Material from Pat Cook

Barbara Headlee, John Black, Bebe Garcia, and Jackie Kaney helped gather information.

There are some errors (look at Isaac and Flossie's birth dates), but this is a starting point.

The children of Isaac Stott and Esther Rose* Graham, were:

1. Hazel Aberdeen Stott**        b. 11-20-1904 Scott City, Kansas        d. 07-18-1994 Newton, Kansas
2. Vivian "Cy"Stott                     b. 12-17-1905 Scott City, Kansas        d. 09-07-1976 Oakland, California
3. Inez (Irene Richardson) Stott b. 08-08-1908 Scott City, Kansas         d.12-1989 Missouri
4. Isaac "Ike" Stott                     b. 10-11-1909 Scott City, Kansas        d.03-1969 Newton, Kansas
5. Flossie A. Knutson Stott        b. 08-03-1909 unknown                        d. 06-21-1994 Wisconsin

* Esther Rose Graham was born in Nemaha County, Nebraska. She is listed in her father's will, Walter Graham, (b. 04-08-1858 Starke County, Indiana d. 02-03-1933 Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska) as Esther REBECCA
Graham, and many of the Graham's have her birth year as 1886.  Esther Rose Stott then married John William Shacklett on 10-10-1910.

**Hazel Aberdeen Stott married Glen Edward Shacklett (b. 04-07-1895
Newton, Kansas d. 05-1969 Wichita Kansas). Glen Edward was her step father's brother

After Isaac Dean Stott died, Inez was adopted by Mrs. Richardson, her name changed to Irene, and birth date changed to date of adoption.

Cy was raised by Ray Leonard in Kansas, then moved to California.

Hazel was raised by Mark Potter in Broughten Kansas. Glen and Hazel resided in California until about 1942-43, then moved to Newton, Kansas.