From: "Rachel clarke"
Subject: Brain boggling stuff
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 14:01:23 PST


These people were so intermarried, even though I knew them all it
strains my brain to figure out their relationship. Rachel Taylor
Williams had 13 children in 20 years but only 6 of them lived to
adulthood: Uncle Jack (d. 1899), Aunt Hannah b 1949, Uncle Jacob Marks
b 1854, Uncle Thomas Jefferson b 1856, Aunt Enfield b 1860 and my
grandmother Viola b 1863. Their father, Sam Williams d 1865.

Now to the cousins. I just got the picture and it is wonderful.
Remarkable what you can do with old faded picture. You know about Aunt
Hannah's group, the Stiths. Viola m Richard Shacklette and had 8
children: Mary b 1887, Irby b 1889, Frances (Harriet Scott's mother) b
1891, Adalisa, b 1893, Lois Hunt b 1896, Hayward b 1899, Rachelle b
1901, Mildred b 1903. Mary, Irby, Frances, Rachelle and Mildred are in

Uncle (Thomas) had 3 children, Robert, Katherine and Imogene, who are in
picture. Uncle Jakey had Hattie, Fannie, Ethel m Ed Wright and John b
1896. Only John is in picture.

William Shacklette Hamilton was son of Richard Shacklette's sister Lina
- Irby's first cousin on Shacklette side. Mary Taylor was daughter of
Richard Shacklette's sister Betsy - lst cousin on Shacklette side.
Bernice Price is a little removed - her father and Richard Shacklette,
et al were first cousins.

This is where the scarey part comes in. Rachel's mother Hannah
Shacklett Raylor and Richard Shacklette's father, Elijah, were first
cousins. Rachel's young brother John m Betsy Shacklette (see Mary
Taylor) and her two daughters Viola and Enfield married brothers Richard
and William (Bud). Enfield and Bud's son was named Elijah, father of
Bill. So although they are all first cousins to my mother except Cousin
Bernice, they are all related to each other.