The 1st Quarterly Conference for the current year 1922/1923  Big Spring Charge, Elizabethtown District, Louisville Conference, was held a Big Spring Oct 28, 1922 J.H. Nicholson, P.E. , in the Chair.  After religious services, conducted by P. E. Mr. J.W. Moorman was elected Secretary.  The roll was called and the following members answered to their names:
S. J. Henninger P.C.
J. W. Bennett
Jessie Robinson
R. T. Hoskinson
J. W. Clarkson
Charlie Skillman
J. S. Clarkson
Ed. C. Martin
H. E. Quiggins
M. B. Legrand
A. M. Robinson
J. A. Haynes
Dr. J. W. Meador

Statistical reports:

Members reported last year 543
Local preachers                        4
Additions on profession of faith 63
Additions by certificate, etc.        5
Removals by death, certificate, etc. 10
Present membership , including
local preachers                          543
Adults baptized                            35
Infants baptized                            16
Congregations in charge                 6
Church buildings                             6
Value                                   $12,000
Parsonages                                     1
Value                                        $1600
Expended for churches and parsonages  80

Number of Sunday schools         5
Officers and teachers                 34
No. in all other departments     240
Enrollment in all departments    274
Pupils joining Church                   15
Total raised by Sunday schools   36
P.E. Ass'd $102.50    Paid  $102.50
P.C. Ass'd 922.50     Paid   922.50
Dis. Wk Ass'd 9.70   Paid    9.70
Gen. Wk Ass'd 333  Paid  333
Centenary, paid this year  260
Education Campaign, pd. this year, 100
Incidental and other purposes          50
Grand total for year                   2132

Estimated by the Board of Stewards for the support of the preacher in charge for the current year:
Big Spring       275
Mays Grove    100
Constantine     150
Custer             375
Poplar Grove    50
Hudson           100

Raised the present quarter for the support of the ministry:
Big Spring       33.50
Hudson             7.50
Mays Grove     12.00
Constantine      28.00
Custer              94.25
Poplar Grove  
How has it been applied?
Presiding elder $17.55  Preacher in charge  $157.70

Next Quarterly Conference to be held at Mays Grove.
The minutes were read and approved, and the Conference adjourned.
Mrs. J W. Moorman Secretary;
J. H. Nicholson Presiding Elder,
Ed C. Martin Recording steward.

(Other records show that Jack Jeffers Scott was christened at this meeting by Rev. Nicholson.  "Prettiest ceremony of all." per Mrs. Ruth Scott.)