o Oscar Clay Scott, Charles Lee Scott, and Thomas Walter Scott were 4th, 7th and 8th children of Henry Winfield Scott and Ellenor Purcell Scott.
o Ella Cash perhaps a sister to Alice Jane Cash?  Alice married William Henry Scott 1st child of Henry and Ellenor Scott
o "Old Lad H- is Louisea Adalisa Hardaway who married Charles Lee Scott on 24 March 1885
o Thomas W. Scott married Sue W. Hill on October 16, 1888 in Vine Grove Kentucky


Carthage, Mo.
May 10th 1884

Mr. C. L. Scott
Big Spring, Ky

"Old Boy"

    I received your letter today and was glad to hear from you again.   We are having some nice weather here at present. Crops look splendid.  Corn is coming up nicely.
    You asked me if Clay rec'd his money.  He rec'd it all right and without any delay.
    I think he is out of the notion of going to Colorado.  He is still clerking for B. Y. Watts while I am in Charthage now working for the German Insurance Company.  I received a letter from the State agent of Kansas telling me to come to Eldorado Kans. as soon as possible.
    I think I will go immediately.  I have not tried the business thoroughly as yet but think from present experience that I can make 50.00 a month above all expenses.  I was out yesterday and insured a man for 800 dollars and I made $7.90 in the transaction which is pretty good wages for one day is it not. I had a place selling fruit trees but struck this and liked it better so I let the fruit trees go by.
    You spoke of having an invitation to Ella Cash's wedding the 15th. I have had an invitation for some time to that, but guess I cannot attend.  You bet I have been getting some sweet letters from that Old Girl since I have been here but guess they will have to cease now. 
    Well I have got one of the sweetest girls here that lives in Mo and don't you forget that when you write to Clay ask him something about her.  He has got him a dandy little girl here too and I think he is getting pretty solid with her also.   I have known her for some time and she is a nice girl.  Her name is Laura Kerney.  She and my old standby are together most of the time.  Charlie, when are you and Old Lad H-- going to go off this summer some time I heard, are you or not Charlie if I get out in Kansas and get busted guess you will send me some Dust won't you (ha ha). When ever I make a Stake, you may look for me home, but until I do, Kenutkcy will be a thing of the past with me.  I have made lots of money since I have been here but have had to spend a good portion of it also. 
    Well I will have to close for this time.
    Write soon and direct to Carthage and I will get your letter whether I am there or not.

Yours as Ever

Thos. W. Scott
Carthage, Mo.


Tremont House,
Rob't J. M'KIM, Proprietor.


Wichita, Kan.  May 15 1884.

Mr. C. L. Scott

    Since writing you at Carthage I have emigrated to Wichita Kansas a thriving town of about (10000) ten thousand inhabitants.  It is about two hundred and twenty five miles West of Carthage and is as fine a country as I ever seen.  I came over about one hundred miles that I did not see scarcely any houses.  I am going into the insurance business my man will be here in a few days he has offered me $50.00 a month and furnish me a team.  The Country here is filling up very fast, Wichita will make the best town in Kansas beyond a doubt.
    Charlie I was on the street awhile ago and met one of my old Girls from Carthage and she is a daisy you bet I went home with her and had a boss time.  She told me to call round every chance I had and you may bet I will do it with the greatest of pleasure.
    Well I will have to close for this time.
    Write soon as you get this direct to Carthage Mo. and I will get it from there for I don't know how long I will stay here.  Yours, Thomas Scott