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I found some more that you may want to have for the website. Please take a
look and let me know what you think.
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Ths is in relation to the children of Benjamin W Stith b 1766:

Descendants of Thomas Jefferson Stith

1 594 Thomas Jefferson STITH b: October 08, 1768 in Bedford/Campbell Co,
VA d: July 27, 1821 in Near Natchez, MS on trip from New Oleans, LA (Will 14
Nov 1818, proven 17 Sept 1821)
.+1258 Rhoda JONES b: January 11, 1777 in Of Meade Co, KY - she married
3 more times after Thos died m: March 12, 1793 in Campbell Co, VA d:
February 1851 in Breckinridge Co, KY or Probably in Meade Co, KY where she
lived Burial: Ben B Stith Cemetery Father: Thomas Jones, Maj RS
Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Johns
.2 1259 Richard STITH b: February 22, 1794 d: Bef. October
23, 1838
..... +1260 Catherine SAUNDERS, Stith Widow b: 1799 m: February 13, 1817
in Hardin Co, KY - 6 children d: Aft. October 23, 1838 in (she signed
agreement on Thomas STITH's will as a widow) Father: Daniel J Saunders
Mother: Martha "Patsy" Stith
.2 [1] 1261 Elizabeth Jones Betsy STITH b: December 23, 1795 in
Elizabeth was living alone with children in 1850 Census (Aug 24, 1850)
d: Aft. November 20, 1873 in She signed agreement on will of Thomas STITH on
this date (as wife of Jesse P MOORMAN)
.....+1262 Achilles Venable Moremen MOORMAN b: February 27, 1790 in
Campbell Co, VA m: July 26, 1810 in Breckinridge Co, KY - 8 children d:
March 26, 1835 in Kentucky - "being 45 years 1 mon. old Lacking one day"
Father: Jesse Adams Moorman, Sr Mother: Elizabeth Buckner Stith
.*2nd Husband of [1] 1261 Elizabeth Jones Betsy STITH:
.....+[2] 811 Jesse Paxton Moremen MOORMAN, Jr b: April 07, 1792 in
Campbell Co, VA - later of Breckinridge Co, KY? was third child m:
October 20, 1835 in Hardin Co, KY - had 2 children d: November 05, 1856 in
aged 63 (where was he in 1850 Census?? Hiding???) Father: Jesse Adams
Moorman, Sr Mother: Elizabeth Buckner Stith
. 2 812 Martha "Patsy" STITH b: March 10, 1798 in Meade Co, KY
d: Bet. 1830 - 1850 in Was not with family in 1850 Census
.....+[2] 811 Jesse Paxton Moremen MOORMAN, Jr b: April 07, 1792 in
Campbell Co, VA - later of Breckinridge Co, KY? was third child m: July
18, 1816 in Breckinridge Co, KY -(10 children) moved to Hardin Co, KY - 11
children d: November 05, 1856 in aged 63 (where was he in 1850 Census??
Hiding???) Father: Jesse Adams Moorman, Sr Mother: Elizabeth Buckner
.2 575 Thomas Jefferson STITH, Jr b: June 10, 1800 in VA (lived
next to Thomas S Stith family in Hardin Co, KY) d: Aft. 1850 in Was in
Hardin Co, KY in 1850
.....+1266 Mary Polly MCGUFFIN b: 1804 in VA m: November 18, 1823 in 5
children d: Aft. 1850 in Was in Hardin Co, KY in 1850
.2 [3] 1295 Mary Polly W STITH b: July 01, 1802 d: in
probably died before suit over father's will
.....+1296 Nehemiah BOARD b: Abt. 1800 m: in The Nehemiah Board shown as
child is not proven as child - just a guess-JPC
[.*2nd Husband of [3] 1295 Mary Polly W STITH: accding to your file and file
of another]
..... +1297 William B JONES (I don't think he belongs here) b: 1795
d: Aft. 1839 in Was Trustee of land gift at Big Spr ME Ch. (see notes)
Father: James Jones Mother: Catherine Stith] (Notes of Wm B: -and thanks for
having this on your site, Pack. It has been a blessing to me-. Big Spring
Methodist Church, Meade Co, KY Church Roll Book 1 848-1870 When Thomas
Robinson and Lucy S Moorman Robinson, his wife, of Hardin Co deeded to the
Trustees and their successors in office for the uses and benefit of the
Methodist E Ch at Big Spring for a tract of land (See notes of Thomas for
details), William B Jones was one of the Trustees.]
.2 1298 Harriett Enfield STITH b: July 10, 1804 in Breckinridge Co,
KY d: October 15, 1843 in Bewleyville, KY
.....+1299 William Henry P? HARDAWAY b: March 13, 1800 in VA - Was in
Breckinridge Ky by 1830 (Lived 2 doors from Robt Stith b 1798) m: July 04,
1822 in Breckinridge Co, KY d: December 04, 1871 in Breckinridge Co, KY -
He signed agreement on will of Thomas STITH 1838 Father: Drury
Hardaway Mother: Ann Stith
.2 1300 Nancy Willa STITH b: August 19, 1806
.....+1301 Thomas James DRURY b: 1799 in (Marriage record was by name,
James Drury) m: January 12, 1826 in Meade Co, KY - 6 children

.2 [4] 1302 William Jones STITH b: April 23, 1809 d: September
..... +1304 Margaret ALLEN
.*2nd Wife of [4] 1302 William Jones STITH:
.....+1303 Evaline JONES, Widow Stith b: 1816 m: July 14, 1832 in Campbell
Co, VA - One son only d: January 18, 1878 in aged 62 years Father:
William Jones, Maj Billy Mother: Nancy Hunter
.2 1305 Joseph STITH b: August 09, 1811 d: in Not named in suit
over father's lawsuit
.....+1306 Jessie JONES
.2 1307 Lucy Katherine STITH b: February 23, 1814
.....+1803 Jesse JONES b: 1806 m: October 17, 1830 in Meade Co, KY -
returned to Campbell Co, VA where they raised their children d: 1872
.2 1308 Benjamin Buckner STITH b: April 18, 1816 d: 1882
.....+1309 Cordelia Ann SAUNDERS b: August 09, 1828 m: November 03, 1843
in 3 children d: April 12, 1877 Father: Robert Saunders Mother:
Elizabeth Gilky
Now, looking at the Mary Watkins STITIH that you show as being a daughter of
Benjamin W Stith, look above and y ou will see that she is the daughter of
Thomas Jefferson Stith, and she is the one whom you say married William B
JONES. I think it was the daughter, Mary M, of Benjamin W Stith, who
married William B JONES. Look at Benjamin's documents, below, and maybe we
can figure this out.

Here is the Mary M, along with siblings, daughter of Benjamin W STITH as I
have in my files. If you have any proof that I am in error, please let me
know and send me the source. The sources I have for this family of Benjamin
W STith are shown below the outline.

Descendants of Benjamin W Stith I

1 [1] 593 Benjamin W STITH I b: August 28, 1766 in Bedford Co, VA
d: Bet. July 31, 1837 - May 09, 1848 in Hardin Co, KY (dates of his will and
probate) (18 Mar 1837- date in Fam.Bible-)
.+1257 Phoebe COX m: Bef. 1811 in 8 children d: Bet. 1833 - 1836 in KY
probably Father: Matthew Cox Mother: Rachel Watkins
...2 3128 Mary M STITH b: Bet. 1795 - 1810 (I believe that she married
William B JONES (see notes of Benjamin)
...2 3127 Richard Marcus STITH b: Bet. 1795 - 1810 d: Aft. July 1839
in Was Trustee of land gift at Big Spr ME Ch. (see notes)
......+3867 Elizabeth B MOORMAN b: 1813 in Hardin Co, KY m: February
14, 1833 in Hardin Co, KY - m bond Feb 13 Father: Achilles Venable
Moremen Moorman Mother: Elizabeth Jones Betsy Stith
...2 3130 Rosina M STITH b: Bet. 1795 - 1812 d: April 29, 1852 in
Hardin Co, KY
......+9577 Willis WOOLFOLK b: 1804 m: October 16, 1830 d: 1850 in Church
rcds of Big Spring M E Ch, say "Formed 1st August 1849, Died." Father:
Joseph Flemming Woolfolk Mother: Elizabeth Barnette
...2 3131 Matthew C STITH b: 1807 d: September 1867
......+12071 Comfort T GOOGHEGAN b: May 19, 1816 m: February 21, 1832 in
Baltimore, MD d: January 28, 1873 Burial: Hynes Cemetery, Meade Co, near
Ft Knox, KY
...2 3132 Elizabeth STITH b: Bet. 1795 - 1815
......+3133 Charles GILKY b: Bet. 1790 - 1810 in (age is my own
...2 2029 Rachel Watkins STITH b: July 18, 1811 in Big Spring, Hardin
Co, KY d: May 21, 1900 in b: Glenn Fount, Brandenberg, Meade Co, KY in
Meade Co, KY in 1850 Census
......+1264 Alanson (D Alanson) "Alan" Moremen MOORMAN b: November 18,
1803 in Campbell Co, VA - was a Farmer in Meade Co, KY 1850 m: March 20, 1827
in Hardin or Meade Co, KY (bond dated Mar 8) d: Bet. January 27 - 29, 1890
in Switzerland, Clay Co, FL b: "Glenn Fount" farm, Brandenburg, Meade Co, KY
- ( in Meade Co in 1850 Census) Father: Jesse Adams Moorman, Sr Mother:
Elizabeth Buckner Stith
...2 3134 Caroline STITH b: Bet. 1812 - 1817
*2nd Wife of [1] 593 Benjamin W STITH I:
.+3884 Sally PAUL m: August 19, 1836 in Hardin Co, Ky, probably.
Unknown if they had issue.
Hardin Co, KY
Know all men by these presents that I, Banjamin Stith, being an owner of one
undivided third part of the balance of the land, which remains unsold of the
tract of land, containing 15000a and patented in the name of William Bell.
Also, being entitled to the one undivided third part of the money for land
already sold and having numerous bonds for the conveyance of said sold land
outstanding to save cost to my estate & to prevent any inconvenience to my
Copartner, Bryant R Young, who owns the other undivided two thirds of said
lands and claims I have. I hereby constitute and appointed my son, Richard M
Stith and my son in law, Wm B Jones, my true and lawful attorneys in fact to
execute conveyances where there are now outstanding bonds for conveyances and
to convey the land remaining unsold after my death and I hereby publish to
the world that said conveyances shall be so binding and as obligating upon my
heirs and Representatives as if executed by me in my own proper person. It
is understood that they are, also, authorized to receive the proceeds arising
from said interest and that they divide the same equally, share and share
alike, between my legal representatives. John C Hicks has been acting as the
agent for said STITH and YOUNG in said concerns. It is my desire that my
said attorneys continue him as the agent as long as they may think it
advisable. This power to be admitted to record and to take effect at my
death. Witness my hand and seal this 31 day of July, 1837.
Ezra Stith Benjamin Stith (seal)
John D Taber
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
--- ---

Hardin Co, KY

Witnesseth we, Mary M Jones, Ezra Stith, Alan Moreman & Rachel, his wife,
late Rachel Stith, Willis Woolfolk & Rosina, His wife, late Rosina Stith,
Mathew C Stith, Charles Gilky & Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Stith &
Alexdr Moreman, guardian for Caroline Stith, legal heirs and representatives
to sanction, confirm and agree to the foregoing power of Attorney and to
Ratify the actions and doings of the within named Richard M Stith & Wm B
Jones, under the same and, further, we authorize said STITH and JONES to sell
& convey the whole of said land and claims to anyone individual, if they can
do so. In Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this
29th day of May, 1848.
John ROBINSON Mary W Jones (seal) Ezra Stith (seal)
John D. TABER Willis Woolfolk (seal)
Rosina M Woolfolk (seal)
Ezra Stith (seal)
Mathew C Stith (seal)
Charles Gilkey (seal)
Ann E Gilkey (seal)
Alenson MOreman, (seal)
Guardian for
Caroline Stith (seal)
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
--- ---
At a County Court began and held for Hardin County on Monday the 21st day of
January, 1850, the within instrument of writing, purporting to be a Power of
Attorney from Benjamin Stith and Richard M Stith and William B Jones, was
produced in court by James W Hays, Esqr., Atty for Wm B Jones and offers to
have the same recorded as a testamentary paper and doctor Bryant R Young made
oath that he was well acquainted with the handwriting of the said Benjamin
Stith and also of Ezra Stith, one of the subscribing witnesses. That the
said Benjamin and Ezra are both dead and that the signatures purporting to be
theirs and in their proper handwriting and afterwards to wit, at a court
continued and held for the county aforesaid at the courthouse aforesaid on
Monday the 18 day of February, 1850, John D Taber, the surviving subscribing
witness made oath and fully proved the said writing to have been Executed and
Published by the said Benjamin Stith, as and for his act in deed and it was
ordered that the said writing be Recorded and is recorded in the will book of
said court as a testamentary paper and thereupon I have truly Recorded the
same in my office this 2nd day of April 1850.
Samuel Haycraft, Clerk
Hardin County Court
chd. for Febry.
Stith Family Bible Records, owned by Mrs Thomas J Stith, Ekron KY
A letter from Estie confirms: Old letters from Esti Stith Crabbe to W A
Stith, her cousin. (in my notes listed in Wm Bathurst's file for letters)
Phoebe Cox Stith was witness to will of John Stith 1833, but was deceased in
1842 when it was probated.
THis is a source for children of Benjamin and Phoebe: Legal instrument by
family done after death of Benjamin Stith, 29 May 1848, Hardin Co, KY (see
Matthew C Stith: Meade County Marriages, Frances Shacklett Fast, Books A &
B, Bk B, 729 states him as father of a Benjamin; Bk B, p 768 states him as fr
of Laura A, SCOTT/STITH Your website gave birthyear.
Rachel Watkins Stith: 1850 Census Meade Co, Ky, KY Dist, Also mentioned in
legal instrument done after death of Benjamin, her father, In family Bible of
Alonzo Moorman.
Newspaper Article (Obituary)
written by A D Litchfield.
Rachel Watkins Moremen was born in Big Spring, KY, July 18, 1811; was
married to Alanson Moremen March 8 1827; joined the Methodist Church in
Brandenburg, KY, in 1830; and died at the home of her son, near Brandenburg,
May 23, 1900. To this union eleven children were born, ten of whom are still
living, the oldest being seventy three and the youngest forty four years of
age. She and her husband were equal partners in life, each laboring to
enhance the happiness of the other. They early in life fixed a goal at which
they constantly aimed - that of building a home. In this effort they were
preeminently successful. For seventy years she was never known to fail to
read one or more chapters of God's Word daily and attend to her daily
devotions, and thus by example as well as precept she trained her children
"in the way they should go." And thus has closed the life of one of the
oldest - if not the oldest - members of the Methodist Church in Kentucky.
Converted genuinely when her firstborn was but two years of age, she spent
seventy full years in the service of her Lord and his Church. her hands have
provided for the comfort of many a weary preacher of the word of God, and
thousands of poor unfortunate creatures have been the recipients of her
cheerful words and charity. She was modest, sweet-spirited, quiet in her
manner, exemplary in her life, walking truly with God. Her sons chose to be
read at her funeral Proverbs XXXI as the only suitable expression of their
high regard for her. "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou hast
excelled them all." Her remains rest by her husband in the family burying
place. Her spirit rests with her Father in the mansions above.