John Gilbert Ross Shacklette

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Aunt Harriet is pretty sure that John Ross Shacklette is one and the same as John Gilbert Shacklette. Perhaps he had two middle names John Gilbert Ross Shacklette. Note the birth year is about right 1855 vs 1854 and both show as married to Sallie Dudley.

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From: Jess Scott

Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 13:25:30 GMT
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The attached files should help.
Parents of John Ross Shacklette were Daniel Ross Shacklette 1813-1858 m in 1833 Polly (Mary) E. Shacklette b. 1816
Her parents were Jesse Shacklett 1791-1836 and m 1811 Sallie Dodson
Daniel's parents were John Shacklett 1785-1823 m in 1801 to Rachel Wimp 1784-1871
Let me know if this fits together for you.
Data from Harriet Fast Scott dau Frances Shacklette Fast.

> your name: Renee Banta
> comments: Researching my Shacklett ancestors, trying to connect my
> gr-gr-grandfather John Gilbert Shacklett (b. 1854 Brandenburg d. 1916
> Sacramento) to his parents & siblings. He married 7/30/1879 Sarah (Sallie)
> Magdeline Dudley (b. 1861 Sacramento) and they raised 11 children in
> Sacramento, one of which is my gr-grandmother Josephine Jesse Shacklett
> Banta. I found MUCH info on your site... now if I could just figure out
> how to connect John Gilbert to his line.

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 19:16:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Shacklett Family
To: Jess Scott

Here's John Gilbert/Ross & Sarah (Sallie) Magdeline Dudley info that I know to be correct/accurate from documentation; They married in McLean County 7/30/1879 Sallie is the daughter of Samuel B. Dudley & Lydia A. Hitch/Fitch (I have Samuel & Lydia's original marriage certificate 4-13-1854 New Albany, IN- it's disintigrating, but mostly readable. Amazing for being 146 years old!) Sallie's dates are 1861 (Sacramento/McLean/KY) - 1933 (Seattle/King/WA) John's exact birthdate is still in question, but for sure is Brandenburg/Meade/KY - his death is 1-25-1916 Sacramento/McLean/KY I have all of their children and birthdates listed on a piece of paper that was handed down with other family stuff, the age of the paper and the writing style lead me to believe that Sallie wrote it. Unfortunately the boys are only listed by initials, so I don't know proper names for 2 of them yet. John & Sallie's children are;
C.P. (Cecil P.) born 4-25-1880
Lois born 1-23-1882
S.B. (?) born 4-11-1884
B.B. (?) born 6-3-1886
B.L. (Byron L.) born 12-8-1887
Grase (Grace) born 7-11-1891
Burnice (Bernice/Burnis?) born 4-20-1894
Josie (Josephine Jesse) born 11-11-1896
Luava (Loueva) born 8-8-1899
Sue Martin born 12-1-1902
Lidie A. (Lydia?) 4-28-1906

I do have some marriage/children info for the siblings who came to Seattle, but I'll give that all to you when I get a complete picture. Who I'd really like to find are the decendants of the siblings who DIDN'T come to Seattle. I'm sure that some of them are in KY somewhere.

(If you are working this line please contact Renee Banta, or contact me, Jess Scottjscott.jpg (5605 bytes). )