The consummation of a marriage in high life last Sunday evening has been the all absorbing theme in the Garrett society circles for the last month.  The contracting parties were the brilliant young lawyer and educator R. P. Shacklett, of the Garrett Academy, and the beautiful and accomplished Miss Viola Williams, of the Hill Grove neighborhood.  The marriage rites were performed by the Rev. Mr. Dowden at the beautiful country home of the bride, Sunday evening at 3 o'clock, March 13, 1887.   After a sumptuous repast the happy pair drove into Garrett to the residency of Mr. Richard Carrico where a brilliant reception awaited them.  The groom wore the conventional black while the bride wore a handsome seal brown traveling suit. Thus:

                        "Two souls with but a single thought
                         Two hearts that beat as one."

have plighted their love on Hymenial's altar, and started down life's rugged journey in the halcyon days of their youth.  May their path be strewn with the rarest of flowers and their wedded life be one of unalloyed bliss and happiness.

                        From: The Meade County Messenger

(R. P. Shacklette was not a lawyer but an educator.  Richard Carrico was the husband of R. P. Shacklett's sister Mollie and they lived in a large two-story house in the center of Garrett.  They were later divorced.)


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