Overview of Big Springs Methodist Church
1839 - Present Day

Drafted by Mary Calloway, transcribed and edited by Carol Ann Scott
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Church Property
    The Church property was donated July 11th 1839 by Thomas Robinson and his wife Lucy, of Hardin Co., Ky.  There was one acre more or less. (1)   There have been 4 churches on this property, the first of which burned.   The 2nd was destroyed by tornado.  The 3rd was torn down in 1983 and rebuilt to become the church standing today.  The 3rd Church had a basement behind it that the Church now was built on.   More information on Thomas Robinson and Lucy.

First Origins of the Methodist Episcopal Church South
    At the Methodist General Conference in 1844, the Southern States arranged a convention in Louisville in May 1845 to organize a separate Church.   During this Convention on May 14, 1845 the Methodist Episcopal Church South came into existence.  The first session of the Louisville Conference was held in 1846.   Big Spring had the largest membership report with 842 White and 117 Black members, a total of 1,059.   Big Spring was one of the seven in the entire conference that provided a parsonage for their pastor!  The salary of the Big Spring Circuit members was $232.  And for Big Spring Circuit Missions, the charge raised $16 for the year.   (2)

"Pastors Past" at Big Spring
    Paul J. Skinner  1999-2000
    John L. Vaught  1997-1999
1. Ralph M. Lee
2. Joseph Jefferson Parker Jr. - Wife Margaret
    Wallace Ordained Elder 1961 first appointment
    Big Spring Licensed to preach 1957.
3. Frank James Perkins - Licensed to preach 1944 Ordained Elder
    1955 Big Spring 6th appointment
4. Lee Ward - Ordained Elder 1957 Transferred from Baptist to Methodist in 1951
5. Fred Carlton Whitmore - Licensed to preach in 1951 Ordained Elder 1963 Big Spring 1956-57
6. E. W. Godbey - licensed to preach 1933
    Ordained Elder 1957
7. 1925 also H. E. Jarboe
    1924-25 - Rev. J. T. Mitchum
    1922-23 - Rev. J. H. Nicholson
    1912-1913 - R.O. Penick
    1910-1911 - J. E. King
    1899-1900 - Hunes
    1891-95 G. F. Cundiff

Highlights of Church Records
1891-92 - There were on the charge: Bewleyville, Big Spring, Howells and Mays Grove - The first Quarterly Conference that year was held at Howells Church Oct.10,1891.   A.W. Browder was P.E. in the chair and there were seven members present.  G. F. Cundiff - PC, W. H. Cain, A. R. Morris, J. H. Rane Jr the stewards, Thomas Smith, J. F. Bennett the trustees and J. H. Smith. 
    At this meeting A. R. Morris was elected Secretary.
    The 2nd Quarterly Conference was held in Dec. 26, 1891 at which time Liberty Church was added to the charge.
    The 3rd Quarterly Conference held at Bewleyville April 2nd 1892 - 9 members present
    The 4th QC held at Big Spring July 9 & 10th 1892  - 13 members present.  In the minutes of Bro G. F. Cundiff, Big Spring Church had good title and was free of debt worth $1200.  Bewleyville good title clear of debt & worth $1500.  Howells good title free of debt worth $1200.  Mays Grove good title clear of debt worth $800. 

1895 - At the 4th Quarterly Conference held at Big Spring on August 31, 1895 a committee of seven members were elected trustees of a church to be built at Irvington.

1899 - Quarterly Conference was held at Big Spring Church Dec. 9th 1899.   At this time Rosetta was added to the charge.  Bewleyville and Liberty no longer part of the minutes hereafter.  We can assume Bewleyville and Liberty left charge between 1895 & 1899.  The Mays Grove Church was rebuilt in Aug of 1900 at a cost of $525.00.  No mention of what happened to 1st Mays Grove church.

1900-1909 - Sept 1902 Big Spring was the only church holding Sunday School.

1911 - I find Constantine and Custer added to the charge.

1913 - It seems that at the 2nd Quarterly Conference held at Mays Grove, Jan. 16 1913, there was added Poplar Grove to the Charge, so now we have Custer, Big Spring, Constantine, Mays Grove & Poplar Grove on the Charge. 

1923 - Oct 28 1923 Big Spring Charge were 1) Mays Grove 2) Constantine 3) Poplar Grove 4) Big Spring 5) Custer and now another church added 6) Hudson.   Membership reported for 1922 was 543.  At the 2nd Quarterly Conference held at Mays Grove Feb. 14, 1923, High Plains was added to the charge so now there are seven churches on the charge.   May 19th 1923 the 3rd Quarterly Conference was held at Constantine.  Poplar Grove leaves the charge.

1924 - 1st Quarterly Conference held at Big Spring Nov. 3rd 1923 - There are on the Charge Custer, Rosetta, Big Spring, Constantine, Hudson, High Plains, Mays Grove and now another one added - Corners - Now the Charge has Eight Churches
Aug. 1924 records show only four churches on Charge, Big Spring, Rosetta, Custer and Corners.  [Note: What happened to the other 4 churches?]

1925 - Records show 536 members.

1927-1928 - Big Spring Circuit had 6 churches.  1) Custer, 2) High Plains, 3) B. S., 4) Rosetta, 5) Constantine, 6) Hudson.  membership 540.

1930 - B. S. paid Custer Charge $750.00 for their part in the parsonage on May 10, 1930

1939 - Rosetta Left the Charge


(1)  From a note in an old Big Spring Church record book.
(2) Century of Progress 1846-1946, ed J. W. Weldon, 1946, Herald Press, Louisville, Ky, p 11-12