Notations of Judith P Canant, descendant:
History of VA, Vol I, Colonial Period, Appendix: Second Charter of VA 1609:
Sir Drue DRURY, Knight

Sir Robert DRURY, Knight
History of VA, Vol I, Colonial Period, Appendix: Second Chrter of VA 1609
(Council for the VA Company: from 34o to 40o North latitude. Those whose
names were in Italics (not Robt Drury) were members of both of these
councile. Their term of office was for life, unless they be displaced. Of
the fifty two members of the council for the Company named in this charter,
fourteen were members of the House of Lords, and about thirty of the House of
Commons. Ref. to the Biographical Index will show the various parts of
England represented. These royal councils formed an especial feature in the
companies organized for colonization, by which the colonies were really
attached to, and placed under the authority and protection of, the crown; but
the VA Companies were also organized, within themselves, for business
purposes, as the East India and other puirely commercial companies were, with
a treasurer or governor, a deputy, auditors, committeemen, a secretary, a
bookkeeper, a husband and a beadle or messenger.)

The following was said to "be our Council for the said Company of Adventurers
and Planters in Virginia:

Sir Robert DRURY
VA Colonial Abstracts, Vol I, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720

DRURY, Mary. An Irish girl about 7 years old assigned to Mrs Anna Cole, wife
of Richard Cole. 30 Aug 1658. 15.11

COLE, Capt Richard. This day sworne Commissioner. 24 August 1658. 2.91
Richard and Anna his wife of Salisbury Park, Northumberland Co. Mary
DRURY abt 7 yrs old assigned to them. 30 Aug. 1658. 15.11

Genealogies of Virginia Families. Vol I, Maj Edmund CHISMAN, Jr. p 775

"..............(Paragraph) For the deft we find a patent granted to Edmund
CHISMAN, Junr. dated the 8th day of July 1670, of the Land in question
herewith annexed and to the seating the said Land we find the deposition of
Nichl Martin and John DREWRY hereunto annexed. We find the deposition of
Michl Bartlett hereunto annexed, etc........................"
VA Gleanings in England p 108

John Lathbury, Cittizen and Pewterer. Will 9 September 1654; proved 26 July
1655. To brother Thomas Lathbury 5s. To brothers Robert Kirkham and Richard
Kirkham 5s apiece. Rest to John DRURY citizen and pewterer of London.
Witnesses: JOhn PEART, Nathaniel HUDSON, Scrivenor, William PARKER.
[Late of London, but at Virginia deceased. -- Probate Act Book 1655, folio
Notation on Randolph possibilities:
"Tuckahoe and the Tuckahoe Randolphs", Genealogies of VA Families, V, pp 36-7

"conflicting views have been expressed as to whether this Mary Randolph
married William Stith of John Stith, both being sons of Capt John Stith of
Charles City Co, who was disfranchised by the Bacon Gen. Assembly of 1676.
Some genealogists apparently suggest that he was this Capt. John Stith
himself, but that is impossible because of certain basic facts. One of these
is that this original Capt. John Stith came to VA circa 1655, and at that
time the father of Mary Randolph was only a small boy of 5 years of age in
Warwickshire England. Another of these basic facts is that the old Charles
City Records show that this Capt John STITH was married in 1656 to JANE
1655, to 1665, pp 70, 81, 433, in Archive Division , VA State Library).

The Page Family Book, accepted and followed apparently without inquiry by Du
Bellet (Vol 11, p 132) and by Col Isham Randolph's very recent book (p 11 and
p 249) just published this year (this was written some years ago) says that
this Mary Randolph married about 1712, Capt John STITH and that their ONLY
son, Rev Wm Stith, was the Historian and the President of William and Mary
College. This is also followed by an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch
of Oct 4, 1908, author not given.

The great weight of authority, however, seems to be conclusive that the
statement in our original narrative is correct, and that Mary Randolph, dau
of Wm And Mary Randolph of Turkey Island, was married to WILLIAM STITH, son
of the original Capt John STITH; and that both the Page Book and Du Bellet
were also in error in stating that the Historian Wm STITH was their only son.
The statement in our original narrative is based on the record shown in the
Edgehill Roll of the Randolphs and many well recognized authorities.
SLAUGHTER, in the History of Bristol Parish, p 214, says that she married
William STITH. Mr R A BROCK in his Notes to the Vestry Book of Henrico Par.,
Note 14, p 180, says, "The Rev Wm STITH was the son of William STITH and
Mary, the dau of William Randolph of Turkey Island." (There is more...)

....."The first Col John STITH and Jane PARSONS, his wife, had four children,
1, Drury Stith; 2, William STITH who married Mary Randolph, eldest dau of
William Randolph of Turkey Island; 3. John STITH of Charles City, who was a
Burgess 1718-1723; Anne STITH who was the second wife of Col. Robert BOLLING
of Kippax. ..."
Charles City County, Court Orders, 1655-1658; VA Colonial Abstracts, Vol III,
p 161:

"p 42. A Comicon of admer'acon cum testamento annexo, is granted to Jane
GREGORY widd of the estate of her late husband Tho. GREGORY, Dec'ed, she
giveing Caution as is accustomed."
= = = = =
(ibid) p 172
"p.70. Abstract. Release granted Jane PARSONS, widow, late of the relict
and admrx. of THO. GREGORY dec'd, she having pd beyond the assets of the est."