Scrap Book of Blancit S. Hayden
born April 22, 1816

This material was in the possession of John Hardin.  It was donated to the Meade County Public Library and then lost.  It was recovered by Lisa Hardin and copied by Jess Scott, August 6, 2007.

Blancit (Blanchert) Shacklett Hayden was son of Jacob Hayden and Sophia Shacklett.   He was born 22 April 1816 and died 22 October 1917 at age 101. 


o A short autobiography of B. S. Hayden in his own handwriting dated November 22, 1891:
page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4

o Sketch of B.S. Hayden from newspaper:  page 5

o  First part of newspaper article from Granger Missouri, March 16, 1891  page 6 another scan page 9

o Newspaper article by Dan F. Shacklett of Russellville, Ky.: page 7 another scan: page 8

o Letter to editor of Meade Co. News from Granger Missouri, B. W. Shacklett, Sr., March 1, 1891: page 10, page 11

o April 19, 1891, another letter to Meade Co. News from B. W. Shacklett  page 12

o April 6, 1891, another letter to Meade Co. News from B. W. Shacklett   page 13, page 14

o Obituary of Jacob Kendall Shacklett, born September 11, 1844, son of Major Ben Kendall Shacklett  page 15 page 16

o Historical Sketch of Meade County, Kentucky by William G. Beall from (Meade County News?) page 17page 19
   page 20

o Obituary of Elijah N. Dowell, born  March 20, 1820 in Meade County: page 18  

o Obituary of Bettie Shacklett, daughter of E. A. Shacklett.  Bettie married Rev. John W. Taylor:  page 21

o Meade County Messenger, Wednesday, November 7, 1900, article on Ashcraft: page 22 page 23

o Article on Kentucke Gazette, Kentucky's first newspaper:  page 24

o Phillips Memorial Baptist Church celebrates 100th year: page 25 page 26 page 27

o Article by George D. Hagan, former Principal of Meade County High School:  page 28 page 29 

o Washington Theatre owned by Mr. C. Shacklett, Battle of New Orleans:  page 30

o  More on Washington Theatre:  page 31

o Poem by A. V. Williams, obituary of William McIntire:  page 32

o Obituary of D. S. Richardson, born January 17, 1868: page 33

o Will of Thomas H. Hamilton, Obituary of Mary A. Kendall, married Ben J. Carrico: page 34

o Letter from Sallie Shacklett to Meade County Messenger, September 3, 1926: page 35

o Family Group Sheet for Blancit Shacklett, born 18 March 1787, from files of Virginia Davis: 

page 36 page 37 page 38

o Gorin Missouri, March 11, 1906, Letter from J. K. Shacklett to Mrs. Lou Hagan, Rockhaven, Ky. :
   Gives a page of Shacklett genealogy.

page 39  page 40 page 41 page 42

o Letter, May 14, 1869  from S. W. Hayden to his sister:  On the back a letter from C. E. Hininger to sister:

page 43 page 44

o Letter, May 14, 1869 from William T. Hayden, Jackson, Missouri to Sallie T. Shacklett (Sister):

page 45 page 46

o Photograph of older man and woman sitting in front of a house.  Portrait of a young woman: page 47

o Poetry by B. S. Hayden:  page 48 page 49  page 50 page 51 page 52 page 53 page 54 page 55

o Shacklett and Kendall genealogy from a very old scrap of paper: page 56 page 57 page 58 page 59  page 60

o March 6, 1888, wedding anniversary of J. M. Girdner and Martha E. Stith.  Has list of gifts.  Mentions J.J. Stith and Sarah F. Shacklett.  Story of skill of Meade Countian in war with Mexico 1848.  page 61

o Obituary of Rice Jones Davis of Elizabethtown, Ky. died January 17, 1884. continued on page 63: page 62

o Obituary of J. W. Richardson, died 6 November 1889: 
   Also newspaper clippings, "Signs of Prosperity", "How Things Go Wrong", "That Baby Boy of Mine": page 63

o Newspaper clippings, "The Wife's Gray Hair", "My Money and My Friend", page 64

o Ky. Legislature representative Gus W. Richardson from Meade County.  Mother was daughter of Gen. Ben Shacklett.

page 65

o Writing in scrap book:  "Compliments of Miss Sallie G. Shacklett to Miss Sallie T. Kendall, June 11, 1886. page 66

o Note on the murder of Mr. Ben Rhodes of Big Spring.  Suspects were from Tennessee and had been at work for Mr. Lum Craycroft: page 67

o Death notice of Harry Seidenman, January 19, 1940:  page 68

o Tribute to Rev. E. Y. Mullins, Baptist minister: page 69  page 70

o Newspaper articles on Baptists 1939: page 71

o Baptist theology, old newspaper clipping: page 72