The following is from the 1859-60 Kentucky Gazetteer and Business Directory.  It is from the Ancestral News Volume 35, Number 2, Summer 2010, page 109. 

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Big Spring

A post village of Breckenridge county, situated on Big Spring creek, 20 miles from Hardinsburg, the capital of the county, 100 miles west south-west from Frankfort, 190 miles from Covington, and 42 miles south-west from Louisville.

Near the center of the village rises a large spring which flows several hundred feet, and disappears in the ground.

The village contains four stores, one seminary, two hotels, one carriage maker, two carpenters, two blacksmiths, one boot and shoe maker, one cabinet maker, one saddler, one tanner, one tailor, and two plow makers.  Population 225. Post office established about 1834.

J. W. Mays, Postmaster.


Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Atkinson J., stone and brick mason.
Big Spring Seminary,
Colvert C., blacksmith.
Colvert C., plow maker.
Doyle Miss C., school teacher.
Duvall L., boot and shoe maker.
Duvall L. D., hide and leather dealer and tanner.
Ford S. , carpenter and builder.
Hampton J., carpenter and builder.
Jones & Hampton, carding machine.
Jones J., dagurerrean artist.
Kasey J. S., book seller and stationer.
Kasey & Bro., general store,
Kasey P. R., jewelry, watches, &c.
Kasey S., surveyor.
Malin J. R., hotel proprietor.
Malin J. R., grocer.
Malin J. R., livery stable.
Mays J. W., Postmaster.
Mays S. K., general store.
Morewen, S. L. & Co., general store.
Pearman R. A., grocer.
Pearman R. A., livery stable.
Pearman R. A., hotel proprietor.
Robinson J. M., brick yard.
Robinson J. M., general store.
Sanders Thomas, tailor.
Wiseheart William, harness and saddle maker.
Yates Wm., plow maker.
Yates & Higdon, carriage and wagon maker.
Yates G., cabinet maker.
Hates & Higdon, blacksmiths.


From 1895 Kentucky Gazetteer and Business Directory. This is copied from the Ancestral News Volume 35, Number 2, Summer 2010, page 110

Big Spring.  In Breckinridge County, 20 miles east of Hardinsburg, the county seat, 10 miles west of Vine Grove, the shipping point, and 40 miles from Louisville.   Population 300.  Mail, daily.

Doran W H, blacksmith.
Jacob & Meyer, general store.
Meador G A, flour mill.
Morris A R, general store.
Osborn J, carpenter.
Wheatley J F, distiller.