Elizabeth BUCKNER, m Drury STITH, II:

Some genealogical articles say that she married a Griffin Stith. This short
article gives proof that she did not:

"She did not marry Griffin Stith. (Gen of VA Families, I, The Buckner
Family, p 494). Prof. Christopher Johnston, of Baltimore, sends the copy of
a deed dated Nov 5, 1773, recd in Stafford Co, from Buckner STITH, Sen, of
Brunswick Co to his eldest son, Robert STITH. This deed recites that John
BUCKNER, gent, late of York Co, willed land in St Paul's Parish, Stafford Co,
to his NEPHEW, John STITH, who died May 28, 1773, when the land came by a
devise in said will to said Buckner STITH as his heir, and the said Buckner
STITH by this deed devised the same to Robert STITH, his eldest son and heir.
Witnesses: Aristotle Eldridge, Thos STITH, Buckner STITH, Jr, John STITH.
Now the Bristol parish register shows that John STITH and Griffin STITH were
both sons of Lt Col Drury STITH and Elizabeth his wife, who must have been,
of course, one of the daughters of Major Wm Buckner, of York, referred to in
his will proved at Yorktown in 1716."
The following MAY be this Elizabeth, although it could be another Elizabeth
STITH, as there are many. I have found nothing else on an Elizabeth in this
Index to Wills and Administrations: CATALOG CARD

NAME Stith, Elizabeth. DATE 1771 SOURCE Will Book 4, 1761-1777 (Reel 21) p.
49-50. Will, pro. 25 Feb. 1771. NOTE Part of index to Brunswick County Wills
and Administrations (1732 - 1800) PLACE Brunswick County (Va.) COLLECTION
Virginia wills and administrations.
This is asstd records of Drury STITH (perhaps both Sr and Jr.)
Rent Roll of VA 1704/05,
Drewry Stith, land held in Charles City Co, 1704.
Assorted records for Drury Stith
(these may deal with either the father, the son Drury or both)

Mortgage Deed dated the 7th day of November,1734, from Drury Stith of
Brunswick County to Robert Bolling of Prince George County, for 86 pounds,4
shillings and 3 pence,secured by 6 Negroes. Witnessed by Stephen Dewey,
George Walton, and Moses Dunkley. Presented in Court on November 7,1734.
(Deeds and Wills Book 1,page 132).

Mortgage Deed dated the 7th day of November,1734 from Drury Stith to Robert
Bolling, Administrator of the Estate of Drury Bolling, late of the County of
Prince George, dec'd.,for 38 pounds,11 shillings,9 pence and half penny,
secured by 3 Negroes.Witnessed by Stephen Dewey, George Walton, and Moses
Dunkley. Presented in Court on November 7,1734. (Deeds and Wills Book 1,page

Indenture made the 7th day of April, 1737, between William Walters of St.
Andrews Parish and Drury Stith, Gentleman, for 20 pounds, conveying 240 acres
on South side of Maherrin River.Witnesses were M. Cadet Young, Willm. Jones,
and Canduis Cargill. (might that be Cornelius?? Cargill?)

Indenture made the 7th day of June, 1738, between Thomas Loyd, Sr., of St.
Andrews Parish and Drury Stith, Gentleman, for 50 pounds, conveying 283 acres
on lower side of Sturgeon Run on the South side of Nottoway River. Witnesses
were James Parrish and M. Cadet Young. Presented in Court and acknowledged on
June 7, 1739. (Deed Book 1, page 526.)

Indenture made the 2nd day of August, 1739, between Thomas Couch, Sr., Thomas
Couch, Jr., and Drury Stith, Gentleman, for 30 pounds, conveying 566 acres on
the Pine Lick Branch (John Stroud's corner, Thomas Lloyd's line, Talbott's
line, Morris's corner), same being granted to the said Thomas Couch, Sr., by
Letters of Patent at Williamsburgh, 1720. Witnesses were M. Cadet Young and
William Edwards. Presented in Court and acknowledged on August 2, 1739. (Deed
Book 1, page 530).

Indenture made the 5th day of March, 1740, between John Stroud, of St.
Andrews Parish, Planter, and Drury Stith, Gent. of St. Andrews Parish, for 20
pounds, conveying 196 acres on North side of Sturgeon Run, being part of a
larger tract formerly granted to John Stroud, Sr., and bequeathed to his son,
John Stroud. Witnesses were M. Cadet Young, Ralph Dunkley, and Matthew Mayo.
Acknowledged in Court on March 5, 1740, at which time, Jane Stroud, wife of
the said John Stroud, appeared and relinquished her dower interest. Deed Book
2, page 51.

Indenture (Mortgage) made the 27th day of June, 1741, between William Stroud,
Planter, and Drury Stith, Gent., conveying 196 acres on both sides of
Sturgeon Run and 392 acres which was surveyed for John Stroud, dec'd. in
1729, to secure payment of 12 pounds, 12 shillings and 2 pence. Witnesses
were M. Cadet Young, Wm. Maclin, and Thomas Sadler. Acknowledged in Court on
December 3, 1741. (Deed Book 2, page 125)

Indenture (Mortgage) made the 13th day of August, 1743, between Drury Stith
and Thomas Cocke of Surry County, conveying slaves, to secure payment of 39
pounds, 8 shillings and 5 pence. Witnesses were Robert Jones, Jr. and Thomas
Lanier. Acknowledged in Court on November 3, 1743. (Deed Book 2, page 375.)

Indenture made the 19th day of March, 1745, between Thomas Cock, Gent. of
Surry County, and Drury Stith, Gent. for 39 pounds, 8 shillings, and 5 pence,
reconveying two Negro Slaves as condition of bond paid. Witnesses were John
Scott and Robert Jones, Jr. Proved in Court on April 3, 1746. (Deed Book 3,
page 164).

Indenture made the 3rd day of April, 1746, between Thomas Loyd, the younger,
and Drury Stith, for 20 pounds, conveying 424 acres, granted to the said
Thomas Loyd, by Letters of Patent bearing date of August 1, 1745?. Names of
the witnesses were not given. Proved in Court on April 3, 1746. (Deed Book 3,
page 166).

Indenture made the 1st day of May, 1746 (MDCCXXVI), between Drury Stith and
James Parish and William Maclin, for 20 pounds, conveying 224 acres on South
side of Maherrin River, tract formerly granted to Thomas Alister by Letters
of Patent bearing date of September 28, 1728 (MDCCXXVII) and conveyed from
the said Thomas Alister to William Walters to Drury Stith, Sr. Witnesses were
M. Cadet Young and Moses Dunkley. Acknowledged in Court by Drury Stith on May
1, 1746. (Deed Book 3, page 182).
The Will of Col Drury STITH, of Charles City Co, who married Susannah
Bathurst) was probated in 1741 in Charles City Co but the will book in which
it was recorded has been destroyed and only the probate order (in an Order
book) remains. The names of only three of the Children of Drury and Susannah
Bathurst STITH are known, voz: (1) Drury of Brunswick, (2) William of
Charles City, and (3) John of Charles City. It is not at all improbable that
there were other children;

Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume II, A Chain of Descent: Mottrom,
Wright, Griggs, Belfield, Colston, Meriwetehr, Bathurst, Walker, etc. p 732

The name of the wife of Drury STITH is found to be SUSANNA, in an order book
of Charles City County, which has the following:

January Court. The last will and testament of St. Col. Drury STITH was
presented in Court by Susanna STITH and William STITH, two of the executors
therein named. Evidently the executors were one, the widow and the other,
the son of the testator.