I just found a few church records with STITH and BOLLING
names galore in the Vestry lists. I am sending that to you now.  I have worked with
Dr Frank Clark, webmaster of Allendale Co, SC, (I have been transcribing
church records and sending to him for the site, plus my husband's family
documents and things) and I just send my work to him and he posts for me.
Judy Canant

William MEADE. Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia, Vol. I.
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1857.

Article XLIV.
Brunswick County and St. Andrew's Parish.

The following is the list of vestrymen from the year 1732 to 1786:--Henry
Embra, John Wall, Richard Burch, Wm. Machen, Wm. Wynne, Charles King, Wm.
Smith, Thomas Wilson, Robert Dyer, Nicholas Lanier, Wm. Hagwood, Batt
Peterson, Nathaniel Edwards, James Mitchell, Clement Read, George Walter,
John Ligleport, Littleton Tazwell, Nicholas Edmonds, John Clack, Thomas
Switty, Henry Edmonds, Robert Briggs, Edward Goodrich, Heagle Williams, John
Petway, Samson Lanier, William Thornton, W. Edwards, Henry Cocke, Alexander
Watson, Thomas STITH, Frederick Machen, Francis Willis, Henry Tazwell, Joseph
Poeples, Richard Elliott, William Batte, Thomas Edmonds, Wm. Machen, Buckner
STITH, Benjamin Blick, Birrus Jones, Andrew Meade, John STITH, John B.
Goldsberry. Among the above-mentioned vestrymen we read the names of Clement
Read, Littleton and Henry Tazwell. Of the first we shall speak when we find
his name on the vestry-book of Cumberland parish, Lunenburg, when separated
from Brunswick. For notices of the two Tazwells, we refer to Mr. Grigsby's
book on the Convention of 1776. The first was descended from William Tazwell,
who came from Somersetshire in 1715, and married a daughter of Colonel
Southey Littleton. His son Littleton resided in Brunswick and was an active
vestryman and churchwarden. His grandson Henry was born there, and became a
lawyer of eminence. He married a Miss Waller. He was the father of the
present Littleton Waller Tazwell. After distinguishing himself as a statesman
and patriot in the House of Burgesses, and in other causes during and after
the war, he was raised to the bench of the Court of Appeals, and then
appointed Senator of the United States in the place of Mr. John Taylor, of
Caroline, and in opposition to Mr. Madison.

Article XLIV, on Brunswick County and St. Andrew's Parish.
At a vestry-meeting in 1755 the following entry is found:

"The vestry, being of opinion that the Rev. George Purdie has for some time
past neglected his duty, and behaved himself in a manner which is a scandal
to a person of his function, do order and direct Drury STITH, Edward
Goodrich, and Littleton Tazwell, or any two of them, to wait on the
Commissary and acquaint him as soon as possible with the behaviour and
conduct of said Purdie for some time past, and request him to make use of his
authority in silencing him, (if any such he hath,) and if not, that he will
join with us in a remonstrance to the Bishop of London, or such other person
or persons as he shall advise, to have the said Purdie removed from the
Article XL, on Bristol Parish.

The following is a list of the vestrymen whose names are in the record from
the year 1720 to 1788. For the continuation of the list, reference is made to
the fuller sketch of this parish by the Rev. Mr. Slaughter:--Robert BOLLING,
Robert Munford, A. HALL, L. Green, Henry Randolph, Thomas Bott, William
Kennon, G. Wilson, Peter JONES, George Archer, Robert Kennon, I. Herbert,
Drury BOLLING, William Poythress, Theophilus Field, A. Bevell, Charles
Fisher, William Starke, D. Walker, F. Poythress, J. Bannister, William
Hamlin, Theodoric Bland, T. Short, W. Eppes, G. Smith, L. Dewey, J. Gordon,
J. Boisseau, J. Murray, A. Walker, T. Williams, Alexander BOLLING, William
Eaton, Roger Atkinson, G. Nicholas, Sir William Skipwith, N. Raines, John
Ruffin, R. BOLLING, William Kall, Dr. Theodoric Bland, (afterward Colonel
Bland of the Revolution,) Richard Taylor, Thomas JONES, Peter JONES, J. P.
Wheat, Robert Skipwith, W. Brown, William Robertson, John Kirby, R. BOLLING,
James Field, William Diggs, B. Kirby, R. Turnbull, John Shore, T. G. Peachy,
A. G. Strachan, J. Hull, J. Geddy, R. Gregory, J. Bonner, E. Harrison, A.
Gracie, T. BOLLING, J. Campbell, R. Williams, D. HARDAWAY, John Grammar, Sr.,
George Keith Taylor, Thomas Withers, A. Macrae, W. Prentiss, E. Stott, J.
Osburne, R. Moore, D. Maitland.

To this we add, that, on examining the list of baptisms from 1720 and onward,
we find the following names, among many others:--Birchett, BOLLING, HARDAWAY,
Jones, Poythress, Buchan, Peebles, Hinton, Vaughan, Pegram, Peterson,
Walthall, Sturdivant, STITH, Rowlett, Bragg, Batte, Bannister, Guilliam,
Hammond, Bland, Chambliss, &c.