Charles Harold Scott (Uncle Harold)

Charles Harold Scott (Uncle Harold)
 born: April 19, 1893
 died: May 1, 1979
 married: Alma Geigel (Scott)
 grave: Big Springs United Methodist Church                             
Pictured at right are Harold about age 27 and Alma about 1920.
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no children

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Portraits of Harold and Alma from about the same time as the above snapshots? chs25p.gif (53857 bytes) alma25p.gif (48203 bytes)


Photo: "Taken South of Barn - All of the pigs weren't there - he has 31.  You can see Bonnie to the left also Harold's team - Kate & Neel.  Harold said he didn't like for their ribs to show but had worked them quite hard.  Thay are fatter now."

Photo: "C. H. Scott feeding the flock at Owasa Iowa."

Uncle Harold and Anna Ruth Scott (Doman) pictured to the right about 1964.  This photo was taken at Scott Hill Farm right behind the house (to the South) looking a little East of North.  Two pear trees are seen on either side of the picture in the near background.  In earlier years a pole would be seen between the two trees holding swings for Ann and her sister and brother.  This was one of Uncle Harold's favorite pictures.  If you see Ann be sure to tell her what a good picture on Uncle Harold it is. The location and direction of this picture is quite similar to that of the picture of Walter Lee Scott and Ruth taken about 1929 about 35 years previously.  This picture of Uncle Harold is taken about 100 feet west of the one of Walter Lee Scott.  The garden can be seen in the background in front of the barn.  The old garden fence is gone.

 Aunt Alma

  Harold moved to Iowa as a young man about 1913 to work as a telegrapher on the railroad.  He lived there with his wife Alma.  After Alma died, Harold stayed in Iowa until about 1943.  See letters to Harold's mother from Alma and Harold.  As the War was getting under way Harold moved back to Stith Valley and stayed for a while with his mother at her house.  Later he lived at the house at the foot of the hill with his Sister Margaret and her husband.   He remained at that house after Margaret and John moved away until his death in 1979.  This house was built by Winfield and the farm was originally part of the Granny Scott Farm.  Note on back of an old photo says Harold was in Iowa from 1913 until 1945.