Dowell Migration from Kentucky to Missouri

(a quick summary from Bob Dowell, more to come later)

The Dowell, Hayden, Stith, Shacklett family really moved together. Elijah Dowell and Mary Fulton Hayden Dowell were first cousins through the Shackletts both directions. The Dowell's, Elijah and John Dowell, moved to Iowa in 1847.   Jacob Hayden, the father,  Blancett Hayden and (I believe) Daniel Fulton Hayden as well as one of the Stith cousins or Stith's by
marriage, moved with them. They were in Jackson Township, Van Buren Iowa until 1860. They moved after the start of the civil war to Jackson Township, Livingston County, Missouri settling around the Chillicothe area. The Dowell's lived in the Springhill area.   John Hayden Dowell returned to Kentucky to fight on the confederate side under General Joe Wheeler with the
second kentucky cavalry.

    They still communicated with the Meade County families, according to some sources I have. George Washington Shacklett moved there before he died and is buried with Mary Fulton Hayden and Elijah Richard Dowell, Sr. at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Chillicothe, MO.  He was Elijah Dowell's Uncle and Mary Fulton Hayden's cousin. There were some other shackletts that lived there and travelled through up through the early 1900's, but I haven't tracked that down yet.  The other branch, Benjamin Shacklett, Richard Shacklett, Burnis Brown Shacklett and Susanna Jane Dowell, Elizabeth Dowell, of the James Board Dowell Family moved down into Texas, other than the ones who stayed in Kentucky. I don't recall which Stith moved with them, but they were related by marriage to the Stiths and stith cousins lived with them in Livingston County, Mo.  Mary Dowell and James M. Dowell both married Stiths.  I believe it was Edmund Stith who moved with the Dowell's.