100. Phillip and Sterling Scheible, Linnie and Lena Harris on Sterling and Lena's wedding day.

101. George Clymer Scheible. 1844-1917.

102. Mary Ellen Aylsworth Scheible. W/o George.

103. Phillip, Lottie and Ada Marie Scheible.

104. Clarence and Louisa O'Bryon Greenwell on their wedding day , August 26, 1913.

105. Clarence, Louisa and Teresa Greenwell, Harold, James and Edward Greenwell.

106. Harriet and George Greenwell.

107. Noah O'Bryon and friends in front of Andyville General Store in 1931.

108. Mary Greenwell on porch of Andyville store ca. 1955.

109. Andyville store and post office in 1930's.

110. Greenwell family: L-r: Leslie, Maggie, Adelia, C.B., George and Marcella.

111. Emma, Margaret and Ben Hardin. Ca. 1906.

112. Beulah and Clarence Dodson.

113. Charles, Catherine and Bessie Dodson. 1940.

114. Louisa O'Bryan Greenwell in front of the Andyville Post Office before she retired in 1950.

115. Bernard Oelze.

116. Sidney Chism.

117. John and Annie Pike.

118. Tom and Elizabeth Logsdon.

119. Joe Staples and Georgia Kennedy on their wedding day.

120. Lamar Staples and Billy Wathen. 1944.

121. Omal Staples.

122. Roy Staples.

123. Bill West and sister, Ethel.

124. Catherine Mae "Ida" Hardin Brown. W/o Richard.

125. Richard Brown.

126. Virgie Pike, Gus King, Arthur Hardin, Lula Hardin, Adelia Hardin Jarboe, Sam Hardin, Ben Hardin, Cordelia Massey, Helen King, Benjamin Hardin in chair, Lovantia Staples, Kate Staples, Annie O'Brian, Alvia Hardin, Riley Pike. Ca. 1920.

127. Isabelle Greenwell Brown. She was Indian. G.d/o John Baptist Gough.

128. Payneville Store. 1894.

129. This was the last crossing of the Brandenbrug Ferry in 1965. The cars came back on the new bridge to the left.

130. Hardesty family. Jake, Maggie, Nick, Annie, Julia, Elizabeth and Willie.

131. Father Bernard Ignatius Doherty. Pastor at St. Mary's from 1902-1920.

132. T. G. Hardin.

133. Henry C. and Nancy Sweeney Chappell.

134. Ella and Finley Norton.

135. Floyd Elder, fishing in 1983. Largest fish in the crowd.

136. Dedication of St. Marys Church on March 27, 1937. Bishop John A Floersh presiding.

137. Andrew Jefferson Brown and wife, Zerada Thornberry Brown. 1906.

138. In 1911 these Ky. Boys went to California to work in the Lemon Packing Co. Those known were Houston and
Eugene Pollock, Austin Knott, Garfield Johnson, Bush Stiff, ? Condor and ? Ater along with many other young men
from the community.

139. The wedding day of Harold and Rita Barley. L-r: Fr. Weiker, Bertrand Spinks, Harold, Rita and Edith Spinks.

140. Wade and Mary Miller, holding Mona Lou, and Rita.

141. Joseph Henry Fackler and family makin' sorghum.

142. Alpha Fackler and sons, Earl and Herman.

143. Margaret Hardesty Fackler sitting in chair. L-r: Robert, Alpha, Hubert, Henry and Jake Fackler. Josie, Mary D. and Loretta.

144. Joseph and Josephine Fackler. L-r: Lillie, Daniel and Anna Mae.

145. Hubert Fackler. 1904 -1970.

146. Dan and Viola Hardesty Fackler, ?, Myrtle Hardesty.

147. Joseph and Mary Fackler on their wedding day. July 9, 1929.

148. Sidney and Mollie Elder home in Wolfcreek.

149. Hubert and Viola Fackler, Lawrence and Maggie Greenwell on their wedding day. Dec. 30, 1924.

150. Mary, Isaac holding Dorothy, Levi, Claude, Sam, Earl, Alma and Myrtle Mattingly at the Payneville picnic in 1914.

151. Earl Mattingly.

152. Steven and Sally Pipes Mattingly. Married Jan. 28, 1901.

153. Sam Mattingly with his first car in 1929.

154. Samuel and Eliza Jane Hardesty.

155. Roy Leo Hardesty. S/o George and Letitica.

156. Clyde and Sarah Chappell Brown w/c. Willie and Charlie.

157. Levi, Leon and Jenny Mattingly. 1927.

158. Thomas Jefferson Mattingly. S/o Robert and Isabelle.

159. Arthur Lee Pollock. Seriously wounded in action in France in 1944. Discharged in 1951.

160. Houston and Myrtle Pollock. Wedding day, 1912.

161. Eula and Elroy Pollock. 1923.

162. Bk. r: Houston and Ella Pollock. Ft: William, Mary holding Victor and Eugene Pollock.

163. Leo Pollock.

164. Eugene Pollock. Ca. 1908.

165. Pollock family, 1946. Myrtle, Leo, Arthur, Lamar, Donald, Houston, Monnie, Maxine, Della, Lorene, Evelyn and Eula.

166. Jeff Pollock. B/1859.

167. Myrtle and Houston Pollock and Frank and Julie Oelze. 1940.

168. Rena Lou Mills, Juanita Hardesty, Margaret Fackler, Mary Greenwell, Mary Lena Mattingly, Betty Williams,
Charlotte Williams. 1953.

169. William Donald Pollock. 1945.

170. Lamar Pollock and friend.

171. Emma Smith Hardin.

172. 1949. Bk. l-r: Bessie Dodson, Griffith Rhodes, Lorene Pollock, Beulah Prather, Monnie Chism, Catherine and Lamar Staples, Lillie Staples, Ethel Prather. Ft.: Marvin Rhodes, Lamar Pollock, Francis Staples, Ida Fackler, Sidney Chism, Alberta Rhodes, Flora Prather.

173. John and Annie Pike and children. Jessie, Fred, Lorene, Bessie, Joe and John.

174. Barr family. Ralph, Gerald, Norman, Adolf, Gertrude, Thelma and Geraldine.

175. William and Lorena Hardesty on 50th. Anniversary.

176. Orley and Ophelia Prather.

177. Cordy Prather holding d/ Deane and nephew, Kyle. Ca. 1892.

178. George Jr., Noah and Jack Prather.

179. George Jackson and Elizabeth Prather and d/ Thena Belle. 1902.

180. Amanda Prather. Child unknown.

181. George and Ethel Prather. Ca. 1940.

182. Wilda, Kenneth, Flora and Beulah Prather.

183. Thomas J. Greenwell. S/o Andrew and Martha.

184. Martha Jane Mills Greenwill and g.d/ Maggie Greenwell Waddle.

185. Bernard Greenwell in hat on horse. Ca. 1913.

186. George and Nona Greenwell. 1912.

187. Marcella Greenwell at Bethleham Academy. Ca. 1910.

188. William Benedict and Britannia Greenwell.

189. Jeffey and Julie Greenwell and children. Simon, Lillian, Ambrose and Ida. Ca. 1913.

190. William Greenwell and Daisy Troutman.

191. Leslie and Teresa Greenwell on their 50th. Wedding anniversary. 1945.

192. Allie and Annie Doherty Greenwell.

193. Harold Greenwell. S/o Clarence and Louise. Ca. 1917.

194. Larry Greenwell with Ole Pete. 1955.

195. Maggie Brown Greenwell.

196. Viola O'Bryan, George Greenwell, Jr. and Louise O'Bryan. Ca. 1913.

197. Laurence and Leona Greenwell.

198. Wedding day of Teresa Greenwell and Randall Miller. C.B. and Louise Greenwell.

199. Houston Pollock along with his brothers, Victor and Eugene built this house in 1926.

200. Home of George and Harriet Greenwell.

201. Clarence and Louisa Greenwell's 50th. Wedding Anniversary. James, Teresa, C.B., Louisa and Edward. 1963.

202. 1st. Communion at St. Martins. 1951. R.1: Joe Jones, Dickie Fackler, Joe Hobbs, Mike Hager, ?, Pat Greenwell,
?. R.2: Clarence Foushee, Chuck Crutcher, Ben Hardaway, Gregory Padgett, Willie Mills, Marion Powers,
Robert Brown, Forrest Whelan. R.3: Albert Jones, Sammy Burch, Richard Hobbs, Mary Whelan, ? Wright, ?,.
Margaret Lancaster, Betty Hall, Bonnie Sipes, ? Foushee, ?, Carolyn Whelan, Sammy Whelan, Randall
Thompson, Arvin Corbett. R.4: Doris Pike, ?, ?, Ann Craycroft, Barbara Ray, Mary Wathen, Linda Vowels,
Veronica Lancaster, Linda Yates, ?, ?, ?, Lavern Wathen, ?, Rosie Whelan, Elizabeth Lusk. R.5: Mary Pike,
Deloris Thompson, ?, Sandra Shacklette, Mary Ray, Doris Vowels, Linda Richie, Patricia Richie, Catherine Brown,
Betty Hoffman, Dorothy Lancaster, Sue Sipes, ?, Martina Foushee, Phyllis Brown, Marie Whelan. Sister Mary Oda
And Father Paul Russell.

203. St. Teresa Church ca. 1925.

204. Mills family. Jess, Joe, Eugene, Willie and Michael. Mary, JoAnn, Ken, Thelma, Linda and Theresa. 1981.

205. Shircliff Family. Edward, Charles, Raphael,and Marvin. Thelma, Theresa and Marie.

206. Ken, Thelma and Joe Mills. Dottie, Evelyn and Ben Edelen on Joe and Dottie's wedding day.

207. Ken, Thelma and Eugene Mills. Judy, Shellie and Richard Powell on Eugene and Judy's wedding day.

208. Jess Mills escorting his sister, Linda, on her wedding day.

209. Ken and Thelma Mills on their wedding day, May 21, 1935.

210. Stanley and Mabel Mills.

211. Chester Mills riding Pots.

212. Losh and Lilie Mills.

213. Chick Mills and Stanley Mills, seated.

214. Virginia Mills Foushee.

215. Willie and Marcella, Dennis, Maurice and Rita Mills. Ca. 1928.

216. Willie and Marcella Mills on their wedding day. Feb. 1, 1921.

217. William Robert Mills and friend. W.W.I. Ca. 1918

218. Joshua and Mollie Norton Mills and family. Ca. 1899.

219. George and Letitia Hardesty family ca. 1900. Bk. r: l-r: Rose, Ethel, Viola, Elizabeth, Dolor and Zula. Ft. r: Mary holding Arthur, Letitia, Ella, George, Myrtle and Roy.

220. John Owen Hardesty. 1886 - 1969.

221. Lena Barley Hardesty. 1893 - 1992. W/o John Owen.

222. Mollie Hardin and Tom Pike.

223. Fred and Mary Ellen Sipes.

224. Fred and Pearl Sipes.

225. Ben Curl. 1916.

226. Gorby, Donna and Dorby Wright. 1950.

227. William Sebastian Curl and Henry Curl.

228. David Wright. One year old. 1962.

229. Glen, Carl and Bennie Curl. 1950.

230. Robert W. Wright. 1945.

231. Jack and Ernest Chism and friends.

232. Eulalia Curl. 1924.

233. Top: l-r: Virgil Byerly, James Cole, Roscoe Russell, Kay Burrell, Franklin Cole, George Hollaway, William Burrell. Ft: l-r: David Lawson, Robert Byerly, Sam Burrell.

234. L-r: Lula Kerrick, ?, ?, Kate Singleton and Clementine Wathen.

235. Albert and Charity Paris Allen.

236. Mr. Albert Moorman and Buster Faith.

237. John William Troutman. 1893.

238. Wolf Creek Baptist Church. Founded in 1821. 1884 - 1960.

239. Mr. and Mrs. Drum.

240. Harry and Ida Bullock. Imogene and Harry Jr.

241. Catherine Chism carrying Cedar Flat School Banner in Fair Parade in 1950's.

242. Cecil, Zane, James, Garland and Gary Brown. James was called "Cobbler Jim."

243. George and Barbara Stiles.

244. Bland and Elizabeth Ann Ballard.

245. Arigusta ( 1871 - 1901) and Josephine Ballard ( 1874 - 1900 ).

246. Dolfis Leo Padgett.

247. Alliene Richardson.

248. Margaret Smock. 1798 - 1889. John Smock. 1797 - 1876.

249. Van Buren Keys and Everette Gleason.

250. Wayne and Beulah Daugherty.

251. Steve McInire and Zane Brown. 1942.

252. Danie and Biddie Chism.

253. Beulah Chism and Joe Gonterman.

254. Rev. Iris and Blondena Ball at Sunday afternoon service held at Cedar Flat School.

255. Dudley Smith, Hewitt holding William, Wallace Richardson. 1902.

256. Wallace Richardson. 1898 - 1968.

257. Allan and Ethel Edmonds. 1909.

258. Anna Earl Singleton. Ca. 1939.

259. Eldon Singleton. Ca. 1940.

260. Lawrence Albert Singleton. 1895 - 1981.

261. William Henry and Elizabeth Baysinger Singleton.

262. Roy, Erie and Estelle Singleton.

263. Raymond Chism, Richard Vandiver, Sherley Vandiver, Eldon and Cornelius Calebs, Joe Troutman.

264. Richard Martin and Cora Ethel Vandiver.

265. Sherley, Russell, Mildred, Lena and Dorothy Vandiver.

266. Francis Chism, Cora and Dorothy Vandiver.

267. Luva Brown, Ada Sutherland, Talbert Brown, Letha Weedman, Joseph Brown.

268. Will Herbert Haynes and Wallace Richardson.

269. Wilford Chism, Jack Gleason, John Ammons.

270. St Clair Calebs.

271. Bertha Troutman, Flossie Calebs, Alberta King, Gusta Greer, Patty Parr. Ready for a day of wall-papering.

272. Sherley, Anna Belle, John Richard and Shirley Ann Vandiver. Ca. 1947.

273. Herbert Osman and John Vandiver. Ca. 1944.

274. John Thomas and Eliza Jane Vandiver.

275. Ruth Mae Kinley. 1929.

276. Ethel Troutman, Blonnie Ball and Anna Belle Vandiver. It's chicken pluckin' time beside the ole root cellar.

277. Annie Barbara Willett. 1876 - 1952.

278. Benjamin Franklin Troutman. 1844 - 1925.

279. Sara Catherine Troutman. 1853 - 1887.

280. Bertha Singleton Troutman. 1890 - 1987.

281. Joetta, Chester, Ermel and Hazel Troutman.

282. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Troutman on their wedding day. Aug. 9, 1945.

283. Lawrence and Nell Singleton.

284. Morrow Troutman and John S. Singleton. Morrow was killed in W.W. II.

285. Harry Edward Troutman.

286. Troutman family. Joe, Anna Belle, Johnie Bill, Ethel and Mabel. 50th. Anniversary.

287. Charlene Williams.

288. Nell Pike and Shelby on bike.

289. Almurray, Mary and Alberta Butler.Wayne at side.

290. Wayne, Shelby w/dog, and Jesse Poole holding Gene.

291. Arvel Saben Decker. 1916 - 1919.

292. Frank Decker and Emma Lou Butler.

293. Dorothy A. Mills.

294. Hallie Decker, Granny Toad, Cova Decker.

295. Jesse and Jim Poole, Henry Bishop and Ernest Poole.

296. Bk. r: Artie, Delphie, Dorothy, Artie Mae and Fadetta Decker. Ft. r: Mary and Phylliss Decker, Wayne and Shelby
Poole, ?, Betty Bishop.

297. James Montgomery, Jesse and Buren Poole.

298. Blan, David, Artie and Rita Haynes.

299. Charlie Roberts.

300. Lawrence Haynes and Phyllis Shelton on their wedding day.

301. Shirley Pike.

302. Cold Spring Church. The second Cold Spring Church was built by the old log church. This was dedication day.

303. Battletown Methodist Church.

304. Jake Hamilton standing on the front porch of his store in Battletown. Bill Kinley sitting. A barber shop was located in back and the post office was at the side.

305. Christian Church in Battletown. 1954.

306. Gladys Jupin, Dorothy Greer, Martha Greer, Nell Thompson.

307. Battletown Softball Team, 1952. Bk. r: Richard Lawson, Donald Thompson, Norma Vincent, Lawrence Love. Ft. r: Thumb Greer, Kenny Hockman, Bud Bruner, Ray Smith, Ross Cole.

308. This was the wedding of Dorothy Hubble Lusk and Wilbur Owen Robbins on March, 18, 1953. After winning a place on the television program, "Bride and Groom", the couple wed before an audience of more than two million viewers. The bride was given in marriage by her brother-in-law, Mr. Fred Morgan. Harold Norton served as best man, Miss Sue Carter Harrington and Miss Ona Mercer were bridesmaids and Rebecca Morgan was flower girl.
The Rev. Foster E. Howard went to New York to conduct the wedding service. They were interviewed and given lovely wedding rings to exchange. They were presented with gifts including a complete set of silver, linens, a selection from a mail order catalog, a Range stove and a grain elevator, a cookbook and a motion picture of their wedding on "Bride and Groom." Their Honeymoon at the Statler Hotel in New York City was also a gift from the television program.

309. The Glass brothers. Melvin, Herman, Lorenzo and Manison.

310. Mattie Mack, President William "Bill" Clinton, Melvin Mack. Mrs. Mattie was invited to the White House in 1998 by President Clinton to participate in a Round Table Discussion on Tobacco.

311. Roxie Dorsey Glass.

312. Mattie Glass Mack on her wedding day when she wed Melvin Mack. Her attendants were: Heneritta and Marietta
Glass, Karen Escue and Margaret Glass, Helen and Mary Anderson and Melvin Glass. April 13, 1958.

313. Elizabeth Stith and Howard King going courting.

314. King family. Bk. r: l-r: Pat, Terry, Elizabeth holding Lisa and Howard. 2nd. r: Kevin, Dennis, Jennifer, Jackie, Jill and Jan. 1st. r: Jonathon, Kyle and Karen.

315. Forest Hunter and Alice Stith.

316. Tom Payne cut six generations of hair for the King family. Here he is cutting the sixth generation, Eric Scott King, Jr. while Eric, his father and Terry and Howard King look on. 1994.

317. Sister Mary Denise King, James E. and Nora Buckman King.

318. Joseph Pius Buckman. 1840 - 1918.

319. King Boys. L-r: Paul, Aloysius, Otho, Arthur, Elmer, Edwin, Leo, Anthony and James King.

320. King family. L-r: Ed Jr., Howard, Jimmy, Bobby, Jack, Joyce and Maurice King.

321. L-r: Otho, Arthur and Evelyn King.

322. Randall Stith standing beside his hay baler.

323. Howard King, First Ky. State Police, 1949.

324. William J. Stith Sr.

325. Elizabeth Ann Stith on her way to school.

326. Horace "Tilly" Brown and Lorna Brown. Tilly was known near and far for his artifact collection.

327. Jim, Floyd and Lloyd Powell. Lloyd became superintendent of Meade Co. Schools.

328. Fr. L: Ruth Cahill, Floyd, Mattie and Robert Powell, Mary Alice, Emily and Hallie Powell, Hayward in front.

329. William Alfred Powell, age 21.

330. Alice Ann Powell, age 18.

331. O'Bryan family. Bk. r; l-r: Kathleen, Margaret, Betty and Mary Anne. 2nd. r: Lorene, Louis, Jr. and Joan. 1st. r: Jane, Judy and Daniel.

332. James P. and Hallie Gilpin Powell.

333. L-r: Mary V. Moreman and Rachel Hardin.

334. Powell family. Bk. r; l-r: Bob, Jane, Mattie Lee, Emily and Mary Alice. Ft. r: Frank, Nevitt, J. P. and Clyde.

335. Linnie Hardaway, Bernice Price, Irby Hardin, Mrs. Marshal Devine, Katie Ditto, Lou Hargan, Ella Gregory, Minnie Bondurant and Rachel Hardin in front.

336. Woman's Club in 1910.

337. Olivia Orr. Ca. 1911.

338. Linnie Hardaway. 1931.

339. Baptist Church in Brandenburg ca. 1922.

340. Lottie Wilson.

341. Maydee Woolfolk and Willie Allen.

342. 1959. 1st. r: Olivia Orr, Willie Orr, Alice Carwin. 2nd r: Katie Ditto, Mary Ashcraft, Sallie Hardin, Sallie Haynes, Ella Gregory. Top r: Pearl Duncan, Annie Coleman, Mona Price and Emma Dink.

343. Clara Greer and Gertrude Greer Smith.

344. Lula Belle Smith. Died at the age of 16.

345. Robert Greer. W.W.II.

346. Jean Smith Greer, age 17.

347. Jean Smith and Robert Greer on their first date.

348. Adrian, Ray and Earl Smith and Willis Stiles.

349. Hank, Clara and Lucetta Thompson.

350. Irene Murray. B/1909.

351. Francis Chism on plow. David, Dan and Louis Crawford on tractor.

352. Joe Murray holding Bobby Crawford, Lewis and Donald Crawford.

353. Josephine Benham. B/1846.

354. Joseph P. Benham. 1837 - 1925.

355. Luther Benham. 1814 - 1908.

356. Sarah White Benham. B/1817.

357. Christopher A. Ashcraft. 1869 - 1944.

358. Ethel Benham Ashcraft. 1878 - 1946.

359. Celeste Benham and Joe Mathews were married on Nov. 13, 1889.

360. Eva and Pearle Ashcraft. 1907.

361. Amelia Alliene Ashcraft. 1914.

362. Bet Woolfolk, Ethel Ashcraft, Dorothy , Eleanor and Billy Woolfolk. 1942.

363. Main St. in Brandenburg ca. 1923.

364. Brandenburg High School ca. 1923.

365. L-r: Wilbur and Ethel and Mary Lee Ashcraft, Mrs. Lambert Ashcraft and Lee Ashcraft. 1936.

366. Jake Hamilton with his yoke of oxen in the Civil War Centennial Parade, July 13, 1963 in downtown Brandenburg.

367. Farm Bureau Convention, 1955. Ft. r; l-r: Mrs. Bernard Ritchie, Ralph Stith, Burl St Clair, Bernard Ritchie, Irene Medley. Bk. r: Floyd Thompson, Wilbur Ashcraft, Thomas J. Stith.

368. Robert and Christopher Ashcraft. Nov. 11, 1933.

369. Evelyn Ross and Wilbur Ashcraft were married on Dec. 1, 1946.

370. Robert and Abbott Ashcraft.

371. Elijah and Nancy Ashcraft holding g/d, Sue and Katherine McGhee.

372. Ashcraft family. 1920's. Ft. r: Robert Richardson, William and Eva Ashcraft, ?, Pearle Ashcraft, Aliene Richardson. Bk. r: Christopher Ashcraft, George and Amelia Richardson, Mary Ashcraft, Irene Chandler, Earl Richardson, Nancy Ashcraft, Saxon S. Richardson, Ethel and George Ashcraft, Nellie Boucher, Sue and Elijah Ashcraft.

373. The Joseph and Josephine Benham home in Big Bend ca. 1880.

374. Pearle, Ruth and Eva Ashcraft, Eleanor Crosier.

375. Christopher, Eva, Ethel and Pearle Ashcraft in 1907.

376. Nancy Catherine Simmons Ashcraft.

377. L-r: Wilbur and Ruth Ashcraft, Shirley Benham, Jr., Mary Jo Shirwood holding Josephine Holdt, Pearle and Eva Ashcraft. Ruth drowned in the Ohio River about two weeks after this picture was taken.

378. Margaret Ann Hardesty. B/ Sept. 29, 1943.

379. Jean Marie Hardesty. B/ Sept. 1, 1941.

380. James Willis Hardesty. B/ Sept. 21, 1947.

381. Mary Ruth Hardesty. B/ Sept. 10, 1945.

382. Karen Sue Fackler. B/ July 22, 1963.

383. Donna Jo Fackler. B/ Jan. 12, 1961.

384. Nola Mary Fackler. B/ Sept. 11, 1957.

385. Janet Lea Haynes. B/ Aug. 1, 1961.

386. Martha Jean Haynes. B/ June 27, 1957.

387. Margaret Kullman, Celestine Barr, Philemine Vessels, Anna McMahon, Justina Schmidt, Verna Vessels, Ann Frazier, Lilly Knott, Viola Elder, Vestina Mattingly, Pauline Barr and Sally Greenwell.

388. 1922. Fred Pike, Lillian Stull, Marie Mullins, Christine Filburn,Louise Brown, Herbert Stull, Jessie, John and Joe Pike, Lorene Greenwell, Richard Stull, Annie Pike, Eula Stull, Bessie, Catherine and Jenny Ray, Clara, Nina, Mildred and Bud Hardesty.

389. Ray family. L-r: Adelia, Eulalia, Mose Jefferson, Albert, Jennings, Anne, Wash, Marie, Mary Catherine,
Bernadette, Connie and Genevieve.

390. Charles Edward and Marydell Oelze.

391. Margaret, Zula Mae, Rose Etta and Wade Kullman.

392. John and Annie Pike.

393. L-r: Annabell Bennett, Margaret Kullman, Leona Brown, Carol Myer and Barbara Harris.

394. L-r: Julia Oelze and Agnes Potts.

395. Frank Oelze.

396. Bernard Oelze.

397. Edd and Mary Geneive Kullman.

398. Julie and Sandra Smith.

399. Charlie Oelze.

400. Robert Morgan. 1948 - 1974.

401. Ralph Kullman and his Model A.

402. L-r: ft. - bk: ?, ?, Wallace, Gerald and Vestina Kullman, Dillon, Joe and Sally Ray, Sam and Watly Rhodes, Albert, Bernadette and Jennings Ray, Earl Hardesty, Mary, Edith, Mose, Wash and Kate Ray, Roscoe, Dennis, Grandma, and Clarence Rhodes, Mildred Ray, Mag Cashman, Zoda, Lula Mae and John Kullman, Heddy Hardesty, Annie and Lou Ray, Mr. Milan, Genevive Barr, ?, Eulalia O'Bryan, Sam Rhodes, Charlie Hardesty, Mrs Sam Rhodes. Connie Ray, Katie Manning, Adelia Ray, Cecilia Manning, Cordie Rhodes, Marie Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Manning, ?, Jim Rhodes, ?, Gabe Rhodes.

403. Dr. Martin Sylvester Allen. A native of Meade County, he began his practice in 1885. He retired in 1937. He delivered nearly 3,000 babies during his practice of 52 years.

404. Dr. Martin S. Allen's office at Andyville, Ky.

405. Benjamin J. Hardin. 1819 - 1901.

406. Anna Isabelle Allen feeding her chickens.

407. Bk. - ft. l-r: Owen, Virgie, Edna, John holding Herbert, Julina holding Eunice and Stella Staples.

408. Florence and Mabel Allen.

409. William Tallie and Dollie Elder.

410. Edd Buren and Leonard Elder.

411. L-r: Frank and Julie Oelze. Barney and Mary Redman. 1937.

412. Wanda Troutman Oelze.

413. Julia Smith, Martin Hardesty, Margaret and Ralph Kullman on their wedding day. May 11, 1937.

414. L-r: Nina Rhodes, Georgia Eardle and Bill Littlehill on their wedding day, ?.

415. Nina Rhodes and Ray Hunpick on their wedding day.

416. Margaret Oelze and Joe Lee Flaherty.

417. Hubert Huffman, Fred Pike, Hazel Huffman, Lorena Pike.

418. L-r: Frank Lee Brown, Robert, Annie and Myrtle Meeks, Nola Stiles, William holding Tina and Elizabeth Meeks.

419. Barnabin and Anna Isabelle Allen and children. Monrow, Stanford, Luther, Albert, Warren, Goble, Florence and Mabel Allen.

420. Meade Co. High School Band ca. 1940. 1st. r: Sammy Pollock, Louise King, Jean Richardson, Lois Dugan, Juanita Carico, Mildred Shelton. 2nd. r: Jessie Stith, Mary Gaines, Eddie Neafus, Geraldine Doner, Randall Miller, Elroy Bruington, Jewell Neafus. 3rd. r: ?, Mildred Frymire, Dorothy Miller, Libby Woolfolk, Elva Richardson. 4th. r: Ed Gaines, John English, C. K. Miller, Bill Kitchen, Barnett Medley.

421. Mary Stiles Brown. 1830 - 1912.

422. Marion and Mary Georgia Stiles on their wedding day.

423. L-r: Bk: Pearl, Vallie and Jeanetta Pollock. Ft: Jessie, Elmer and Alma Pollock. Ca. 1923.

424. Henry and Octavia Pollock holding Ruby, Zedith Vallie and Jeanett. Ca. 1912.

425. George Harrison Brown. 1863 - 1941.

426. United Methodist Church in Battletown. Built in 1908. Recently burned by Fire Dept.

427. Mary, Thomas, Edith and George Brown and Ett Graham Horton. Ca. 1939.

428. Thomas R. Brown. 1889 - 1974.

429. Edna Dee (1896 - 1915) and Thomas R. Brown (1889 - 1974).

430. Built by the Sebastine family in 1850, this is one of the oldest homes in Meade County.

431. Nannie Kendall McCoy and Martha Clark McCoy.

432. Rev. A.F. Baker and family. He was a minister of Salem Baptist Church. Ca. 1928.

433. Roy, Lee, Myrtle and Erey Philpot. Ca. 1916.

434. Joe D. Stith family.

435. Hubert McCoy. 1906 - 1987.

436. Ernest and Betty McCoy, Evelyn Haynes, James L. McCoy and Betty S. Haynes. Ca. 1950.

437. Joe (1843 - 1932) and Jennie Kennedy Stith (1848 - 1936).

438. Arthur, Jane, Eugene and Thomas Lamkin. 1906.

439. Nelson McCoy.

440. Jessie, Nannie and Hubert McCoy. Curtis McCoy and Christine Robbins. 1920.

441. Minnie McCoy Miller (1875 - 1965) and Erasmus "Doc" Miller (1867 - 1941).

442. Hubert and Curtis McCoy. 1916.

443. Sue McCoy Faus.

444. Thomas Luther McCoy. 1845 - 1895.

445. Betty Claycomb McCoy. (1848 - 1917). W/o Thomas.

446. Bettie McCoy Brown.

447. George, Bettie, Ethel and Wilbur Brown. 1922.

448. Sitting: Jennie E. Kendall. L-r: Nannie Kendall, ?, Samuel and Sally Kendall, ?.

449. Ruth McCoy Brown.

450. Jesse T. McCoy and Nannie Kendall McCoy. Wedding Picture, Feb. 18 , 1903.

451. Sitting: William and Jane Lamkin. L-r: Nelson, Howard, Adrian, William and Henry Lamkin. 1951.

452. Bk: William A. and Jane Lamkin. L-r: Adrian and Adrian, Jr., Ann and Bobby, Lois Lane and Nancy, Lillian holding Howie, Howard, Ruth and Linda, Nelson and Nickie, Henry, Ned and William, Jr. Lamkin.

453. L-r: McCoy sisters. Ruth, Bettie, Jane, Minnie, Connie.

454. Vera Mae Bunger Quire.

455. Henry and Agnes Greenwell Hardesty. Married on May 6, 1919.

456. Seated: John Henry, Susan Wathen. Will, Alma and Maggie Wathen.

457. Shirley and Peggy Chism.

458. Wallace and Harold Hall, Hubert and Sonny Hardesty, Jay Chism and Shorty Sadler.

459. Charles Lampkin.

460. Earle and Jay Chism. 1941.

461. Eula and Hubert Hardesty on wedding day, Nov. 23, 1929.

462. Dollie Brashear. Age 17.

463. Blanche Hall Adkisson.

464. Dorothy Mattingly Pollock. Ca. 1935.

465. Nicholas Hardesty.

466. William Perrin Hall. 1812 - 1893.

467. James and Mary Payne.

468. Hardesty family. L -r: Hubert, Eula, Sonny, Carol Ann, Marjorie, Wayne and Lawrence.

469. Joseph Warren Staples. 1881 - 1970.

470. Ida Bell and Harrison Ashcraft.

471. Hubert and David Hardesty. 1930.

472. J. R. Chism. Think he couldn't hit a coon's eye at forty paces, in the dark!

473. Sarah Eula Hall at the Webster Rock Quarry in 1925.

474. Ft: l-r: Sam Johnson holding Gola Mae, Jane Hall holding Mary and Haden Bassett. Bk: Frank Philpott holding Herbert, Levi Pollock holding Camilla and Willis Chappell.

475. Hall family. Bk. l-r: June, Ida, Kate and Floyd. Ft: Rebecca, Blanche, Louisa and Laura.

476. Sue Flaherty Chism and Ada Williams, teacher at Bunker Hill, early 1920's.

477. Levi Chappell. 1841 - 1916.

478. Willis, Seth, Kate and Will Tom Chappell and Blanche Hall.

479. Thomas and Sarah Hall.

480. Robert, Hubert, Clyde, Nicholas, David, Eva, Essie, Margaret, Eugene, Lucille and Corrine Hardesty. 1919.

481. Carl Edward Allen.

482. W. T. Elder and Eleanor Crawford.

483. Peggy Elder.

484. L-r: Carl Edward, Eddie Allen, Mildred Hardesty, Charles "Doc" Chism and Eleanor Hardesty.

485. Leonard Elder, Bill Holcraft, Shirley and Russell Vandiver.

486. Lamar Elder.

487. Bertha Troutman, Flossie Calebs, Alberta King, Gusta Greer, Pattie Parr. It's cleaning time.

488. J. C. Shacklett.

489. Bro. Earl and Francis Sipes. 1951.

490. Ida and Johnny Atwell.

491. Highland Church.

492. Leonard and Elizabeth Elder.

493. Louise King, Dorothy and Bertie Elder. 1940.

494. Eula Mae Chism, Bertie Elder, Amzel Chism, Mildred Hardesty and Melvin Chism.

495. Everett Rogers and Ray Bennett.

496. Victor Heavrin. 1947.

497. Emma Jean Waddle and Louise King. 1941.

498. Stanley Johnston. 1944.

499. Nathan and Daisy Greenwell.

500. Everett "Honey" Johnston. 1937.

501. Will Talbert Elder.

502. Billie Bullock.

503. Leonard Troutman.

504. Bertie Elder. 1946.

505. Norman and Della Mae Elder.

506. Robert Elder.

507. Russell Chism, Louise King, Barney Johnson and Amzel Chism.

508. Addie, Henretta, William and Itah Elder. Joe Curl, Ben and George Elder.

509. M.C.H.S. 1990. L-r: Lewis Bondurant, Dorothy Lusk, Marquette Burnett, Jack Scott, Mary Moreman, Virginia Miller, Nevitt Powell.

510. Minnie Alice Bondurant Scott. 1947.

511. Bernice Price, Mabel Stith, Eliska Youtsler.

512. L-r: Betty Bruner Gaines Johnson, Vashti Miller, Leona Gaines Lorton at the wedding reception of Betty Ann
Gaines and William Bennett on June 4, 1951.

513. Ft: Clarence Chism. Bk. Willy Elder, ?, Nathan Troutman.

514. Louise Shepard, Addie Elder and Pauline Distler in front of the Wolfcreek Baptist with Methodist on right.

515. Charlie Troutman and Will Elder.

516. Sidney and Mary Elder.

517. Bennie Bewley.

518. Joe Greenwell.

519. Nick White, W. T. Elder, Earl Thompson, Ed Cook and Howard Lowe on dredge boat.

520. Jim Troutman.

521. Joe Valentine, Sr. ca. 1908.

522. Walker McGee with axe, Mrs. Scott in door, Mr. C. L. Scott, Walter Lee and Henry Winfield Scott. 1891.

523. Jack Scott. 1939.

524. Lizzie Cain, William and Lillian Todd Cain. Twins, Luther and Ben Cain.

525. Andrew Coleman.

526. J. Andrew Coleman.

527. Margaret Witt, John Scott Witt and Mary Ladd ca. 1920.

528. Professor Henry Clay, Elizabeth Hager, Ella Gregory. Teachers of 1927.

529. L-r: Lela Foote, John Witt and Ruth Foote.

530. Walter L., Walter C., William H., Jack J. and James F. Scott.

531. L-r: William Henry and Alice Cash Scott, Adelisa and Charles Lee Scott. 1912.

532. Andyville School. As it looks in 2001.

533. Linnie Hardaway, Mrs. Charles Price, Irby Hardin and Rachel, Mrs. Marshall Devine, Katie Ditto, Mrs. Lou Hagan, Ella Gregory, Minnie Bondurant.

534. A double wedding. Hubert and Viola Fackler and Alton and Louise Fackler on their wedding day, Dec. 30, 1930.

535. A double wedding. Mitchell and Mary Ruth Mattingly, Earl and Pauline Wathen on their wedding day, June 22, 1943.

536. The Valentine family lived on the John Finley Williams farm in Ekron. Andrew and Mary Valentine. Joseph
Alfred Rogers sitting on porch. 1909.

537. Leonard Vessels and Raymond Brown. 1945.

538. Hubert Fackler with Loreda, Margaret, Raymond, Theresa, James, Joseph and Bernard. 1946.

539. Winifred Constance McMelton Wemes. 1896 - 1996. 100 Years Old! She was named Meade County Centurion by Judge Joe Hager as well as receiving a plaque. April 18, 1996 was declared Winifred Wemes Day in Meade County. She also received a letter from President Bill Clinton.

540. Dennis and Anna Wathen Wedding. 1920's.

541. Earl Wathen going hunting with Rush and Bing. 1918.

542. Lamar and Raymond Earl Brown. 1928.

543. Earl and Rudolph Brown. 1902.

544. L-r: Rudolph and Eleanora Brown with friends in front of Brandenburg Depot.

545. Wathens family. Sitting: John and Mary Ann. Bk. William, Alma and Mag. Ca. 1900.

546. Faye, Corrine and Cashman Burch. Ca. 1943.

547. Aloysious Mattingly. 1927 - 1951.

548. Alphonsus Mattingly. WWII.

549. Mertis, Beulah and Junior Morgan.

550. Harriet Cole with Edith, Alberta, Alice, Alma and Corrine. 1930's.

551. William Benjamin Cole. 1906 - 1974.

552. Cole family in 1955. William, Edith, Richard, Henry, Alberta, Alice,Alma and Corrine.

553. Preparing to thresh hay ca. 1917. Eulia O'Bryan holding baby, Mose Ray with handkerchief.

554. Lucy Board was driving this new Model A Ford in 1914. Sitting on running board: Louise and Loraine Blake,
Carl McHolland.

555. Hettie and Bessie Knott ca. 1902.

556. Formerly the Nevitt House on Hwy. 144.

557. Nathan Opie has truly learned the benefits of healthy living. He drinks goats milk and here he milks his goat, Ethal.

558. James Stewart, circuit judge.

559. Mary and Aliene Greenwell and Izola Brown. Ca. 1920.

560. Bk., l-r: Roy, Henry, Melissa and Verland Brown. Ft: Zula, Earl, Izola and Claude. 1922.

561. Otho and Izola Wathen holding Norma, Laverne and Martha.

562. Martha Wathen and Bobby Brown.

563. Henry, Zula, Joe, Anita, Dorothy and Regina Fackler. 1936.

564. Izola Brown and Margaret Kennedy.

565. Wathen family. Sitting: Mary, Vivian and Susie. Bk: Earl, Billy, Marvin, Otho, Dennis and John.

566. Thelma Rose Miles Shacklett.

567. Bk. l-r: Melissa and Henry Brown, Zula Fackler holding Anita, Henry Fackler, Alverta Ray. Ft: Izola, Claude, Lena, Earl and Regina Brown. 1931.

568. Otho and Izola Wathen on their wedding day. May 3, 1941. Attendents: Earl Wathen and Regina Woods.

569. Sitting: Izola and Otho Wathen on their 50th. wedding anniversary. Children: Bk. l-r: Tommy, Norma, Lauren, Pat and David. 2nd. r: Linda, Rebecca, Judy, Theresa, Anthony and Martha.

570. Billy, Mary and William Wathen.

571. Elizabeth, Ronald, Theodore and Theodore Lee"Buck" Aebersold in front of their ice business. There was also a milk and cream route and later a grocery. Ca. 1948.

572. Downtown Brandenburg showing William Dodd Coleman's Flour Mill on left, H. C. Woodson Hardware Store on
right and Yeakel Department Store, later Buck's Funiture which burned in 1984.

573. Downtown Brandenburg in late 1800's.

574. Jimmie Lee Harrington. 15 years old at Doe Run.

575. Elizabeth Richardson on horse. Harry, John, Henry H., Sue Carter and Myrta Belle Harrington. Ca. 1884.

576. Connie Branson.

577. Naome Branson, 1947.

578. Odis Branson. 1947.

579. David Branson. 1947.

580. Jarvis Branson. 1927 - 1999.

581. Elijah Keck. 1853 - 1919.

582. Keck family, 1946. Hobert, Carl, Dexter, Aaron, Menty, Sara, Dora, Ada, Delta, Edith.

583. Branson family. Jarvis, Jim, Harley, Lillian, Melvina, Lou Etta, Naomi, David, Connie, Diane, Cledise and Odis.

584. Minnie W. Harrington.

585. Hobert and Menthy Keck.

586. Bruce Branson, Jiggs Fenwick, Jim, David, Menthy, Connie, Pat, Diane, Sunny and Naomi Branson.

587. Elizabeth Norton.

588. James Fleming and Eliza Woolfolf, Sally, Houston and Langford.

589. Hobert and Pearl Keck.

590. Sara, Ada, Delta, Edith and Dora Keck.

591. Diane and Sunny Branson. 1947.

592. Fate (1879 - 1940 ) and Sara Keck (1891 - 1962).

593. James E. (1899 - 1982) and Menthy Keck (1905 - 1965).

594. This was a hunting trip to New Mexico. L-r: Dr. Henry Nevitt, Ed Shelman, cook in background, ?, Judge James
Fleming Woolfolk.

595. Shacklett Reunion.

596. Judge James Fleming and Eliza Woolfolk. Judge Woolfolk helped write the State Constitution in 1891.

597. Elizabeth Woodson and Sue Carter Harrington.

598. Bk. l-r: Annie Casperke, Mr. and Mrs. Casperke, Will Casperke, ?. Ft: George and Charlie Casperke.

599. L-r: Houston Demaree, Minnie and Sue Carter Harrington.

600. Charles Smith.

601. Minnie, Hester, Jimmie Lee and Jenny Woolfolk on an outing at Sulphur Wells.

602. Lillian Lee Shoptaw.

603. Larry, Parker and Edwina Rowell. Baptist Missionaries in West Africa.

604. Lizzie Harrington.

605. Willie Harrington.

606. Jimmie Lee Harrington. 18 mo. old.

607. Mit Harrington.

608. Laura and Wilson Hunt. JoAnn, Rose and Beth.

609. Louisiana Palmer. Postmistress at Ekron from 1913 - 1953.

610. Top: William and Myrta Belle Harrington. Bot: John Hardin Harrington, ?, Harry Carter Harrington.

611. Third Brandenburg Courthouse. Contract for the construction of this building was July 8, 1872. It was destroyed in the April 3, 1974 tornado.

612. Ella Mae and Wilbur, Anna Mae and Richard Chapman. 1919.

613. Frank and Rebecca Summers.

614. John Allen Shoptaw.

615. Goldie, John and Cora Lee Shoptaw.

616. Judge James Woolfolk home at Doe Run ca. 1902. Oral Woolfolk, Dr. L. M. Doss, ?, James W. Frymire, ? Heflin,
?, Judge James Fleming Woolfolk standing at side of house. The judge built the house ca. 1890.

617. Tom Thumb Wedding of 1933. 1st.r: l-r: Wanda Jean Miller, Andrew Reece, Paul Medley, Jean Wilson, Rose Ella Prather, Jack Dooley, Anna Adams, Fred Wright (groom), Anna Coleman ( bride), Eugene Foushee, Jr., William Cowley (ringbearer), Jimmie Lee Harrington, Anna Mae Miller, Sue McGehee, Audrey Brown, Scott Smith. 2nd.r: Charlie Greer, Opal Shelton, Randall Miller, Judith Wilson, Sammy Pollock, Martha Dowell, Dwayne Trent, Laverne Luttrell, Willard Hoskinson (minister), Sylvia Smith, Frnak ?, Mary Sipes, Harold Mix, Mary ?, Charles Thompson. 3rd. r: Mabel Earley, Margaret Edward, Nell Hamilton, Ruth Wilson, Melvin Weedman, Geraldine Doner, Edith Hall, Garland Brown, Paralee Luttrell, Lloyd English, Hayes Prather, Everett Worley, Shewsberry Chism, Frances Lynch, Bertha Fenton, Edwin Adams, Eddie King, Daymon Givans, Eddie Neafus.

618. A. E. Guedry Boarding House in Ekron . Built in 1895.

619. This picture of Thomas Jefferson Stith, age 24, was taken at an "Infair" given for him in 1865 on his return from war.

620. G. C. Frymire at his barber shop in Ekron ca. 1920. Haircuts were 25 cents and a shave was 15 cents.

621. Minnie Woolfolk Harrington on right with a friend. 1907.

622. L-r: Edwin Arthur Mills, Nelson Lamkin, David Norman Mills.

623. Ed Tindell. U. S. Mail Carrier ca. 1917.

624. Eugene Arnold on right. WWI.

625. Marie Watkins Richardson.

626. Hanna Watkins Magness.

627. Sue Haddox and son, Joe.

628. Alvie Arnold. 1942.

629. James Wiles. S/o Mollie.

630. Aunt Mollie and Uncle Poke Wiles.

631. Joe Havie Hamilton.

632. Homer Richardson. Ca. 1923.

633. Irene, Ethel and William Morgan. 1923.

634. James Blake. 1923.

635. Edward and David Wardrip.

636. Bobby Jones, Minnie and Edward Wardrip, Virginia Jones and Eula Wardrip in front of courthouse.

637. Howard and Minnie Wardrip, Charles Wesley Fritt. Ca. 1938 at the Moreman house.

638. Gus Smith.

639. Mrs. Gus (Mary) Smith and son, Howard.

640. George Grant Smith. He was an Episcopalian Minister.

641. Jessie Richardson Smith, w/o George Grant.

642. Katherine Smith.

643. Marie Smith.

644. Creston Smith. 1923.

645. Marie and Dudley Taylor.

646. Samuel Jennings.

647. Mary Jennings. Married Samuel on Nov. 14, 1805.

648. Ida Neafus.

649. Gretrude Neafus Bruner.

650. Eliza and Mary Adelle Neafus.

651. John Simmons. H/o Mary Adelle Neafus.

652. Eliza Woolfolk. W/o Joseph.

653. Sallie Woolfolk Clarkson.

654. George H. and Annie Woolfolk Casperke.

655. George David Richardson.

656. Maria Preston Richardson. W/o George David.

657. Allen Richardson in Cripple Creek Colorado. Checking his Ky. Long Rifle.

658. Simmons Watkins Richardson. He was working the gold mines at Potter Mines in Sugar Loaf, Colorado. 1902.

659. Daniel Saxton Richardson. 1792 - 1858.

660. Henry Hall Richardson.

661. Hewitt Richardson.

662. Hewitt and William Richardson.

663. George Jr. and Amelia Richardson.

664. Wallace and David Richardson. Sons of Allen.

665. George D. Richardson and Amelia Ashcraft wedding. The wedding party is on top of the porch. Sept. 7, 1892.

666. Simmons and Amanda Richardson on their golden wedding anniversary. April 19, 1950.

667. Salmon Saxton Richardson and Agnes Earl Ashcraft on their wedding day. March 7, 1906.

668. Hewitt and Ester Richardson on their wedding day.

669. Fannie, Lena and Flora Nevitt.

670. J. Sack Nevitt.

671. Mollie Watkins Dye.

672. Eugene B. Dye. 1902.

673. Katie Belle Reese.

674. Eugene and David Richarson in their ball uniforms in 1927.

675. Andrew Baxter, Chelle Shacklette, Mildred Shacklette, Nelly Blanche Ashcraft, Rhea Coleman. 1919.

676. James Smith, Jr.. 1865.

677. Eliza Watkins.

678. Woodrow Arnold. 1927.

679. Agnes Lee Richardson in front of her father's new car.

680. Hulling clover. L-r: Sam Henry Basham, Edwin, Homer and J. A. Richardson. 1942.

681. On the tennis courts in 1919. Frances Funk, Louise Duncan, ?, Rose Grinnell, Nelly Blanche Ashcraft, Elizabeth Hagan, Verna Mae Rice, Eddie Atwill.

682. David Jones.

683. Hannah Fulton.

684. Orla Caesar Richardson.

685. Ella Gregory, a longtime school teacher.

686. Edith and David Duncan and Ted.

687. Albert W. Moreman who owned the Moreman home and Caroline Wardrip. 1938.

688. Hubert and Anna Ashcraft and family.

689. Letitia Watkins. D/o William. 1902. Age 12.

690. Letitia Watkins. W/o William.

691. William Watkins.

692. Elijah Ashcraft.

693. Arthur Lee Ashcraft.

694. Nannie Belle Ashcraft.

695. Flossie Watkins. W/o Simmons.

696. Simmons Watkins.

697. Florence Watkins.

698. Home of Mrs. Ella Gregory.

699. Joseph Allen Richardson. 1874 - 1952.

700. Hubert Ashcraft.

701. Robert Saxon Richardson. 1911.

702. L-r: Walter Wayne, William Howard, Simmons Watkins, Homer Lee. C/o Homer W. and Minnie Richardson. 1958.

703. Allen and Lenora Belle Ashcraft on their wedding day. Oct. 12, 1882.

704. Howard Foster Wardrip. At the Old Bricks on the Moreman farm. 1924.

705. Wallace Richardson. Camp Knox. 1922.

706. Howard Wardrip. Navy. WWII.

707. Harold, Evelyn, Norman and Rachel Crutcher.

708. Bk. r: l-r; Henry Hayden holding William Henry Allen, Willie Edith Allen, Nancy Stith, Lucy Smith, Alonzo Coleman. Seated: William Dodd and Henrietta Haynes Coleman. Ft: Harry and Anita Smith, Will Tom Stith in front, Mabel Smith, Sam and ruth Stith, Lucille and Rose Smith.

709. William Pate Haynes. Nicknamed Red Bill because of his red hair.

710. Rose Grinnell in her drugstore in Brandenburg.

711. William Henry Allen.

712. Pearl Pfeiffer Allen and Lobe Allen.

713. Tom and Boyd Haynes.

714. Mabel Coleman Stith.

715. Sallie Allen Haynes.

716. Carl Reese. Father of Pee Wee.

717. Emma Reese. Mother of Pee Wee.

718. Elizabeth Reese.

719. Betty Woolfolk.

720. Tommy Chism.

721. Anita Smith.

722. Pearl, William, Harold and Evelyn Crutcher.

723. Mabel Stith, Lucy Smith and Willie Allen.

724. Sallie Haynes, Mabel Stith and Edith King.

725. Ruby Pfeiffer.

726. Carl Wesley Bunger.

727. Dudley L. Spangenberg.

728. William Henry Allen.

729. Virginia Haynes Allen.

730. Mildred and Harry McNeely.

731. Dr. Sam Henry Stith. WWI.

732. Adam Pfeiffer.

733. Herbert and Nell Downs.

734. Alonzo Coleman. WWI.

735. Sue Carol Shacklett.

736. B. W. Haynes, Jr.

737. Fannie Haynes.

738. 1937 flood in downtown Brandenburg.

739. Bk: Henry and Willie Allen holding William. Ft: Harry Smith and Alonzo Coleman.

740. George Hagan and Pauline Smith.

741. Bertha Woolfolk.

742. Ona Miles.

743. The Ohio River at Brandenburg during the Ice Gorge in 1910.

744. Barnet Medley.

745. Lucy Smith holding Dorothy, Harry Smith with Anita, Rose, Mable and Lucille.

746. Gus and Bettie Allen.

747. Mary Helen Reese.

748. Jeff, Bettie and Gus Allen.

749. Harry Smith at the swimming hole below Doe Run.

750. Crossing the bridge at Doe Run for the 4th. of July.

751. Essie and Bessie Clarkson.

752. Essie Ditto behind the kitchen at Doe Run. She was the cook for many years.

753. Nannie McCracken and Essie Ditto, cooks at Doe Run. Raiding the chicken coop. 1934.

754. L-r: Olen Chapman, Walter Goettel, Millie Chapman Goettel, Elizabeth Chapman.

755. Raley family. Ft. r: l-r: Dennis, Charlie, Jimmy, Audrey. 2nd. r: Verlin, Margaret, Elsie, Louise, Stella, Shirley. 3rd. r: Joe, Alfred, Anna, Martin, George, Robert and Ora.

756. Anna Lillian Raley with Louise, Robert, Joe and Ora.

757. Thomas Abner Raley.

758. Thomas and Juliana Raley.

759. L-r: Shirley, Audrey and Dennis Raley.

760. L -r: Dr. Thad Hardesty, Frank Hardesty, Daisy Payne Hardesty, Gus Hardesty, Ida Knott.

761. Ray Girls. Top, l-r: Marie and Bernadetta. Sitting: Adelia and Connie. Ca. 1924.

762. Morgan Turner and Kiki.

763. Wilma, Stanley and Judy Pollock. Ca. 1950.

764. Tom and Blanche Mattingly. They were wed on Jan. 21, 1902. After 71 years of marriage, they were still in love.

765. The Scott Store in Brandenburg in 1940. L-r: Ruth Scott, Ida Dugan, Jack Scott, Jim Scott, Willard Hoskinson.

766. L-r: Lenora and Alpha Fackler, Loretta and friend on horses, ? Stull, Hubert, Bernard, Jake Fackler, ? Stull, Mag
and Jodie Fackler.

767. Claude and Mabel Mattingly. 1924.

768. Joseph Bernard Brown.

769. Jennings and Albert Ray.

770. Hardesty family. Top, l-r: Mildred, Nina, Eleanor, Herman. Mid. r: Bud, Marjorie, Clara. Ft. r: Bobby and Beatrice.

771. Thomas Rhodes. 1891.

772. James Junis Phillips.

773. L-r: Agnes Heavrin, Louise Hardesty, Rudolph Brown, Elnora Brown, Nell Brown.

774. Ernest Sullivan.

775. Thomas Ray.

776. Alma and Bill Smith and family.

777. Washington Ray in his baseball uniform.

778. Bessie and Jennings Ray with Catherine, Margaret, Anna, James and Edward.

779. James Ray.

780. Iola and Willard Tiedge on their wedding day.

781. Meg Cashman.

782. The Ray girls enjoying their watermelon. Connie, Adelia, ?, Annie and Marie.

783. Mose Jefferson and Mary Catherine Ray and family.

784. Henry "Speed" Cole.

785. Hubert Yates.

786. Englebert Hardesty. 1893 - 1968.

787. Edith and Bertrand Spinks.

788. Mose and Catherine Ray with the turkeys.

789. John and Lulu Johnson, M. J. and Martha Bennett.

790. Mary Belle Bewley.

791. John Bewley.

792. Eugene Bewley.

793. Lillie Foushee.

794. Lawrence Bewley.

795. Mamie Greer, JoAnn Greer Willett, Lloyd Willett, Amanda and Earl Willett.

796. Sim Richardson.

797. George Wiles.

798. Eugene Foushee.

799. Battletown Elementary Basketball Team. Late 1950. Bk. l-r: Richie Bennett, Jerry Embry, Billy Hardin, Conley Valentoor, Douglas Embry, Ronnie Kendall, Mr. Boswell. Ft. r: Mike Boswell, David Quisenberry, Gary Holloway, Gary Jolly, Kenny Embry, Ronnie Hockman.

800. Quarry Workers at Riverside Stone in 1959. Bk. ;-r: Henry King, Cornelius Calebs, Julius Burrell, Joe Cunningham, Alexander Kellems, Bennie Curl, Sherley Vandiver, Eddie Delker, Kippy Thompson. Ft. r: Don Crawford, Sam Stewart, Elmer Taylor, Jim Smith, Paul Hardin, W.N. Burrell.

801. Forest Home College which was Prof. P. B. Hay's Private School ca. 1890. Ft. r: Beulah Henderson, Amanda Dugan, Saxton Richardson, Percy Dugan, Simmons Richardson.. 2nd. r: Maggie Stith, Kate Gray, Pollie Dugan, Flora Stith. Bk. r: Althea Wiles, Eathen Miller, Jmes Dugan, Chris Ashcraft, Ed Watson, Elliott Hardesty, Will Hamilton, Henry Richardson, Alline Richardson, Will Ashcraft, Clarence Gray, Prof. P. B. Hays.

802. On right: Dan Neafus with dog, George Lucian Neafus and Jim Smith in buggies.

803. Willie, Alonzo, Lucy and Mabel Coleman.

804. Building the Brandenburg Station Road. Rock was brought in by wagon loads and rolled by the New Huber Steam Roller. Will Coleman in white shirt by roller.

805. Jack Scott with Ed, Phillip and Sue Foote.

806. Charles Blake.

807. Lavern C. Trent. W.W.II.

808. Fairmount School, 1904. Bk. r: l-r: Della Neafus, Bessie Shuck, teacher, Eva Peckenpaugh, Owen Agrabright, Grace Bruner. 2nd. r: Viola Agrabright, Hewitt Richardson, Roberta Agrabright, Laura Agrabright, Susie Miller. 3rd. r: ?, William and Wallace Richardson, ? Bailey. Bot. r: Floss Bruner, Jennings Bruner, Carl Bruner, Lewis Miller, ?. In front, Lee Miller.

809. Bledsoe and Annie Mae Wardrip and family. L-r: William, Nan, Bessie, Clarence, Peggy, Lena, Carrie, George, Lillie and Lula.

810. Elmore Jones and boys. William, Eugene, Raymond, George, Robert in front.

811. Bessie and Lee Curl with Randaloph, Izola and Joe.

812. Cora Sipes Jones.

813. Leora and Chester Sipes with children: Frances,Bernadetta, Margaret, Tom and Robert.

814. Armpie Barnes.

815. Columbus and Amelia Sipes with children, Cora and Johnnie.

816. Annie Sipes Darnell.

817. Izola and Robert Sipes on their wedding day in 1944.

818. Rabby Barnes.

819. Charles Sipes.

820. Sipes boys. Tom, Robert, Henry, Howard, John and Charles.

821. Brown family. Edgar and Howard. Bill, John, Ernest and Bessie.

822. Bessie Brown, I year old.

823. Lena Sipes and Joetta.

824. Robert and Chester Sipes fishing in 1958. Fish came from the home pond.

825. Sister Mary Ellen Curl.

826. Chester, James, Bobby, Mary and Russell Sipes in 1957.

827. Edna Mae and William Lusk.

828. L-r: Fannie Price Johnson, "Dink" Price Hardin and Ina McMonigle. 1888.

829. Zula Worland.

830. Annie Darnell, Leora Sipes and Lettie Tabor.

831. Randolph Curl.

832. John Randolph Brown.

833. Henry Curl.

834. W. S. Curl.

835. Rev. Archie John Nelson. 1898 - 1990. In 1937 Rev. Archie answered the call of God. In 1938 he accepted the pastorate of the Second Baptist Church in Warsaw, Ky. where he led another church from another denomination into being baptized as Missionary Baptist. He became pastor of Zion Grove Baptist Church in Ekron, Ky. in 1945 and remained there until his retirement in 1972. Rev. Nelson graduated from the Simmons University in 1943 with a Graduate of Theology degree, in 1945 with the Bachelor of Theology degree and was just a few hours short of completing work on the Bachelor of Divinity degree.

836. Otter Creek Mill Dam Falls in 1917.

837. Stormy Thomas, Mrs. Gilbert McNulty and daughter, Dee McNulty.

838. Dudley Spangenberg and Joseph H. Ellam. 1908.

839. Virginia Gibson Spangenberg. 1870 - 1914.

840. Elsa Spangenburg.

841. Amelia and Jess Clark.

842. Gathering for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Ed and Annie Mitchell in 1938.

843. Annie and Ed Mitchell on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1938.

844. James H. Ellam.

845. Charles Peake, Bill Peake and Enid Hallett.

846. Robinson Memorial Episcopal Mission, Grahamton ,1940.

847. Jessie and John Clark. Lucille Clark and Floyd Mitchell in chair. 1913.

848. Bk. r: Amelia, Jessie and Jesse William Clark. Ft: Lucille and John Clark. 1914.

849. Allentown Schoolhouse.

850. Etta Peake, Paul Reesor and Harry Streible.

851. Allentown Methodist Church.

852. Jim Ellam in his delivery truck. 1913. Along with cigars, cigarettes and tobacco, he also had an iceless soda fountain.

853. The Little Red Schoolhouse in Grahamton, Ky.

854. James Henry Dailey, Sr. 1913 - 1990.

855. Jossie Dailey holding Louise Dailey.

856. L-r: Ruth and Wordie Bennett, Ray and Marion Bennett, John and Francis Williams.

857. L-r: Cora Dailey, Hattie Shumate, Jossie Dailey.

858. Mary Lu Dailey. W/o Bro. Jim.

859. Bernice and Louise Foushee w/c, Lillian Banks, Jr., Tracy Leroy and Stacy Elroy Foushee.

860. A. C. Willis.

861. Bk. r: Bertha, John, Ethel, and Airgusta Singleton. Ft. r: Lawrence, Otis, Beckham and Marshall.

862. Bk. r: John Singleton, Pink Chism, ? Chism, Clarence Chism, W. T. Elder, Bob Murphy, Walter Hamilton, Estelle Ball. 2nd. r: ?, ?, Adah Dailey, Richard Smith, Bessie Owings, Joe Curl, Sally Vernon. Ft. r: Tyler Owings, Dick Elder.

863. Sandra Leonard, Carol Boling, Sue Hobbs.

864. Bernice ( 1896 - 1985 ) and Louise (1900 - 1991) Foushee. This union lasted 64 years.

865. Elizabeth Foushee.

866. Elizabeth Foushee.

867. Wanda Banks.

868. Sam and Bernice Foushee working at the sawmill.

869. Ekron Church Deacons, 1971. Bk. r: l-r: Everett Robertson, Curtis Morgan, Marrice Simmons, Russell McCoy, Forrest Morgan, Elwood Morgan, Albert Biddle. Ft. r: J. C. Miller, Alton Roberts, Bill Sipes, Harold Simmons, Leo Simmons, Charles Blanc, Pastor.

870. L-r: Claude Jupin, Beckham Powell and James Powell decided to give this new Ford Coupe a washing in
Buttermilk Falls after going from Brandenburg Station to Detroit to buy it.

871. Malcolm, Dell, Alberta and Roscoe Smith.

872. Roy Smith, Ellis Adkisson, Roscoe Smith.

873. Russell Adkisson, Earl and Sam Mattingly, Malcolm Smith. 1927.

874. Christine Clark, Roscoe Mattingly, Myrtle Mattingly. Early 30's.

875. Ethel, Dorothy, Myrtle and Pauline Mattingly. Early 30's.

876. Cecil and Wayne Smith. 1938.

877. Bill, Cecil, Myrtle, Beverly, Joyce and Marilyn Smith. 1946. Homeplace of Tom and Minnie Logsdon.

878. Dell and Richard Smith w/g.s Leroy Coomes.

879. Ivan Baysinger, Eula Hardesty, Linoel Greenwell. 1929.

880. Malcome Smith.

881. Wayne Smith. 1937 - 1953. Behind Payneville Garage. Ca. 1950.

882. Joyce Smith. 1941. Payneville garage in background.

883. Martin Smith.

884. Roy Smith and his Model A. 1930.

885. Tudy and Hazel Thompson.

886. Gertie Murphy.

887. Mildred Calebs and a 35 Ford.

888. Opal and Sherley "Cowboy" Bennett w/c, Janet and Loetta.

889. Sherely Eugene Bennett. B/ 1914.

890. Charles and Mahala Bennett.

891. Laura Bennett Pipes.

892. Edwin and Wanda Fields.

893. Ada Pipes and Opal Jupin.

894. William and Viola Salkill Jupin.

895. Stanley and Daisy Thompson on their wedding day, June 4, 1915.

896. Lina Greer and Daisy Jupin.

897. Ben. E. Rich.

898. Leao Greenwell.

899. Alice, Preche Del, August Chism, Edd Peckenpaugh.

900. Charlie and Ellis Blake.

901. LaVern Blake.

902. George and Ellie Holland Bennett. Married in 1905.

903. Josephine and Mack Bennett Family. Wanda, Sherley, Russell, Harlan, Hazel.

904. Ellie and Sophia Bennett.

905. Edd Stiles.

906. Mary Jane Bennett Lane.

907. Mildred Vandiver Calebs.

908. This was the entertainment for the Christian Church in Battletown on June 25, 1934. Bk. to Ft. l-r: Roy Bennett, Frankie Bennett, Carl Embry. Andy Greer and Sherley Bennett.

909. Tault Wooden.

910. James Dan Shacklett.

911. Four Generations of Shacklett's. James, Dan, James David and Albert Shacklett.

912. L-r: James Dan, Dan W., Tina Mae and Wila Mae Shacklett.

913. Dan and Tina Shacklett on their 60th. Wedding Anniversary.

914. Woman's Club Tea in 1955. Zella Sturgeon, Lottie Wilson, Ruth Scott and Bernice Price.

915. Wilma, Peggy and Judy Pollock. 1950.

916. Roy, Evett, Hester, Eula, Harold, Wallace and Earle Hall.

917. Willie Graham. 1870 - 1896.

918. Elizabeth Haynes (1836-1900) and Charles Anse Graham (1837-1878).

919. Martha Graham (1874-1948) and Floyd Hall (1876-1965).

920. Thomas (1841-1912) and Sarah Hall (1846-1913).

921. Dead Horse Holler School.

922. Nannie and Owen Bassett.

923. Fair Mount School ca. 1957.

924. This two room log cabin, later with a lean-to built on, was where Roy Hall and siblings were born.

925. Jim and Willa Lou Livers with attendants, Pat and Kenny Heavrin.

926. Raymond Earl Brown and Richard Bewley.

927. Lester and Betty Barger.

928. Thelma and Sonny Dodson.

929. L-r: James Ray, John Stull, J. W. Stull, Anna Hobbs Stull, Tina Hobbs, Ralph Hobbs.

930. 4-H Students from Battletown School march past Lamar Allen Motor Sales building. July 13, 1963.

931. Evelyn Marie Mills. B/1929.

932. Ida Greenwell. 1895 - 1974.

933. Eunice Wiles Livers.

934. Debra Adelia Jarboe. 1878 - 1952. In front of St. Mary's.

935. L-r: Lawrence Greenwell, Nona Heavrin, Jim Mack Heavrin, Jenny Hardesty.

936. Joseph and Junior Hardesty, Mary and Stillmore Hardesty, Wanda Hardesty. 1946.

937. Lula Mills and Evelyn Stull. Theresa Greenwell holding Theresa Stull. 1947.

938. Joseph Roscoe Mills. 1898 - 1985.

939. L-r: Rita Adkisson, Bennie and Frank Hartley, Dennis Mills.

940. Hubert Philpott.

941. Levi and Lillie Mattingly w/c. Phillip and Geneva.

942. Bk. r: Chloa Ann and Thomas Miller, Sr. Ft. r: James Louis Miller and Elizabeth Jane Miller.

943. Charles Columbus and Sarah Barr. Ca. 1923.

944. Louis, Geraldine and Jim King. On Watson's Run Bridge in 1929.

945. L-r: Will Heavrin and Oliver King sawing wood on King homestead ca. 1928.

946. 2nd. Mooleyville School.

947. T. E. Miller. Ca. 1900.

948. The Dowden Family in 1906. Ula Leichardt, Ella Gregory, Bevily Dowden, Darnall Dowden, Sally Stith, Ione Dunn, George Clemencious Dowden, Dorothy Woolfolk, Addie Dowden, Lorena Zerr, Mabel Meyers.

949. The Dugout Restaurant was owned by Dorothy and Edwin Woolfolk. It was near the present Brandenburg Post Office.L-r: bk: G. B. and William Dowden, Patch and Dorothy Woolfolk, Ella Gregory, and Dr. Bob Dowden and Ann English.

950. Ione Lightfoot Dowden Dunn. She was a Brandenburg milliner in early 1900's. She won a gold watch in a popularity contest in 1902.

951. Battletown School Ball Team. 1960's. Top, l-r: Tommy Miller, Steven Brown, Ronnie Burrell, Irvin Mattingly. Ft: Donnie Lawson, Keith Fields, David Lawson, David Singleton. Staff, l-r: Jon Whitfield, principal, Mr. Tucker and Mr. Jesse Taylor, teachers.

952. Silver Jubilee Celebration, 1922. Ft. r: l-r: Mable Elder, Marcella Manning, Dorothy Manning, Lena Grace
Vessels, Sue Manning, Agnes Smith, ?, Lula Kullman, ? Hayden. 2nd. r: Rosalia Allen, Allice O'Bryan,
E. O'Bryan, Lucille Humbert, Pauline Manning, ?, Ruth Elder, ?, Theresa Humbert, ?, Tish Elder, Nettie Elder.
3rd. r: Augusta Elder, Victoria Higdon, Mary Manning, ? Higdon, Eunice Mattingly, Carrie Mattingly, ?, Susie
Smith, Ora Smith, ?, Dolly O'Bryan, Vestina Kullman. Rev. Father Joseph Odendahl standing in middle.

953. Harriet Cole a/d's, Edith, Alberta, Alma and Alice.

954. Robert and Hazel Hardesty on their wedding day on April 5, 1929.

955. Warren and Lillie Staple.

956. Hardesty Boys in 1944. Nickie, Bobby, Bernard, Richard and Cecil.

957. Knott Family in 1953. Bk. to ft: l-r: James, Valerie, Lilly holding Irma, Leo, Elizabeth, Edwin, Robert and Frank.

958. Joe and Philomenia Vessels at Bull Creek in 1910.

959. Richard, Jerry and Geneva Cole.

960. Tom Payne.

961. Steven Francis Durbin. 1833 - 1912.

962. Rhodes Family in 1900. Bk. to ft: l-r: Lum, Lucy, Philomenia, Ernest, Edna, James with Mary, Les, Steve, Cordelia with Frances and Rosalia.

963. Vessels Family. Standing, l-r: Joseph, Maurice, Justina, Harold, Nina and Mary. Seated: Joseph Jr., Patrick, Philomenia, Joseph Sr., Bernard and Margaret.

964. Sgt. J. Harold Vessels. W.W. II.

965. Patrick Vessels ca. 1945.

966. Wallace and Thelma Greenwell. 1929.

967. Mary Gene Greenwell.

968. Anna Mildred Greenwell.

969. 1st. Communion at St. Mary's. ?. Sheraldine Heavrin, Rena Mills, Marjorie Hardesty, LaVerne Mattingly, Raymond Fackler, Fr. Weiker.

970. Rhodelia Homemakers Club. 1950's. L-r: Margaret Kullman, Celesetine Barr, Philomenia Vessels, Ann
McMahan, Justina Schmitt, Verna Vessels, Anna Frazier, Lilly Knott, Vestina Mattingly, Pauline Barr, Viola
Elder, Sallie Greenwell.

971. L-r: Bobby McMahan, Charley, Leon, Gene, Marvin and Gary Vessels.

972. Moss Hanks, Nina Ballow, Edd Flaherty, Lawrence Ballow.

973. Ruth Flaherty Hardesty.

974. Charles and Brooke Vessels.

975. Charley and Lorella Vessels, 1948.

976. Charley and Gene Vessels. Ca.1929.

977. Linda Mattingly, Wanda Foushee, Peggy Pollock on Graduation night in 1964.

978. Mary Helen King. 1888- 1948.

979. Will Tom and Junior Chappell.

980. Winnfield Hendry.

981. Mary Lula McAuliffe. B/1890.

982. Carlton Ater and Tom Johnson.

983. Filmore Johnson and Mary Kennedy. 1938.

984. Amy Pollock Johnson. 1889 - 1970.

985. Emery Grant and Bony Johnson.

986. Gola Mae Johnson.

987. Hassie Philpott, Elbert and Icy Johnson.

988. Icy, Irene and Otis Johnson.

989. Filmore, Georgia, Violet and Forest Johnson.

990. Filmore and Georgia Johnson.

991. Bony, Otis, Sam and Tom Johnson.

992. Filmore Johnson and his team.

993. Elbert Johnson and his team.

994. Henry and Gertrude Mattingly.

995. Ethel Mattingly, Dorothy and Donald Pollock, Ed Bell. April 20, 1940.

996. Walker Pollock. 1887 - 1916.

997. L-r: Janet Wathen, Shirley Mattingly, Judy Pollock, Linda Mattingly, Wilma Pollock. Peggy Pollock h/b, Stanley, Brenda Mattingly. 1950.

998. Isaac and Mary Mattingly. 1950.

999. Juanita and Elroy Pollock at Webster Quarry in front of the row houses where the workers lived.

1000. Maxine Pollock, Pauline Mattingly, Juanita Pollock.

1001. Ida, Blanche and Rebecca Hall. 1901.

1002. David G. Hurt ca. 1920.

1003. Lucille Waddle ca. 1916.

1004. Phyllis and Larry Greenwell. 1944.

1005. Mary, Fred, Sandra and Harold Fackler.

1006. 1938 Bunker Hill Graduation Class. Boots Biddle and Juanita Pollock.

1007. Lillian Redmon, Ella Campbell, Myrtle Pollock, Sue Berryman, Alice Smith, Annie Shelman.1946.

1008. Harry Johnson, Albert Stiles, Victor Pollock, John Rieef, Ila Pollock, Elroy Pollock. With pet fox ca. 1935.

1009. Willie Staples.

1010. Blanche Hall Adkisson.

1011. Harold and LaVerne Mattingly.

1012. Bessie and Albert Stiles and Ida Knott ca. 1935.

1013. Ft: Robert, Willie and Susanna Roberts. Bk: Sally, Tina, Mary and Nelia Roberts.

1014. Camilla Pollock and Russell Johnson. Ca. 1915.

1015. Hardesty Children. 1950. L-r: Navada, Alonzo, Agnes, Kendrick, Patricia, Ray, Martha, Hilary, Mary, Joseph and Florence.

1016. Richard Martin Vandiver.

1017. Albert (1849 - 1934) and Hester Staples (1852 - 1932 ).

1018. Thompson Family. L-r: Daisy, Lillie, James, Russell and Ellis.

1019. Mary and Russell Vandiver on their wedding day, 11-21-41.

1020. L-r: Mary, Charles, Chester, Thelma, Opal and Gladys Jupin.

1021. Otho and Izola Wathen holding Norma, Laverne and Martha.

1022. Earl Brown.

1023. Gladys Jupin Lawson.

1024. Barr Family. 1908. Bk. r: l-r: Herbert, George, Alonzo, Katherine and William Barr. Mid. r: William and Mannia Peters w/d, Virginia and Pauline. Gideon and Euphrasia Barr w/d, Leola. William and Mary Wathen w/c, Bonnie, Lamar and Dennis. Ft. r: Fred, Orville and Beckham Barr.

1025. Pollock Family. Myrtle, Leo, Arthur, Lamar, Donald, Monnie, Maxine, Della, Lorene, Evelyn and Eula.

1026. Brown Family. 1922. Ray, Henry, Melissa, Verland. Zula, Earl, Izola and Claude.

1027. Woman's Club. Ft: r: l-r: Lottie Wilson, Ruth Scott, Mrs. Jonas Lyon, Florida Coleman, Rose Grinnell, Louise Logsden, Adelle Wright, Pearl McIntire, Mrs. Lou Hagan, Ella Gregory, Bernice Price. Bk. r: Minnie Bondurant, Mary Ashcroft, Alemada Logsden, Mrs. Foster Sanders, Mrs. Charles Howes, ?, Eliska Youtsler, Mrs, Irby Hardin, Emma Walton, Annie Coleman, Dr. Ridenour, ?, Mrs. Ridenour, Mollie Hatcher, Pearle Duncan, Linnie Hardaway.

1028. Dudley Tyler Smith. S/o George Grant and Jessie.

1029. Ben and Alma Cole on their wedding day.

1030. Charles Robert Clark and Minnie Alice Cole were married on May 3, 1937.

1031. Gerald Mattingly. Killed in war in 1951.

1032. Francis Mattingly.

1033. Aloysius Mattingly. 1946. Came home from war and was killed in car wreck.

1034. L-r: Minnie Alice, Martha, Mildred, Richard, James and James Henry Bondurant. 1914.

1035. L-r: Jane and Jack Dooley, Elizabeth and Olen Chapman, Mildred Goettel and Dewey Chapman.

1036. Mildred Goettel w/son's, Alan and Scott.

1037. William Sr. and Myrtle Dooley.

1038. Jack Dooley, Janet Troutman and Sue Dooley.

1039. Bk. l-r: Virginia and William Dooley, Jr., Jane and Jack Dooley, William Sr. and Myrtle Dooley, James and
Helen Williams and William Dooley, III. at the wedding of Jane and Jack in 1980.

1040. Richard Peter Shacklett.

1041. Viola Williams Shacklett.

1042. Martha Foushee Fontaine. B/ May 6, 1813.

1043. William Maury Fontaine.

1044. Charlie Scott.

1045. Laddie Hardaway Scott.

1046. Alexander A. Scott.

1047. Lily May Morris Scott.

1048. Mildred Shacklett. 1922.

1049. Hayward Shacklett. 1920.

1050. Rachelle Ashcraft Shacklett. B/4 -12-1789 - D/ 12-29-1861.

1051. Gen. Blanset Shacklett. B/ 3-18-1787 - D/ 12-5-1858.

1052. Jacob and Sallie Moorman Williams.

1053. Rachel Taylor Williams. B/ 1-13-1827 - D/ 8-29-1895.

1054. Samuel Best Williams. B/ 1-29-1823 - D/ 10-15-1865.

1055. Mary Saunders Shacklett.

1056. Elijah Shacklett.

1057. Walter Lee Scott.

1058. Harry Scott.

1059. Alex Scott.

1060. Ruth Fontaine. Ca. 1890.

1061. William Henry Scott at the Spring House ca. 1900.

1062. L-r: Ab Morton and Fletcher Scott. Ca. 1920.

1063. Harold Scott, John and Marjorie French.

1064. Thomas Walter Scott.

1065. Annie Percifull and Harrison W. Scott.

1066. Henry Stith.

1067. Irene Buckner Stith Fontaine.

1068. Minnie Cain Todd.

1069. Deborah Hobb Fontaine.

1070. Henry Winfield Scott ca. 1910.

1071. John Willett.

1072. L-r: Lena Stith, Margaret Hardaway, Mrs. Funk, Effie Wright, Laddie Scott, Edith Payne. 1949.

1073. Charles Beauregard Fontaine.

1074. Aaron Shacklett was a Union Soldier in the Civil War.

1075. Lois Hunt Shacklett. 1920.

1076. Dorothy, Fletcher and Maytie Jones Scott. 1926.

1077. Col. Aaron Fontaine.

1078. Margaret Eleanor Scott with nephew, Walter Charles Scott.

1079. L-r: Diva Fontaine and Irene Stith.

1080. L-r: Kate Kennedy, Jane Enlow Kendall, Phoebe Kennedy, Abraham Kennedy.

1081. The Stith Family in 1911. Bk. l-r: Kavanaugh , Mable, Leonard, Mary Rachel, Thomas, Hannah and Fred.
Seated: Sam, Irene, Thomas Jefferson and Hannah Stith, William and James.

1082. Old Mack with Adelissa Scott, Margaret, Mary and John Scott Witt in 1926.

1083. The Cain Sisters. Bk. l-r: Mary Coleman, Olive Alverson, Margaret Hardaway. Ft. Katherine Childs, Lucinda Stith, Louisa Gallagher.

1084. Bk. l-r: Oma Strange, Eula Mitchell, Katie Allen, Ellen Strange, ?, Lizzie Noe, Jim Ellam and Dee McNulley. Mid. r: Bart Holston, Phillip Holston, Bub Mitchell, Pete Razor, Parker Schewwsberry, Jesse Phillips, Bill Peak, Walker Peak, Will Douglas, Lewis Stocker, Supt. of the Grahamton Mfg. Co. Ft. r: ?, John Yates, George Waldrip, ?, ?, Curtis Hair.

1085. Ft; l-r: Joe, Chris and Gene McGehee. Bk: Tommy, Davis, Marie and Phillip McGehee. 1951.

1086. Campbell Family. Mary Wathen, Charley, Arvin, Mary Louise, Mary Pearl and Nora Bates Campbell. Elizabeth Marie McGehee.

1087. The Rhode Brothers of Rhodelia, Ky. were hauling logs on Christmas Eve of 1908. L-r: Paul, Sam, Jim and Leo.
The Hotel Rhodelia is at the right.

1088. Ft. r: l-r: Chetz ?, Mary Ruth Birkhead, Lydia Birkhead, Martha Leach, Bertha Birkhead, Irene Stinebruner Darnell, Viola Birkhead. Bk. r: l-r: King ?, Roy Birkhead, Ruben Birkhead, Jesse Leach, Max Birkhead, John Stinebruner, King Edward Birkhead.

1089. Flaherty Baseball Team. 1st. r: Harry Cosby, ?, Bill Skinner, Mgr. Bk. r: ?, Guy Burnett, ?,?,?,?,Adrian Hobbs.

1090. Edward Norris (1831-1906) and Lydia Payne (1843-1929).

1091. Henry, Oliver, Maggie, Alma and Clara Logsdon.

1092. Georgia and Junior Barley, Dorothy and Lillie Mae Payne, Margaret Payne and Loretta Wright.

1093. Louis, Gusta, Joe, Jimmy and John Swink. Ca. 1941.

1094. Thomas (1855-1922) and Malissa Durbin (1857-1920).

1095. Frank, Orvie and Emma Smith. Ca. 1900 in front of their home in Wolf Creek.

1096. Clarissa, Lillie Mae, Georgia and Loretta Wright.

1097. Jake Mattingly, Edgar Wright, Lillie, Thad, Dorothy, Margaret and Grace Payne, Alvin Mattingly. Mildred, Linda and Marilyn Payne. Dennis and Larry Mattingly. Ca. 1953.

1098. Bk. r: Ernie and Essie Payne, Gus and Daisy Hardesty. Ft. r: John Payne, Hallie Payne holding Claude, Lawrence and James Payne, Mary Payne holding Katie, Leona and Jenny Payne. Ca. 1896.

1099. Bk. r: Louise, Vick, Fonnie, Myrtle, Mattie and Beatrice Payne. Ft: J.E., Gusta, Tom, Thad, Hallie holding Leo and Nina Payne.

1100. Stephen F., Stephen Jr. and Joseph Durbin.

1101. 1948 Payneville Baseball Team. Bk. r: Harold Bailey, Roy Smith, Andy Barger, Ray Cashman, Norman Hardesty. Mid. r: Junius Nevitt, Richard Lawson, Rooster Pollock, Kenny Barger, Lamar Pollock, Corbett Hall. Ft. r: Clement Nevitt, Baxter Stith, Dewey Chism, Earl Wathen.

1102. Lee Heath.

1103. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coates, Anna and Paul Jr.

1104. Bill West.

1105. Mary Claycomb.

1106. Toogie, Paula, Terry and Bobba Berryman.

1107. Ft. r: Gerry Crutcher, Bobbie Bennett, Ronnie Montgomery, Gerry Gaines, Bruce Bennett, Billy Bennett, Mike Muter. Bk. r: Carol Muter, Donna Brown, Beverly Lawson, Susan Englestad, Lee Ann McCoy, Pat Collier, Nancy Dar, Mary Crutcher, Beth Bennett.

1108. A. S. and Maggie Morgan. 1949.

1109. Brandenburg Depot.

1110. Teresa Ellen Elder.

1111. Joseph Arnold Elder. 1871-1953.

1112. Lamar Staples and Floyd Elder. Trail ride in 1991.

1113. Brook Elder, Leola Barr and Agnes Elder.

1114. Dolly Railey a/s, Thomas.

1115. Emmet and Edna Curl and Emery Smith.

1116. Arlie Bennett, Sr.

1117. Emma Adkisson.

1118. Georgia Drechsel.

1119. Bk. r: Gene, Charley, Charles Jr., Brooke Vessels. Ft. r: Marvin, Leon and Gary Vessels. 1940.

1120. William Garrett Vessels.

1121. James and Mary Payne.

1122. The Buren Family in front of their home in Concordia ca. 1905.

1123. Alpha, Jeanie, Carol and Katie Cody.

1124. Charles Amie and Edna Buren.

1125. Charles Amie and Honorah Buren.

1126. Mary Stephens, Charles Amie Buren, Blanche Meeks, Mary Fowler.

1127. Mary Stephens, Mary Coats, Mary Fowler, Susan Wortham and Charles Buren.

1128. Paul and Susan Buren. They had a General Store and Hotel in Concordia.

1129. Mary Edna Duffy.

1130. Charles Raymond Buren a/d, Raymarie

1131. Belle Wheatley. She was the first Post Mistress in Flaherty.

1132. L-r: Sumner Crosier, workhand, Eleanor Melton.

1133. Gus Thomas.

1134. George and Martha Wardrip w/d, Delma Rose.

1135. Viola and Led Birkhead.

1136. Alberta and Adelia Hughes.

1137. Etta Pack and Lena Welch.

1138. Mary, Helen, Flossie and Vivian Cosby.

1139. Mary Hardaway and Marlene Boothe. Cosby and Craycroft Department Store and Flaherty Hardware in

1140. James, David and Narvel Jones.

1141. Nathan Shrewsburg, Jr.

1142. Bradley, Marvel, Bud and Phyllis Jupin.

1143. Alexis Craycroft.

1144. H.R. Warnock and William Boothe.

1145. Vivian Boothe. Dr. Cosby's office, Millinery Shop and Post Office in background.

1146. Bettie Pack.

1147. Albert Pack.

1148. Richard Lawson. WWI.

1149. Louisa and Henry Shrewsbury.

1150. Emmett, Jerry and Fred Wardrip. Georgie Wardrip, Nellie Shelton, Eula Hunt. Willa, Hayward and Joan Wardrip, George Wardrip holding Phyllis Shelton.

1151. Edward and David Wardrip.

1152. Emily and Sammy Raymer. Mary Thomas holding Thelma Pack.

1153. Agnes and Alexander Foushee, Dave and Maggie Benham.

1154. David and Sarah Lawson.

1155. William and Vivian Boothe on their wedding day. Nov. 24, 1942.

1156. Leslie and Mabel Hall w/c, Bill, Ray, Wilma, Martha and Jean.

1157. Elizabeth Benham w/g.d, Martha Benham.

1158. Adelia, Maria, Bernadette and Constance Ray. 1924.

1159. Alex Adkisson w/g.s, Herbert and Ellis.

1160. Edwin Bruner with Gov. Brerton Jones.

1161. Mack Nicholas (1874-1923) and Essie Hardesty (1880-1918).

1162. Heavrine Family. Ft. to Bk: Eva, Doug and Lambert. George, William R., Agnes, Nell, Mary and Paul. Jennings and James. Will, Emma, Robert and Lillian.

1163. William and Nell Brown.

1164. Brown Family. Bk. r: Stella, Margaret, Mary, Ollie. Ft. r: Amy, Catherine and Matilda.

1165. District Champs in 1943. Bk. r: l-r: J. Garland Brown, Owen Dugan, Wayne Pace, coach, Frank Powell, Scott Smith. Ft. r: Jesse Sims, Willard Hoskinson, Elroy Bruington, Glenn Sims, Andrew Reese.

1166. Wolf Creek Basketball Team, 1929. Ft: ?, ?. Bk. r: Beatrice Chism, Rose Gonterman, Alberta Troutman, Ida Chism, Fanny Hamilton.

1167. Robert and Frank Woolfolk.

1168. Charles Miller and Owen Dugan.

1169. Louis Crosier and George Byrum.

1170. Caleb Brown.

1171. M.H.S. 1943. Bk. r: Elbridge Gaines, Jr., Albert Shacklette, John Frymire, James Wilson. Ft. r: Raymond Board, John Dooley, Eugene Fontaine, Eddy Neafus, David Frymier.

1172. Sumner Crosier, Mac Harbaugh, Anna Crosier.

1173. Eleanor Woods Crosier. 1915.

1174. Demonstration of a wheat binder in early 1900's in Ekron, Ky.

1175. William "Ned" Brown was Sheriff of Meade Co. from 1930-1938 and County Judge from 1938-1952.

1176. Gertie Gentrie.

1177. Elizabeth Willis and Millie Foushee.

1178. A.C. Willis and Elizabeth Banks.

1179. Elizabeth, Sam and Wanda Banks. Evelyn Page, Louise and Tracy Foushee.

1180. Gladys Willis, Mary Hardaway and Elizabeth Willis celebrating her birthday.

1181. Bud and Cora Daily.

1182. Wade Brown.

1183. Margaret Berry, Loretta Vinson, Lorene Clark, Majorie Theilen, Anna Barr, Elizabeth Woolfolk, Brooks Clark,
Julia Mattingly, Laura Hatcher, Dorothy Claycomb, Elva Chism and Rachel Wright. 1943.

1184. Jossie Daily. She lived to be 104.

1185. Sam Foushee.

1186. Mitchell Singleton showing off the rattlesnake he killed in 1966.

1187. Wesley Keys.

1188. Leona McNeil Gaines.

1189. Johnny Bruner fishing in 1963.

1190. Ebb and Jerry Gaines and 62 pounds of blue catfish.

1191. Elbridge Gaines Sr.

1192. Sumner Crosier along with other Kentucky Prospector's prospecting for gold in New Mexico on July 20, 1886.

1193. Four generations of Browns. Mark Stephen, Mark Wilmoth, Joseph Garland and Katherine Elizabeth.

1194. Ethel and Edwin Bruner on their wedding day. 1930.

1195. Maude and Harry Bunger.

1196. Elbridge Gaines Jr.

1197. Greg Medley on horse. Larry Medley, Gerry Gaines, Jackie Sturgeon.

1198. Ethel, Betty and Beverly Gaines.

1199. Beverly, Gerry and Donna Gaines.

1200. Sterling Holt, Julia, Harry and Frank Harrington, Ben Walker, Ethel, Jo Ann and Edwin Bruner, Nellie Holt, Ethel Harrington, Leona Walker, Betty Bruner, Harold Wardrip

1201. Floyd, Reba and Mark Price.

1202. Mark Brown with his father, Joseph Garland. Mark was state rep. for 7 terms. 1985-1998. He is currently serving as County Judge Exe. 1998-present. His grand-father, William "Ned" Brown was co. judge from 1938-1952.

1203. Clark Family. Nina, Eugene, Mary, Lucy, Bob, Georgia, Will, Rudolph and Curt Clark. Ca. 1930.

1204. Mattingly Children. LaVerne holding Linda, Harold, Marvin, Jerry and Lynn.

1205. Charlie and Nellie Craycroft on their wedding day.

1206. Mildred and Faye Burch.

1207. Betty Landwermeyer and Lucy Clark.

1208. Forest Eugene Clark.

1209. Janice and Kay Berryman ca. 1948.

1210. Margaret Isabell Brown.

1211. Howard Drechsel holding Ann Clark, Eugene Clark holding Bobby Fackler, Rudolph Clark holding Bernard Fackler.

1212. Garfield Johnson.

1213. Forest and Rhuebena Hardin.

1214. Lafayette and Alberta Rhodes ca. 1930.

1215. June and Addie Hall and Sam Johnson.

1216. Josie Greer. 1922.

1217. Ruby Bennett. D/o Till.

1218. Mr. and Mrs. Till Bennett.

1219. Verna Bennett at Buttermilk Falls ca. 1915.

1220. B. F. Burkhart's blacksmith shop. Frank on right.

1221. Lucy Blake. 1877-1950.

1222. Clarence and Ella Campbell.

1223. Estell Claycomb.

1224. Roland Trietsch, Robert Riggle, Lamar Staples, Marie Trietsch.

1225. George Greenwell.

1226. Seven Durbin sisters enjoyed a California vacation on the occasion of Sister Mary Stephen's Gloden Jubilee. Bk. r: Cordia Rhodes, Susie O'Bryan, Agnes Manning, Sallie Pike. Ft. r: Sisters Beatrice, Mary Stephen and Joseph Leo.

1227. Four generations of the Durbin family. Fr. r: Sister Mary Stephen, her niece, Sister Patricia, her grand-niece, Sister Margaret Mary, and her Great grand-niece, Sister Geraldine.

1228. Jeff Hampton, Arvin Stith, Minnie Bland, ?, Rebecca Williams, Mrs Tom William, Tom Williams holding Vernon, Clinton Jenkins, Amelia Jenkins, Sam Brown, Sue Brown, Joe Williams, Bro. Buchanon. Garnett Brown, Ines Jenkins, Addie Williams, Emmett Williams, Henry Williams, Vernon Williams, Lewis, Grover and Henry Williams. Leora and Orpha Brown. Minnie, Thomas, Kate, Jack, Jim and Amanda Williams, Hannah Stith, Thomas Jefferson Stith, Sallie, John and Jacob Williams. Ca. 1900.

1229. Sallie Roberts Mattingly.

1230. Bk. r: Frank Philpott holding Herbert, Levie Pollock holding Camilla, Willis Chappell. Ft. r: Sam Johnson holding Gola Mae, Addie Hall, Jane Hall holding Mary Earle, Hayden Bassett.

1231. Hall Family. Bk. r: Jane, Ida, Kate, Floyd. Ft. r: Beck, Blanche, Louise and Laura.

1232. Fr. bk: ?, Ernest Wright,Gill Wright, Asbury Groves, Ed Wright, ?, Walter Scott, Fletcher Scott, Tommy Stith, Arvin Stith, Tony Williams, Harold Scott, Ernest Dowell. ?, John Williams, Ray Keith, Dr. Sam Stith, Thomas Williams, Jake Williams, ?, John R. Harden, ?, John Lewis.

1233. Erie Hicks, Dottie Scott, Elizabeth Stith, James Hicks, Ruby Payne, John Witt, Lysle Payne, Mary Ladd.

1234. R. 1: Ned Brown and "Dude" Parr. R. 2: Bert and Tom Parr, ?, John Brown. R. 3: Arthur King, Will Heavrin, ?, Embert Brown.

1235. Oliver Columbus and Sylvia Pack w/c, Bill, Earl and Thelma.

1236. Henry Columbus and Susan Pack w/s, Claude. Ca. 1893.

1237. William and Katie Pack.

1238. Jim and Bertha Pack.

1239. Robert and Ruby Pack.

1240. Francis, Myra and Buster Cunningham. 1937.

1241. Myra Pack, Emily Lawson, Mabel Pack.

1242. Permelia and William Pack.

1243. Mabel, Myra and Oliver Pack.

1244. Douglas and Isabell Chism, Myrtle and Theodore Bennett, Effie, Fred, John, Edna and Evelyn Chism.

1245. Arthur Chism.

1246. Rob and Tim Sims, Alice Chism holding Payne Sims, Gina and Lee Ann Sims.

1247. Dennis Dutschke, Roma Sims, Jr.

1248. Ruby Craycroft and Elizabeth Crutcher.

1249. Joe "Diddler" and Jean Craycroft. 1943.

1250. Estella Craycroft.

1251. Mary Jane Mills, Kathleen Craycroft, Mary Lottie Snyder, Christine, Rita and Juanita Craycroft.

1252. Joe and mary Jane Craycroft on their wedding day. 1934.

1253. Mary Jane and Sally Mills and Dick Pile.

1254. Mary Jane Craycroft and Josephine Ritchie.

1255. Marion and Dorothy Lancaster on their wedding day.

1256. Nancy and Columbus Allen, JoAnna and Jim Thomas, Rebecca Powell and grandson.

1257. Frank and Lillie Young.

1258. John (1847-1929) and Mary Catherine Chism (1849-1931).

1259. Dewey and Alice Chism's wedding day. 1949.

1260. Dewey Chism, Edd Hardesty, Charles Lampkin.

1261. Joe and Fannie Reese Mills.

1262. Frances Mills and Wayne Hobbs.

1263. Barney and Georgia Ann Jupin.

1264. Ruby Cosby.

1265. Willie and Magdalene Shrewsbury.

1266. Harry Cosby.

1267. Francis Vowels and Marie Mills.

1268. Craycroft Women. Marie, Nellie, Anna, Sue Ellen and Lilly.

1269. Mary Jane Mills and Wilma Vowels.

1270. Kathleen Medley.

1271. Craycroft Men. John Martin, Charlie, Ochie.

1272. Ann, Jecory, Rose and Jean Craycroft.

1273. Mildred Mills, Margaret Mills holding Keith, Sally Whelan, Fanny Mills, Mary Jane Craycroft holding Joe. Helen Mills, Patty Whelan, Kathrine Mills. 1936.

1274. James and Annie Cissell. Hazel and J. B. Thomas.

1275. Ruben, Mary, J. R. and John Thomas.

1276. Maggie Hiner. Age 83.

1277. Wilbur and Bessie Prather.

1278. John Thomas Benham. 1907.

1279. J. R. Thomas.

1280. Emmons and Annie Benham.

1281. James and JoAnna Thomas.

1282. Alice Powell.

1283. Jeff Powell.

1284. Rachel Powell a/c, Hobert, Mary and Nellie. Ca. 1902.

1285. Ann Clark. 1938.

1286. Opal and Faye Curl. 1931.

1287. Kirby, Homer and Beulah Pollock. Ca. 1910.

1288. Louis and McHenry Benham.

1289. Betty Jean Bruner.

1290. Henry Bonventure Livers. 1834-1921. He was sheriff of Meade County.

1291. Smith Family. Bk. r: Janie, Martha, Molly, Fannie, Addie. Ft. r: Thomas, Susan, Albert and Jessie.

1292. Marian, Carolyn and Helen Mills at Mammoth Cave Lodge in 1942.

1293. Twins, Norbert and Frank Medley at the age of 15.

1294. Francis and Eliza Norberta Medley. Ca.1900.

1295. L. Nelson Whitfield. Ca. 1911.

1296. Addie Frances Stith Whitfield. Ca. 1911.

1297. Catherine Mae Hardin.

1298. Bk. r: Harold Hall, Hubert and Sarah Hardesty, Hazel, Margaret, ?, Wallace, Lena and Roy Hall, Hester and Sidney Sadler. Ft. r: Roy Hall Jr., Earle Chism, Sonny and Martha Hardesty, Martha Hall holding Wayne Hardesty, Floyd Hall holding LaVerne Hardesty, Andy Keys holding Mary Hall.

1299. Harold Dodson, Bernard and Thelma Dodson, Daphine Richardson, Wade Richardson, Ann Bruner. Oct. 21, 1949.

1300. Edward Junius Greenwell. 1850-1893.

1301. O'Bryan Boys making music at the Tar Springs Resort near Cloverport. L-r: Louis, Herman, Junius and Ambrose.

1302. In 1949 Mr. Alex Medley wrote the largest family insurance policy for Farm Bureau he had ever written. It was for the Bruner family. Bk. r: Jimmy, Leonard, Howard, Alex Medley, Elmer, Charles and Thelma. Ft. r: Doris, Audrey, Lillie Mae holding Verna, Carlton holding Vernon, Dalton, Wayne, and Ann.

1303. The Gay Blades of 1922. L-r: Virgil McCracken, Charles Mills, Joseph Bickett, James Mills.

1304. Mills Family. L-r: Mildred, Anthony, Carolyn, Charles, Charles R., Helen, Joseph, David. Ft: Catherine.

1305. Graduation Class of Ekron High School, 1925. Bk. - Ft: Maude Miller, Dinsmore Nisbet, Will Tom Stith, Gladney Smith, Robert Shumate, George Stith, Nannie Allen, Virginia Richardson, Ruth Stith, Lillian Payne, Sylvia McCoy.

1306. Diane Williams. B/ 9-8-1953

1307. Catherine Thomas. B/ 3-14-1930

1308. Louis H. O'Bryan. B/ 2-22-1881

1309. Elizabeth M. O'Bryan. B/ 11-10-1891

1310. Richard R. Wallace. B/ 9-4-1960

1311. Lena A. Goins. B/ 2-9-1915.

1312. Pattie M. Wallace. B/ 6-15-1957

1313. Angela M. Wallace. B/ 12-20-1973

1314. Phillips Memorial Baptist befor the April 4, 1974 tornado.

1315. Phillips Memorial Baptist after the tornado.

1316. No caption.

1317. No caption.

1318. No caption.

1319. No caption.

1320. Battletown School. Top r: Harry Troutman, Dorothy Bennett, James Kellem, Janette Bennett, Junior Bruner, Faye Faye Johnson, James King, Thelma Greer. 2nd r: Lillian Troutman, Wally Bennett, Sue Green, Barry Higgins, Ruth Crawford and Norman King. 3rd r: Junion Kendall, Peggy Chism, Medley Rayburn, Margaret Popham, Jesse Hardin, Deana Bennett, Velda Bennett and Norma Padgett. 4th r: Mary Troutman, Rose Fields, Lora Bennett, Polly Kendall and Janet Hardesty.

1321. Oolite School. Bot. -Top: Verna Embry, Jean Higgins, Jean Cummings, Ava Hockman. Robert Greer, Delores Cummings, Naomi Bogard, Ina Hockman. Jack Bogard, Harold Cummings, Johnny Hockman. Carl Embry, Jr., Cletus Portlock. Amos Greer, Hazel Crawford, Jo Higgins, Beulah Vandiver. Eula Vandiver, Corrine Carver, Virginia Embry, Viola Hockman. Mary Embry, George Hockman, Kenneth Embry, Lemuel Greer, George Vandiver.

1322. Rob and Joe Chism and Chester Troutman.

1323. Hazel, Erma and Chester Troutman.

1324. Long Branch Blacksmith Shop. Sign on right say: "Get Your Horse Shod Here For Pulling or Riden." Owned by
the Joseph and Manerva Bennett family.

1325. Stony Huffman, Henry Berryman and Jim Miller.

1326. Hazel Troutman. Ca. 1920.

1327. Thomas Wesley Smith Family ca. 1921 in Battletown.

1328. John Franklin, John Stinebruner holding Alice Stinebruner.

1329. John and Alviria Stienbruner w/s, John Franklin.

1330. Irene and John Stienbruner w/c., Pat, John, Lorena, Emma and Rosa Lee.

1331. Richie Children: Gasoway, Elbert, Sam, Ralph and Bernard. Della, Maude, Eva, Jewel and Ina Rose.

1332. Mary Rhodes.

1333. James Hughes w/c., Lula, James, George and Beatrice.

1334. Rosalie Hughes with her canary which was a gift from her suitor, Bernard Ritchie. Ca. 1933.

1335. This Bernard Ritchie family photo was taken by Charlie Farmer for RECC to be used as an example of a family
using electric heat for their home. However, they opted not to get electric heating because of poor insulation. Ca.
1950. L-r: Rosalia, Delores, Bernard, Joe, Betty and Shirley.

1336. L-r: Shirley Ritchie, Audrey Pawlawski, Francis and Joseph Richie, Mary Ann Pawlawski.

1337. Bernard and Rosalia Ritchie on their wedding day with his parents, Ola and Charles Columbus. Sept. 18, 1934.

1338. Flaherty family. Ft. r: Helen, Sister Ruth Helen and William. Bk. r: Ed, Ruth, Pershing, Harry, Joe, Louella and Gus.

1339. Elizabeth Hardesty.

1340. G. H. ( Hugh) Hardesty.

1341. James and Mary Ruth Flaherty on their wedding day. May 3, 1938.

1342. L-r: Roy Allen, Stanley Cain, Martha holding Wanda, Edna and Jennie Cain, Walbert and Stanley Penn, Elizabeth and Patricia Penn, Ray and Mildred Griffee holding Vivian.

1343. Rhoda Board Griffee holding Roy, Chris Griffee with Hubert.

1344. Mildred Benham. Age, 5 years.

1345. Roy Dean Benham.

1346. Gory and Lena Prather.

1347. Ray Griffee. Ca. 1923.

1348. Nannie and Jennie Fowler. 1906.

1349. Griffee family. Mildred holding Ronald, Ray holding Vivian.

1350. James Washington and Mary Elizabeth Fowler.

1351. Cain Family. Stanley, Hettie, Pearl, Mary, Tom and Modie.

1352. Mary and Stuart Griffee.

1353. Joe and Mary Rush Fowler.

1354. Hettie Cain Fowler.

1355. Ada Terry Thompson.

1356. Lovie Clements and Ella Cain.

1357. Nannie Kennedy Brown.

1358. Robert "Eck" Brown.

1359. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clements.

1360. James, Loiver, Thomas and Steward Fowler.

1361. Sam, Walter, James and Joe Fowler.

1362. Bk. r: Walter, Jane and Frank Fowler. Ft. r: Sam, Louis and Mary Fowler.

1363. Sam and Lucinda Clements.

1364. Nancy, John and Thomas Board.

1365. Mae, Nora, John, Jess, Georgia and Laura Board.

1366. Cain Family. Sitting: Mary Cain. Bk. r: Thomas, Stanley, Pearl, Hettie, Ella, Lilly and Modia.

1367. Beech Grove School.

1368. Julia Funk. 1948.

1369. Frances and John Williams and John Jr. 1921.

1370. Herbert Chism and Wordie Bennett. Ca. 1905.

1371. Ruth Johnson Bennett. Ca. 1918.

1372. Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Hardesty. He was 86 and she was 84. 1948.

1373. Elzy, Edna, Embert and Masena Greenwell.

1374. Wolfcreek School. Ca. 1947. 1st. r: Norma Padgett, Carol Bullock, Faye Johnston, Sue Singleton, Joe Troutman. 2nd. r: Glen Dean Curl, Louie Troutman, Kenneth Curl, Edwin Singleton, Edwin Bullock, Jerry Webb. 3rd. r: Betty Webb, Carolyn Crawford, Peggy Chism, Mansel Thompson, Shirley Chism, Wayne Eden, Robert Singleton, Hubert Curl, Wayne Johnson. 4th. r: Imogene Bullock, Geneva Thompson, JoAnn Singleton, Eleanor Crawford, Helen Hardin, Peggy Webb, Lee Parr King, Richard Crawford, Bill Troutman. 5th. r: Estel Troutman, Charles Singleton, Dorothy Hardesty, Bennie Curl, Harry Bullock Jr., Paul Hardin, Billy Singleton, Chester Troutman, teacher.

1375. Beachland School. 1st. r: Kenneth Curl, Eddie Harpol, Gordan Curl, Don Bullock, Lee Parr King, Earl Adams, Hubert Curl. 2nd. r: Norma Padgett, Ethel Singleton, Louis Troutman, Betty Allen, Eunice Singleton, ?, ?. 3rd. r: Alberta King, teacher, Glen Curl, Chester Singleton, Charles Singleton, Earl Singleton.

1376. Stony Point School.

1377. Pierpoint School. 1919. 1st. r: Annabelle Troutman, Marie Harrison, Mabel Troutman, Herman Pollock. 2nd. r: Earl Harrison, Inez Curl. 3rd. r: Verda Curl, Sally Curl, Myra Pollock, Zulpha Pollock, teacher.

1378. Grade School where library is now. Ft. r: Mary Miller, Garland Brown, Dolph Lampkin, ?, Loyd Walker, Minnie Wardrip, Edward Foor. 2nd. r: Edward Brown, Lorene Thompson, Jean Wilson, Daymon Givens, Alvin Trent, Scott Smith, Edith Jones. 3rd. r: Jesse Sims, Robert Basham, Reba St.Clair, Melvin Whelan, Nina Hardesty, Viola Berry, Charles Hollloway. 4th. r: Billy Kaelin, Nina Ashcraft, Paralee Lutrell, Mildred Lawson, Helen Powell, ?, Geraldine Doner.

1379. M.C.H.S. ca. 1938. 1st. r: Jennie Smith, Dorothy Chism;, Nannie Shelton, Haxel Givans, Mary Virginia Moreman, Mildred Dooley, Maude Miller, teacher. 2nd. r: Hugh Drury, Lewis Bondurant, Edna Pollock, Virginia Allen, Dorothy Lusk, Mildred Board, Glynn Heavrin, Paul Waddell. 3rd. r: William Wilson, Jimmy Cox, Nevitt Powell, Roy Fowler, Harold Catinna, Harold Poole, C.W. Doner, Jack Scott.

1380. M.C.H.S. 1938. L-r: front to back:Laura Bosley, Eleanor Wilson, Dorothy Wilson, Katherine Hunt, Hallie Mills, Lenora Richardson. Kenneth Brown, Millard Brown, Bobby Lusk, Thelma Brown, ?, Dorothy Scott, Gussie Frymire, Gerard Bircher, Howard Neafus. James Willie McCoy, J.P. Powell, Edwin Barr, James Luther McCoy, ?, Wilbur Ashcraft, John Burnett, Patch Woolfolk.

1381. Brandenburg 8th. Grade Class. 1937. Bk.- ft: l-r: Maude Miller, teacher, Wilbur Brown, Carl Secuskie, Harry Coleman, C. K. Miller. Ronald Hoskinson, Barnett Medley, William Dooley, Ray Coleman, Jr., John English, William Trent, Ethel Thompson, Mary Louise Cox, Velma Pollock, Minnie Alice Bondurant, Dorothy Miller, Mildred Shelton, Geraldine Doner, Lillian Allen, Reva StClair, Nina Dowell.

1382. Mooleyville School. 1908. Ft. to bk; l-r: Alton Manning, Naomi Beaven, Frances P'Bryan, Bob Manning, John Elder, Victorine Burch, Bill Vessels, Sebastian Vessels. Lucy Burch, Ed Spinks, Lucille Manning, Lee Egart, Ruth Elder, Corbett Burch, Melissa Russell, Roy Stiff, Gertrude Burch, Pauline Elder, Merlin Elder. Mattie Egart, Anna Manning, Damon Beaven, Lillian Elder, Stella Beaven, Cora Burch, Joe Speaks, Katie Egart, Alma Stiff, Ida Speaks, Carlisle Manning, Rufus McCoy, teacher.

1383. Mooleyville School. 1927. Ft.- bk: l-r: Lorene Waddle, Paul Waddle, Margaret Nix, Ella Clark, Bernard Redmon, ?, Johnny Nix, V. L. Burch. Joe O'Bryan, Mary Staples, Mary Clark, Fonnie Burch, Adelia O'Bryan, Laura Pike, Catherine Staples, Christine Speaks, Lillie Nix, Richard O'Bryan.

1384. Oak Grove. 1927. Ft.-bk: l-r: Joe Coleman, Allen Hamilton, Edward Haynes, Emma Ashcraft, Nannie Abell, Lucille Enlow, Wilbur Ashcraft, Albert Coleman, Ralph Kanatza, Ralph Brown, Fred Brown, Viola Haynes, Frances Hamilton, Robert Enlow, Robert Ashcraft, Abbott Ashcraft, Chris Ashcraft, teacher.

1385. Flaherty H.S. 1948. Ft. - Bk. l-r: Mildred Greenwell, Norma Foushee, Joe Hager, Bill Vandivaar, Bobby Hamilton, Joe Mills, Eugene Crutcher, Ann Coffman, Beatrice Hardesty. Bertha Shircliffe, Martha Hager, Anna Jones, Irma Knott, Mary Birch, Elizabeth Yates.

1386. Stewart and Anne Pepper.

1387. Grist Mill and Cotton Factory in Grahamton, Ky. in 1940. The cotton factory packed cotton and also made mop
yarn. The sign over the door of little building says McCord Company.

1388. Nathaniel L. Gibson. Ca. 1901.

1389. Wattie Turner.

1390. Annie and Floyd Mitchell.

1391. Merchantile Store in Grahamton owned by Charlie Cambell. Mary, Arvin and Charlie Campbell.

1392. Garland Pike and Charlie Peak in Charlies store.

1393. Charlie Peak standing in the doorway of his store in Grahamton.

1394. Bk. r: Cathy Smith, Joann Bruner, Peggy Jenkins, Mildred Lusk, Georgina Hubbard, Wova Goodman. Ft. r: Sister Andreina Summot, Sister Rosalba Gott, Sister Lucilla Mangion, Pat Heavrin.

1395. Pleasant "Doc" ( 1838 - 1916 ) and Elizabeth Prather ( 1849 - 1939 ).

1396. Livers Family. Jimmy, Henry Jr., David, Ronnie, Monica, Mary, Joseph, Lillian, Michael, Bruce, Lillian and Henry.

1397. Flagerty School. 1957. 1st. r: William Ray, Joe pike, Frank Powers, Jenny Wemes, Norma Wathen, Russell Ritchie, Frances Pike, Mary Hardaway, John Lancaster, Julia Foushee. 2nd r: Sister Marie Secunda, Patsy Grancher, George Lancaster, Marlene Boothe, Patsy Dobbs, Lola Carman, Marilyn Shacklette, Dale Brown, Jerry Craycroft, Ann Whelan. 3rd. r: JoAnn Mills, Joe Greenwell, Laurine Sheeran, Karen Hill, ?, Betty Corbett, Mary Shacklette, Ben Hobbs, Paul Crutcher.

1398. William Buford Lancaster. 1832 - 1908.

1399. Jennie M. Dillard. 1845 - 1888.

1400. Louise and Phil Medley. 1914.

1401. Charles Mills, Virgil McCracken, Stanley Mill. Just hoggin' around. 1920.

1402. Henry Hardin Pollock.

1403. Annie and Dr. David Elmer Youstler. 1918.

1404. Newt Mattingly.

1405. Appolonia Jones. 1884 - 1927.

1406. Alma Alice Mattingly.

1407. Frank B. McAuliffe.

1408. Mamie McNally.

1409. Annie Berry Lancaster. W/o. Foster.

1410. Katie Thompson and son.

1411. Albert Shircliff. 1878 - 1906.

1412. Claude Buckman.

1413. Robert (1882-1968) and Maude Jones (1884-1927).

1414. James and Julia Medley.

1415. John Lancaster.

1416. Ernie Lancaster.

1417. Alice Mattingly.

1418. Max Givans. WWI.

1419. Tot Corum and Richard Helen Livers. 1950.

1420. Martha Ann Powell.

1421. Emma Yates, Lizzie Ailsworth, Mrs. Hallett, Halley, Joe and Mrs. Thomas, Nathaniel Gibson, Sam Randall, Irene
Yates, Sprague Hallett, Edith Thomas and Monica Drewery. Ca. 1904.

1422. Archie Troutman and Delbert Beck. Archie was the Rawleigh dealer.

1423. Flaherty family. Earl, Bonnie, John, Mike holding Gerald, Blanch and Pat.

1424. Winifred and Stephen Brown.

1425. Owen C. Argabright. WWI. 1919.

1426. Marie Mullins.

1427. Alma and Dennis Baysinger.

1428. Luther Washington Argabright. 1853 - 1923.

1429. Anthony Pike. 1953 - 1999.

1430. Louise, Mildred, Mary Jo and Florence Medley. 1920.

1431. Buford, Bernard and Philip Medley. 1924.

1432. Generose Medley Herschfield. 1952.

1433. Emma Flaherty Adkisson. 1913.

1434. Charles and Mildred Mills on their wedding day. Apr. 22, 1924.

1435. Carolyn and Cathy Mills. 1942.

1436. Claude and Gertrude King, Will and Helen Flaherty.

1437. Seated: Clarence and Ella Campbell. Dorothy, Imogene, Bill, Beulah and Joe. Ca. 1910.

1438. Joe and Bernadetta Pike, Aloysius and Loreda Pike, Viola and Hubert Fackler, Father Charles Kelty.
Aug. 27, 1952.

1439. Leonder and Carlton Bruner.

1440. Owen and Catherine Argabright. 1920.

1441. Sirocco School. Top - Bot: l-r: Jessie Pike, Martin Thornsberry, Hale Current, Lawerence Greer, Henry Barr, teacher, James Current, J. C. Miller, Fred Morgan. Hayes Morgan, Robert Dugan, Fred Pike, Mary Smith, Robert Smith, Lonnie Burch, Lamar Burch, Robert Burch, Samuel Current. Evelyn Foushee, Christine Miller, Gertrude Greer, Nancy Burch, Lorena Greer, Lucille Burch, Eula Stull, Christine Stull, Ora Burch, Lorena Pike, Hazel Huffman and Mary Current. Cashman Burch, Hubert Huffman, Fred Brown, Ralph Brown, Roscoe Stiles, Jim Huffman, Chris Smith.

1442. Ball Knob School. T- B: Joe Mills, ?, Hugh Philpott, ?, Lee Bandy, Brown Smith, Minnie Mills, Annie Mills, Sallie Kendall, Jane McCoy, Lena Sherlock, Nannie Kendall, Mr. Nick Tilford, Lula Sherlock, Bud McCoy, Mollie Richardson, Ella Smith, Addie Foushee, Sue McCoy, Alice Neafus, Ruie Brown, Belle Neafus, Mary Kendall, Jane Brown, Maude Brown, Ada Bandy, Betty McCoy, Phoebe Kendall, Ruth McCoy, Hettie Philpot, Ella Mills, Hallie Basham, Albert Smith, Frank Philpot, Jesse Bunger, Eugene Smith, David Baskett, Ken Mills, Azariah Bruce, Chester Brown, Sam Bunger.

1443. Payneville School. 1946. JoAnn Logsdon, Doris Smith, Marie Akers, Betty Akers, Shelly Wilcox, Ray Bailey, Ray Bassett. Harold Mattingly, Curtis Williams, Carol Barley, Bill Lampkin, Marvin Rhodes, Wayne Lampkin, Harold Bailey, Junior Barley, Foster Dempster, Wade Redmon. Bonnie Coomes, Monnie Redmon, Jerry Cole, Wendell Akers, Lamar Cooms, Larry Pollock, Marvin Mattingly, Thelma Smith, Betty Jarboe, Ruth Mills.

1444. Flaherty High School. 1956. T-B: l-r: Albert Sipes, James Snider, W. A. Sipes, Norbet Brown, Hank Thompson, Gerald Greenwell, Joe B. Hall, Dickie Vowels. Bill Adkisson, John Greenwell, Sam Hamilton, John Held, Anthony Mills, Charlie Brown, Bill Smith, Virgil Sipes, Maxcel Brown. Lois Wathen, Theresa Foushee, Mary Rhodes, Lois Lockard, Rosalie Lancaster, Betty Thompson, Mary Lancaster, Rose Hunt, Joetta Whelan, Loula Ritchie.

1445. Cedar Flats School. Ca. 1949. Don Crawford, RoyLee Cunningham, Jack Troutman, Catherine Chism, Annabelle Vandiver, Eleanor Crawford, Louis Crawford, Alvin Thompson, Mary Troutman, Norman King, John Vandiver.

1446. L-R: Shirley Vandiver and Martha Padgett.

1447. Peter Kullman. 1829-1892.

1448. Elizabeth Cook Kullman. 1839-1891.

1449. Gabriel and Mary Rhodes.

1450. Charles Ernest Gilliland.

1451. Rhodes family. Rosemary holding William, Stephen W., Steven Francis and Dorothy.

1452. L-r: Herbert Osborne, McDonald Osborne, Henrietta Osborne, Father Score, McConnell Voss, Avery Voss, Roscoe Osborne.

1453. Bk. r: Mary Osborne, Lorena Gilliland, Isabel Greenwell, Mary Gilliland, Rosetta Gilliland holding Lucille, William Gilliland. Ft: Geraldine Gilliland, Ilena Gilliland, Bernadine Osborne, Frank Osborne.

1454. Augustine Owen Rayborn. 1893-1919. WWI.

1455. John, Joseph and Zorada Kullman.

1456. James F. Rhodes. 1855-1901.

1457. James Clark and Mary Osborne.

1458. Margaret Baumann.

1459. Charles and Johnny at West Point.

1460. Dudley Spangenberg and friend at Sugar Tree Springs at Otter Creek, Grahamton, Ky. in 1929.

1461. A get-together at Indian Hills near Grahamton, Ky. Etta, Mat, Emily, Dave, Phinea, Reldia, Eula.

1462. Home of Phillip Holston at Grahamton, Ky. on Sept. 16, 1940.

1463. Bill Williamson horse and buggy. Etta, Ernie, Evilena, Mrs. Peak.

1464. Military parade coming into Grahamton, Ky.

1465. James Ellam and Dudley Spangenberg.

1466. Gilliland family. Bk. r: Paul, Celestine, Roberta, Jim. Ft. r: Ann, Edith, Lucy and Charles.

1467. Henry M. (Monk) Ross. Mayor of Brandenburg from 1974-1981. Two term County Judge Executive, 1986-1994.

1468. Flagerty High, 1953. Top r: Bill Shacklette, Joe Ritchie, Jimmy Lancaster, Carrol Sipes, Cecil Smith, Lamar Padgett, Leo Padgett, Robert Ritchie, Pat Lancaster, Mike Whelan, ?. Mid. r: ?, Dorothy Wathen, Rena Cosby, Mildred Powers, Rachel Coffman, Mary Lou Whelan, Nancy Greenwell, Barbara Pike, Margie Lancaster, Mary Ann Lancaster, Anna Rake, Doris Rake, Tommy Foushee. Front: Eugene Brown, Janie Vowels, Delores Hobbs, Mary Clara Whelan, Betty Jo Brown,Georgina Jones, Mary Agnes Redman, Joan Greenwell, Raphael Brown.

1469. Sand Hill School ca. 1937. ?, Nina Nobel, Paul Allgood, Kathleen Miller, Bobby Knott. Ruth Knott, Florene Knott, Pauline Chism, Florene Mattingly, Sidney Chism, Howard King, Lamar Brown, ?, Jesse Carmen, Jack King, Raymond Brown, Alex Carmen, Jr., teacher, Eunice Wiles. Patrick Brown, Mary Pike, Virginia Pike, Dorothy Mattingly, Maurice King, Robert Brown.

1470. Payneville School Class Trip To Mammoth Cave in 1960. Bk. r: l-r: Jimmy Greenwell, ?, Corbett Conder. Mid. r: Elizabeth Vessels, teacher, David Hall, Rudolph Spinks, Tony Stith, Leroy Humphry, Larry Chism, Wayne Brown, Jimmy Allen, Sue Self, Darlene Livers, Randall Barley. Front r: Jackie Haynes, Linda Mattingly, Linda Hardesty, Peggy Pollock, Vivian Rhodes, Anna Flaherty, Jessie Cain, Wayne Jarboe, Wayne Bruner, Diane Chism, Alfreda Watkins.

1471. M.C.H.S. ca. 1928. Ft. r: J.B. Woolfolk, Harvey Ditto, Hayes Morgan, ?, Edward Thornhill, ?, Anita Smith, Dorothy Board, Ida Board, Josephine Harrington, Martha McGehee, Gladis Partridge. 2nd. r: Francis Brown, Emily Powell, Emma Applegate, Anna Hawes, ? Powell, Wanda Greer, Martha Bondurant, Aliene Birch, Ann McGehee. 3rd. r: Rena Scott, Verna Board, Christene Allen, Nina Prather, Agnes Benham, ?, ?, ? Prather, Louise Coleman, Elva Brown, Ruth Brown, Mary Lyons, Mary Grinnell, Ruth Ashcraft, Ruby Miller, Edna Ditto, Nellie Lusk. 4th. r: Joe Hamilton, Perry Lusk, Frank Haynes, Eunice Wiles, Agnes West, Lucille Smith, Shirley Chism, Naoma Greenwell, Gladis Whelan, Harry Applegate, ?, John McGehee, ? Powell, Euett Hall, Estes Allen, Alex Foushee, Gazelle Wiles. Bk. r: Lamar Haynes, Bill Heavrin, Fred Morgan, Henry Clay, Ella Gregory, Teacher, Elizabeth Hagan, Curtis Brown, Jake Hamilton, Robert Young, Lambert Heavrin, Dennis Allen, James Frake, Walter Scott, William Frymire.

1472. Concordia School ca. 1880. Ft. r: Pearl Stith, Creston O'Bryan, Claude Cooper, Shelby Cooper, Louise Brown, Paul Buren, Sue Buren, ? Raley, Della Stith. Mid. r: Gusta Brown, Ida Harris, Oliver King, Viola Chris, Annie Riley, ?, Davis Brown, ? Stith, Ollie Brown, Inez Brown, Monnie Riley, Leck Brown, Iva King, C. Riley. Bk. r: Raymond Brown, Fannie King, Guy Harris, ? Brown, Elsie Pollock, Catherine Brown, Emma Partridge, Gilbert Cooper, ?, Kate Peters, Geneva Tyler, Ernest Chris, Arthur King, Mae Elder, Margaret Brown.

1473. Andyville School Rally, 1910. Top r: Bob Heavrin, Lawrence Pike. 2nd. r: Will Pike, Blanche Spinks, Simon Greenwell, Louisa O'Bryan, Melissa Brown, ?, Mary Greenwell, Gertrude Greenwell, Polly Kerrick. 3rd. r: Chester Heavrin, Ida Greenwell, ?, Philomena Greenwell, Francis Heavrin, John Spinks, Virginia Heavrin, Lorena Greenwell, Joseph Murley, Avadelle Heavrin. 4th. r: ?, Lila Brown, Eula Parr, Edna King, ?, ?, Rena Norris, Alverda Greenwell, ?, Marcella Spinks. Bot. r: Earl Greenwell, Spalding Heavrin, ?, ?, Gregory Heavrin, Verland Brown, Herman Greenwell, George Spinks, Raymond Heavrin, Roy Brown, Carter Spink.

1474. Arnold School. 1949. Bk. r: Mary Mattingly, Willie Fackler, Charlotte Will;iams, Mrs. Joseph Vessels. R. 3: Louise Fackler, Mary Greenwell, Phyllis Greenwell, Venetta Vessels, Eula Williams, Betty Basham, Ann Clark, Wanda Hardesty, Janice Chappell. R. 2: Richard Basham, Jerry Greenwell, Jackie Chappell, Bernard Fackler, Charles Fackler, Lamar Mattingly. R. 1: Floyd Greenwell, Johnny Vessels, Kenneth Pollock, Larry Greenwell, Mike Clark.

1475. Payneville School. Bk.-Ft.: Roy Smith, Charles Blake, Gobel Allen, Harold Hall, Genieve Berryman, Allen Clark, Donald Allen, Sarah Hall, Pearl Redman, Lorene Pike, Hazel Huffman, Ethel Heavrin, Irene Redman, Violet Berryman, Robert Dugan, Guy Redman, Bernard Greenwell, Jesse Pile, Nettie Prather, ?, Wanda Heavrin, Catherine Chism, Alberta Staples, Nancy Burch, Hubert Huffman, Cashman Burch, Nolan Prather, Verland Hardesty, Velma Staples, ?, Ruth Heavrin, Susie Clark, Earle Clark, Nannie Hardesty, Evelyn Prather, Reba Miller, Geneva Staples, Robert Clark, Harold Barley, Roy Staples, Nina Adkisson, Mary Ashcraft, Ruth Heavrin, Thelma Adkisson, Harold Burch, Edwin Barr, Leroy Burch, Dewey Chism, Glenn Adkisson, Lamar Hardesty, Tom Barr, Roy Staples, Charles Clark, Willie Staples.

1476. Old Richardson Home. Baby in buggy, Dudley Tylor Smith, Marie Smith, Jessy Richardson Smith sitting on
porch. George Grant Smith in top hat, Mariah Richardson, George David Richardson who served in the Civil
War as a Confederate Soldier.

1477. Nona Elizabeth King w/s, Jack Aloysius King. Jack was born on July 26, 1925 and this was his 76th. birthday. Nona was born July 28, 1904. She will be 97 years of age and still has her hair done.

1478. Meade County Jail. In April of 1906 it was decided that a new jail was needed for the county. The cost was not to exceed $ 7,947. 50. It was completed in October of 1906. Though no longer in use it is still standing.

1479. County Officals in 1974. Bk. to ft: ?, Bernard Greenwell, Kenneth Goff, James Woolfolk, James E. Greer, seated, Earl Glenn, Bill Medley, Alex Stone, Ralph Johnson, Fairleigh Yates, Dave Ridenour, Herbert Chism, Abbott Ashcraft, Ken Hager, Marion Whelan, Joe Jones and J. R. Watts.

1480. Wilson and Frances Hunt.

1481. Louise, Vera and Marvin West.

1482. Beulah and Thomas McQuary.

1483. Maggie and Roy Bennett.

1484. Benjamin, Charlotte, Gregory and Kelly Lawson.

1485. Five Generations of the Henrietta Beeler family.

1486. Robert and Alice Lee Smith.

1487. Elizabeth, Lois Ann, Sammy and Thomas Raley.

1488. Julia, April, Nathan and Fairleigh Yates.

1489. Larry, Sandra and Katherine Mercer holding Cynthia.

1490. The Eddie Goodman Family.

1491. Norma, Robert and Robert Stephen Morris.

1492. Deloris, Donna, Dana, Scott and Bruno Ilario.

1493. John, Mary Ann, Joseph and Judith Hamilton.

1494. Sue and A. F. "Bud" Gilvin.

1495. Herbert and Mary Helen Chism.

1496. Daisy L. Burnett.

1497. Laura Jean, Laura Elizabeth, Thomas and Herman Crusenberry.

1498. Carl and Carol Moore and children, Eugene, Iris, Tresa, Carl L. and Phillip.

1499. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Jones.

1500. Mrs. Lottie Wilson. Mrs. Wilson played a large part in virtually every aspect of Meade County, civic as well as business. She was one of its leading citizens.