Capt. Henry Rhoads, Jr. 1739-1814
(Marker Number: 1946)

County: Muhlenberg
Location: 3/4 mi. E. of Browder, KY 70

Description: This house was built ca. 1792 by Henry Rhoads, Jr., a capt. in Rev. War under Gen. John Muhlenberg. Rhoads led settlers from Penn. to Green River area of Ky. in 1785. He laid out town of Rhoadsville, now called Calhoun. In 1798, as state legislator, he proposed name of Muhlenberg for new county. Presented by Rhoads Descendants.

(Reverse) Capt. Henry Rhoads, Jr. - Before moving to Ky., Henry Rhoads served as captain in Pennsylvania militia during Revolutionary War. He was a delegate to Pennsylvania state constitutional convention of 1776. As member of Kentucky state legislature, he suggested that newly formed county be named for his beloved commander, Gen. John Muhlenberg. He became this county's first state legislator (1798-1800).

(Subjects: Revolutionary War)

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