Individual Pictures of Men from John Williams picture 1924 Stith Valley, Meade County, Kentucky  


2.  Ernist Wright


3. Cousin Gill Wright  

  4.  Asbury Groves

5.  Ed Wright

7.  Walter Lee Scott

8.  Fletcher Mercer Scott

  9.  Thomas Enfield Stith
      Uncle Tommy Stith 
father of Harold, Elizabeth
and Tommy Stith

10. Kavanaugh Arvin Stith
(Uncle Arvin)

11.  Tony Williams
12.  Charles Harold Scott


13. William Allen Stith 


14.  Ernist Dowell


16.  John Williams


17.  Uncle Ray Keith


18.  Dr. Sam Henry Stith

19.  Thomas Williams (brother of
Hannah Chase Williams Stith)

20. Jake Williams 
       (brother of Thomas)


22.  John Richard Hardin,
        son of Irby Hardin


24.  John Lewis son of
Lucy Moorman Lewis


John Lewis  had son John Lewis.  Son John had two sons Harold and Terrill Lewis
Mother was Lucy Moorman Lewis.  Lucy had sister Sally.  Notes from MWB Apr 99.