Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 23:25:26 EDT
Subject: Big Spring Methodist Chruch Roll

For starters, on the first page, "11th day of July 1839, Thomas Robinson and
Lucy Robinson, his wife of Hardin Co, deeded to the........."

Thomas G ROBINSON, Sr b: December 18, 1777, Campbell Co, VA, d: Bet.
December 27, 1839 - January 24, 1840 (dates of his will and probate) in Big
Spring, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY. He owned the access to the Big Spring
and in the codicil to his will he stated the following:
Thomas Robinson hereby add this codicil to this my last will and testament,
to wit: I give the present citizens of the Big Spring and all others that
may hereafter reside there, the (is)sue of the water from the head of the
said Big Spring, to the place where the same sinks for there use forever.
And no one is to encroach thereon to the exclusion of others, but every one
is to have the free use of the water. As witness my hand and seal this 27th
day of December, 1839.
Test, Thos. Robinson (Seal)
B Crutcher
William Wisehart
Walter I Stout
Thomas G ROBINSON, Sr, married on August 06, 1806, Campbell Co, VA, Lucy
S(tith) MOORMAN, daughter of Jesse Adams Moorman, Sr and Elizabeth Buckner
Stith. Lucy was born on December 13, 1785 in Campbell Co, VA (the family
Bible records of Jesse Adams MOORMAN, Sr, have her name written as Lucy S. I
have seen some mentions of Lucy with a middle initial of R, but that is not
correct. The Bible records were written in Jesse's own hand.) Lucy died
January 04, 1843, in Big Springs, Hardin Co, KY, "Age 58 y 17d". She is
buried at Robinson Cem, Hardin Co, KY.

Their children were:
Elizabeth b: August 20, 1807, m: Robert (D?) RAWLINGS
Jane b: March 06, 1809 m: Benjamin F SWEET
Mary b: October 09, 1810 m: Allen D SWEET
Judith Ann (for whom I was named) b: September 05, 1812 m: Gideon Wm GRAY
Catherine b: October 31, 1814 m: William HARNED
Susan G b: November 16, 1816 m: (1) \Cooley (2)Pendleton Chapman Moorman
Jesse Moorman b: November 22, 1818 m: Eliza J Stith
Lucy b: December 02, 1820 unm. died "Age 18 y 10 m on October 15, 1838
Martha b: January 25, 1823 m: (1) Henry P Eidson, (2) James F Jones
Thomas G, Jr b: May 26, 1825 m: Phoebe Ellen Moorman
Rosina C b: November 30, 1826 (I know nothing more about her)
and there is a child named Pellen ROBINSON b: November 02, 1830, attached to
their family who may be too young to be a child of Thomas and Lucy. I
suspect he could be a grandson, but have not found enough to know.
Now, Judith Ann and Gideon William GRAY are mentioned in several places in
the church records:
Judith Ann ROBINSON, (above) b: September 05, 1812, KY, lived at Big Spring,
Hardin Co, KY, d: April 1869 Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY. (I own the funeral
invitation [yes, really] and a lock of her hair.) THe newspaper clipping said
she was buried at City Cemetery in Hardin Co, but I cannot understand why she
was not buried in the Robinson Family Cemetery with her husband. No
gravestone has been found in either cemetery. Judith Ann m: March 30, 1829,
Hardin Co, KY, Gideon William GRAY b: October 01, 1804, KY, d: May 29,
1850 Meade Co, KY (age 45y 8m 29d), buried at Robinson Family Cemetery,
Hardin Co, KY.
Their children were:
Mary Jane Gray b: March 14, 1830 m: ___ Richardson
Lucy E Gray b: Bet. 1832 - 1833 m: Richard Marion Moremen/Moorman
James R Gray b: 1835 m: Gabriella Camp (dau of Thos. Pollard CAMP and Susan
Jesse Simeon (Simion) Gray b: 1838 m: Fannie Johnson Barbour (dau of Thomas
Barbour, M D and Sarah Catherine Strother)
Rosanna Rosina "Aunt Rosa" R Gray b: 1840 m: Unknown, and moved to
Wilkinsburg, Allegheny Co, PA
Susan "Susie" C Gray b: 1843 m: ____ Mulholland
Martha Ann "Mattie" Gray (my gr-grandmother) b: 1845 m: James Francis MILLER
of Jefferson Co, KY
Many or all of these children of Judith Ann and Gideon Gray were members of
Big Spring Methodist Episcopal Church, and I have found their names listed.

I will send more later.