Your cousin's name Annie Gray Hampton popped out at me. Did you know that
there was an old town in Meade County by the name of Grayhampton? It was
one of the many small places displaced when they built Fort Knox. It is on
Highway 60 and I can still remember when you could see the ruins of an old
building there.


Oh, I wanted to tell you who Cousin Annie was. Here is a short outline of
how she was connected. Her daughter, Catherine Barbour Hampton, who was "Coz
Kitty", moved to FL also.

Here is Annie's descendancy

A Direct outline, just naming siblings but not their spouses or children.

Direct Descendants of Gideon William Gray, Postmaster

1 802 Gideon William GRAY, Postmaster b: October 01, 1804 in KY - lived
in Big Spring, Meade Co, KY (believe he is kin to Gabriel Jones GRAY family)
d: May 29, 1850 in Meade Co, KY - (age 45y 8m 29d) Burial: Robinson
Family Cemetery, Hardin Co, KY
.+801 Judith Ann ROBINSON b: September 05, 1812 in KY - lived in Big
Spring, Meade Co, KY m: March 30, 1829 in Hardin Co, KY d: April 1869 in
Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY - Burial: City Cemetery, Elizabethtown (grave
has not been found) Father: Thomas G Robinson, Sr Mother: Lucy Stith
Moremen Moorman
.2 803 Mary Jane GRAY b: March 14, 1830 in Meade Co, KY - Her
married name was Richardson
.2 804 Lucy E GRAY b: Bet. 1832 - 1833 in Big Spring, Meade Co, KY
d: June 10, 1872 in Meade Co, KY
.2 805 James R GRAY b: 1835 in Meade Co, KY d: 1904
.2 806 Jesse Simeon (Simion) GRAY b: 1838 in KY d: Aft.
January 23, 1904
.....+821 Fannie Johnson BARBOUR b: Abt. 1843 in MO (she lived in Callaway
Co, MO) d: January 23, 1904 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY (age 61) at home
of Mattie Gray Miller Father: Thomas Barbour, M D Mother: Sarah
Catherine Strother
..... 3 825 Anna "Annie" GRAY b: February 16, 1884 in Louisville,
Jefferson Co, KY - lived in Clifton after wedding d: October 1975 in
Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY
.........+826 John HAMPTON b: Bef. 1880 in KY (possibly son of John D
Hampton, but not documented) m: Bet. 1900 - 1901 in Crescent Hill
Presbyterian Ch, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY d: Bef. 1945 in KY
.........4 827 W Gray HAMPTON b: Abt. 1902
.........4 828 Catherine Barbour "Coz Kitty" HAMPTON b: June 19, 1903 in
Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY d: October 19, 1990 in Ft Lauderdale,
Broward Co, FL 33308 (aged 87)
..... 3 824 Barbour GRAY b: Unknown in (he was the City Engineer's
Office rodman at Crescent Hill, KY, 1890 Directory
.2 842 Rosanna Rosina "Aunt Rosa" R GRAY b: 1840 in Hardin Co, KY - a
Rosina A Robinson in Big Springs M E Church 1865-6, listed next to Martha A
.2 844 Susan "Susie" C GRAY b: 1843 in Jefferson Co?, KY (probably
about 1846 is correct) d: January 02, 1922 in Jefferson Co, KY
.2 846 Martha Ann "Mattie" GRAY b: 1845 in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co,
KY d: Aft. 1902 in Jefferson Co, KY
Cos Kitty was married twice:
(Her daughter in law, Anita Anderson RAIDT, was my own cousin on my line
from Capt George Weedon GRAY, RS)

Descendants of Catherine Barbour "Coz Kitty" Hampton

1 [1] 828 Catherine Barbour "Coz Kitty" HAMPTON b: June 19, 1903 in
Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY d: October 19, 1990 in Ft Lauderdale, Broward
Co, FL 33308 (aged 87)
.+834 Ed(win?) PERRY b: August 14, 1896 in KY m: Abt. 1925 in were
divorced after 2 sons born d: June 1979 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY

.2 835 Edwin H(ampton) PERRY b:  in Louisville, Jefferson Co,
.....+837 Anita Anderson RAIDT b:  in Louisville,
Jefferson Co, KY m: Bef. 1960 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY -
Father: Oscar Edward Raidt Mother: Margaret Lyle
.2 836 John Gray PERRY b: Aft.  in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY
d: in (a John G Perry was living in Oregon in 1990)
..... +9672 WIFE m: I know that they had at least 2 children
*2nd Husband of [1] 828 Catherine Barbour "Coz Kitty" HAMPTON:
.+840 Edmund Randolph HARRISON b: June 19, 1901 in VA m: Bet. 1940 -
1944 d: November 1971 in Ft Lauderdale, Broward Co, FL 33305
.2 841 James B(arbour) HARRISON b:  in KY or FL (a James B
Harrison was living in Cambridge MA in 1990 - don't know if it was this one)

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I just found this in my notes on Annie:

Ushers at Annie & John's wedding were Messrs. Barbour GRAY and James DUGAN -
they were married at Crescent Hill Presbyterian by the Rev. W.H. Marquess

My memories of Annie are that she was a short little thing, but built
sturdily. She walked heavily and I used to marvel at how I could hear her
walking around in the upstairs of the house on Lake Elbert when she came to
visit. She was a "busy" person, always doing something, not content to sit,
like her cousin Jane, on the porch. They were close as sisters in many

When Jane Gray Balfour had to have surgery on her left leg at age 13, (about
1930) Jane took her to Louisville and they stayed at Annie and John Hampton's
house while mother had the surgery and recuperated. I believe that they were
there for most of the summer. I have at least one letter to them from
Granddaddy expressing his loneliness and how much he missed them all, while he
stayed back in Winter Haven to run his store.

There are some pictures of Jane, John and Annie during that summer at
Louisville, (when Mother was 13) playing around with a golf club and posing
while driving the ball. They looked as if they had a great time.

**** See below from Lanier Harrison****
Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit
Individual: Hampton, Annie
Birth date: Feb 16, 1884
Death date: Oct 1975
Social Security #: 402-54-4530
Last residence: KY 40475
State of issue: KY

***** Lanier Harrison has checked this Social Security entry from Judy.  Lanier descends from Jesse Simeon Gray and Fannie Barbour who are buried at Cave Hill.  This Social Security entry must be from another Annie Hampton.  Lanier writes: 

"Annie was buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky next to her husband John Bryan Hampton in my family's plot there, on July 14, 1959. I have a copy of the plot page and a copy of the plot diagram from the cemetery. You might want to remove the Social Security Death Index info. I had the same from her for years, until I finally got my information from Cave Hill. I even found out that my grandfather is there -- I thought he was somewhere in Cook County, Illinois.

Heather Hurley [Hurley/Barbour/Taylor] just went over to Cave Hill Cemetery for me and took pictures. Anna "Annie" Gray Hampton's death date is chiseled in stone and it is 1959. "  (March 2009)