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     WALTER L. SCOTT by Walter C. Scott . . . . . . . . . . . . . iii

     RUTH FONTAINE SCOTT by Jessie Williams & Rena Lou Parks  . .   v


     JOHN SCOTT - "INDIAN QUARTER" (d-1724) . . . . . . . . . . .   1
     SAMUEL COOKSEY - REBEL (ca 1650-1708). . . . . . . . . . . .  27
     JUSTINIAN TENNIS(ON) - WITCH-HUNTER  (ca 1630-1699). . . . .  32

     THOMAS REED -  TOBACCO GROWER (d 1746) . . . . . . . . . . .  41

     THOMAS GLOVER -  PLANTER (d - 1731). . . . . . . . . . . . .  45


     FRANCIS POSEY - THE HUGUENOT (d 1658-) . . . . . . . . . . .  61

     JOHN VILLAINE/BELAINE  - ANOTHER HUGUENOT? (d 1663). . . . .  61

     JAMES COTTRELL - PLANTER (ca 1665-1722). . . . . . . . . . .  67


     JOHN MOORE - VIRGINIAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  73

     PETER PURCELL - KENTUCKY PIONEER . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  77

     JONATHAN HARNED - PIONEER  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  81


     MEET YOUR ANCESTORS: EDWARD PHILPOTT . . . . . . . . . . . .  85

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     TENNIS?/TENNISON GENEALOGY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 152

     WALTER LEE SCOTT (1886-1937) who married (1908) Ruth Fontaine (1887-1976)
was the father of seven children: Walter Charles Scott, Rena Lou Parks, Jessie
Virginia Williams, Mary Fontaine Foote, William Fontaine Scott, Jack Jeffers
Scott and James Fontaine Scott.  This book is for them and their families.
     Walter Lee Scott, was the son of CHARLES LEE SCOTT (b 1861) who married
(1885) Louisa Adalisa "Miss Ladd" Hardaway. They lived on a farm in Stith
Valley, Meade County, Kentucky.
     Charles Lee Scott was the son of HENRY WINFIELD SCOTT (May 19, 1815 -
May 31, 1886) who married Eleanor Purcell. Henry W. Scott was the first Scott
to be born in Kentucky.
     Henry Winfield Scott was one of two sons born to WILLIAM SCOTT and
Catherine Ament.
     William Scott had been born in Charles County, Maryland, to THOMAS SCOTT,
a Revolutionary soldier, and his wife Alice Glover. Thomas and Alice migrated
to North Carolina in the early 1790's after Thomas' mother died.
     In 1793, Thomas Scott got a land grant on Panther Creek in Hardin County
Kentucky for 637 acres, and one on Rough Creek for 256 acres. Sometime around
1800 Thomas and Alice joined the thousands of settlers heading over the
mountains to Kentucky.
     Their son William met and married Catherine Ament in Kentucky in 1814.
She had been born in Virginia. His father, Thomas, lived long enough to see
his grandson, Henry W. Scott. Alice Glover Scott lived another 36 years. This
book will be about the ancestors and descendants of the Kentucky SCOTTS.
                              WALTER L. SCOTT
                       by Walter C. Scott, his son
     Walter L. Scott (January 1886-March 1937) was the oldest son of
Charles L. Scott and Laddie [Louisa Adalisa] Hardaway Scott. His younger
brothers were Winfield, Harold, Fletcher and a sister, Margaret. He grew
up in Stith Valley and attended the Shumate School. He liked to hunt and
trap and was an expert marksman. He liked to read and always wished he
could have been a pioneer.
     In 1908 he married Ruth Fontaine, the daughter of C.B. Fontaine and
Irene Stith Fontaine. Ruth was teaching at Shumate School at that time.
He started farming on the Jesse Stith farm in 1909. Jesse Stith's wife
Lucinda and his Grandmother Margaret were sisters and his Grandfather
Jim Hardaway was buried in a small grave yard on the hill behind the
house. The farm was a part of the 430 acres bought by Richard Stith in
1811. Richard was the first Stith to settle in the county and had been
here since about 1804. Walter and his father bought the 240 acre farm
for $1267.00 in 1910 when it was sold at the court house door to settle
the estate. Jesse Stith had owned slaves and his wife Lucinda had plenty
of help to grow every flower, shrub and fruit available at that time.
However, by the time Walter got the farm it had been rented for many
years and was as poor as any in the county.
     He raised corn and tobacco and an extra good garden; kept a few
cows, a few hogs, sheep, and some chickens and turkeys. Of course he
kept horses to do the farm work and raised a colt now and then and sold
it. He always had plenty for the family to eat because he raised it and
stored it or Ruth canned it. There was never much money, but kerosene
for the lamps was 10 cents a gallon, sugar was 5 or 10 cents a pound but
you could use sorghum molasses, and he raised sorghum cane and made
molasses. Salt was about fifty cents for one hundred pounds and coffee
about a nickel a pound. Taxes for the farm were about $25 a year and
that had to be paid.
     He took the daily paper and there was always something for the
children to read. The Children went to school "rain or shine" and knew
he would come after them if it was raining or snowing. He would be there
at the close of school riding a horse and leading one, with a blanket to
go over each child. It was possible to get three children on one horse
and one in front and one behind him. Most parents kept their children at
home on bad days. Walter C. and Rena Lou went to the two year high
school at Big Spring, riding horseback over the hill to school. They
rented a room at Brandenburg and finished there; Walter C. in 1927, and
Rena Lou in 1928.
     When County Agricultural Agents came to the county the children
joined the 4-H Club. When the U.S. Government started the Rural Electric
Administration, Ruth worked with the County Agent and others in the
county and got Mead County Rural Electric Coop started.
     Walter was elected deputy sheriff in 1934 with Ned Brown as
sheriff, and moved to Brandenburg. He enjoyed working with people. One
of his best friends had this to say about him: "If I asked Walt
something he does not want to tell me, he won't tell me but I won't know
it until he's gone." He was a member of the Big Spring Masonic Lodge,
the Big Spring Methodist Church and a lifetime Democrat. He died in
March of 1937, and his son William F. finished his term.
     Ruth, with two boys still in high school, kept on with the boys
carrying news papers. In 1940 she and son Jack bought the grocery at the
top of the hill, across the street directly in front of the street going
down to the river. With Jim helping, she and Jack ran the store until
Jim finished High School.
     Ruth got an appointment to West Point Military Academy for William
after he went to the U. of K. one [and a half years,] Walter C. had
graduated from U. of K., was married and in Agricultural work, Rena Lou
was married and living in Elizabethtown, Jessie Virginia was married and
living in Washington, D.C., Mary was married and living in Breckinridge
County, [William joined the Air Force after graduation] Jack married and
joined the Navy, and James F. joined the Army. Both Jack and Jim
finished at U. of K. after the war and Jim got married there.
                           RUTH FONTAINE SCOTT
         by Jessie S. Williams and Rena S. Parks, her daughters
Ruth Fontaine was born in Paris, Arkansas in 1887. Her family later
moved to Van Buren, Arkansas. Her father, a lawyer, believed in an
education for his children and she was sent to Boarding School. At
sixteen she came back to Kentucky to live in Stith Valley, Meade County,
where she taught in a one-room school.
In 1908 she married Walter Lee Scott and went to live on a farm. To this
union were born seven children. She was not used to farm life but she
quickly learned how to live off the land. There was not much recreation
so she planned her own. Christmas was a tradition. Surrounded by
relatives, good food and a tree decorated by homemade decorations. She
would always organize a Children's Day program at the Methodist Church
about four miles away and reached by driving there in an old surrey. She
would make new clothes for her children and costumes out of feed sacks
or what ever was on hand.
Ruth Fontaine Scott was a remarkable woman--a Woman for all seasons--for
any era in Time.
She had character. She displayed courage, determination, leadership and
independence. All the traits the modern oman wants handed to her, Ruth
achieved by her own intelligence.
In Stith Valley and in meade County, Ruth was a PIONEER. The 4-H Youth
Program, which is a part of the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, was in its
infancy and she became a dynamic leader. She used the opportunity to
educate and to elevate young people. She encouraged them to assume the
rolls of leadership. Her eldest son chose Extension work for his career.
How could any one who went to 4-H camp with HER, forget the experience!
In those days, you didn't pay $40 for 5 days at camp and go riding off
in an air-conditioned bus. You furnished two live chickens, a gallon of
beans, a peck of potatoes and anything that was growing in the garden.
You crawled up in the back of a cattle truck with the chicken coops and
cabbage and rode to camp. An experience that was remembered forever! She
encouraged the young people to excel. She felt the future of Meade
County, Our country and our nation lay in their hands; and, she was
determined that they would be prepared.
Ruth had COURAGE. In the 1930's her Fontaine cousin was molested and
beaten by a black man. Tension was high in Brandenburg. Women spoke in
hushed voices; men spoke of lynching. Ruth stood up and spoke out--she
said this was a matter to be decided by the laws of the land, she
further said that the black community should be reassured of their
Ruth had DETERMINATION. When her husband became Sheriff of Meade County
she left the Valley, that had been settled by and named for her
ancestors. Later when her husband died while in office, she didn't ring
her hands or cry and say, "What am I going to do with seven children?"
When asked by the leaders of the community if thy could help she
requested a meeting--she asked to be appointed Sheriff, or that her 18-
year-old son [Bill] be appointed. Her son became Sheriff before he was
old enough to vote.
Ruth was a POLITICIAN. She was a Democrat and believed it was the
people's party. When her son wanted to attend the United States Military
Academy at West Point, she asked help in obtaining a congressional
Ruth was PATRIOTIC. During the years of World War II, three sons were in
the service of their country; but she did not sit at home and brood. She
opened her home to soldiers and their wives when housing was so scarce
at Fort Knox. In 1943 she rode the train to Louisville 5 days a week and
attended College so she could teach during the teacher shortage. Later
there was a need for civil workers in Washington; and she moved to the
capital city. After 10 years in Washington she came back to Kentucky and
taught school for 2 years. She then studied Art and painted pictures.
many of these paintings hang in her children's and friends' homes.
Ruth was INTELLIGENT. She read everything. She could talk sensibly,
honestly and candidly on most any subject. And she expected those around
her to do likewise.
She enjoyed traveling--She and a friend rode a Greyhound bus to
California. They stopped along the way to visit friends and relatives
and points of interest. It took them six weeks to get back to Kentucky.
When her son was a teacher at the Royal Air Force Academy, she flew to
England and took a trip to Paris, France, by herself.
Ruth had a sense of LOYALTY to her friends and family. Her ties were
strong and she called many people in our county, "Cousin." Her knowledge
of the ancestors of many families made her a living depository of
genealogy. She was an organizing member of the Ambrose Meador Chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolution.
Ruth was a DEVOTED MOTHER in the truest sense of the word. She was
nominated Kentucky Mother of the Year.
She leaves Heirs that are accomplished in every profession and field.
Seven children, Twenty grandchildren and Twenty-seven Great
Ruth Fontaine Scott left a legacy; she inspired her family and friends
to excel; to serve their country and their fellow man; and, to love God.
                            JOHN SCOTT - "INDIAN QUARTER"
     JOHN SCOTT 1 of "Indian Quarter", Planter of Charles County, Maryland
                              SCOTT FAMILY TREE
     The SCOTTs probably came to Charles County, Maryland, from Scotland.
Maryland was the colony of the Lord Baron of Baltimore, Cecil Calvert. A
mission was established in Port Tobacco in 1642 to convert the indians living
in the area, but it lasted only two years. With the Reformists coming to power
in England in 1644, the Calverts lost the colony. The area began to grow by
the time of the Restoration of Maryland to the Calverts by Oliver Cromwell in
1657. All land along the Port Tobacco River was patented between 1649 and
1660. The main crop was tobacco, lots and lots of tobacco.
     Early settlers came to St. Mary's County in 1634. The Lord Proprietor of
the Colony divided the land into Proprietary Manors. Grants of several
thousand acres were given to friends of the Proprietor. Manors were subdivided
into "Hundreds". Wiccommico Hundred (1642), Pykawaxen Hundred (1649),
Riverside Hundred (1653), Chingamuxen Hundred (1653), and Nanjemoy Hundred
(1657), became Charles County when it was founded in 1658. Cecil Calvert named
it for his son, Charles Calvert. The original proclamation seemed intended to
include all land west of the Patuxent.
     There was great political struggle in the years just prior to the
formation of Charles County between the Puritans and the King. A heavy tax on
tobacco had caused a rebellion of citizens. When Charles II returned to the
throne in May 1660, the rebellion collapsed.
     In 1663, the Assembly ordered County Commissioners of each county to
build stocks and a pillory near the courthouse and a ducking stool at some
convenient place and also to provide irons from branding malefactors: H was
for hog stealers, R for runaway slaves, M for murderers and T for thieves.
There was also a whipping post near the "court house" although court was held
in a local inn until 1674 when a court house was built.
     There was a John SCOTT who emigrated to Maryland in 1666, bringing his
wife Elizabeth and two children: John and Elizabeth. A Samuel SCOTT came that
same year. It is possible that this John was the ancestor of the American
SCOTTs presented below but there is no proof.
     A John Scott registers his brand mark in 1697 and a William Scott
registers his in 1703.  But it is not until another John SCOTT 1 and his wife,
Catherine, purchased "Indian Quarter" from Thomas and Alice Harris in Charles
County, Maryland in 1713 that the line can be traced.
     Although good court records were kept earlier, because of chaotic
conditions in the Colony between 1689 and 1692, during its change from a
Proprietary Colony to a Royal Colony, records were not well kept.
     From the very beginning, Protestants and Catholics in Charles County were
about equal. Most Protestants were Presbyterians. In 1689, when protestant
William and Mary came to the throne of England, Lord Baltimore, a Catholic,
was again in difficulty. In 1692, the Colony's governor had the Assembly pass
an act establishing the Protestant religion of the Church of England as the
established religion of Maryland. In 1689, a letter was sent to William and
Mary from supporters. Among the 70 signers was a SCOTT ancestor.
     In 1690, Mathew Tennison reported that the indians told him they were
given guns to kill Protestants.  Mathew told them there were too many. By
1700, no indians were left in the area.
     By 1692, Reverend Oliver Burch and his wife, Barbara Scott, were settled
near Trinity Parish Church where he was the rector. The early SCOTTs lived in
this parish. John SCOTT 1's plantation, "Indian Quarter", purchased in 1713,
was located about a mile from the church. Scotts owned pews in the church and
their children were baptized in it.
     Brides of 15 and 16 were common in the early days of the colonies. There
was also a shocking rapidity of remarriage. Estates were often settled by the
widow and her new husband in less than a year.  The reason was simple. There
were more men than women. The census of 1712 showed 933 masters and taxable
men in Charles County, 783 white women, 1507 children and 724 negroes.
     JOHN SCOTT 1, who died in 1724, left "Indian Quarter" to his two sons,
John 2 and William.  Here is an abstract of his will:
      John Scott 1, to son John 2 and to his son John; to son William
      and his daughter Ann; to granddaughters Ann, Rebecca, Catherine
      and grandsons John and Thomas. Wife Catherine. Land, "Indian
      Quarter", to two sons, John 2 and William.
      wit: Geo. Brett, John Williams and William Watkins

     There was a creek which served as a natural dividing line running through
the middle of the tract. JOHN 2 got the upper half and William the lower half.
JOHN 2's wife's name was CATHERINE but no maiden name has been found for her.
     JOHN SCOTT 1's son JOHN 2 died in 1741. His wife's name was ELIZABETH.
No will has been found. His estate was finally settled in 1743. His widow,
Elizabeth, and eight children were at the settlement, viz: Katherine, WILLIAM
3 (the ancestor), Justinian, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas and Zachariah
    In the mid-1700s, the manor system was used in Maryland. We find WILLIAM 3
(son of John 2) and CHRISTIAN SCOTT and Ann, wife of the older William Scott
listed in St Mary's County, Chaptico, Jan 1768: State of His Lordship's Manor:
#47 date of lease: Dec 25, 1753; to: WILLIAM SCOTT 3; acres: 25; tenant in
possession: lessee; rent: 0-2-6; fine: 1-10-0; now [1768] held by: WILLIAM
SCOTT 3, 41, CHRISTIAN SCOTT, 38, Eleanor, 16 in 1768.
#49 date of lease: Dec 1746; to: (Ann Scott); acres: 52; tenant in possession:
Elizabeth Scott; rent 0-5-0; fine 1-0-0; now [1768] held by: Elizabeth Love,
42, and Walter Burch, 23.
      Note: William Scott (wife Ann d 1763), uncle of WILLIAM SCOTT 3
      (CHRISTIAN), died about 1746, the date lease #49 was made. Walter
      Burch was the only son of Rebecca (Scott) and Thomas Burch. Her
      sister, Elizabeth Scott md William Love in 1747. Their only
      brother, John Scott, died in 1763.

         The will of Ann Scott was filed in Charles County in 1763:

         26 March 1763 Ann Scott, of Charles County, Maryland, widow,
      [of William] to daughter Rebecca Burch - slaves, at her decease to
      granddaughter Ann Burch; to daughters Susanna, Rebecca and
      Margaret Burch; to granddaughter Cathrain Scott one slave, if she
      die, to her brother William, and if he die to his heir; to my
      daughter Elizabeth Love - keep slave until Catherine is 16; to
      granddaughter Ann Love - 1 slave; to her sisters Sara & Margaret;
      to grandson William Scott - 5000 lbs of tobacco; to my
      granddaughter Sara Love, Margaret Love. Executrix Elizabeth Love,
      my daughter. Probate Dec 13, 1763.
      wit: Karrenheppach McPherson, William Mc Pherson
     John Scott 2's son, WILLIAM SCOTT 3, died in 1786 without making a will.
The final settlement for WILLIAM SCOTT 3 was made on October 1786. Named in
the settlement were the widow, Christian Scott and 8 children viz: Eleanor,
Elizabeth, James, THOMAS 4 (the ancestor), Gustavus, Samuel, Sarah and
William, all of age except William who was 17 the 7th of January.
     CHRISTIAN SCOTT's estate was inventoried on the 28th of March 1792.
Eleanor Scott and THOMAS SCOTT 4 sign as next of kin. On 10 June, James Scott,
the administrator of her estate, signed the inventory.
     In 1753, the rector of Trinity Parish Church opened a private school
which continued until 1784. The second and most famous rector was the Reverend
Hatch Dent who became rector in 1786. THOMAS SCOTT 4's older sister Elizabeth
married into the Dent family about that time, naming a son Hatch Dent.
    In 1766 Lord Baltimore ordered the Proprietary Manors in the Province to
be sold. The 1765 Stamp Act was received with great indignation and a
determined resistance by the people of Charles County. Colonists refused to
import anything taxed by this act. In 1774, a shipment of tea was dumped into
Boston harbour by irate citizens. England responded by blockading Boston
harbor. Marylanders joined in the resulting protest, vowing to import no goods
from Great Britain, and agreeing to break relations with Britain.
     In 1774 Benjamin Philpott, brother of CHARITY PHILPOTT GLOVER and the
mother of ALICE GLOVER who married THOMAS SCOTT 4, was on the committee of 100
best known citizens of the county elected to vote for representatives to the
Continental Congress. THOMAS SCOTT 4 served as a private in the Charles County
      The first United States Census, taken in 1790, showed a population of
jus over 20,000. There are six SCOTTs in the Census:

NAMES:                                             A B C D E

*CHRISTIAN SCOTT (Thomas SCOTT 4's mother)         1 0 2 0 8
*James SCOTT                                       1 5 3 0 0
 James SCOTT (Newport)                             1 3 3 0 5
 John Day SCOTT                                    1 4 3 0 1
 John SCOTT                                        1 1 3 0 2
*Samuel SCOTT                                      1 0 2 0 1
*Zachariah Dent                                    1 3 1 0 3

Key to Categories:
A - Free white males over 16 including Heads of Families
B - Males under 16
C - Free while females
D - All other free persons
E - Slaves

* Mother, brothers and sister of THOMAS SCOTT 4.
    The move from Charles County had begun.  Brother James moved to Prince
Georges County, selling "Indian Quarter" to his brother Samuel. Gustavus may
have been in Montgomery County. William died sometime before 1810, leaving his
share of land to brother Samuel.
    THOMAS SCOTT 4 and ALICE, and son WILLIAM 5, moved first to North
Carolina. Their sons, Thomas (1795) and Samuel (1798), were born there, their
daughter Joanna was married there.
    Back in Charles County, Maryland, Samuel Scott died in 1810. His daughter,
Harriet Scott, sold "Indian Quarter" soon after. The land had been in the
Scott family nearly 100 years.
    Eleanor married Samuel Dixon right after her mother died in 1792. Sam
Dixon was a Catholic. Eleanor was 40. Sam died in 1796. Elizabeth Dent appears
to have died young. Nothing further is known about sister Sarah Scott.
    Then, in 1793, THOMAS SCOTT 4 got a land grant for 637 acres on Panther
Creek in Hardin County, in Kentucky, and 256 acres on Rough Creek.

          Hardin County Kentucky, May 19, 1809. John Dozier of Ohio
      County by William Love, his attorney, to THOMAS SCOTT 4 of Hardin
      Co 256 acres on waters of Rough Creek, part of 1000 acre survey
      patented to Zachariah Dozier. If better claim should take land in
      6 years from March 26, 1808, money back.

           On 1 March 1858, William S. Scott and Sarah, his wife, of
      Breckinridge County, Kentucky, and HENRY W. SCOTT 6 of Hardin
      County, Kentucky, for and in consideration of undivided interest
      owned by H.W. SCOTT & heirs where H.W. SCOTT now resides,
      purchased by our father WILLIAM SCOTT 5 of A.D. Geoghagan, 504
      acres, inherited by said W.S. Scott as one of the heirs of WILLIAM
      SCOTT 5 deceased, to be conveyed to H.W. SCOTT by good deed from
      W.S. Scott to HENRY W. SCOTT, 3 miles south of Big Spring by
      WILLIAM SCOTT 5, inherited jointly by H.W. and W.S., heirs of
      WILLIAM 5 and is undivided.
                                  William S. Scott   X   his mark
      Deed Bk 4 p. 183            Sarah Jane Scott

           10 Dec. 1859, Ambrose D. Geoghagan to HENRY SCOTT 6 for $525
      on waters of Vertrees Creek 180-200 acres part of Barbours 60,000
      survey. Bk 3 p. 83

         April 23, 1883 HENRY W. SCOTT 6 and ELEANOR sold to Joseph F.
      Smith for $570.55 at the head waters of Vertree's Creek, 81 1/2
      acres. Deed Bk 27, p. 335

         1888 ELEANOR SCOTT et al to William H. Scott entire undivided
      interest in land on waters of Vertree's Creek, part of a 60,000
      acre survey now Stiths, etc, 180 or 200 acres. Bk 33 p. 210

         Dec 17, 1904, Hardin County, Kentucky, William H. Scott and
      Alice, Fletcher Mercer and Kate, O.C. Scott and Lizzie, Alex Scott
      and Lilly, Harrison Scott and Anna, CHARLES SCOTT 7 and LADDIE,
      Tom Scott and Sue, heirs of H.W. Scott, deceased, sell to George
      Cole for $250 our entire 2/3 interest in land on north side of Big
      Rough Creek, land granted to WILLIAM SCOTT 5 by Kentucky land
      office warrant #2229, Feb. 24, 1818. 100 acres. Deed Bk 52, p. 449

          Same to Rachel Nichols. For $1200 our entire interest 2 1/2
      miles south of Big Spring, John Richardson's line near Taylor
      Kasey's corner to Merit Flowers & A.B. Kasey's corner, John
      Malin's corner to William H. Scott's corner, William H. Scott,
      S.L. Kasey's. 285 acres.  Deed Bk 54, p. 346

         William H. Scott to C.R. Bailey for $3000 Lot #1 head waters of
      Sinking Creek, 117 acres given to William by his father, HENRY W.
      SCOTT 6. Deed Bk 55, p. 506

      Oct 3, 1907 Lot #2 on Vertrees Creek part of Barbour's 60,000
      survey from Heirs of H.W. SCOTT 6, 180-200 acres. Bk 33 p. 210

Deeds from Breckinridge County, Ky. Dated Aug 3, 1858, Mary wife of
      Thomas Scott, deceased, to Jonathan Rice and Margaret Elizabeth,
      his wife, Benjamin Brewington and Harriet J. his wife, E.A. Shain
      and Elitha Irene, his wife, J.M. Reynolds and Mary A.B. his wife,
      William Scott and Indiana E. his wife & Absalom C. Scott.

        The will of THOMAS SCOTT (1752-1817) was written in Breckinridge
County, Kentucky. In it, he names his wife and seven children and six negro
slaves. Spelling mistakes were made by the clerk in the original.

                             WILL OF THOMAS SCOTT

Breckinridge County, Ky. WILL BOOK A p. 15

     In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Scott, Senr of the County of
Breckinridge and state of Kentucky now being of a sound mind and memory
calling to recollection that its appointed once for mortal men once to die and
highly requisite for him before death to make a distribution of his estate
according to his own will and pleasure therefore know all men by these
presents that I do hearby constitute and orda this my last will and testament
and do revoke and disannull all and every other heartofore made by me and do
appoint and nominate my dearly beloved wife Alice C. Scott and William Scott
my executors lawfully and righteously to act according to the following
distribution (to wit)
      First I recommend my mortal body to the ground to be buried at a decent
like manner at the dissepion of my executor next my soul to the Lord who made
it was praised by his name.
      First I do will and bequeath unto my above said wife Alice C. Scott the
plantation whearon I now live containing 256 acres with its appurtenences all
my household and kitchen furniture and stock of horses, cows, sheep &c to me
now belong entire and my negro man slave Joseph and negro Hall and Anthona and
Moses and Alfred and Smith and all my farming utesils entire and hogs to have
and to hold enduring her natural life provided she remains a widow that length
of time but provided nevertheless she should marry then I do give her one-
third part of the aforesaid estate and the residue to be equally divided
amongst my children together of her namely: William Scott, Thomas Scott,
Samuel Scott, Joanna Slaughter, Charite Simmons, and Elizabeth Simmons and
Alic Simmons and at the marriage or death of my beloved Alice C. Scott I wish
the legatees to complimise and agree in the division of the aforesaid estate
without making sail thereof provided they possibly can and I do hearby enjorin
my executor Alice C. Scott first to discharge my funeral charges and lawful
debts. Given under my hand and sealed with my seal this 24th day of February
                                        Thomas     Scott
Witness present: Joseph Hudson, David Hoskinson

Kentucky Breckinridge County Court
     At a County Court held for the County afsd the 17 day of March 1817 the
within was proved to be the act and deed of the within named Thos Scott, Senr.
now dec'd. by the oath of Joseph Hudson a witness thereto and laid on for
further proof.  And at another term of the same court began and held for the
County aforesaid the 19th day of May 1817 the within meeting purporting to be
the last will and testament of Thos Scott dec'd was fully proved in due form
by David Hoskinson another witness thereto and sworn to by Alice C. Scott
executrix and Wm. Scott the Executor therein named and ordered to be recorded.
       Att. Jo Allen, clk Breckinridge County Court.

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
(?)JOHN SCOTT emigrated to America in 1666, bringing wife
    Elizabeth _____ and two children: John and Elizabeth.

    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (ca 1650-1724) From Thomas Harris and Alice land in Charles
           County, Maryland in 1713, called "Indian Quarter" 100 acres.
           He was a cooper by trade. His wife was
          Catherine _____      2 sons:   JOHN and William

        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (ca 1684-1741) inherited upper 1/2 "Indian Quarter"
             from father. md
            Elizabeth _____
            1. JOHN SCOTT
            2. KATHERINE SCOTT  md
                 1744 Zephaniah Philips
                1. Zephaniah Philips (1745-)
                2. Elizabeth Philips (1747-)
            3. JUSTINIAN SCOTT
            4. ELIZABETH SCOTT
            5. MARY SCOTT

            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1727-1786) Lived in East Hundred of Trinity
                 Parish, Charles Co, Md. Tobacco inspector 1761-1764. md
                 CHRISTIAN COOKSEY (1728-1792) dau Justinian Cooksey and Sarah
                 (Reed) (In 1761, 1/3 of pew #11 went to Charles Love, Thomas
                  Burch Jr, and William Scott)
                1. ELEANOR SCOTT (1752-) md
                     Jan 10, 1792 Samuel Dixon (-1796) (parents objected to
                     marrying a Catholic, so she waited until they were dead)
                2. ELIZABETH SCOTT (1755-)
                    Zachariah Dent
                      (?1-5 named in 1828 will: too late?)
                    ?1. William S. Dent
                    ?2. George R. Dent
                    ?3. Zachariah Dent
                    ?4. Catherine Dent
                        md Swann
                    ?5. Elizabeth Sophia Dent
                    ?1. Hatch Dent?
                    ?2. William Scott Dent?
                3. JAMES SCOTT (1758-) of Prince Georges County; in 1797 sold
                     Samuel Scott "Indian Quarter" and adjacent "Clear
                     Drinking" 25 acres. md
                    Margaret _____
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (Jan 14, 1761-Feb/March 1817 in Kentucky) got 637
                   acres in Hardin Co, Ky on Panther Creek in 1793. Also 256 acres
                     on Rough Creek.
                     Private in Chas Co, Maryland Militia in 1780.
                     md July 9, 1782 Chas Co, MD
                    Alice Glover (1766-Nov 11, 1853 in Meade Co, Ky)
                     dau of Philip Glover and Charity Philpott   MORE BELOW:
                5. GUSTAVUS SCOTT (Nov 11, 1762-) ?Montgomery County, Md, sold
                      "Hardlow" in Chas Co, Md. to Richard Marshall in 1798? md
                       Mary (Will of Mary Marshall)? or Margaret (deed)?
                       ("Indian Quarter" begins at 2nd boundary of a tract called
                6. SAMUEL SCOTT (Oct 18, 1764-1810) In 1797 James Scott sold him
                       "Indian Quarter" and adjoining "Clear Drinking".  md
                       Elizabeth (- ca 1848)?
                      1. Harriet Scott
                7. SARAH SCOTT (Dec 22, 1766-)
                8. WILLIAM SCOTT (1769-by 1810)
            7. THOMAS SCOTT
            8. ZACHARIAH SCOTT (-1798)
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    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)    Two sons: John and WILLIAM
        2. WILLIAM SCOTT (ca 1700-1746) inherited lower 1/2 "Indian Quarter"
             (Estate settled 1746; widow, Ann, 3 children: John and Elizabeth
             Scott and Rebecca Burch)  married
               Ann W. (-1763) (1763 names grandson William Scott and sister
                Catherine not 16, Rebecca Burch and Elizabeth Love. In 1761,
                1/3 of pew #11 in Trinity Parish went to Charles Love, Thomas
                Burch, Jr., and William Scott.
            1. ANN SCOTT (ca 1724 - before 1746)
            2. REBECCA SCOTT md by 1740
                 Thomas Burch
                1. ANN BURCH
                2. SUSANNA BURCH
                3. WALTER BURCH (b 1745)
                4. REBECCA BURCH md ? Robert Hendley Courts
                    ?1. Charles Courts to Ky
                    ?2. William Courts to Ky
                    ?3. Ann Courts md John Cooksey (-1796)
                    ?4. Margaret Courts md Thomas Barron
                    ?5. Eleanor Courts md Jesse Barron, Virginia.
                5. MARGARET BURCH
            3. ELIZABETH SCOTT (1726-) md
                 Nov 17, 1747 William Love In 1748 from Wm Scott, "Indian Quarter"
                1. ANN LOVE (1748-)
                2. SARAH LOVE
                3. MARGARET LOVE
                4. CHARLES LOVE 1766 deed recorded "Indian Quarter" (not yet 21)
            4. JOHN SCOTT (-1763) md ?Trinity Parish, Chas Co, Md.
                  Sarah  _____
                1. CATHERINE SCOTT "not 16 in 1763"
                2. WILLIAM SCOTT (1750-)

    2. ELIZABETH SCOTT, emigrated with John & Elizabeth Scott in 1666.
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    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (Dec 1, 1786- April 21, 1848) md Hardin Co
                   1) May 21, 1814 Catherine Ament (Jan 26, 1791-May 15 1841)
                           dau of Anthony Ament
                       2) Oct 17, 1842? Rachel Ament
                           dau of Anthony Ament

                        1. HENRY W(infield?) SCOTT 6 (May 19, 1815, Constantine, Ky
                            - May 31, 1886 Hardin Co, Ky. Kasey Cemetery) md
                            March 26, 1848 Ellen-Eleanor Purcell (1823-)
                               dau Daniel Purcell and Rachel (Harned)
                            1. WILLIAM HENRY SCOTT (Jan 21, 1849-) md
                                        Alice Cash (1856-)
                            2. LUCY CATHERINE SCOTT (Jan 4, 1852-) md
                                        Fletcher Mercer
                            3. RACHEL ANN SCOTT (Oct 9, 1853-) md
                                        John Nichols
                            4. OSCAR CLAY SCOTT (March 20, 1855-) md
                                        1) Lizzie Hawey
                                        2) (widow) Layman
                            5. ALEXANDER SCOTT (Nov 13, 1858-Dec 31, 1909) md
                                        Lily May Morris (June 29, 1865-Aug 30, 1952)
                                           dau A.R. & Mollie E. Morris
                            6. HARRISON W. SCOTT (April 3, 1859-) md
                                        Annie Percifull
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (Feb 9, 1861- Feb 22, 1914) md
                                        March 25, 1885 Louisa Adalisa Hardaway
                                         (Sept 21, 1865- Aug 18, 1957)
                                        dau James Leach Hardaway & Margaret (Cain)

                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (Jan 13, 1886-March 27, 1937)
                                   md Jan 22, 1908 Ruth Fontaine (Dec 12, 1887,
                                     Paris, Ark-March 14, 1976, Kentucky)
                                     dau Charles B. Fontaine and Irene (Stith)
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    1. WALTER CHARLES SCOTT 9 (April 11, 1909-)
                                         md Dec 21, 1946 Ellen Delean Brown
                                         (Sept 16, 1923-1992) dau Samuel Richard
                                         Brown and Laura Ann (Sheffield), Clinton
                                         Co, Ky.

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    2. RENA LOU SCOTT (Feb 3, 1911-Feb 26,1984) md
                                        Russell Benton Parks (Dec 29, 1909-June
                                         1984) son Owen & Lee (Norton)

                                    3. JESSIE VIRGINIA SCOTT (Dec 4, 1913-Nov 19,
                                        1993) md April 12, 1934 Francis Williams
                                         (Jan 19, 1907-Oct 8, 1988)
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    4. MARY FONTAINE SCOTT (July 14,1917-Mar 13,
                                         1991) md Sept 30, 1933
                                         Gerard Moore Foote (Feb 23, 1913-)
                                         son of Edwin Cox Foote & Frances (Folsom)

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    4. MARY FONTAINE SCOTT 9 (1991)
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    4. MARY FONTAINE SCOTT 9 (1991)

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    4. MARY FONTAINE SCOTT 9 (1991)

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    4. MARY FONTAINE SCOTT 9 (1991)
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    5. WILLIAM FONTAINE SCOTT (Oct 15, 1919-) md
                                         Aug 7, 1943 Harriet Anne Fast
                                         (March 15, 1925)

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    6. JACK JEFFERS SCOTT (July 27, 1922-) md
                                         March 17 1941 Minnie Alice Bondurant

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                1. WALTER LEE SCOTT 8 (1937)
                                    7. JAMES FONTAINE SCOTT (Aug 8, 1924-) md
                                         Sept 1, 1948 Mildred Erd dau
                                         John Erd and Maggie (Crowe)

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                2. HENRY WINFIELD SCOTT 8 (Oct 19,1888-Dec 25, 1965)
                                    Oct 1914  Carrie D. Frakes
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                3. MARGARET ELEANOR SCOTT 8 (-April 1980)
                                     John Logan Witt

                                4. CHARLES HAROLD SCOTT (April 19, 1893-May 1, 1979)
                                     Alma Geiger   dsp

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            7. CHARLES LEE SCOTT 7 (19??)
                                5. FLETCHER MERCER SCOTT 8 (-1958)
                                     1) Maytie Jones
                                     2) Belle Stith (widow)
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT 5 (1860)
                        1. HENRY W. SCOTT 6 (1886)
                            8. THOMAS W. SCOTT 7 (April 5, 1863-) md
                                 Sue Hill
                            9. MARY ELLEN SCOTT (1866-1867)

                        2. Thomas A. Scott (May 6, 1817-d young)
                        3. Elizabeth Ann Scott (May 22, 1820-d young)
                        4. Samuel Slaughter Scott (April 13, 1826-d young)
                        5. WILLIAM SLAUGHTER SCOTT 6 (Aug 9, 1832-Jan 25, 1905) md
                             (17, living with brother Henry W. Scott in
                             Hardin Co, 1850 census) md
                             Aug 17, 1854 Sarah Jane Ament (March 23, 1833-June 12
                             l925) dau John Ament
                            1. Albert Madison Scott (May 22, 1855- d Clinton Co,
                                 Missouri) md
                                 Nov 20, 1881 Martha S. Pawley (Aug 18, 1857-)
                            2. John H. Scott (Nov 5, 1857-) (Colorado) md
                            3. Eliza Catharine Scott (Aug 27, 1859-April 23, 1904)
                                 (Jefferson Co, Ky) md
                                 Oct 12, 1879 William D. Connaway
                            4. Mary Bell Scott (June 3, 1863-) (Kentucky) md
                                 Oct 12, 1879 John S. Slaughter (Feb 23, 1849-)
                            5. James H. Scott (March 8 1866-May 21, 1928) Jackson &
                                 Clinton Cos, Missouri
                            6. Cletus W. Scott (June 9, 1869-May 11, 1909) Allen Co,
                                 Indiana; md
                                 Feb 25, 1891 Ada Sullivan
                                1. Willie B. Scott (Oct 6, 1892-)
                                2. Bessie Scott (Nov 19, 1893-)
                    2. JOANNA "ANN" SCOTT (ca 1784-) md
                         Dec 27, 1800 Abraham Slaughter
                        1. Jacob G. Slaughter
                        2. William P.B. Slaughter
                        3.  James H. Slaughter
                        4. Elizabeth G. Slaughter
                        5. Ailsey G. Slaughter
                        6. Susanna Slaughter md
                              _____ Terry
                        7. Sally P. Slaughter
                        8. Charity Slaughter
                        9. Abraham T. Slaughter

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    3. THOMAS SCOTT 5 (1795 North Carolina - by 1858) md
                        Breckinridge Co, Ky. Mary Brashears (1850: Mary 54, b Va)
                        1. Margaret Elizabeth Scott md Meade Co, Ky
                             Dec 29, 1841 Jonathan Rice
                        2. Absalom C. Scott (1824-) md
                             Emeline (1828-)
                        3. Melissa Jane Scott md Meade Co, Ky
                             Nov 18, 1849 James M. Mansfield
                        4. Elitha Irene Scott (1836) md Meade Co, Ky
                             Oct 7, 1852 Elijah A. Shain (1832-)
                        5. Harriet J. Scott md Meade Co, Ky
                             Dec 9, 1836 Benjamin Brewington
                        6. Mary Ann B. Scott md Meade Co, Ky
                             Oct 14, 1849 James M. Reynolds
                        7. William W. Scott (1820-) md
                             Indiana E. Roberts (1825-)
                            1. William F. Scott (1845-)
                            2. Winifred Scott (1850-)
                    4. Samuel D(ixon?) Scott (Feb 23, 1798 N.C.- March 16, 1873)
                          1839 sold 256 acres in Breckinridge Co, Ky. on Rough
                          Creek (w/Susan); Feb 11, 1878 Heirs of S.D. Scott sell
                          lot in Stephensburg. md
                           1) Breck Co, Ky, June 1, 1818 Polly Ament (-ca 1820)
                           2) Susan H. Reynolds (Jan 10, 1813 Grayson Co, Ky -)
                                  Fa & Mo b Virginia (11 children)
                       by Polly:
                        1. Catherine 'Kitty' Ann Scott md
                             1) 1842 William K. Hart
                             2) J.R. Holt
                       by Susan H.:
                        2. James Franklin Scott (Oct 8, 1832-May 21, 1915 White
                            Mills, Hardin Co, Ky) md
                             1) March 22, 1857 Lucretia Ellen Duncan (March 27,
                                1838-Dec 2, 1876 White Mills, Hardin Co, Ky)
                             2) 1879 Mary Alice Younger (2 children)
                            1. McAfee Scott (Jan 9, 1859 White Mills, Ky-1861)
                            2. Susanna Scott (Dec 3, 1860-Dec 24, 1940) md
                               Nov 9, 1880 Henry White (Jan 6,1857-Dec 29, 1922)
                               son of Martin White & Mary E. Payne; Summit Co, Ky
                                1. Lou Ella White (1881-) md
                                   James Vertrees
                                    1. Ruth Vertrees
                                    2. Mattie Vertrees
                                    3. Virgil Vertrees
                                    4. Mable Vertrees

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    4. SAMUEL D(IXON?) SCOTT (1798 N.C.- March 16, 1873)
                        2. JAMES FRANKLIN SCOTT (Oct 8, 1832-May 21, 1915 White
                            2. SUSANNA SCOTT (Dec 3, 1860-Dec 24, 1940) md
                                2. Leslie White (April 13, 1884-1946) md
                                   Rosa Hart
                                    1. Lena White
                                    2. Edward White
                                    3. Stella White
                                    4. Nellie White
                                    5. Virginia White
                                    6. Ruby White
                                    7. Nettie White
                                3. Robert S. White (Dec 5, 1887-1923) dsp
                                4. Rosa White (1889-) md
                                    _____ Weber
                                    1. Lora Belle Weber
                                    2. Vencis Weber
                                5. Frank Glen White (April 19, 1892-July 24, 1974)
                                    Big Clifty, Grayson Co, Ky; md
                                    Ann May Petty (April 23, 1898-May 30 1928)
                                    1. Oren R. White (Oct 10, 1922-) md
                                        Dec 22, 1948) Thelma Hart (July 30, 1931-)
                                        dau L. Hart & T.Roof
                                        1. Josephine White (June 15, 1949-) md
                                           Jimmy Belcher
                                             1. Edward Lincoln Belcher Nov 25, 1972
                                             2. David Stewart Belcher May 11, 1981
                                        2. Veronica Maxine White (Aug 5, 1951)
                                        3. Gelana White (May 27, 1955-)
                                        4. Mitsy White (Dec 13, 1957-) md
                                            John Knight
                                        5. Latitia White (Jan 22, 1960-)
                                    2. Orelene White (June 20, 1926-) md
                                       Cecil Hawkins
                                        1. Carolyn Ann Hawkins
                                        2. Ethlene Hawkins md Tom Hart (div)
                                        3. Robert Lee Hawkins md Jane Williams
                                        4. Brenda Kay Hawkins
                                        5. David Rhodes Hawkins md Judy Floyd
                                    3. Alta White (March 15, 1924-) md
                                          1) E. Miller
                                          2) Ewen Asher
                                        1. Christine Miller
                                        2. James Asher
                                        3. Barbara Asher
                                        4. Marshe Asher
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    4. SAMUEL D(IXON?) SCOTT (1798 N.C.- March 16, 1873)
                        2. JAMES FRANKLIN SCOTT (Oct 8, 1832-May 21, 1915 White
                            2. SUSANNA SCOTT (Dec 3, 1860-Dec 24, 1940) md
                                5. Frank Glen White (April 19, 1892-July 24, 1974)
                                    3. Alta White (March 15, 1924-) md
                                        5. Donald Asher
                                        6. Donna Asher
                                        7. Kathy Asher
                                    4. Gladys White (May 20, 1928-Aug 1928)
                                6. Vena White (1896-) md
                                    Grover Woolridge
                                    1. Mable Woolridge
                                    2. Stella Woolridge
                                7. Effie White (1899-1978) Indiana md
                                     Sam Woolridge
                                    1. Westley Woolridge
                                    2. Stella Woolridge
                                    3. Faye Woolridge
                                    4. Franklin Woolridge
                                    5. Samuel Woolridge
                                        (7 more children  - unknown)
                            3. Lucretia Scott (May 3, 1862 White Mills Ky-) md
                                William Jacob 'Jake' Johnson (Dec 17, 1862-) son
                                 of John Davis Johnson & Mary Elizabeth Minor
                                    1. Rollie Johnson d young
                                    2. Ruth Johnson md
                                       W. Alson Rawlings son of Robert L. Rawlings &
                                         Nancy Rains
                                        1. Marion M. Rawlings
                                        2. Margaret J. Rawlings
                                        3. Robert W. Rawlings md Aline Spurling
                                            1. J. Alson Rawlings
                                            2. Ruth Elizabeth Rawlings
                                            3. Linda Sue Rawlings
                                            4. Robert D. Rawlings
                                            5. Marie F. Rawlings
                                            6. Rodney L. Rawlings
                                            7. Bonnie M. Rawlings
                                            8. Anita L. Rawlings
                                            9. Edith C. Rawlings
                                           10. Thomas A. Rawlings
                            4. Joseph Clara Scott (Dec 17, 1863-Aug 17, 1877 White
                                Mills, Ky
                            5. Robert S. Scott (Dec 30, 1865-Oct 26, 1950)
                        Louisville, Ky; md Lottie Cruphers; dsp
                            6. James L. Scott (July 10, 1865-April 18, 1885)
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    4. SAMUEL D(IXON?) SCOTT (1798 N.C.- March 16, 1873)
                        2. JAMES FRANKLIN SCOTT (Oct 8, 1832-May 21, 1915 White
                            7. Clarence Scott (March 14, 1870-July 12,1958)
                                Perrysville, Ky; md Gravel Switch, Ky
                                 June 27, 1900 Flora Tilden Rawlings (July 9, 1876
                                 Marion Co Ky-Oct 27, 1964 Perrysville, Ky) dau
                                 John Lewis Rawlings & Martha Matt Minor
                                1. Geneva Scott (March 29, 1901-ca 1978 Seattle) md
                                   1) August Poelle
                                   2) Larry Wright
                                    1. Evelyn Mary Poelle (May 21, 1927-) md
                                        Carl Hult
                                        1. June Ellen Hult (June 23, 1953-)
                                        2. Duana William Hult (June 9, 1957-)
                                2. James Warren Scott (Sept 21, l902 Gravel Switch)
                                    md June 27, 1929 Vernon, NY Ann Pauline Smith
                                    (April 14, 1911 Syracuse, NY-) dau Peter John
                                    Smith & Theresa Eva Stuhler
                                    1. Shirley Ann Scott (April 26, 1930 Syracuse-)
                                       md Sept 23, 1950 Rochester, NY Edward John
                                       Callan (March 26, 1926 Rochester, NY-)
                                        1. Michael Scott Callan (Sept 17, 1953-)
                                        2. Patricia Ann Callan (Oct 18, 1955-)
                                        3. Laureen Marcella Callan (Jan 17, 1961-)
                                        4. Leann Marie Callan (Aug 29, 1962-)
                                    2. Ruth Mildred Scott (Dec 28, 1931 Syracuse-)
                                      1) George Tiffany (div)
                                         2) Charles Carr (died)
                                         2) Alvin Tidwell (died)
                                        1. Ann Marie Tiffany (April 10, 1950-)
                                            1) Paul Wittenburg (div)
                                            2) William Dale
                                        2. George Edward Tiffany (April 2, 1952-)
                                            md Diane Oullette
                                        3. Barbara Jean Tiffany (Nov 20, 1956-)
                                            md Joe Oullette
                                        4. James Warren Tiffany (Oct 25, 1954-)
                                    3. Marilyn Jean Scott (April 16, 1935 Syracuse)
                                        md June 4, 1955 Edgar Richard Begy (July 26,
                                        1. Edgar Richard Begy Jr (June 2, 1958-)
                                        2. Donna Jean Begy (June 18, 1960-)
                                        3. Eric Robert Begy (March 27, 1965-)
                                        4. Sandra Lee Begy (Nov 19, 1966-)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    4. SAMUEL D(IXON?) SCOTT (1798 N.C.- March 16, 1873)
                        2. JAMES FRANKLIN SCOTT (Oct 8, 1832-May 21, 1915 White
                            7. CLARENCE SCOTT (March 14, 1870-July 12,1958)
                                2. James Warren Scott (Sept 21, l902 Gravel Switch)
                                    4. Florence Patricia Scott (June 2, 1938
                                        Rochester, N.Y.-)  md
                                        1) John Potts (div)
                                        2) James Conners (Sept 12, 193x)
                                        (Karen & John were adopted by James Conners)
                                        1. Karen Faith Conners (Nov 7, 1958-) md
                                            Andrew Nelson
                                        2. John William Conners (Jan 15, 1961-)
                                        3. Theresa Marie Conners (July 7, 1964-)
                                        4. James Scott Conners ( May 18, 1965-)
                                5. Marion Hope Scott (Nov 6, 1904-Sept 20, 1919)
                                6. Donald Cecil Scott (June 8, 1907-) md
                                    Ruth Mercer (June 19, 19l0-May 3, 1982 Florida)
                                    1. Donna Louise Scott (June 25, 1941-) md
                                       1) John Hoffman (div)
                                       2) Don Simms
                                        1. John Scott Hoffman
                                7. Naomi Mildred Scott (Oct 10, 1909-) md
                                    John Beckham Condor (Sept 20, 1902-)
                                    1. Donald Morris Condor (Feb 1, 1934 Louisville)
                                       md Georgia O'Donnell (Sept 22, 1939-)
                                        1. Donald Morris Condor, Jr (May 30, 1960)
                                        2. David Brian Condor (April 18, 1964)
                                    2. Wanda Sue Condor (March 5, 1940 Louisville-)
                                        1) Charles Wm. Schildkneicht Jr (div)
                                        2) Edward Carl Boyerade
                                        1. Deborah Lynn Schildknecht (April 1, 1968)
                                        2. Charles Wm Schildknecht III (May 2, 1960)
                        3. Ermine M. (L.?) (Erameldis?) Scott (Oct 9, 1834-) md
                             1) March 20, 1857 R.W. Howsley
                             2) by 1877 Sandford P. Fife
                        4. Sophronia Scott (July 22, 1837-) md
                             1857 Elbridge J. Vertrees
                        5. Mary Tomasine Scott (Nov 26, 1839-) md
                             1865 Vanburen Nelson
                            1. Edwin T. Nelson
                        6. Woodford H. Scott (July 26, 1842-) md
                             1865 Letitia E. Taylor
                        7. William Riley Scott (Aug 9, 1844-ca 1878) md
                             1) Bell L.
                             2) 1870 Lou Bigler Love (Nov 5, 1849-1921) moved to
                                Sherman Texas about 1879
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    4. SAMUEL D(IXON?) SCOTT (1798 N.C.- March 16, 1873)
                        7. WILLIAM RILEY SCOTT (Aug 9, 1844-ca 1878) md
                            1. Mary Tomasine Scott Okmulgee, Okla
                            2. Fisher Hunter Scott
                            3. Willie E. Scott
                            4. Eddie L. Scott
                            5. Caswell Watkins Scott (Oct 29, 1871 White Mills, Ky-
                             July 19, 1935) md Ellis Co, Texas
                                Dec 26, 1895 Florence Mattie Summers (Feb 8, 1878-)
                                Caswell Scott was honorably discharged as 1st Sgt,
                                Troop "B" first squad, 7th Texas Cavalry, the Dallas
                                Rough Riders, Dallas TX Jan 15, 1901
                                1. Annie Lee Scott (Dec 13, 1896 Bardwell TX-) md
                                   Joe Cephas Bumguardner (Nov 22, 1892 Brady TX-)
                                    1. J.C. Bumguardner (July 2, 1916-)
                                    2. Scott Pershing Bumguardner (Sept 13, 1918-)
                                       1943 Charlotte Ernestine Middleton (1924-)
                                    3. Lee Nash Bumguardner (July 30, 1920-)
                                    4. Harry Horton Bumguardner (Nov 30, 1923-)
                                    5. Mary Alice Bumguardner (March 1, 1925-)
                                2. Bessie Lou Scott (Aug 29, 1898-) md
                                    William Edward Scoggin (Dec 3, 1890-)
                                    1. Billie Caswell Scoggin (April 19, 1922-)
                                       June 15, 1943 Harlow Scott Richards (March
                                       11, 1919-)
                                    2. Robert Edward Scoggin (Sept 2, 1925-)
                                    3. Rachel Lou Scoggin (June 23, 1928-)
                                3. Marjorie Scott (Sept 20, 1905-)
                                4. Mary Tomasine Scott (Aug 16, 1909-) md
                                   Troy Earl Summers (Feb 22, 1912-)
                                    1. Mary Erlene Summers (Aug 16, 1933-)
                                5. Florence Ann Scott (June 16, 1913-) md
                                    Lynn Talmadge Richardson
                                    1. Lynell Richardson (July 23, 1936-)
                                    2. David Carl Richardson (April 16, 1943-)
                                6. Caswell Watkins Scott (March 23, 1915-MIA,
                                    during Battle of Coral Seas, May 1942)
                        8. Samuel Scott (1848-) md
                        9. Casway W. Scott (Aug 5, 1849-)
                       10. Letta Scott
                       11. G.W. Scott
                       12. Fanny Scott

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
    1. JOHN SCOTT 1 (1724)
        1. JOHN SCOTT 2 (1741)
            6. WILLIAM SCOTT 3 (1786)
                4. THOMAS SCOTT 4 (1817)
                    5. ELIZABETH SCOTT 5 md Breckinridge Co, Ky.
                         1) Sept 26, 1811 Samuel Simmons (-1820)
                         2) Dec 29, 1821 John Welch
                        1. Jonathan Simmons md
                                  1834 Sarah Fulton
                        2. Levi Simmons
                        3. Samuel Simmons
                        4. Levan Simmons
                    6. CHARITY SCOTT 5 md Breckinridge Co, Ky.
                         1) July 8, l806 Joseph Simmons
                         2) Meade Co, Ky March 31, 1831 John Newman
                        1. Mariah Simmons md
                            1823 William Wimp
                        2. Elizabeth Simmons md Meade Co, Ky
                            May 12, 1825 Jesse Wimp
                        3. Ann S. Simmons md Meade Co, Ky
                            April 12, 1832 Green F. Young
                        4. Alice Simmons md Meade Co, Ky
                            Nov 30, 1834 Alpheus Tucker
                        5. Thomas Simmons
                        6. Samuel Simmons
                        7. Allen Simmons md
                             Permelia Jordan ?
                        8. Eneas Simmons
                        9. William Simmons
                    7. ALICE SCOTT 5 md Breckinridge Co, Ky.
                         July 29, 1819 Enos Simmons

                              BARBARA SCOTT BURCH

     A plaque on the wall of the Trinity Parish Church states that it is in
memory of Oliver Burch (1646-1729) of King and Queen Parish was the first
minister in the parish and that his wife's name was Barbara Scott. There is no
indication that she was related to our John Scott who was also born about
1650. They did live within a mile or so of each other. One of John Scott's
granddaughters married a Thomas Burch about 1750.
Sons John Scott and William maintained numbered pews in Trinity Parish Church
and their children were baptized there.  Just in case, here is Barbara Scott
Burch's family:

BARBARA SCOTT (ca 1650 - ) md
     ca 1680 Rev Oliver Burch (1649-ca 1729)
     1. Benjamin Burch  had children
     2. Thomas Burch (d before 1766)     5 children
          1. Thomas Burch
          2. Susannah Burch md
             William Thorne
          3. Elizabeth Burch md
             Benjamin Thorne
          4. Mary Burch md
             John Noe
          5. John Burch md
             Mary Ann _____
     3. John Burch md Mary _____
     4. Edward Burch md Mary _____ (-1765)
     5. Jonathan Burch (1707-) md Elizabeth _____
     6. Justinian Thomas Burch (1681-1760)
        md Susanna Davis (-1758)
          1. Justinian Burch (-1767/8) md
             Ann _____
     7. Katherine Burch md Thomas Swann
           Elizabeth Swann
           James Swann
           Mary Swann
           Judith Swann
     8. Ann Burch md Samuel Swann
     9. Barbary Burch md
          1) Thomas-Allison,
          2) William Collier
    10. Eleanor Burch
    11. Elizabeth Burch md John Cade

                        SAMUEL COOKSEY - THE REBEL


   SAMUEL COOKSEY (ca 1650 - 1708), "Coat Back", of Charles County, Maryland

                             COOKSEY FAMILY TREE
   SAMUEL COOKSEY's name first appears in St Mary's records as a witness in
1674. This would make him born at the latest about 1650-1655.
   In 1686, Samuel COOKSEY is on the jury at the witchcraft trial of Hannah
Edwards, she is not guilty. (Vol 34, Maryland Provincial Court Series)
   Puritans from New England had sponsored the Maryland Colony. In 1689 the
settlers became very dissatisfied with absentee landlords, nepotism, etc. A
man named William Joseph was named the head of Maryland and he was a very
strong Catholic.  In 1689, SAMUEL COOKSEY was one of those who took the Oath
of Allegiance. SAMUEL COOKSEY was highly regarded. John Coode raised an army
from Charles County and marched on the capitol in St. Mary's to get Joseph
when the rumor started that the Colony was going to be Catholic controlled.
   This was part of the Glorious Revolution, William and Mary taking over the
throne in England in 1689, which the colonists did not yet know about, and all
sorts of plots going on, like taking oaths to kill King William (by
Catholics). They captured Joseph, who really was not going to do anything, but
orders went out to arrest John Coode and all his men. About third on the list
was SAMUEL COOKSEY.  EDWARD PHILPOTT and Benjamin Posey signed an Oath of
Allegiance to be sent to their Majesties, happy over their support for
Protestants. Not all, however, were happy when the Church of England became
the established religion in Maryland.
   Now Thomas Gerrard, the 'Lord' of the Manor, was a Catholic and St. Mary's
was Catholic, but his wife, Susanna Snow, was Protestant as were his children
by her and John Coode was married to his daughter, Susanna Gerrard.
   In 1692, Mr. Samuel COOKSEY was the Navall Officer of the Potomack District
and rendered his account.
   In 1696, SAMUEL COOKSEY served as attorney for one John Tennison.
   About 1698, Cood led another rebellion and SAMUEL COOKSEY was in trouble.
"Ordered the sheriff of Ann Arundel County to take into his custody Mr. Samuel
COOKSEY whom he is to have ready at the time and place aforesaid." (Maryland
Archives XXIII p 450). COOKSEY was wanted for part in a plot. He had fled to
the Northern Neck of Virginia. "To the Governor of Virginia: apprehend Cood,
Sly, Mason, Clark, COOKSEY and Harpam, 1698." (ibid., p 487). The rebellion
soon collapsed and SAMUEL COOKSEY returned home.
They had seven children, four sons and three daughters. After Samuel Cooksey's
death, Christian married 2) John Lemaster.
    Samuel COOKSEY's will, dated 1708/09, was written in Durham Parish,
Charles County, Maryland. He was a grandfather.
         IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I, Samuell COOKSEY in Charles County
      being very sick and weak but of sound judgment & perfect memory
      but knowing how soon it may be the will of Allmighty God to take
      me out of this present world, I make this my last will and
      Testament. I give and bequeath my soul to God my creator and
      preserver there of hoping in and through the merritt &
      intercession of my blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ to Injoy
      Eternal Life, and my body to be decently buried according to the
      will and discression of my Executrix hereafter named and as to my
      worldly estate I will and bequeath it to the disposall as
      hereafter followeth my Just and Lawfull Debts & funeral charges
      being first paid Viz:

      Item  I will & bequeath all that Tract of Land called "CoateBack"
      being 400 acres and that tract called "Prevention" being seventy
      acres to my three sons, JUSTINIAN, John and  William, to be
      equally divided in three parts to them and there heirs Lawfully
      begotten of their bodys for Ever and in case any of these three
      does dye without issue the other two that Survives to have it
      Equally devided between them and Timber upon the said two tracts
      to be in Comen amongst the Said JESTINIAN, Jon and William for
      there nessesry Building.

      I will and bequeath to my daughter Priscilla Six Thousand pounds
      of Tobacco and that to be paid her by her three Brothers
      Proportinally when they be at age; I will and bequeath to my son
      Samuel and my daughters Mary and Elizabeth two Thousand pounds of
      Tobacco apiece to be paid by my executrix out of ye judgement of
      Captain Jerratt's estate when obtained.

      I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife CHRISTIAN that
      plantation where she now Lives dureing her life as likewise all by
      personal Estate & for the better performance thereof I ordaine,
      Constitute and Appoynt my Truste and well beloved wife CHRISTIAN
      to whole and Sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament
      Given under my hand and Seale this 8th day of January 1708.
                                               Samll Cooksey    Seal
Signed Sealed and Subscribe
Robert St Clare
John Noe Junr
John Mansfield

Charles County Durham Parrish Febuary ye Seaventh 1708. Then came before me
Robert Sainclare, John Noe Jr and John Mansfield and made oath, etc.

   JUSTINIAN COOKSEY, the son of Samuel Cooksey, married SARAH REED or Reeder
about 1727. Sarah was the daughter of THOMAS REED and ELIZABETH whose maiden
name is not known.
     Justinian COOKSEY's will was probated February 3, 1778.
           In the name of God, Amen, I, Justinian Cooksey of Charles
      County in the Province of Maryland, Planter, being by the Blessing
      of God of sound mind and memory but weak of body and knowing the
      certainty of death and uncertainty of life think it expedient to
      make this my last will and testament --
Inprimus I most Humbly Bequeath my Soul to God that gave it and my body
      to the Earth to be buryed in a Decent Manner at the direction of
      my dear wife and Executor beneath mentioned in hopes of a
      resurection thru the Mercys of God and the words of my blessed
      Savior to a happy imortality and as to what worldly Estate has
      fallen to my Lot, I devise and Bequeath in the following Manner:
          I give and bequeath all the Land I am now possessed of to my
      two sons Samuel and John to be equally divided between them so as
      each may have an equal part both of the high and low land to them
      and the heirs of their body lawfully begotten forever and failing
      such heirs of either or both my sons my will is that his division
      of the aforesaid land who may die without such lawfully begotten
      heirs surviving him shall be sold to the best advantage and the
      money arising from such sale to be equally divided among all my
      daughters that may be then alive to them and their heirs forever.

          I give all my Moveable Effects to my aforementioned daughters,
      but with this Proviso that my dear wife shall during her natural
      life Enjoy the use of said Moveable Effects and my will is that
      upon the death of my wife the said Moveable Effects to be sold to
      the best advantage and the money arising from Such Sale be Equally
      divided amongst my following daughters viz: Elizabeth, Susanah,
      Eleanor and Catherine, and my will is that together with my
      aforesaid Moveables my wife should also enjoy during her widowhood
      the use of my whole lands of which I am now possessed to enable
      her the better to maintain my last named daughters while they
      continue single and choose to live with her. I hereby appoint my
      wife my sole executor of this my last Will and Testament in
      witness whereto I have hereunto set my hand and Seale this
      thirtieth day of April in the year of our Lord 1774.
Signed and Sealed in                Justinian  X  Cooksey    Seale
presence of us                                mark
Isaac Campbell
Daniel Hodgkin
Edward Cadell
Francis Posey
   The above probate was taken in the presence of Thomas Reed Cooksey, Heir at
Law, who did not object to the taking of the same.
   His married daughters were not mentioned in Justinian Cooksey's will.
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. SAMUEL COOKSEY  (1650-1708)
     md CHRISTIAN TENNISON   she md 2) John Lemaster
     1. JUSTINIAN COOKSEY SR (d-1778) (Trinity Parish: 1755, 1/2 pew #7)
  md ca 1727 Sarah Reed or Reeder  dau of Thomas Reed (-1746) and
          1. CHRISTIAN COOKSEY (Feb 9, 1728-1792) md
               WILLIAM SCOTT (1727-1786)
          2. Justinian Cooksey Jr (May 8, 1731-)  1759 - bachelor
          3. Samuel Cooksey (July 16, 1733-)
          4. Mary Cooksey (Sept 25, 1735-)
          5. John Cooksey (March 21, 1738-)
          6. Sarah Cooksey (March 21, 1740-)
          7. Elizabeth Cooksey (Feb 8, 1744-)
          8. Susanna Cooksey (March 2, 1746-)
          9. Eleanor Cooksey (April 9, 1749-)
         10. Catherine Cooksey
     2. John Cooksey (d-1757)
          Will dated 1757 names son John Baptist; tract called "Simpkin Coat
          Back"; sons Thomas, Hezekiah, Lamaster.
          md Mary Reed or Reeder  dau of Thomas Reed (-1746) and Elizabeth
          1. John Baptist Cooksey
          2. Thomas Reed Cooksey gets part of pew in 1756; md
              Elizabeth Matthews
              1. Sarah Cooksey (1765-) md
                 1788 Charles Courts Chunn
          3. Hezekiah Cooksey md
              1780 Elizabeth Grey
          4. Lemaster Cooksey
     3. William Cooksey (d-1773 in Chas Co Md.) md
          Barbara ?Smallwood
          1. Samuel Cooksey
          2. William Cooksey
          3. Shadrack Cooksey
          4. Abednego Cooksey             get Simpton Coat Back
          5. John Cooksey                  "     "     "    "
          6. Ledstone Smallwood Cooksey    "     "     "    "
          7. Jesse Cooksey (son)
          8. Eleanor Cooksey
          9. Christian Cooksey
         10. Sarah Cooksey
     4. Priscilla Cooksey md
          by 1731 _____ Barron
          1. Samuel Cooksey Barron
     5. Samuel Cooksey md
          Ann Simms? dau John Simms & Mary Higdon?
     6. Elizabeth Cooksey md
     7. Mary Cooksey (Sarah?)

                       JUSTINIAN TENNIS(ON) - WITCH-HUNTER


     JUSTINIAN TENNIS (ca 1630 - 1699) of Charles County, Maryland

                             TENNISON FAMILY TREE
     The surname Tennis/Tennisson/Tennyson comes from "son of Dennis'. The
name first appeared on the Humber River in England which flows eastward
between York and Lincoln, emptying into the North Sea. The name John Tennisson
appears in Yorkshire in 1313 and 1361. Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a descendant
of this family.
Arms: Gules, three leopards faces or jessant de lis azure, a bend engrailed
argent. The major color of the shield is blue and the leopards' faces black.
The bend is red. The family motto is "I had rather die than be dishonored."
     Two brothers, John and Justinian Tennis/Tennisson came to Maryland about
1650, probably with Thomas Gerrard's adventurers. Both John and Justinian
Tennis were freeholders.
     A friend of John's younger brother, JUSTINIAN, (from whom the SCOTTS
descend) deposed in 1720 that John Tennison was born in Holland about 1628,
and that his mother was pregnant with JUSTINIAN when they landed in England
where he was born.
     In May 1653, John Tennis and his wife, Elizabeth, made a deposition that
John was 25 years old or thereabouts, born in England (!), that he and his
wife, Elizabeth, came to Maryland before 1653. John got land from Thomas
Gerrard in 1667. In 1673, John Tennison recorded his cattle mark and his
brother Justinian Tennison did the same. Justinian Tennison bought land in
     JUSTINIAN TENNISON got 100 lbs of tobacco for being in an expedition in
1679 against the Nanticoke Indians.
     JUSTINIAN TENNIS(ON) was on the jury at the witchcraft trial of Rebecca
Fowler, wife of John, in 1685.  They found her guilty and she was hanged. (Vol
34 Maryland Provincial Court Series)
     JUSTINIAN TENNISON was on a list of "civill officers and magistrates of
St Mary's County" who signed the Oath of Allegiance in 1690.
     The Johns and Justinians become very confusing. Both brothers John and
Justinian have sons named John and sons named Justinian. This makes three
Johns and three Justinians. Data to identify them is limited. CHRISTIAN
TENNISON, who married SAMUEL COOKSEY, was the daughter of a JUSTINIAN TENNISON
all right, but which one?
     In the beginning it was not known that John Tennison had a brother. This
was because he was listed in the immigrant lists as Justinian DENNIS. "D's"
and "T's" were often interchangeable in old English. Once discovered, here is
his record of immigration:
                       Liber Folio
    Dennis, Barbara       11 526   Transported 1668. Daughter of Justinian.
    Dennis, Jane          11 526   Transported 1668. Daughter of Justinian.
    Dennis, Justinian     11 526   Immigrated 1668.
    Dennis, Justinian Jr. 11 526   Transported 1668. Son of Justinian.
    Dennis, Katherine     11 526   Transported 1668. Wife of Justinian.
    Dennis, Mary          11 526   Transported 1668. Daughter of Justinian.
      (The Early Settlers of Maryland, Gust Skordas, p. 131)
    Jumping ahead, JUSTINIAN TENNIS of Charles County, Maryland, left a will
dated Jan. 23, 1699. Here is his will:
      In the Name of God, Amen, I, JUSTINIAN TENNIS of Charles County
      lying very weake in body but in perfect memory Praise be to All
      mighty God.   I first bequeath my Soule to All mighty God and My
      Saviour Jesus Christ and body to Earth to be decently buried.
      Also I desire my funeral charges and All my debts be fully
      Item  I give my daughter Barbara one shilling.
      Item  I give my daughter Mary one shilling.
      Item  I give my daughter Catherine one shilling.
      Item  I give my daughter Elizabeth one shilling.
      Item  I give my Sonn John Tennis one shilling.
      Item  I give my daughter Sarah one shilling.
      Item  I give my daughter Dracie one shilling.
      Item  I give my grandchild Jno Mansfield a little Gunn when he
      comes to age of Twenty one.
      Item I doe make my deare and Loving Wife [unnamed] my whole
      executrix of all my land, goods and Chattels & all my whole proper
      estate whatsoever and after her decease to fall to my daughter
      Xian [CHRISTIAN] to her and her heirs forever.
      This being my last will and testament Cutting of All former Wills
      and testaments whatsoever as witness my hand and seal this 23rd
      January 1699.    JUSTINIAN TENNIS    Seale
      Wit: Philip Jenkinson  Job Staples  Thomas Simpson

      His daughter Jane died in 1689 and son Justinian in 1687 preceding him
in death. But Barbara and Mary are listed in his will.
     Unfortunately, JUSTINIAN TENNIS failed to give his wife's name
(Katherine) or any married names of his daughters. Most important here is the
mention of grandchild, John Mansfield, not 21. Nine years later, John
Mansfield witnesses the will of SAMUEL COOKSEY. Jane Tennisson, Christian's
sister married Vincent Mansell/Mansfield, both of whom die before 1699. John
then served as a witness to his uncle's will nine years later. Thus, even if
Christian is only mentioned as "Xian" in JUSTINIAN TENNIS' will, this shows
that she was the CHRISTIAN who married SAMUEL COOKSEY.
      The relationship between John and Elizabeth Tennis was tumultuous. In
1654, John Tennis did not pay damages to Mrs. Johnson caused by John Tennis'
wife, Elizabeth, then servant to Mr. Johnson. Later Margaret Pritchard heard
Mrs. Brooks say Mrs. Johnson has beaten her maid 2 hours and Elizabeth Tennis
would say 2 and a half and that Elizabeth Tennis should say that her husband
tore the hair of his head and wisht that she, the said Johnson, would kill
maid and that then she might never kill more. (Vol 34, Maryland Provincial
Court Series, St. Mary's County)
     John bought land, "Persimmon Point", in 1667 from Thomas Gerrard of St.
Clement's Manor where John lived, at the mouth of Backe Creek. In 1678, John
had dispute with Richard Foster about 12 yrs earlier over division of land of
Foster's Neck.
     John Tennis' will St. Mary's dated Dec 20, 1682, names "eldest son John,
son-in-law William Cheshire and his wife Mary, son Matthew. 2 sons, Justinian
and Absalom to divide plantation. In case one died before marriage, ye
survivor to have other share. Executors sons Justinian and Absalom Tennis."
John Tennis was not a poor man. He left silver, fine furniture and Delft
china. He also owned two bibles and several books so he was not illiterate.
     Elizabeth Tennison separated from her husband John in 1680 because she
feared for her safety. John confessed he never loved nor respected her. John
died within a few years, and in 1683 Elizabeth protested in Court that his
will cut her out completely. She is old and infirm. Nevertheless, she married
James Green about 1683. She sued for her dower rights.
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1-1A John Tennison) (b 1628 in Holland-1682 in St. Mary's)
     md Elizabeth _____
         she md 2) James Green
     1A-1 John Tennison (1652-1700)
     1A-2 Matthew Tennison (ca 1652 in St Mary's Co-) md
          Mary Brooks (in father's will: John Brooks, Chas Co, 1712)
     1A-3 Mary Tennison (d after 1733) md
          William Cheshire "son-in-law" calls Absalom "cousin"
     1A-4 Justinian Tennison (ca 1664-1699 Charles Co, Md.) md
          Elizabeth Shanks dau John & Abigail Shanks
            she md 2) Giles Hill
     1A-5 Absalom Tennison (under 17 in 1682) (after 1665 -d before 1694) md
           Elizabeth _____
            she md 2) Charles Watts

1-2A Justinian Tennison (ca 1630, Yarmouth, England-1699 in Charles Co, MD)
       md Catherine _____ in England
     2A-1 Justinian Tennison (*-1687) left children
     2A-2 Jane Tennison (*-1689) md
          Vincent Mansell (-1687)
          1 John Mansell (Mansfield)
     2A-3 Barbara Tennison *
     2A-4 Mary Tennison *
     2A-5 Catherine Tennison *
     2A-6 Elizabeth Tennison
     2A-7 John Tennison "oldest son" (after death of Justinian)
          Sarah Lemaster  She md 1) Humphrey Posey; Sarah Tennison in father's
             will (Abraham Lemaster/Le Maitre) (1722).
     2A-8 Sarah Tennison
     2A-9 Diane-Dracie Tennison
         1) SAMUEL COOKSEY  (which see)
         2) John Lemaster

*  All born by 1668 in England. See immigration, above.

     (For more details, see Tennis/Tennison Genealogy extract)

                         THOMAS REED - TOBACCO GROWER
     THOMAS REED, Planter, of Charles County, Maryland
                               REED FAMILY TREE
    THOMAS REED had four daughters. Two of them married Duley brothers and two
married Cooksey brothers. Not much has been learned about THOMAS REED because
there are several in the area by the same name. It was thought his name might
be Thomas Reeder but that does not appear to be the case. The maiden name of
his wife, Elizabeth, is not known.
    More research needs to be done.
   In 1746, THOMAS REED, the father of Sarah Reed Cooksey, died and left a
will in Charles County Maryland.
      Written Dec 18, 1741; probated April 2, 1746.  Dear wife Elizabeth
      Reed to get land where he lives and at her death to go to oldest
      daughter, Elizabeth Duley, wife of James Duley. Wife to have all
      personal estate then Elizabeth Duley is to get negro boy Roger.
      The rest of the estate is to be equally divided between his other
      three daughters, viz: SARAH COOKSEY, Susanna Duley and Mary
      Cooksey. Wife Elizabeth to be executrix. wit: Robert Yates, John
      Harris and Robert Yates, Jr.  Probate was taken in presence of
      JEST. COOKSEY and John Duley who intermarried with daughters of
      the deceased.

 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
THOMAS REED (-1746 Charles Co, Md.) md
     Elizabeth _____
     1. Elizabeth Reed md
          ca 1738 James Duley
          1. John Duley (Jan 8, 1739-)
          2. Thomas Reed Duley (Nov 25, 1740-)
          3. James D. Duley (Jan 20, 1742-)
          4. Elizabeth Duley (July 4, 1745-)
          5. Eleanor Duley (Dec 25, 1747-)
     2. SARAH REED md
          ca 1726 JUSTINIAN COOKSEY
          1. CHRISTIAN COOKSEY (Feb 9, 1728-1792) md
               WILLIAM SCOTT (1727-1786)
          2. Justinian Cooksey Jr (May 8, 1731-)  1759 - bachelor
          3. Samuel Cooksey (July 16, 1733-)
          4. Mary Cooksey (Sept 25, 1735-)
          5. John Cooksey (March 21, 1738-)
          6. Sarah Cooksey (March 21, 1740-)
          7. Elizabeth Cooksey (Feb 8, 1744-)
          8. Susanna Cooksey (March 2, 1746-)
          9. Eleanor Cooksey (April 9, 1749-)
         10. Catherine Cooksey?
     3. Susannah Reed md
          John Duley
     4. Mary Reed md
           John Cooksey
          1. John Baptist Cooksey
          2. Thomas Cooksey
          3. Hezekiah Lemaster Cooksey

     ? THOMAS GLOVER (d 1731) of St. Mary's County, Maryland
                              GLOVER FAMILY TREE
     When Alice Scott died on November 11, 1853 in Meade Co, Kentucky, of old
age at age 87, it stated on her death certificate that she was born ALICE
GLOVER in Charles County, Maryland, in 1766. Her father, PHILIP GLOVER, and
mother, Charity (Philpott) GLOVER both died in 1790. Charity GLOVER, named her
daughter Alice SCOTT in her will and left ten pounds for the education of her
grandson, WILLIAM SCOTT.
    Alice GLOVER married Thomas SCOTT July 9, 1782 in Wayside Christ Church,
William and Mary Parish, Wayside, Maryland, when she was 16. In the marriage
record she was called Alice Philpott either by mistake or perhaps it was her
middle name, since two of her siblings had Philpott as a middle name. In their
wills, she was the only married child of PHILIP and Charity (Philpott) GLOVER.
The two youngest, Philip and Elizabeth, were under age.
    Alice was the mother of seven children, three boys and four girls. William
was born in Maryland sometime between 1783 and 1788. Alice and Thomas Scott
moved to Granville County, North Carolina, about 1788 before moving on to what
was then Hardin County, Kentucky, about 1800.
     The GLOVER family had been in Maryland from earliest times. Benjamin
GLOVER came in 1658, Giles GLOVER in 1663, John and Elizabeth GLOVER in 1664,
Isaac GLOVER in 1665, Richard GLOVER in 1667, William and Elizabeth GLOVER
1674, and Samuel and Sarah GLOVER in 1678. Thomas GLOVER came by way of
Virginia in 1664. Giles GLOVER and his wife, Elizabeth (Lindsey), (md by 1713)
were the only ones who came to Charles County in the early days, settling on
the Avon River Plantation. Giles and Elizabeth GLOVER registered their cattle
marks in 1658. A Robert GLOVER registers his mark about the same time.
     PHILIP GLOVER's father died early in his life. His mother, Mary, soon
married widower John Philpott, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Philpott. Mary
had two children by her new husband, John Philpott, who already had children
by his first wife whose name is unknown.
     Mary _____ (widow Glover) Philpott left a will in 1766 in which she names
her daughter Sarah Warren Philpott and son Samuel Philpott. She specifies that
her son PHILIP GLOVER is to have the right of dower in the estate of deceased
husband John Philpott. Benjamin Philpott is named her executor.
     Benjamin Philpott left a will in 1787 leaving a legacy to his sister
Charity GLOVER, Philip's wife, and to nephews John Philpott GLOVER and Philip
     Charity (Philpott) GLOVER left a will dated Feb 13, 1790, proven May 9,
1790, in which she named her children: Alice [GLOVER] Scott, Mary GLOVER,
Elizabeth Philpott GLOVER, Philip GLOVER [Jr], and John Philpott GLOVER. She
also names grandson William Scott. Son John GLOVER and daughter Mary are the
executors. Witnesses: John Campbell, Edward Hobart, and Thomas Cottrell.
     Philip GLOVER was one of the signers of the Oath of Allegiance in 1778 in
Charles County, Maryland.
     Philip GLOVER was listed in the 1775-1778 census of Charles County, from
the Upper Hundred of William and Mary Parish.
Charles County, Md, Census of 1790:

           PHILIP GLOVER 2 Males over 16
                         0 Males under 16
                         2 Females
                         0 Other free
                         4 Slaves

     PHILIP GLOVER [Sr] also died in 1790. John Philpott Glover was executor
of his father's estate as well as of his mother's. In 1791, he had inventoried
his father's estate. Philip Glover and Mary Cottrell were listed as nearest of
kin.  She was probably Mary Glover and she possibly married Thomas Cottrell, a
witness for her mother's will.
     Philip GLOVER [Jr] left a will dated March 23, 1801, naming nephew Philip
GLOVER. He names his brother John Philpott GLOVER his sole executor.
    The question is, who is the father of PHILIP GLOVER [Sr]?
    Richard GLOVER died about 1750 in St. Mary's County, Maryland, without
leaving a will. His wife, Mary, administered his account. Could she be
Philip's mother who married John Philpott, a widower with several children?
    Who was Richard's father?
    Thomas GLOVER married Sarah, the widow of John Duley by whom she had four
children who were minors when John Duley died in 1725.  Thomas was probably
the son of one of the early immigrants listed above, but which one cannot be
said with any certainty.
    Thomas GLOVER left a will in St. Mary's County dated 1731 in which he
named his son Thomas and married son RICHARD whose wife was expecting. He also
names unborn child of his (Thomas') present wife, Winiford [Fowler],
indicating RICHARD was by a previous, unnamed, wife. Could she have been
Sarah, widow Duley?
   Many early colonial families, had complicated relationships due to early
deaths of one parent and subsequent remarriages. Children of previous
marriages became one family and were joined by new siblings. Parents died and
left their children to be raised by a brother or sister.
    One thing is clear: Philip Glover's mother, Mary, married John Philpott.
St Mary's County
1730 John GLOVER (inventory)
1732 Thomas GLOVER Sr (inventory)

Giles GLOVER and Elizabeth had
dau Mary GLOVER md 1) Francis Meek (-1697)
            she md 2) Richard Wade
Mary GLOVER Meek had 1. Francis Meek  (1693-1765)
                 and 2. Zachariah Wade who md Charity Courts
Kitty Basket md John GLOVER 1823  Charles Glover swore girl was 21
Susan Basket md Charles GLOVER 1819
Preacher Warren Cash with whom she lived.
Writh GLOVER md Valuntine Creager 1816
Deborah GLOVER md Abraham Cash 1820
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. ?THOMAS GLOVER (d 1730/1 in St. MAry's Co, Maryland)  md
   1) Sarah _____? (d ca 1725) widow of John Duley; had 4 small children
   2) Winiford Fowler dau of Joseph Fowller
     1. Thomas Glover
     2. ?Richard Glover (d 1750) md
          Mary _____
          she married 2) John Philpott, son of Charles, had 4 children by 1)
          1. PHILIP GLOVER (d 1790) md
              Charity Philpott (d 1790) dau John Philpott, son of Edward
                1. ALICE GLOVER md
                     Thomas Scott
                    1. WILLIAM SCOTT
                   *2. JOHN PHILPOTT GLOVER
                         1800 wit to will Edward Hobart
                         1. Philip GLOVER
                   *3. MARY GLOVER
                   *4. PHILIP GLOVER (-1801) **
                   *5. ELIZABETH PHILPOTT GLOVER

Mary ____ (Glover's) children by John Philpott (d 1761):
          5. Samuel Philpott
          6. Sarah Warren Philpott md
                   1) Daniel Hobart
                   2) _____ Mitchell (in Virginia)



     EDWARD PHILPOTT I (ca 1597-1678) of Charles County, Maryland

                             PHILPOTT FAMILY TREE

     From rags to riches. EDWARD PHILPOTT I came to St. Mary's, Maryland about
1650, as an indentured servant to either Robert Brooke of de la Brooke or
William Mitchell, at age 49 or more, and ended up a large landowner. EDWARD
PHILPOTT I was a master carpenter which in 1650 terms meant architect. He was
also a wheelright, a crucial profession in the newly established colony.
     One can only speculate that Edward Philpott left England at that age for
religious reasons. Many fled during the bloody civil war that lasted from
1642-1649 ending with the beheading of King Charles II by Cromwell. The
signing of the letter to William and Mary in 1689 by his son Edward II,
rejoicing that Protestantism was secure in Maryland, supports this conjecture.
     Many early immigrants, unable to pay their own way, indentured themselves
for passage. At the end of that time, they were free to do as they liked. Many
subsequently became men of stature in the area.
     The name Philpott first appears as "Richard des Philpotts" in Kent,
England. The name meant "Little Philip" PHILIP-OT, possibly old Saxon in
origin.  John Philpot was the great Lord Mayor about 1387. He was a London
financier and lent the King money. He collected his own fleet and cleared the
channel of pirates. Had immense land holdings in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and
Kent, so his descendants mover onto those places.  Archdeacon John Philpot, of
Winchester, defied the Bishops and earned the name "the Martyr", and was
burned at the stake in 1555. (Information from Romney Philpott)
    There were many Philpott immigrants in the early days: William 1662,
Anthony 1670, Thomas 1650, Joan 1664, Robert 1664, Robert who came from the
Isle of Kent before 1640, deceased by 1650 and Thomas, his heir a minor in
1650, William 1658.  However, there is no name even close to EDWARD PHILPOTT.
  But Robert Brooke of de la Brook was Lord Proprietor of his lands in old
Charles County granted by Lord Baltimore in 1650, the year he immigrated with
his wife and 10 children. It is recorded that he brought 21 men [indentured]
servants and 7 maid servants with him at that time. William Mitchell also
brought 22 [indentured] servants into Maryland in 1650.  One of those men
might have been EDWARD PHILPOTT. To build a house for Robert Brooke's ten
children required a master carpenter.
      ITEM: St Mary's 1650: Let to Elwyn Bufkin 2 menservants (EDWARD
      PHILPOTT and Vincent Atkinson) then to Robert Brooke.

      ITEM: In 1650 EDWARD PHILPOTT, about 49, deposes he did serve Mr
      Brooke of de la Brooke full term of 3 months.

      ITEM: In 1652 EDWARD PHILPOTT was servant to William Mitchell
      working for Robert Brooke. He was a master carpenter, a

      ITEM: In 1657/8 EDWARD PHILPOTT, about 60, deposed that he was
      sold by William Mitchell to Thos. Gerrard [owner of St Clement's
      Manor] for 4 cows and their heifers.

      ITEM: EDWARD PHILPOTT was robbed by indians in 1658 in St. Mary's.

      ITEM: Mr. Brooke promised him set of tools, then backed out, but
      kept Philpott's tools. EDWARD PHILPOTT brought him to court and
      got his tools out of the box. (Vol 34 Maryland Provincial Court

     By 1657, EDWARD PHILPOTT I began to acquire land: "Parcel of Land"
(330A), "Walker's Run" (200A), "Philpott", "Court's Palace" (100A), altogether
more than 600A. Like most landowners, he became a tobacco grower. There was no
coinage in Maryland at the time and tobacco was used as a form of exchange.
     About 1658, nearly 60, EDWARD PHILPOTT I married Bridget, whose last name
is unknown. Two sons, Edward II (1660) and Charles (1667), were born of this
union. In 1660, Edward PHILPOTT I registered his mark for hogs and cattle.
EDWARD PHILPOTT I served as a coroner, a juryman, foreman of jury, and
witness. After his death in 1678, Bridget married Robert Ingolsby. By 1680,
Bridget was again a widow.
      EDWARD PHILPOTT II (1660-1718) married Susannah POSEY about 1686. They
had six children: Edward III born 1687, Susanna born 1690, JOHN born 1692,
Charles, born about 1698, Eleanor who died in 1724, and Mary born ca 1702.
     In 1689, EDWARD PHILPOTT II was one of 70 signers of a letter to their
Majesties William and Mary, rejoicing over the establishment of Protestantism
in MAryland. He served on the grand jury and was concerned about the welfare
of the public.
      EDWARD PHILPOTT II also was busy acquiring more land. "Philpott's
Chance", "Timber Neck", were added making an estate of about 1,000A. His wife,
Susannah, died and in 1709, EDWARD PHILPOTT married Eleanor Hawkins. Eleanor
had married the Rev. George Tubman in 1698, had two children by him and then
discovered he already had a wife in England. In 1705, she married William
Smallwood, who had three small children, but he died very soon after. Eleanor
and EDWARD II had no children.  His estate inventory was extensive, containing
even a violin.
     Edward Philpott III had two sons, John and Edward. Neither had children.
JOHN PHILPOTT (1692-1746) married ANN COTTRELL and had eight or nine children.
JOHN PHILPOTT died while on a business trip to Princess Ann County, Virginia,
on 2 February 1746. CHARITY PHILPOTT, born about 1740, was the daughter of
JOHN PHILPOTT and Ann. CHARITY married PHILIP GLOVER before 1766 when their
oldest daughter ALICE GLOVER was born.
     Benjamin Philpott, oldest brother of Charity, is perhaps the most
prominent member of the family.  He was frequently called on to attend to
family matters, handling the estates of brothers Samuel and Johannades, and
Charles, and Mary (widow Glover) Philpott, mother of PHILIP GLOVER.
     The 1765 Stamp Act angered colonists. They decided not to import anything
from England subject to this tax. When tea was discovered in a shipment from
England in 1774, irate citizens decided to blockade all English goods.
     In 1774 Benjamin Philpott was on the committee of 100 best known citizens
of the county elected to vote for representatives to the Continental Congress.
In 1776, citizens armed themselves. Benjamin Philpott was made a Captain in
the Militia, serving six years during the Revolutionary War period. He
received 1000 acres of land for his service which he assigned to his nephews
John and Benjamin Philpott, Philip and John Philpott Glover. Benjamin married
late in life but died a year later. 1000 acres was left to them in his will.
     Nephews Philip (d unmd in 1801) and John Philpott Glover were the
children of Benjamin's sister, Charity. Nephews John and Benjamin Philpott are
a little harder to identify. They had to be sons of one of Benjamin's four
brothers: either Samuel, Johannades, Charles or Francis. Johannades died
unmarried. Samuel may have too. Francis' children are not named John or
Benjamin. This leaves Charles as their father. He may have died in Martin
County, North Carolina.
     At the probate of Benjamin PHILPOTT'S will, John Philpott, "heir at law,"
was a resident of the State of Carolina (North or South?) and was not present.
This means John was the oldest son of one of Benjamin's brothers, probably
Charles. Judging from the names of the Philpotts and Glovers in Meade and
Hardin Counties, Kentucky,-- John F., Samuel A. and Benjamin R. Philpott, and
Jogn and Charles Glover - his land grants must have been there.
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. EDWARD PHILPOTT (ca 1597-1678)
     md Bridget -----
         she md 2) Robert Ingolsbee
     1. EDWARD PHILPOTT (ca 1670-1718) md
          1) Susanna Posey dau of John Posey (b 1652) and Lees Amalies Belaine
             who md 2) Susanna Belaine, her sister
          2) ca 1705 Eleanor Hawkins (1698 md Rev George Tubman who already
         had a wife in England) widow of Wm Smallwood. No children by
          1. John Philpott (Oct 13, 1692-) md
               Ann Cottrell dau James & Elizabeth (Burford)
               1. Benjamin Philpott (ca 1715?) md
                    1786 Eliza(beth?) Smoot dsp
               2. Samuel Philpott dsp?
               3. Johannades Philpott dsp
               4. Charles Philpott (d by 1787?) (to Martin Co, N.C.?)
                    1. John Philpott? "nephew" in Benj's will? in N.C. in '87?
                    2. Benjamin Philpott?  "nephew" in Benj's will?
                   (Please see p 29 Meet Your Ancestors
               5. Susannah Philpott  ?md James Keech?
               6. CHARITY PHILPOTT (ca 1740?-1790)  md PHILIP GLOVER (-1790)
               7. Francis Philpott md
                    Jemima Posey  dau of Benj Posey and Patience _____
                   1. Charity Philpott
                   2. Hanson Hobart Philpott
               8. Hethable Philpott?
          2. Susanna Philpott (June 9, 1690-d by 1718) md
               Charles Musgrave
               1. Susanna Musgrave
          3. Edward Philpott (Jan 14, 1687?-1725) (in his will) md
                Margaret _____
               1. John Philpott Jr (-1749/50)
               2. Edward Philpott
          4. Charles Philpott (1698-1753) md
               by 1717 Elizabeth Barton (in father's--Wm Barton--will 1717)
                  Inventory: nearest kin John & Warren Philpott. Eliz. swears.
               1. John Philpott (-1761) (Will in Henry Co, Va.?) md
                    1) _____
                    2) Mary _____ (-1766) widow of RICHARD GLOVER
                 by wife #1:  (All seem to move to Henry County, Va.)
                    1. David Philpott md
                        Mary Ann _____
                    2. John Philpott (1771 took oath to Va; Henry Co, Va)
                       md Nancy Posey 1783
                    3. Charles Thomas Philpott (1753 in Md -)
                          (in Henry Co, Va; Rev War soldier)
                          md 1794 Elizabeth Hubbard
                    4. Zachariah Philpott (Frederick Co, Md, 1790 census)
                       (1820 Census, Cumberland Co, Ky.)
                 by wife #2 Mary _____ GLOVER
                 by Richard Glover:
                    1. PHILIP GLOVER (-1791) md
                         Charity Philpott (-1790) dau John & Ann (Cottrell)
                         1. ALICE GLOVER (1766-1853) md
                              William Scott
                              1. WILLIAM SCOTT
                         2. JOHN PHILPOTT GLOVER
                         3. MARY GLOVER
                         4. PHILIP GLOVER (-1791)
                         5. ELIZABETH PHILPOTT GLOVER
                 by John Philpott:
                    5. Samuel Philpott
                    6. Sarah Warren Philpott md
                         1) Daniel Hobart
                         2) _____ Mitchell (in Virginia)
               2. Barton Philpott  (Frederick Co, Md, 1790 census)
                      (Barton Philpott was in War of 1812, Cumberland Co, Ky)
                    1. Benjamin Philpott (1760-1790) md
                         Elizabeth Hacking
                         1. Horatio Philpott (1789-) md  (to Tenn, Ala)
                             1) 1808 Amy? Allen
                             2) Harriet Paxton
           5. Mary Philpott dsp
     2. Charles Philpott (Feb 7, 1667-) dsp


1850 Census #832
Elizabeth Parr 64 b North Carolina
Greenville Parr 24 b Ky
Ruth Parr 22 b Ky
William Parr 8/12
John F. PHILPOT 16

1850 Census #860
John F. PHILPOT 43 b Virginia
Emeline PHILPOT 40 b Ky  [She md 2) Joseph Herrick in 1860]
Benjamin PHILPOTT 18

1850 Census #865
Jabal Massey 55 b Virginia
Mary Massey 40 b Kentucky  [2nd marriage, widow Samuel Philpott]
Amanda Massey 16
Martha Massey 13
James Massey 11
Frances Massey 7
Malvina PHILPOT 15
Samuel PHILPOT 11
Emeline PHILPOT 8
Victoria PHILPOT 5
                            MARRIAGES MEADE CO KY

Riddle, Levi of age         Parr, Martha               Bk A July 15, 1824
bond Samuel A. PHILPOTT     fa  William Parr           Simeon Buchanan

Parr, John                  Parr, Ruth                 Aug 19, 1829
21 May 1, 1829              fa William Parr            Simeon Buchanan
                           wit Samuel A. PHILPOTT

PHILPOTT, John F.           Hardin, Emaline            Bk A March 18, 1830
   of age                   fa Robert Hardin           Simeon Buchanan
                            by Orvill Sherrill

PHILPOTT, Samuel A.         Parr, Mary Ann             July 20, 1830
of age                      fa William Parr            John Stith Jr
wit Thomas Greenwood

Riddle, Robert             Hardin, Rebecca            Bk A Dec 10, 1835
Bond John F. PHILPOTT       fa Robert Hardin           Jos. B. Stringer
Burch, John H.              PHILPOTT, Columbia         #142 Dec. 21, 1846
wit. Robt Mattingly         fa John F. PHILPOTT        W. Fennelly

Hardin, William  21         PHILPOTT, Lydia Ann        #309 Sept 20, 1849
wit  Stephen Hardin         mo Rebecca Riddle          Wm. B. Bethel
                         step fa Madison F. Riddle

Massy, Jabal                PHILPOTT, Mrs. Mary Ann    #350 April 27, 1850
bond Thomas Heavrin         [widow of Samuel Philpott]  Beal D. Calvin

Ray, William H.             PHILPOTT, Mary M.          #465  Feb 12, 1852
fa Washington L. Ray        mo Mary Massey             Wm T. Coale
wit  Thomas S. Ray          bond John M. Frymire

Gough, William H.  27       Burch, Mrs. Columbia P. 24  #615 May 23, 1854
b Breckinridge              b Meade                     William T. Coale
Bond Bloom Parr             res of mo Mrs John PHILPOTT
wit Richard Riddle          wit G.W. Webb

Stiff, Levi 21              PHILPOTT, Emaline          #927 Dec 30, 1858
21 on Aug 4, 1858           b Meade Co                 E.T. Hickerson
b Meade Co Bond Wm.H.Ray    mo Mary Ann Massey      at John M. Frymire's
wit. John P. Stiff
B.R. Frymire

Samuel A. PHILPOTT   19     Haynes, Lucinda  25        #39 March 20, 1860
b Meade                     b Bedford Co, Va.          E.T. Hickerson
wit. Mark Buford            mo Elizabeth Haynes        at mo's house
his guardian William H. Haynes   wit Henry Graham

Kerrick, Joseph 61          PHILPOTT, Mrs. Emeline 50  #49B May 27, 1860
b Shelby Co, Ky 2nd m       b Washington Co. 2nd m     Pat MacNicholas
wit. Thomas J. Gough                                  at Henry Gough's

Benjamin R. PHILPOTT 33     Spink, Nancy 23            #305 April 4, 1865
b Meade Co, Ky              b Meade Co, Ky             Pat Mac Nicholas
fa b Va mo b Wash Co, Ky    fa b Wash Co, mo b Ind     at my house
Bond Wm. N. Heavrin         Wit. Thomas A. Spink       wit. Simon Hardin

                          FRANCIS POSEY - THE HUGUENOT


     FRANCIS POSEY, Planter, of Charles County, Maryland
     JOHN VILLAINE/BELAINE, Planter, of Charles County, Maryland

                           POSEY-BELAINE FAMILY TREE
     FRANCIS POSEY was born Francois Poschet in Cambrai, France, the son of
Martin Poschet and Anne de Colnet. They were Huguenots who fled France for
England with sons Martin Poschet and FRANCIS POSCHET, both of whom immigrated
to the American colonies.
     In the early 1400's in Cambrai, France, the Baron of Raxem was EUSTACHE
JOSEPH POCHET, a knight. He married  MATHILDE de FOELEIMBERT. Francis' line
can be traced from there. Francis is the seventh generation from Eustache
Pochet.  (See We Are Our Ancestors, by June Stubbs, 1983, in appendix)
     FRANCIS POSEY came from London with William Farrar, Sr., who was
representative of St. Clement's Hundred in the Maryland Assembly 1641-1649,
and a Burgess in 1650.
     FRANCIS POSEY was 'transported' by William Farrar in 1636 and landed in
Henrico County, Virginia. By 1640 FRANCIS POSEY had moved to Maryland. The
payment of another person's passage entitled one to claim land. Thus:
      "Francis Posey demandeth 100 acres of land for transporting
      himselfe into this pro: in he year 1640 & 100 acres more for
      transporting one able Manservt the same yeare Via Joseph Gregory &
      100 acres more by assigmt from John Knott who transported himselfe
      into this pro: 1643. And 100 acres assigd from John Villaine
      [Belaine], who transported himselfe into this pro: 1646."
     Francis Posey was very closely associated with John Belaine in land
dealings in the early years. It is believed that John Villaine-Belaine was
also a Huguenot.
     Soon after he arrived, Francis Posey married ELIZABETH _____, who was a
transported servant.  He asked for 50 acres of land, saying "hee bought of Mr
ffenwick whose servant shee was being for her transportation into this
Province about 7 yeares since..."  Speculation as to her family name can be
found We Are Our Ancestors in the Posey section.
     Francis POSEY served for a number of years as deputy sheriff. He was also
a member of the General Assembly as early as 1641.
     Francis Posey was frequently in court for a variety of minor suits which
was not uncommon in the early days. A lot of interesting data on FRANCIS POSEY
can be found in the appendix under Meet Your Ancestors, written by Noland
Bowling in 1983.
     FRANCIS POSEY died suddenly in the early part of 1658 and left no will.
He had three children, Benjamin, 10, Anne, 8, and JOHN, 6. The young widow was
left with three small children to raise. JOHN BELAINE, her husband's business
partner, was a widower with two small children, LEES AMALIE and Susanna. They
soon married. Five and a half years later JOHN BELAINE died, leaving two more
children by Elizabeth: Nicholas and Grace. The frontier was dangerous and life
was hard. After JOHN BELAINE's death, Elizabeth married a third time, to
Alexander Smith.
     JOHN VILLAINE-BELAINE was closely associated with FRANCIS POSEY. For
example, he and Francis Posey often bought land together and the two families
were closely intertwined. He transported himself to Maryland in 1646, for
which he asked the standard 100 acres. His name is spelled many different
ways.  In one and the same document he was called both John Villaine and John
     JOHN BELAINE left a will dated 23 May 1663, proven Nov, 3, 1663.
      "To wife (unnamed) and her child (unnamed) one-half of estate.
      Testator's child (unnamed) residue of estate, real and personal.
      Overseers: William Marshall and Peter Carr.  Witnesses: John
      Courts, Alex Smith [who later married John Belaine's widow!],
      Meverell Tully, Thos Matthews"

     FRANCIS' younger son, JOHN POSEY, born in 1652, was of age in 1672 to
serve on the jury. On 28 May 1673, he bought "St Johns" from Thomas Allanson.
In 1673 JOHN POSEY's mark was recorded as "000". In 1674, he entered his brand
as "3".
     JOHN POSEY married his step-sister, LEES AMALIE BELAINE, and after her
early death, he married her sister, his step-sister, Susanna Belaine. It is
not definitely known which of the girls was the mother of Susanna who married
Edward Philpott. Most researchers think Lees Amalie was her mother but it
makes little difference since the ancestry would be the same.
     Benjamin Posey, John's older brother, married the widow of his half-
brother, Nicholas Belaine.  More confusing is the fact that the Belaine
children took the name Posey when their mother remarried.
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. FRANCIS POSEY (-1658) md
      ELIZABETH _____  she md 2) John Belaine
     1. Benjamin Posey (b ca 1648-d 1715) md
         1) ?_____
         2) Mary Bayne (1665-1730) widow of Nicholas Belaine, his half-brother
        she md 3) John Miller   SEE HER 3 BELAINE CHILDREN BELOW
          1. John Posey (d 1717)
          3. Benjamin Posey (1689-1750) md
              Patience Bateman, 4 children
               1. Jemima Posey md
                   1) Francis Philpott
                   2) 1779 _____ Cole
          4. Belaine Posey (1690-1750) md
             Mary Wilkerson and moved to Virginia. One son
          5. Susannah Posey (1 June 1691-)
          6. Mary Posey (10 Sept 1693-before 1726) dsp
          2. Francis Posey ( 1701-1774) md
              Ann _____
          7. daughter Posey (living in 1725)
     2. Anne Posey (b ca 1650) md
        1669 John Mould
     3. John Posey (July 20, 1652-July 1689) md
           1) ca 1670 Lees Amalie Belaine (d by 1676) dau of John Belaine
              probable child:  (could be Susanna's)
          1. SUSANNAH POSEY   SEE under PHILPOTT
              md ca 1686 EDWARD PHILPOTT
               1. Edward Philpott (1687-)
               2. Susanna Philpott (1690-)
               3. John Philpott (1692-)
               4. Eleanor Philpott (ca 1695-)
               5. Charles Philpott (1698-)
               6. Mary Philpott (ca 1699-)
           2) ca 1676 Susanna Belaine      both his stepsisters
             md 2) md Thomas Austin
          2. Elizabeth Posey (ca 1677)
          3. Mary Posey (ca 1679) md
             Thomas Allanson
          4. Jane Posey (ca 1681 - d before 1720) md
               Edward Cornish
               1. Richard Cornish
               2. John Cornish
               3. Elizabeth Cornish
          5. Humphrey Posey (Feb 1, 1683-1718) md
              Sarah Tennison (Lemaistre?)
               1. Benjamin Posey
          6. John Posey (July 30, 1685-1759) md
              1) Lydia Shuttlesworth
              2) Elizabeth Maddox
               1. Richard Posey
               2. John Posey
     1) _____
     2) ELIZABETH, widow of Francis Posey
          She md 3) Alexander Smith
Children by 1):
     1. Lees Amalie Belaine (d young) md
         John Posey
     2. Susanna Belaine md
         1) John Posey widower of her sister Lees Amalie
         2) Thomas Austin
Children by 2) Elizabeth:
     3. Nicholas Belaine  Nov 10, 1658 - d young) md
          Mary Bayne she md 2) Benjamin Posey  ABOVE  (Belaine children took
           the named Posey after their mother remarried)
Names of his children vary:
Source 1: 1. Elizabeth Belaine/Posey
          2. John Belaine/Posey (d 1717) dsp
          3. Mary Belaine/Posey (d 1724/25)
Source 2: 1. Jemima Belaine (March 15, 1686)
          2. Elizabeth Belaine (Feb 15, 1688)
     4. Grace Belaine md
        Giles Collier or Folliar

                           JAMES COTTRELL - PLANTER


     JAMES COTTRELL, Planter, of Charles County, Maryland
     THOMAS BURFORD, landowner, of Charles County, Maryland

                         COTTRELL-BURFORD FAMILY TREE

JAMES COTTRELL (ca 1665 - d 1722)
     The name Cottrell has been spelled Cattle, Cotterall, Cotterell, Cottrill
and Cottrall in early Maryland records. Walter Cotterell is listed as an
immigrant to Maryland in 1640. He was the overseer for Thomas Peteate in St.
Mary's County 1650-57. George Cotterell-Cottirill was listed in 1661. A James
Cottell is listed in 1675-7. It is not known if any of them was the father of
     JAMES COTTRELL left a will dated Feb 17, 1722, proven March 9, 1722, in
which he names sons Thomas and James, grandchildren Elizabeth, James, Mary and
Judith, children of Thomas Swan (who married Elizabeth Cottrell, who
apparently was dead), ANNE wife of JOHN PHILPOTT, and (second) wife Ann.
Children at settlement: James, Thomas, Jane wife of Mark Penn, and Hannah
Lattimore.  His first wife was ELIZABETH BURFORD who was the mother of his
     James Cottrell, Jr. left a will dated March 21, 1722 and proven April 22,
1722, a month after his father's death. He mentions brother Thomas, nephew
James, son of Thomas Swan, mother-in-law (stepmother) Ann Cottrell and sister
ANN wife of JOHN PHILPOTT. James was only 25 when he died.

THOMAS BURFORD (ca 1650 in England-)
     THOMAS BURFORD immigrated to Charles County. Maryland, in 1680 with his
son Thomas Jr. and daughter ELIZABETH.  Thomas Burford was listed as a
landowner in Charles County in 1683 from whom land was to be purchased for
establishing two towns. ELIZABETH BURFORD mentions her brother Thomas and
sister Jane wife of Richard Dodd.
     Maryland records show the births of JAMES and ELIZABETH COTTERELL'S
   Elizabeth Cotterell.... April 30 1689
   Jane Cotterell ........ August 15, 1690
   James Cotterell ....... Sept 7, 1694
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. JAMES COTTRELL (ca 1665 - will Feb 17, 1722)
     md 1) by 1688 ELIZABETH BURFORD (b ca 1670 in England)
            daughter of THOMAS BURFORD
        2) ANN _____
     1. Elizabeth Cottrell (April 30, 1689-d before 1722) md
          Thomas Swan
          1. Elizabeth Swan
          2. James Swann
          3. Judith Swan
          4. Mary Swan
     2. Jane Cottrell ( Aug 15, 1690 - d before 1768) md
            Mark (John?) Penn (1692-1768) son of William Penn and Mary
          1. Eliza Penn md
              1) Benjamin Bateman
              2) ____ King
             1. Benjamin Bateman
             2. Jane Bateman
             3. Joseph King
     3. ANN COTTRELL (b 1692)  See under John Philpott
          md JOHN PHILPOTT
          1. Benjamin Philpott
          2. Samuel Philpott
          3. Johannades Philpott
          4. Charles Philpott
          5. Susannah Philpott
          6. CHARITY Philpott md PHILIP GLOVER
             On inventory of Philip Glover (1791) Mary COTTRELL is listed with
             Philip Glover Jr as nearest kin. John Marshall and James Cottrell
             are listed as appraisers. Mary is listed as Glover, a daughter of
             age, in 1793 at the settlement. It is probable she married a
             Cottrell, possibly James, son of Thomas.
          7. Francis Philpott
          8. Hethable Philpott
     4. James Cottrell (b Sept 7, 1694 - will March 21, 1722)  dsp
     5. Thomas Cottrell Sr. (d 1772)
           Census 1775-78 Charles Co: Upper Hundred William & Mary Parish:
               James, Benjamin and Thomas Cottrell)
          1. James Cottrell (wit for Mary Marshall, Moses & Patience Hobart,
             did appraisal for Philip Glover 1791)
          2. Thomas Cottrell (wit for Charity Glover)
          3. Benjamin Cottrell (took oath of allegiance 1778)
          4. Mark Cottrell
          5. Burford Cottrell md
             ca 1780 Anne Warren dau John and Jane, son of Barton Warren
          6. Elizabeth Cottrell
          7. Eleanor Cottrell
     6. Hannah Cottrell md
          James Lattimore Jr, son James and Mary (Brandt)
          1. Benjamin Lattimore
          2. Marcus Lattimore md
              Anne Fairfax dau John Fairfax Jr
          3. James Lattimore
          4. Rebecca Lattimore
            md _____ King
          5. Elizabeth Lattimore
            md ____ Allen


                          JOHN MOORE - THE VIRGINIAN


     ANTHONY AMENT - Revolutionary soldier from Pennsylvania & Virginia

     JOHN MOORE - the Virginian

                            AMENT/MOORE FAMILY TREE

     At age 75, ANTHONY AMENT applied for a Revolutionary War pension on
October 24, 1832. He deposed that he had volunteered under Capt. Clots in
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He said he was born in York County,
Pennsylvania in 1757. He made his own record from his parents when he moved to
Shenandoah County, Virginia. ANTHONY AMENT met and married MARY MOORE,
daughter of JOHN MOORE in Virginia. They moved to Hardin County, Kentucky, in
     At the same time, Philip Ament, 78, probably Anthony's brother, deposed
that he served in the Revolutionary War under the command of Colonel Hand in
the First Rifle Regiment.  He also lived in Hardin County, Kentucky.
     CATHERINE AMENT, daughter of ANTHONY AMENT and MARY (MOORE), was born in
Virginia. She married WILLIAM SCOTT, son of THOMAS SCOTT and ALICE (GLOVER)
married in Hardin County, Kentucky, May 21, 1814.
1815. Eighteen years later, in 1833, their second child, William S. Scott,
 was born.
     On Oct 17, 1842, WILLIAM SCOTT married Rachel Ament, probably Catherine's
sister. In 1854, William S. Scott, younger son of WILLIAM SCOTT and CATHERINE
AMENT married his cousin, Sarah Jane Ament, daughter of Anthony Ament Jr, son
of his uncle John.
     In 1818, WILLIAM SCOTT's brother, Samuel Dixon Scott, married CATHERINE's
sister, Polly Ament. Polly died leaving one daughter, Katherine.
     Henry Ament died childless in 1860. In his will dated March 10, 1860, he
      to my sister Rachel Scott, my niece Catherine [Scott] Hart; My
      brother John Ament's children: Kath Dodson of Ind, Elizabeth
      Miller, Sarah Tabor, John Ament, John's son Anthony's children:
      John Jr, Henry, James, Sarah Jane Scott, Mary Carlton, Susan Ann
      Klinglesmith; T.J. Neafus and Henry Neafus sons of my sister
      Abigail, deceased, Sarah Ann [Neafus] Leslie, Mary [Neafus]
      Lampton.  May 4, 1860 N.P. Williams, exec.
        Wit: James Spillman. Geo. Neff   May 9, 1860.

     He leaves nothing to the children of his sister, Catherine Scott, perhaps
feeling by leaving something to Rachel Scott they have been remembered.
                                  JOHN MOORE
     JOHN MOORE was the father of MARY MOORE who married ANTHONY AMENT in 1781
in Shenendoah County, Virginia.  No research has been done on this line.
ANTHONY AMENT and MARY lived in Virginia from 1781 until 1814, thirty-three
years, before deciding to move to Kentucky.
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. ANTHONY AMENT (1757 in York, Pa. - ) 1832: age 75, said he volunteered
        under Capt Clots in Lancaster Co, Pa. Moved to Shenandoah County, Va.
        in 1782, Hardin Co, Ky in 1814;  md
     March 15, 1791 MARY MOORE (b Va) dau of JOHN MOORE
     1. Henry Ament (1792 in Va-1860 in Hardin Co, Ky.) md
          Mary (1792 b Ky -) _____  dsp
     2. John Ament (ca 1794 in Va-1858 in Ky) md
          Rebecca Hartley (1789 b Mich -)
            His will dated Aug 3, 1858 mentions daughters Betsy Ann Miller,
            Sally Tabor, Catherine Dodson, Barbara Miller, deceased, her son
            John, Sons John Ament Jr., Anthony Ament deceased.
             wit. W.T. Samuels,  Geo. Neff,   James Spillman.
          1. Katherine Ament md Hardin Co, Ky., lived in Indiana
             April 28, 1833 John B. Dodson fa Joseph S. Dodson
          2. Elizabeth Ann Ament md
             Oct 17, 1836 John Miller  fa James Miller
          3. Sarah Ament md
             Nov 10, 1838 Robert M. Tabor
          4. John Ament Jr. (1824-) md
             Feb 19, 1849 Lucetta "Lucy" Miller (1828-)
               Mary A. Ament (1849-)
               John H. Ament md
               Oct 4, 1875 Rachel A. Carlton  fa William M. Carlton
          5. Anthony Ament Jr (d by 1847) md Hardin Co, Ky.
                1) 12 Dec 1830 Eliza Ann Lampson
                2) 1 Aug 1842 Mary Ann Allison   fa John Allison
                    she md 2) Allen Miller md wdr of Barbara Ament
               1. Mary R. Ament (1834-) md Hardin Co, Ky.
                    Oct 7, 1854 William Carlton
               2. Sarah Jane Ament (1836-) md Hardin Co, Ky.
                    1854 William S. Scott
               3. Susan Ann Ament (1838-) md Hardin Co, Ky.
                    Dec 20, 1852 Cyrus W. Klinglesmith
               4. John F.? Ament Jr. (1840-)
               5. James C. Ament (1842-) md Hardin Co, Ky.
                    Sept 4, 1860 Elizabeth Klinglesmith
               6. Henry Ament (1844-)
          6. Barbara Ament (d by 1847) md Hardin Co, Ky.
             Oct 12, 1840  Allen Miller
                  he md 2) Mary Ann Allison, widow of Anthony Ament in 1847
               1. John Miller
     4. Abigail Ament (ca 1796 in Va - d by 1860) md Hardin Co, Ky.
          Dec 20, 1825 John Neafus
          1. Thomas Jefferson Neafus
          2. Henry Neafus
          3. Sarah Ann Neafus md
               _____ Leslie
          4. Mary J. Neafus md
               E.M. Lampton
     5. CATHERINE AMENT (ca 1798 in Va-) md
          May 21, 1814 WILLIAM SCOTT (ca 1784 in Maryland)
          1. HENRY WINFIELD SCOTT (1815-)
          2. William S. Scott (1833-) md
             1854 Sarah Jane Ament  dau Anthony Jr
     6. Polly Ament (ca 1800-) md
          June 1, 1818 Samuel D. Scott he md 2) Susan H. Reynolds
          1. Catherine "Kitty" Ann Scott md
               King Hart
     7. Susan Ament md
          1) Feb 20, 1836 Daniel Purcell
          2) Henry Neff
          1. Betsey Purcell md
               George Duncan
     2. Rachel Ament (ca 1802 b in Va-) md
          Oct 17, 1842 WILLIAM SCOTT, his 2)

2. PHILIP AMENT b ca 1754 swore Oct 24, 1832 he served under command
        of Col. Hand, First Rifle Regiment.

                      PETER PURCELL - KENTUCKY PIONEER
                              PURCELL FAMILY TREE
     The father of Daniel Purcell has remained elusive. It is almost certain
he was Peter Pursell of Petsworth Parish, Gloucester Co, Virginia.
The census of Gloucester County, Va., 1782-83 of Petsworth Parish listed:
Peter Purcell   5 white  and 4 black          (Va Hist Mag V 12 p 15)

Peter Purcell 150 acres Hardin Co, 1816 on Rough Creek
Hardin Co, Ky: Peter PURCELL and Catherine his wife Sept 17, 1822
               to Denton Geohagan near Rough Creek on the east side
               about 1 mile thence from 150 acres patented to Peter
               PURCELL.   wit: Roddy Purcell

Thomas Purcell Jefferson Co 1783
George Purcell Fayette Co     (Ky Land Warrants: Jillson Va Grants  p 691)

Census 1790 Kentucky - Heineman
Pursel, Benjamin - Nelson
Pursel, Lawrence - Nelson
Purcele, Thomas - Jefferson

Iva dau J.H. and S.P. Purcell b July 29, 1880 d March 7, 1881
Hattie dau J.H. & S.P. Purcell 1892-93
J.H. Purcell  1852-1922
Palestine wife of J.H. Purcell  1861-1935
James R. Purcell 1816- June 29, 1898

Census 1850  South District #2  Hardin Co, Ky.
#845  James PURCELL  30 Ky
      Elizabeth PURCELL 30 Ky
      Hester H. Purcell 6
      Sarah Purcell     3
      Rachel Purcell   60 Ky  [b 1790]

James Purcell 81 in 1850 Census (Hardin Co?)

Isle of Wight Co, Virginia 1704  Arthur Purcell 750A
Isle of Wight Co Newport Parish 1785 Dec 3 Mary Purcell md Arthur Crumpler
Thomas Purcell transported by Robert Brasseur, Nansemond Co, Va, Apr 12, 1653

An act for appt'g trustees to town of Romney, Co of Hampshire
Jonathan Purcell  Dec 4, 1789    (Henings Statues p 90)
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15
1. Thomas Purcell? 1790 census Jefferson Co.
     1. Peter Purcell
          1. Daniel PURCELL (ca 1790-) md
               March 26, 1811 Rachel Harned (ca 1790-) 1850 living w/James
               1. Sarah Purcell  md
                     Matt Purcell son of James
               2. Matilda Purcell md
                    _____ King
               3. Nancy Purcell md
                    Richard Wiseheart
               4. Susan Purcell
                    _____ King
               5. ELEANOR-ELLEN PURCELL (1823-) md
                   March 24, 1848 Henry Winfield Scott  (1815-)
               6. James Purcell (1820-) md
                    Elizabeth  _____
                    1. Hester H. Purcell (1844-)
                    2. Sarah Purcell (1847-)
               7. Felix Purcell  went to California in the Gold Rush in 1848,
                      never married - lived and died in California.
           2. James PURCELL (1769 in Va - will 1852) md
                  1805 Rachel Falker or Forker
              1. Mathias T. Purcell md
                    Sarah Purcell dau of Daniel
               2. John Purcell (1818 Hardin Co-) md
                    Lucy Elizabeth Ann Stith
               3. Mary Purcell md     Daniel Purcell swore to age
                     Feb 1, 1832 John C. McDowell
               4. Malindy Purcell (1813-) md
                    William Fletcher Stith
               5. Elizabeth Ann F. Purcell md
               6. David Purcell
               7. Abner C. Purcell

1. Daniel Purcell md
   2/20/1836 Susan Ament  dau Anthony  Henry Ament swears 21
      she md 2) Henry Neff
      1. Betsey PURCELL md
           George P. Duncan

Henry Ament heirs 1872:
Matthias Purcell - Land on Rough Creek, Hardin County Ky  Deed Book

                       JONATHAN HARNED/ARNETT - PIONEER
                              HARNED FAMILY TREE
     Jonathan Harned, Sr., was almost certainly of the New Jersey-Long Island
line of Harneds. Of this line there were known to be three brothers who were
born about 1690-1700, namely, Nathaniel, Jonathan and Edward Harned.
Nathaniel's line is pretty well accounted for.  Jonathan Harned died in 1776
without issue.  Edward Harned disappears in New Jersey after 1730. He was
possibly the father of Jonathan.
     Jonathan Harned, Sr. appears in early deeds in Nelson and HArdin
counties. In early deeds he signs with Caterina or Cate, his wife. One
tradition says his wife was a Rebecca Arvacost (or Arbogast), On the other
hand his son Jonathan Harned married Caty Arvacost, and some claim that the
younger Jonathan and his wife were cousins. Or did Jonathan, Sr. marry
Caterina, not Rebecca, Arvacost?  Tradition says his wife was German.
     Jonathan Harnet served in Capt. Gaddis' company of Virginia militia at
Fort Liberty from September 9, 1776 to January 1777. Raised from Frederick
County, Virginia. (W&MQ Vol III p. 321)
     Jonathan Harned owned land in 1781 on the water's of Froman's Creek on
the White Oak Run in Frederick and Hampton Counties, Virginia.
           At a court held in Jefferson County, Kentucky, Dec. 3, 1781,
      it was ordered that surveys of 400 acres each be made for Jonathan
      Harnett, Henry Keith, John Keith, William Arnett and about 150
      others. Surveys were ordered in March and June 1781, to Meredith
      Helms and John Vertrees. In March 1782, to Eneas Harnett.
      (W&MQ Vol III p 322)

 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15

1. Edward Harned  Salem, Mass 1638/39
     1. Jonathan Harned
          1. Edward Harned
               1. Jonathan Harned

1. Jonathan Harned? (1723-1813 in Hardin Co, Ky) md
     Caterina? Rebecca? Arvocost?
     1. Enos Harned (1752-1830 md
        Dec 21, 1787 Deborah Comstock
          1. Amy Harned
          2. Rachel Harned md
              Daniel Purcell
               1. ELLEN-ELEANOR PURCELL MD
                   1848 HENRY WINFIELD SCOTT
          3. Nancy Harned
          4. Sarah Harned
          5. Lettie Harned
          6. Ellen Harned
          7. Susan Harned
          8. Jonathan Harned md
              Elizabeth Cash dau Warren Cash and Susanna (Baskett)
          9. William Harned
         10. David Harned
     2. Jonathan Harned Jr (1755-) md
          1782 Caty Arbacost (1764-1822) his cousin?
     3. Margaret Harned (d Sept 1834) md
        1774 Alexander Keith (-1824)
     4. Edward Harned  no further
     5. daughter Harned md Ruble
     6. William Harned md
           Miriam Comstock
          1. Rachel Harned
          2. Priscilla Harned
          3. Benjamin Harned (Benj Harnet got land in Hardin Co, Ky in 1800)
          4. George Harned
     7. Benjamin Harned (1774-1849) md
         1801 Hannah Calvin
          1. William Harned
          2. Edward Harned
          3. James Harned
          4. Larkin Harned
          5. Enos Harned
          6. John Harned
          7. Job Harned
          8. Jonathan Harned
          9. Catherine Harned
         10. Priscilla Harned
         11. Nancy Harned
     8. Nathaniel Harned (1777-) md
         1804 Mary Hartly dau John Hartly  (dau Rebecca Hartly md John Ament)
         1. John  Harned
          2. Benjamin Harned
          3. David Harned
          4. Rebecca Harned
          5. Katherine Harned
          6. Nancy Harned
          7. Rachel Harned
          8. Lydia Harned
          9. Elizabeth Harned
         10. Christina Harned
     9. Hannah Harned md
         John Smither