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Uncle Bud, Jim Jones, Eula Jones Hart
James Hart, Rachel Saunders Jones, Auntie

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Rachel Saunder Jones, Sophia Shacklett Saunders, Eula Jones Hart and James Hart

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Gen. Blancett Shacklett was a great bear hunter.  In later years the old general's fondness for bear was the cause of a painful accident to his little daughter, Sophia.  He had captured a cub which he kept chained to a post in the yard.   After the bear was full grown it broke loose one day. Sophia was playing about the house.  The bear attacked the little girl.  Nearly all the skin was torn from her head and she received other painful injuries before her father killed the bear.   The child suffered for many weeks but she finally recovered.  In later life she and her husband, William Saunders, lived near Brandenburg.  From Early Times in Meade County.

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Uncle Wilbur Saunders
brother of Grandma Rachel
son of Wm R & Sophia Shacklett

James Wilbur was son of Wilbur
who married Sue Null

He is a cousin of my Dad's &
is about the age of James &
Edwin Hart

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