Olla Mae Clarkson

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Mary Orla Clarkson, aka Olla Mae Clarkson, aka Mrs. Ollie Mae Hardaway

Mary Orla Clarkson, better known as "Olla Mae", now Mrs. A. Moorman Hardaway, was born at Big Spring - The Methodist Church played an important part in my life & early training.  I can easily recall my Sunday School teachers - the two outstanding were Mr. John Bell Carter & Miss Willie B. Moorman & others.  I joined the church when Brother Russell was pastor.  I was married in this church June 16th, 1908, to A. Moorman Hardaway and must confess it was with some sadness for me to leave this church & home & take up a new life elsewhere.

Letter from Olla Mae to the Big Spring Methodist Church, 1965.

Letter to Olla Mae, 1913.