(written by Harriet Fast Scott)


Here is what we had in 1993 when I first did the book:

      "A John Scott registers his brand mark in 1697 and a William Scott registers his in 1703. But it is not until another John SCOTT 1 and his wife, Catherine, purchased "Indian Quarter" from Thomas and Alice Harris in Charles County Maryland in 1713 that the line can he traced." (John and William were his sons.)

      2002: NEW INFORMATION indicates that John Scott's wife, Catherine, was Catherine TENNISON.
("Justininan Tennison's Family" as posted on the internet)
      In all probability Catherine Tennison's (husband John Scott Sr.) grandson, William Scott, married her sister
Christian Tennison's (husband Samuel Cooksey) granddaughter Christian Cooksey.
Their sister, Barbara Tennison, md the Rev Oliver Birch, the first rector of Trinity Church, only a few miles from
"Indian Quarter," the land of John Sr., the church to which they belonged.

In 1763 Oliver's son, Thomas Birch in a land disposition mentioned a tree shown to him about
40 years ago by his "uncle John Scott." From that record, some researchers came to the
conclusion that Oliver's wife Barbara was a Scott. She was not. Barbara's sister Katherine
Tennison married John Scott, is how he was the uncle of Thomas Birch. (Internet "Birch/Burch
Family of Charles County, MD)

Put another way:

                 Justinian Tennis(on) b ca 1630 d 1699 - Catherine Gresham
their daughter                                                                           their daughter
Catherine Tennison md John Scott Sr.(d 1714)             Christian Tennison md Samuel Cooksey (d 1708/9)
   their son                                                                                their son
     John Scott (d 1741) md Elizabeth _                           Justinian Cooksey (d 1778) md Sarah Reed
       their son                                                              their daughter
          William Scott (1727-1786)       married   Christian Cooksey (1728-1792)
             their son
                Thomas Scott md Alice Glover, went to Kentucky

1-2A Justinian Tennison (ca 1630, Yarmouth, England-1699 in Charles Co, MD)
      md Catherine Gresham b ca 1634, in England, dau of John Gresham. John Gresham dies in 1655, in
                  Northumberland Co, Virginia.

Children of Justinian Tennison and Catherine Gresham:
       2A-1 Barbara Tennison * md Rev. Oliver Burch (Trinity Church)
       2A-2 Mary Tennison * (1654-abef 1728) md George Dement Jr. (1674-1703)
       2A-3 Catherine Tennison * (before 1668) m. John Scott Sr.
       2A-4 Elizabeth Tennison (ca 1660- after 1740) md. James Williams Sr.
       2A-5 Justinian Tennison *(d-1687) left children md ? Place, sister to Jno. Place
       2A-6 Jane Tennison (1662-ca 1687/90) md Vincent Mansell (-1687)
             1 John Mansell (Mansfield)
       2A-7 John Tennison "oldest son" (after death of Justinian)
              Sarah Lemaster She md 1) Humphrey Posey; Sarah Tennison in her father's
                  will (Abraham Lemaster/Le Maitre) (1722).
       2A-8 Sarah Tennison (bef 1675-after 1729) m. John Noe (?-1725)
       2A-9 Christian Tennison md 1) Samuel Cooksey (1650?-ca 1708/09) 2) John Lemaster
       2A-10 Diane-Dracie Tennison (about 1666)
* All born by 1668 in England.

To this can be added this from Dow Cooksey of Danville, IL: Most of the Cookseys came from Worchestershire and Stratfordshire in England. Cookseys were listed in the Doomsday Book in 1085, and in the fees tax book in 1282.

A William Cooksey was in Jamestown, Virginia, with his son, John Baptist Cooksey as early as 1619. He is listed in the Virginia Colony Muster in 1623. Since Samuel Cooksey was on no ships list, we believe Gov. Berkeley's persecution of the Puritans caused him to move from Virginia to Maryland. Gov William Brewster of Massachusetts had established a colony of Puritans in Southern Maryland. With Samuel was an older William Cooksey who witnessed a will with him and then disappears. Samuel Cooksey had a son John and another named William. This John named a son John Baptist Cooksey.

You already know the story of Justinian Tennison and the witch trial. JUSTINIAN TENNIS(ON) was on the jury at the witchcraft trial of Rebecca Fowler, wife of John, in 1685. They found her guilty and she was hanged. (Vol 34 Maryland Provincial Court Series)

And Samuel Cooksey: In 1686, Samuel COOKSEY is on the jury at the witchcraft trial of Hannah Edwards, she is not guilty. (Vol 34, Maryland Provincial Court Series)

Puritans from New England had sponsored the Maryland Colony. In 1689 the settlers became very dissatisfied with absentee landlords, nepotism, etc. A man named William Joseph was named the head of Maryland and he was a very strong Catholic. In 1689, SAMUEL COOKSEY was one of those who took the Oath of Allegiance. SAMUEL COOKSEY was highly regarded. John Coode raised an army from Charles County and marched on the capitol in St. Mary's to get Joseph when the rumor started that the Colony was going to be Catholic controlled.

This was part of the Glorious Revolution, William and Mary taking over the throne in England in 1689, which the colonists did not yet know about, and all sorts of plots going on, like taking oaths to kill King William (by Catholics). They captured Joseph, who really was not going to do anything, but orders went out to arrest John Coode and all his men. About third on the list was SAMUEL COOKSEY. EDWARD PHILPOTT and Benjamin Posey signed an Oath of Allegiance to be sent to their Majesties, happy over their support for Protestants. Not all, however, were happy when the Church of England became the established religion in Maryland....