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Pages from a notebook compiled by Jesse D. Shacklette, his Aunt Hannah and Rachel Shacklette, a daughter of Jesse D. Shacklette. Notes added in red signify errors that are known, in blue for suspected errors. This is largely oral history.

Words in italics are the words from the notebook.

This was typed in print by Hannah McCandless in 2010.

Page One

Grandfather Shackette's side

1. Bengamine Shacklette married Sarah Blansette

2. John only saw of Ben and Sarah married Barbara Jinck

3. John second saw of John and Barbara married Rachel Himp

4. Jesse D. saw of John and Rachel married Mahala Shacklette

5. John Taylor saw of Jesse D. and Mahala married Mary E. Soleman

6. Jesse D. second saw of John Taylor and Mary E. married Nellia Golbel Lindly

7. Sharlea William saw of Jesse D. and Nellia Golbel married Betty Massey Dec 16-1950

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Page Two

Grandmother Shacklette

1. Bengamen Shacklette married Sarah Blamsette

2. John only saw of Ben and Sarah married Barbara Jinck.

3. Blansette Shacklette saw of John and Barbara married Rachel Ashcraft

4. Marshals daughter of Blansette and Rachel married Jesse D. Shacklette

5. John Taylor saw of Mahala and Jesse D. married Mary E. Soleman

6. Jesse D. second saw of John Taylor and mary E. married Nellia Golbel Lindley

7. Sharles Williams saw of Jesse D. and Nellie Goble married Betty Massey Dec 16-19

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Page Three

This was first started by John Shacklette saw of Benjamine and Sarah when he was 79 years old, added by Jesse D. and his Aunt Hannah, then by Rachel Shacklette Gofin daughter of Jesse D. Sha chletta

Page Four

Beginning at the first and only one who crossed the Ocean. Benjamine was the first and only of the name in America.

Benjamine married Sarah Blancette in Lorcia France. They were both full blooded French. They had one son John. They emigrated to America, coming over with the Fairfax Colony and settled in Fairfax too Virginia about 1740

Sarah Blancette died leaving them one child John. Benjamine returned to France with John to be educated in the French School.

Benjamine then married Katherine Tueker, a cousin of his first wife. By her he had 9 children 3 boys 6 girls.

Heycheah, Edmond, and Robert. I saw not remember the named of all the girls.

The eldest daughter was named Sarah Jain.

Known Errors:

Benjamine is believed to be the son of John Shakley, a Maryland Planter. Benjamine was born in 1719 and had three brothers named Edward, Michael and Francis or Frances. They did not come to America with the Fairfax Colony. Benjamine and wife, Sarah< sold the plantation called "Jugothorpe" in 1934. It is not known whether they moved to what is now Fauquier Country, Virginia or Pennsylvania at this time.

No proof exists that Benjamine returned to France to have John educated.

Suspected Errors:

I can find no record that Benjamine remarried.

Page Five

She married a Shacklette and moved to Shalicothia Ohio. Mary married Alex Maryfield and moved to Nelson too. Ky. Elizabeth married Hiram Tucker and moved to Shelby too Ky. One Daughter married a Holbert and moved to Ohio. One married a David, Grandmother of Resident Jefferson David to S.A. Sharissa married a shasscock, a sea captain, and moved to South Carolina.

The above is all we know of owegene dogy. Cofy of the will of Benjamine Sheklet of Westmorel and too. State of Pennsylvania: in the name of God Amen. This 6 day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred, and eighty one. Benjamine Sheklet of West Mareland too, and State of Pennsylvania being very rich and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory. Thanks be given to G.

Known Errors:

No records can be found in the genealogy of Jefferson Davis to back up the claim that his grand mother was a Shacklett.

Page Six

therefore calling into mind the mortality of the body, and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this may his will and testament.

I give to my son John Sheklet (French way of spelling) who I like wise constitute make and ordain my sole Execution of this my last Will and Testament, all and Singular My lands, Mesages and Testamnt by him freely to be possessed and enjoyed and like wise one to hestment Soral Horse.

Second, I give to my grand daughter Sarah Jinck the sum of one hundred and fifthy pounds. Penna money and the intereat that is in the hands of levi Wells and like wise my Beed and two pillers two sheets two blankets and Coverlid, one Bolistin. I like wise give unto my grandson Benjamine Sheklet on shot gun after my dicease, and also

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I give unto my son John Shecklet, Elizabeth Tucker, jain Satterfield, Ann Stithwell my four children all my moveable estateto be equally divided among them after my dessece, and I do here by uterly Die allow revoke and this, annull, all and every other Testament Will. Legacy and Bequather and Evecutors by one in any may a before around Willed-ect. I have here unto Set my Hand and Seal this here year above written.

signed Benjamine X Shecklet. Seal

Philip Rogers

James Walker Writers

The seventeenth day of July A.D. 1784 came before me James Walker and Philip Rogers to of the above signing witnesses to the last will and testament of Benjamine Shecklet ect-

Alexander M Clean. Reg.

Unknown wrighting

This appears to be a true copy of the will of Benjamine.

Page Eight

Unknown writing

John Shacklette saw of Benjamine and Sarah Blansette married and Barbara Quick in the year of 1758 in Virginia. Barbara was a German from Wortensburg Germany She came to America in 1755 was around age 16 yr old.

This John Shacklette was born1747-died at 1809. He is  buried in Fayette too Pennsylvaina at the foot of Laurel Hill on the Cheats River His estate was appraised at $42,000 some of his children got someof it some $300 other 15,000, Benjamine was the oldest son and administered by his father's will. Benjamine died insolvent but left all his children rich, each one a farm, and 2 negro slaves.

On account of John's marrying to Barbara a German, the family did not approve and the bulk of his father Benjamine estate came by his mothers Sarah Blancette and it

No information is avaliable on the back ground of Barbara Quick. Quick is not a German name. Some references say that Barbara was the daughter of John Quick of English origins. No information can be sustantiated that indicates a rift between Benjamin and the rest of the children.

Page Nine

caused hard feelings between the family and he sold out to them (half for sroters) and moved to Fayette too. Pennsylvania. There he bought land on the Cheats River.

John Shacklette and Barbara Quick had ten children 4 boys 6 girls,

Sarah married John Jenkins (here Aeders Reerders) a Heleheman they had 4 boys and five girls.

Philip who married Mary Shane

Ben married Elizabeth Humphry

John married Mary Kennedy

Janes married Nm Garmical

Barbara married Gevtage Humphru

Margaret married Thomas Mills

Elizabeth married Robert Phelps] first P Philip Miller

Mary Shacklette fisrt married a Mills second time David Rulton had 7 children

By Mills 3 saw John Ben Thomas.

Page Ten

John married Sabrina Payne

James married Rebecca Bottonhorse

Sophia dies at age 18-not married

Hannah married Dily lo Richardson

Mary married Warren Richardson

Princilla marries Louis Richardson

Sarah married Johnathan Simmons they moved to California

Princilla Shacklette married Thomas Horn a French Indian had 4 boys 5 girls.

John married Armenica Thomas

Thomas married Ellen Brown

Blansette [Shacklette] now married Navy Buchamman

Jesse first married a Davenport, 2nd Chenalt

Barbara married Lewis Triplett

Mary married George langton.Perry jr. dnd

Sarah never married

Katherine married Jerry Baily.

no record of other girls.

Pge Eleven

Hannah Shacklette married Daniel Hayden had 4 boys 6 girls

John married Mary Beall

Jacob married Lettica Thomas

Jesse married in Arkansas do not know her name

Warders married a Miss English

Sophia married Julius Swan

Maria married thomas Robin

Mary married Eliga