Margaret Eleanor Scott


Margaret Eleanor Scott   (Aunt Mago)
born: May 10, 1891
died: March 29, 1980
married: John Witt
     Children:  1. John Scott Witt  b. 1915
                      2. Mary Louise* Witt (Mary Ladd)
                         b.1919   d.1985   m.Haeberlin      
                     3. Margaret Alma Witt  b. March 1927

grave: Resthaven Memorial Park near Louisville Ky.
Aunt Mago pictured with Walter Charles Scott. This photo is the source of the snapshot at the right.

* per MAW Dec 1998

mago.gif (51410 bytes)Margaret about 1913 or 1914 jwitt.gif (54015 bytes)

John Witt 1915

Margaret about 1901                                                                  mesw01.gif (54156 bytes)