Family line of
Bernice Brown Shacklett
who married Susan J. Dowell
March 1, 1849

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Bernice Brown Shacklett
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Susan J. Dowell

Susan Dowell Shacklett story including move from Meade County Kentucky to Texas.


How this Shacklett branch ties back to John Shacklett:

John Shacklett, native Frenchman, born in France in the year 1678. Ben Shacklett, son of John, born in France in 1710, came to America with his wife, Sara Blancette, sailing from England in 1740 and settled in Fairfax county, Virginia. Ben was a fencing master.

They had one son, John. After the death of his wife, Sara Blanchette, Ben with his only

son returned to France where he married Catherine Tucker. Later with his second wife and son John, Ben returned to America. All of the Shackletts in America, as far as can be established are the progeny Benjamin Shacklett, more frequently referred to as Ben.

1. John Shacklett 1678

2. Benjamin Shacklett 1717

3. John Shacklett, son of Ben, born in Virginia 1743, died October 1809; married Barbara Quick, of German forebears, about the year 1770. Barbara Quick was born in April 1746, died March 2, 1846; age almost 100 years. Records indicate the Shacklett and Tucker families were indignant over John's marriage to a German girl, presumably, because of bad relations between the French and German people, and become estranged. John took his wife and the property inherited from his mother, Sara Blanchette, and moved to Cheat River at the foot of Cheat mountain in Fayette county, Penn.

After her husband's death in1809 Barbara Quick Shacklett, with her children, moved to Meade county, Kentucky in the spring of 1810. At the age of 64 she made the trip, a distance of about 500 miles on horse back with her youngest son Jesse.She's buried on the High Ground Of Hill Grove near Ekron, Meade county, Kentucky. One son General Blant Shacklett and Rachel, his wife, are buried at Hill Grove beside his mother.

1. Sara Quick Shacklett, b 1772 married John Jenkins

2. Benjamin Shacklett, b 1774 married Elizabeth Ashcraft

3. Priscilla Shacklett, 1776 married Thomas Horne

4. Kathrine Shacklett, b 1778 married Enoch Davis

5. Mary(polly) Shacklett, b 1780 married 1st Thomas Mills

Married 2nd Daniel Fulton

6. Hanna Shacklett, b 1782 married Daniel Hayden

7. John Shacklett,Jr, b Feb 25, 1785 married Rachel Wimp
    married 2nd Mar 8, 1830 James R. Ross

8. Blanchert Shacklett, b Mar 18, 1787 married Rachel Ashcraft

9. Sophis Shacklett, b July 5, 1789 married Jacob Hayden
    He married 2nd July 14, 1827 Elizabeth Wilson, he married 3th Rebecca Tabor

10. Jesse Shacklett, b 1791  married Sarah Dodson

Jesse B. Shacklett born 1791 in Penn, died July 4,1836 at Grand Guld, Miss(or La.) where he had gone with a boat load of provisions. Blanchert, his son was with him as was Ben W. Shacklett, a nephew, who recited the events in Circuit Court, case No.2

He Married Sara Dodson in 1811

1. Eliza b May 12, 1812,d Aug 4, 1866

2. Daniel H. b 1813, d dec 17, 1886

3. Polly b 1817 date of death not known

4. Blanchert b Aug 5,1818, d june 26, 1879

5. John Gilbert b Feb 5, 1821 d July 27, 1886

6. Benjamin Legister b 1824 no record of date of death

7. Jesse b 1826 d no record

8. Bernice b 1826 d Nov 6,1888

Bernice Brown Shacklett born in 1826 in Kentucky died on Nov 6. 1888 in Texas, he was 10 years old when his father Jesse B, died. Later he join in the fight against Mexico and fought in the Mexican War of 1846 to 1848. On March 1,1849 he married Susan J. Dowell and started a family. Bernice and Susan lived a happy life for 10 years in Kentucky having 4 children, they left their native land in April 1860. They went to El Paso where her brother Benjamin Shacklett Dowell was the first Mayor of El Paso.  They stayed there for one year until the Civil War started. They stopped in Sherman and bought 100 hundred acres for $6.00 and farmed for 25 years. They sold the farm and moved to Gainville in the winter of 1881. Then on Nov 6,1886 Bernice Brown Shacklett age 62 an old and well known citizen died Monday night after an illness of about two weeks.

Susan J. Shacklett lived for a while with different children until she died on Oct 14th,1920.

1.Mary b July 10,1850
2.Benjamin Cad b 1853
3.Barbary b 1855
4.John Thomas b 1857
5.Nammie b 1859
6.Sallie b 1863
7.Mattie b 1864
8.Dickey b 1866 d 1867
9.Susan b 1868
10.Lizzie b 1871 d 1886

John Thomas Shacklett born on 1857 in Louisville, Kentucky death not known.  He came to Texas with his parents and also lived in Oklahoma before it became a state. He married Amanda Ann Evans b June25,1858 of Evansville, Ind. She died June26,1939 in Winthrop, Ark.

1. Benjamin Cad b March 16,1882 d Jan7,1948
2. Susan J. b July 31,1889
3. Jesse Granby b March 5,1892 d. June 1970
4, John Douglas b April 17,1895 d Sept13,1968
5. Lizzie b June10,1897 d 1989
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John Thomas Shacklett

John Thomas ran off with a woman who was helping around the house and helping raise the kids.  John and Mary (Linsey) Shacklett.

Mary Shacklett b July24,1870 d April26,1956----remarried to W.E. Payton

1. Lige Roundtree b July 27,1899 d April 2,1955
2.Alp b May 20,1913 d may 8,1937
3. Tom

Sometime later John left Mary and is said to have died in a tornado around Altus Ok with two of his young daughters.

Benjamin Cad Shacklett born on March 16,1882 in Gainsville, Texas at 6:00 in the morning. He died on January7, 1948 of cancer. He work on the farm and share cropped and living in Oklahoma before it was a state. He met Blanch Virginia Hall in Oklahoma and they married and raise a family of 12 children which the first three died before the age of 2 years old, Blanch was born in Nashville,Tenn on October29, 1887, died on September18, 1974 in Dallas.

1. girl (not named) died at birth
2. Neim died at age 2 cause unknown thought to be pneumonia.
3. Minnie lou Vinnie Died at age 2 of measles.
4. Bessie b March 2,1911 Atoka county Ok
5. Stella b February14,1913
6. John Thomas b July 24, 1916 d February 13,1997
7. Odell b April23.1918
8. Sue b March21,1921
9. Altha Lee b June16,1923 d February16,1974
10. Bertha Mae b March5,1926
11.Kathleen b March18,1928
12. Cherry b May22,1932

Bertha Mae Shacklett born on March 5, 1926 in Byers, Oklahoma she worked on the farm with her other brothers and sisters.  Life was hard in Oklahoma. Her father share cropped on thirds on cotton and fourths on corn. Her mother also made do on selling butter for 15 cents a pounds and selling lard. Bertha and sisters and mother would
milk 12 cow in the morning and 12 in the evening, and then separated the milk into cream. Bertha also had to plow with a mule and operate other farm equipment. She came to Texas right after the dust bowl era.