Mary F. Hayden

Submitted by Bob Dowell, August 2002,
from the Chillicothe Constitution 27 Jan 1917.
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Jacob Scott Dowell's mother
Jesse Dowell's grandmother
Leo Dowell's great grandmother
Bill Dowell's great great grandmother.

Mary F. Hayden Dowell was born in Mead County, KY., Dec. 17, 1823; died January 26, 1917. She was united in marriage to E. R. Dowell, Sr., in 1837. to this union there were seven children born: Barbara Crutchfield of Nebraska; John H., of Chillicothe: James M., of Arizona; Sarah Brassfield, who died some years ago; Rebecca, who died at the age of 3 years; J. S., and E. R., of Jackson Township. The father and husband has been dead 14 years.

In the death of Aunt Polly Dowell, as every one called her who knew her, the community has lost one of its best women. She was its faithful character, devoted to her church of which she had been a members since early childhood. She was always kind, always Christ-like, always gentle and true.

She had lived to a ripe old age and was active in her church work and in her many acts of kindness almost to the last. God seemed to have preserved her to this ripe old age that she might scatter flowers of condolence, sympathy and acts of kindness to those who came in touch with her for a greater length of time than is usually decreed to us. A more faithful woman never lived in Jackson Township, far and wide. She was a mother to orphans and a sister to those in distress, a person ever ready to assist those who were afflicted---ever the emodiment of a true christain, ever the example for those tryting to serve the meek and lowly Nazarene. The goodness of her character will long be felt in the community she served faithfully and well and the reward for which she strived so hard she has surely received. The pearly gates have opened and her soul has returned to her maker who gave it, and but true to the words, well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of thy Lord.

We mourn for the loss of her society and acts of kindness, but art happy in the fact that her christian life was a good example.

Funeral services were held Sunday at Mount Pleasant church, Dr. Clark of the First Baptist church Chillicothe, officiating. Her grandsons were pall bearers.

John H. Mathews
      A little Kentucky girl married at 14, she was descended from John Alden.  Magistrate John Alden is the 5th Great Grand Father of Aunt Mary Fulton "Polly" Hayden.

Common Ancestor

* Magistrate John Alden
* Priscilla Mullins
(1602-After 1650)
Married Bef 1624
Married Bef 1624 John Bass
(Bef 1630-1716)
* Ruth Alden
(Between 1634-1674)
Married 12 May 1657
Peter Webb
* Ruth Bass
(1662-Bef 1716)
Married Bef 1684
Samuel Hayden
* Priscilla Webb
Married 1731
* William Hayden
Lydia Kierstede
(1725-Between 1794)
Married 1748
* John R. Hayden
Charity Gard
Married 1767
* Jacob E. Hayden
Sophia Shacklett
Married 20 Oct 1806
* Aunt Mary Fulton "Polly" Hayden

Sophia Shacklett married Jacob Hayden. Sophia's elder sister Mary Shacklett married Daniel Fulton on 8 Dec 1817.  So Daniel Fulton was the uncle of Mary Fulton Hayden Dowell and Daniel Fulton Hayden.  (This explanation for why Mary F. Hayden Dowell received the middle name Fulton, from William Dowell, Aug. 2002.)