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The Family of Sam and Rachel Williams

One can see by the dates Sam Williams died at age 42, leaving Rachel a widow at 38.   In the 20 years they were married she bore 13 children but only 7 lived to adulthood.  Four died in infancy and 2 died of contagious diseases at age 11.   Thompson Kendall, named for Rachel's Aunt Margaret's husband, was in Garnettsville studying medicine with Dr. Pusey when he died at 23 of a heart disorder.  He is buried in Garnettsville Cemetery.  This sad tale was often told and he was referred to as uncle "Tompky".

(At some time Dr. Pusey moved to Brandenburg. When I was an infant, my parents sold their little house and lived a year or two, rent free, at the Pusey Place to keep it up and available for visits from the Pusey children. Tom Pusey was head of a company in Cincinnati and Dee Pusey was President of L&N Railroad in Chicago or maybe vice versa. The latter got jobs at the L&N Station in Louisville during World War I for Lois and Adalisa to sell tickets. There they met their husbands, both of whom worked for the L&N. Adalisa won through some competition a trip to France after the War. The Pusey daughter, Maydee, was married to Will McGehee and their daughter Mary David was friends with Rachelle and Mildred throughout their lives. The McGehees returned to Brandenburg and lived in the Pusey Place until its destruction in the 1974 tornado. The new Court House is now on the site.) 

John Taylor Williams m Narcissa Abel

    After Uncle Jack died Aunt ''Not" married a Mr. Reed and lived in the Milan neighborhood on the farm where Shab and Daisy Emma Coleman live (?).   Lois told a story of their going to Aunt Not's for Sunday dinner shortly after their mother died in 1907. Auntie and Uncle Bud drove a road wagon and they and Grandfather sat in splitbottom chairs or maybe only Grandfather as there was usually a board seat across a roadwagon. The 10 children sat behind in the bed of the wagon. When they went up a hill Grandfather and his chair fell over backwards into this big group of children. Much laughter. After Mr. Reed died Aunt "Not" married a Mr. Ford and lived across the street from Aunt Barb and Aunt Mollie. We visited her often. She was a very pretty woman, even old.

They had 3 children:
            Sammie - had 5 children - lived out of state
            Robert - had 2 children - lived out of state
            Hassie - had 3 children, Robert, Richard (twins) and Anita Young.

Hannah m Thomas Stith - (see picture)

    The Stiths lived on a farm in Stith Valley. They were all musical and the daughters were really pretty. Later, in old age, Aunt Hannah and Uncle Tommy moved to Ekron near the railroad track. Uncle Tommy was killed by a train while crossing the tracks. Arvin and his family lived with Aunt Hannah and his daughter Mary Catherine still lives there. Tommy remained on the farm. This family had 1 doctor, Dr. Sam Henry, and many nurses and doctors in the next generation.

    They had 11 children:
            Irene m Charlie Fontaine, a lawyer, lived in Van Buren, Ark, divorced.
            Ruth m Walter Scott - had Bill and 6 other children
            Diva - had 3 children
            David - 0
            Jess - 1 son - lived in Richmond, Va
            Stith - 3 daughters in ARK, 1 son