Big Spring Methodist Church
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From a copy of an old newspaper clipping (picture, maybe around 1885?, JBS)

"Big Spring was bigger back then" , "This group of men is shown at Big Spring Methodist Church in days gone by.  The church once had a membership of 230.  At that time Big Spring was a larger community than Elizabethtown."

Note: The Big Spring Church Book for the year 1848 has 204 entries.  Some were probably duplicated?  If the membership was 230 it would have been before 1848, since church rolls fall off sharply after that.  J. Scott Sept 2000.

This (somewhat poor quality) photo was in the attic at the Walter Scott farm house.   Back row fourth from left looks like Thomas J. Stith.  Front row second from left looks like a Wright.  Any suggestions, email me atjscott.jpg (5605 bytes).

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