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Family Group Record
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Husband's Name: Joseph HOBBS (AFN:FQX9-HN)
   Born: 1740
   Place: Ann Arundel Co., Maryland
   Died: 1810
   Place: Nelson County, Kentucky
   Married: 1763
   Place: Kentucky
      Father: John Jr. HOBBS (AFN:LQL0-GD)
      Mother: Hammond ELIZABETH (AFN:LQHR-BK)
  Wife's Name Ann MAYNARD (AFN:FQX9-JT)
     Born: 1742
     Place: Frederick Co., Maryland
     Died: 8 Jan 1793
     Place: Nelson County, Kentucky
         Married: 1763
         Place: Kentucky
         Father: Thomas MAYNARD (AFN:LQHT-MD)
         Mother: Anne WRIGHT (AFN:LQHV-08)
Sex: M
Name: Thomas HOBBS (AFN:LQKS-K4)
Born: 1764
Place: Frederick Co., Maryland
Died: 1841
Sex: F
Name: Sarah HOBBS (AFN:CN9Q-5K)
Born: 1765
Place: Madison, Kentucky, Kentucky
Sex M 
Name: Zachariah HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-11)
Born: 1766
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Sex: M
Name: Nathan HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-26)
Born: 1768
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Died: 1815
Place: Washington Co., Kentucky
Sex F
Name: Sarah HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-3C)
Born: Abt. 1770
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Sex: F
Name: Rachel HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-4J)
Born: 1772
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Sex: F 
Name: Susanna HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-5P)
Born: 1774
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Sex: F
Name: Mary (Polly) HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-6V)
Born: 1776
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Sex F
Name: Deborah HOBBS (AFN:190L-NW5)
Born: 1778
Place: Madison Co, Kentucky>
Died: 1867
Sex F
Name: Deborah HOBBS (AFN:LQHR-72)
Born: 25 Jul 1778
Place: Frederick County, Maryland
Died: 4 Nov 1867
Place: Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky
Buried: Old Cem On Bluff, On Ohio River On, West Edge City, Brandenburg, Ky.
Sex F
Name: Elizabeth HOBBS (AFN:LQKZ-G9)
Born: 25 Dec 1780
Place: Frederick County, Maryland>
Died: 20 Sep 1855


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Fontaine Cemetery

From: Alice Bondurant Scott, 10 January 2000
Subject: Re: Ma's grandmother Hobbs

Jess, I have spent many hours in the old cemetery where the early Fontaine
family graves are. It is in the land adjoining the former Judge Baskett
house on the Battletown Road as you leave Brandenburg. My family lived
there when I started high school in 1938.It was from that house that I left
to go with Jack to be married in 1941. It is a beautiful old house, and has
recently been renovated by Chris McGehee, a cousin of yours and a
descendant of the Fontaines. It was quite fine when we lived there. Judge
Baskett had recently died, and he had kept it in good condition. Jack and
did our courting there.

As you left the side door, you went through the yard and into a large
orchard, mostly cherry trees. In springtime, it was a spectacular sight
when the trees were in blossom.(The orchard is completely gone now.) Just
beyond the orchard, there was the burying ground. I was impressed with the
simple gravestone of Elizabeth Brandenburg, wife of Solomon, who founded
the town. (He is buried elsewhere.) You must go there soon. When you drive
past the Old Buckner Home, where Jimmie and Marjorie Watts live, their
daughter, Pam Corum, lives in the next house, a two-story brick. Past that,
you see the stones standing, in silhouette on the bluff over the river. I
have an idea that some of the stones have been lost, but several are still
visible from the road. I saw them last week. I could write much more about
that part of town, but enough for now. Aunt Alice.