- 42 -

    b 1798 Va d 1-31-1840 Ky.
        m 2-11-1819 Hardin Co, Ky. Elizabeth Stith b 10-6-1803 d 6-7-1840

William Stith and Elizabeth were first cousins, he being son of Martha Stith and she daughter of Richard Stith.

Their children were:

        m 11-1-1838 Meade Co., Ky. Aquilla Read

   Mary Walker
        m 9-1-1841 Meade Co Elijah Ashcraft Shacklette b 2-18-1813 d 10-26-1875
            (See Separate Sheet)

    William R. b 4-27-1827 d 5-23-1901
        m 2-29-1849 Meade Co Sophia Shacklette b 1831 d 1916
            Rachel Catherine b 10-9-1851 d 12-30-1927 (See Pictures)
                m James Dudley Jones 3-26-1874
                    William J.
                    Sarah   Eula m Hart
            William Stith b 7-28-1853 d 2-3-1864
            Elizabeth Jane b 8-3-1855 d 5-17-1856
            Absalom J. b 12-26-1864 d 9-26-1865
            Wilbur b 1-29-1967 d 5-18-1929 (See Picture)
                m Sue Neill 12-22-1905
                    R. Catherine b 1909 d 1955
                    James Wilbur b 1911

    Simon Peter b 7-11-1834 d 2-15-1905
        m 11-8-1855 Meade Co Elizabeth Allen b 1836 d 8-8-1900
            Richard J. b 6-6-1879 d 6-28-1930   
                Maude Huff
            Joe Allen
            Thomas Allen b 3-27-1870 d 4-13-1940
            Lucy Ann
                m James William Lewis
                    Nannie m Davis
                m Gus Bruner
                m Morgan
            Mary E b 11-2-1862 d 11-20-1864
            Emily J. b 5-20-1865 d 8-10-1866

    Benjamin C. b 7-15-1836
        m 10-25-1855 Meade Co. Nancy Catharine Buchanan b 7-5-1831

    Jane b d 11-7-1869
        m 2-1-1838 Daniel Stith
        m 12-27-1859 Meade Co Rachel Barnes

- 43 -

    B c 1772, Virginia, d prior 1830, Breckinridge Co., Ky.
        m 10-23-1793 Campbell Co., Va. Martha Stith b 5-8-1775 d 7-1-1843

The parents of Daniel J. Saunders are not known to us.  Possibly father was named John and mother Rhoda?  There was a J. Saunders signed as security for Lucy Hall Stith, executrix of the will of Richard Stith.  The other securities were sons, or sons-in-law, so probably it was Martha's husband who signed.

Jan. 7, 1819 (Breck Co. Deed Bood D., p 396) Daniel J. Saunders bought from John B. Bibbs for $525 457 acres on Sinking Creek (Deed Book M., p 194) June 1, 1839 his heirs sold this land, now found to be only 418 acres, upon which Daniel J. Saunders, deceased, resided at his death, sold.

Their children were:
    Richard d prior 1833
        Sally Ann

    William Stith b 1798, d 1-31-1840
        m 2-11-1819 Elizabeth Stith b 10-6-1803 d 6-7-1840

    Elizabeth Ann d prior 1835
        m 12-1823 Breck Co James Partlow
            Richard S    
            William B.

        m Simeon R. Watts (Lived St. Charles Co., Mo 1839)

        m 9-30-1830 Breck Co James O. Pulliam d prior 1839

    Catharine b 1799
        m 2-13-1817 Hardin Co Richard Stith
            Nancy B. b 1839
        m 9-10-1842 Meade Co William G. Moore

*  Daniel J. b 1816 Physician and farmer
        m 1836 Minerva Jane Patton b 12-12-1817 d 4-28-1863 F Thomas

        m 6-19-1820 Breck Co Robert Rawlings

*          Thomas P. b 1839 m 10-18-1860 Mary Payne
            George S m Amanda Holland d Wm and Rozella Long
            Daniel J. b 1845 in Mo.
            Bealle b 1848
            W. Henry b 1851
            Ben T. b 1854
            Martha Elizabeth b 7-5-1856 d 9-27-1921 m John Clemet Holland (brother of Amanda)