, Patricia and Pamela (Pat & Pam). Do you have any information on them I.e. address etc? Otis daughters may be a good source for further information on the Sheffield side. I don't have their addresses but can probably get them for you.  One of the daughters lives in Bowling Green, KY and the last account I had of the other one, she was in California.

I haven't found anything referring to the name Delean as to where it came from. I think I can get the other information or at least some of it. I doubt that mom will be much help at this point (I will be seeing her tomorrow or Monday and will provide a better answer later) since she stays confused most of the time. I'm sure I have ask her before where Andy Brown came from and she said she thought it was from Virginia.

More later. Harold

Harold and Maggie on her 95th birthday August 1998.